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More of my collection

* A really pristine Arvin 61R95, baby blue, with case, made in the US of A ! Plays like a champ when hooked up to a 9-volt battery. A real nice surprise, for about $5 at a garage sale in Erie, PA, in April 2002.

* Penney's Model 1140, made around 1963. Doesn't work, but kind of cool to look at. Got a fin invested in this one. Source: antique store near Norfolk, VA, in April 2002.

* The General Electric Model P725B, made in 1957, in the USA. This old tank still works, but is a weak performer. My reference books show that this is worth about $50. Picked it up for $15 at a garage sale in Columbus, OH.

* The Motorola 6X32E, made in the USA in 1957. The collector's books indicate that this one is worth upwards of $300, but this one probably woudn't command too high of a price.... handle is broken, and it doesn't make a squeak. Got about $5 in it at a garage sale.

* The Magnavox AM-60, made in 1961. A really nice little radio, which still plays very well. Paid about $5 for this one at an antique store in Pennsylvania, just south of Harrisburg, in April 2002.

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