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I was a fat kid and I mean obese. I don't remember what I weighed, but when I was twelve I could eat two big macs, large fries and large chocolate shake. I could really pack it in, something I couldn't do today.

Luckily poverty and junior high interceded. First off I was growing tall [6 foot] and junior high gave me exercise in the form of walking up and down three flights of stairs throughout the day. While poverty trimmed the fast food budget. I don't suggest anyone impoverish themselves to lose weight, because to be frank a poverty diet isn't that healthy.

It wasn't until high school that I lost the remaining baby fat. I was involved with the high school musical and each day for 3 months I practiced dancing and singing, etc. If people did more dancing, of the energetic broadway musical variety, people would be leaner and I think happier.

I kept my 'high school' weight [160 Lb] until I met John and domesticated. It was videos and Häagen-Dazs and bliss and before I knew it I was up to 230 Lb. It was the summer prior to 9/11 that I started exercising, mostly walking far distances, for example walking home from work in Cambridge to the Fenway neighborhood where I lived in Boston. I lost 15 Lb, but it wasn't until I joined the Gold's Gym that I made real headway. I started a week before 9/11 using the elliptical machine 7 days a week. After a month I started some weight training, mostly pull ups, abdominal crunches and biceps curls. I really loved it. By winter I was down to 180 Lb with a trim 34 inch waist.

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