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More of my collection

* An old Starlite radio. My friend Bill, who plows thru several hundred flea markets and garage sales every year, brought this one into the collection. Plays well, but no label information. Would guess this was made sometime around 1968.

* A Diplomat radio, covered in a vibrant red vinyl. Works ok, too. My buddy Bill found this in 2001, complete with original box, ac converter, books, for about 50-cents at a garage sale. No data on this one in the reference books. Would put it in the 1966-68 era.

* Real old RCA Victor transistor radio, that I found in an antique store in Ontario, just off Hwy 401, west of London. Plays good. No label, but would guess it to be around the 1961-62 era. Bought it in March 2001.

* Small Westinghousse, circa 1961. Bought with a bunch of other radios in a box, on an e-bay auction. No label. Plays great. Made in Japan. Bought in February 2002.

* Airline model 62-1237A, made around 1963. Plays OK, and is in good shape. Paid about $3 for this one at a garage sale, in March 2002.

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