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More of my collection

* Motorola X27E, small radio, made in 1962. Plays very well, and sounds good. About $5 invested, from the box of e-bay radios.

* Sears Model 5212, made in 1964. Plays great. About $5, again, from the box of radios.

* The old Westinghouse without a label. I have another one of these in the collection somewhere....there seems to be quite a few of these still around.

* When I was a youngster growing up in the early 60's, my dad had a radio like this that we would play on the porch at night, and listen to the Pittsburgh Pirates ! Back when they played at Forbes Field, with Roberto Clemente (wow, did that guy have an ARM). This is the Westinghouse H772P6GP, made in 1961. Like other Westy's of this vintage, this one does not play very well. Next winter, I think I will try to restore this one to proper working order, for old time's sake. Price: about $12 on e-bay.

* The Zenith Royal 50.... a great little radio that plays well, even though it was made in the USA in 1962. These old Zeniths are built very well. Just about any Zenith I have still plays, regardless of age or condition. A testimony to the folks who designed and manufactured these radios.

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