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More of my collection

A "Vesper", with no model number, circa 1963. Takes a 9-V battery, and plays great, with a hot little receiver circuit. Found in an antique store in Smithfield, VA, in Sept.00, for a whopping $18. So much for great bargains in antique stores....but, I couldn't bear to walk away and leave this little guy on the shelf.

An old KOYO radio, found in an antique mall north of Harrisburg, PA, in August 00, for $10. Circa 1965, this thing takes 4 "C" cells. Nice radio, with pushbuttons for AM and FM on the top.

An Arvin 64R03, made in 1964. I shelled out $15 for this in an antique store near Little Rock, AR, in May 00. Doesn't made a peep. A real disapppointment, as this was the first transistor radio that I ever owned as a kid. I'll tinker with this to see if I can get it to tick over, but, I don't have a lot of hope for it.

An Arvin 62R48, made in 1962. Found in Wisconsin in an antique store in Aug 00, for $14.50. Doesn't play, but looks good.

A Magnavox AM-89, circa 1965. Found near Little Rock, AR, for $13. Takes 4 penlight batteries, but, alas, doesn't utter a sound.

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