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However, John and I found a condo in Rockport and moved the following April and I stopped going to the gym, because I couldn't fit it in my schedule. To be fair, I was use to going to the gym in the morning, 5AM. My new schedule had me getting ready for work at 5AM. So it was a few years and I gained back weight, topping at 215 Lb when I decided to join the YMCA in Gloucester and at least do what I can. Actually, John joined and I was reluctant but I am glad he did it, because I love it and I have a schedule that makes me happy.

So I have been weight training since February 2007 again. I realize how important it is to exercise. Exercise makes the body feel good, it is good. And it must be done right with sensible goals. Doing it right includes being aware of your nutrition and being aware of your body. Treat it right.

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