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Persona Non Grata - an ATF story by the Desperado's Daughter

The Seven have battles to wage on all sides. When JD is kidnapped by ruthless men, Chris Larabee and his team must find him without the assistance of the agency they represent. As the youngest agent fights for his life, his friends take on the bureaucrats that did nothing to save him.

Find out what happens when the elite team challenges the the powers that be. Will it be too little too late?

Read on . . .

Part One: Mail Call
Part Two: Rewind
Part Three: Fears
Part Four: Deny the Innocent
Part Five: Blast
Part Six: Is It Over Yet?
Part Seven: Waiting Rooms
Part Eight: Cardiac Arrest
Part Nine: It shouldn't be like this.
Part Ten: The Doctors' Lounge
Part Eleven: Judge Orrin Travis
Part Twelve: Under the Influence
Part Thirteen: The Morning After
Part Fourteen: Who Do You Trust?
Part Fifteen: Communication
Part Sixteen: Limbo
Part Seventeen: Outside the Confines of the Law