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More of my collection

* Here is a real tiny little Philco, that I picked up for about $8 on e-bay. Don't know if it plays; it takes a few watch batteries, and I haven't had time to fool around with it.

* Still looking for info on this one. If anyone has any info, please let me know.

* Found this one at an antique store in St. Catherines, Ontario, in May 00, for about $5. Made by JC Penney's in the early 60's. It plays OK.

* Now here is a radio ! An Admiral Y2357X, made in 1963, and actually manufactured in Canada ! Found in an antique mall in Toronto in Sept. 00, for $28. Plays just great, takes 6 "c" cells (or, a little 9V battery with jumper clips).

* Here's a view of the back of the Canadian Admiral radio.

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