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More of my collection

* An old Silvertone 42251 made in 1964. Takes 6 "D" cells, plays perfectly, with a really nice, rich sound. Found in an antique mall north of Harrisburg, PA, in Sept. 00, for $12. One of my better deals.

* This is a shot of the owner's manual which came with the Silvertone. I thought it was interesting to display, because it gives a good explanation for the "CD" markings, at the purpose of the old "Conelrad Alert System" for Civil Defense.

* This is a "Nanola" 8TP-902, made in 1961 in Japan. Takes 4 "C" cells, and plays just great. Found in an antique store near LaCrosse, WI, in Aug. 00, for $7. This radio resembles in every way early similar Sanyo and Sony models.... I wonder if the Nanola corporation was making this radio for everyone else back then ?

* A Zenith Royal 15, made in 1966. Plays great. Found in an antique mall south of Harrisburg on Route 15, for $6. Who says you can't find great radios at great prices in antique stores ???!!!

* Here is a heartbreaker..... a Normende "Transista" made in 1961. I got this from "E-bay" for $35, from a guy in Missouri. When it arrived, the radio was pretty well broken up internally from shipment, or, maybe it was that way when it was sold to me. The radio looks like it was pretty well hand-made, with some real funky looking transistors on the circuit board. If anyone knows the voltage requirements for this unit, drop me a line.

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