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The Desperado's Daughter is moving her main fan fiction archive back to its old home at Tripod. She is still "html-challenged" and finds that it is easier to post links with teasers on the other page. Keep checking both pages for a while. She will not shut this one down, she'll just archive more regularly on the Tripod page.

Henceforth, this page will be called the "Not-So-New Desperado's Daughter's Page" and the other page will be deemed the "Newest Desperado's Daughter's Page." She knows the syntax could be better, but they will be easier to distinguish this way.

The URL for the other archive is:


1) Check out Part Thirteen of Persona Non Grata - new to this page and revised from what was posted originally to the fic list. 2) New Parts of Coercion and Return of the Remembered have been posted to the fic list and are being added to this page. 3) Part Five of The Chase is ready for posting. August 15 update information -- THE CHASE - PART FOUR. With Vin missing and Ezra on the case, serious action is bound to follow. And just wait 'til Chris Larabee hears about the hunters and their human prey. It's sure to be a "magnificent" chase.

Remember to check out the added scene for "Vendetta". It's in the new Short Stories section at the bottom of this page.

Don't forget the short story SPEECHLESS!! When JD wanders into town, dazed and unable to talk, the guys have to find out what happened. Then they find that they may have to protect him as well. Can they save him--and bring him back around? Read it.

Missing favorite stories? The Desperado's Daughter is transferring her stories to their new home. Until she becomes more adept with "html", she cannot include teasers for the stories on this page. But once you get to the story's home page, you will find a description.

If you cannot get from one part of Penance to the other, go back to the Penance home page and find the next part.

Oh, the Desperado's Daughter would love to hear from you. Write to her at

And now, read on . . .

The Epic Stories

Penance - a complete story
Coercion - incomplete
Return of the Remembered - incomplete
The Chase - an incomplete auction story for Andante
Mater Amata - an incomplete Christmas story
VIRTUAL SEASON EPISODE: Conspiracies-Part One by Katie
VIRTUAL SEASON EPISODE: Conspiracies-Part Two by Carolyn (aka

Stories set in Mog's Alternate ATF universe

The Bridge - an ATF rescue story - complete
Persona Non Grata - an ATF story about covert ops


Last Bullet - added ending scene for Vendetta
Speechless - complete