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The Viola da Gamba Society of Greater New York (VdGS/GNY) is a nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of  promoting activities related to and disseminating information about the viola da gamba and related early instruments.

Our community of members includes amateur and professional players of the viola da gamba,  instrument makers, musicologists, composers, and others with an interest in the instrument and its repertoire. Among the activities that we currently sponsor and resources that we provide are

  • An annual Play-In/Membership Meeting, free to members, which includes mixed-level consort playing session and a coached ensemble. The lunch-time Membership Meeting presents events for the coming year and provides a forum to discuss the group's activities and policies.
  • Masterclasses and lectures with such visiting professionals as Weiland  Kuijken, Mary Springfels, Paolo Pandolfo, and members of the British viol consorts Fretwork and Phantasm.
  • Rental of instruments  to new players and others who need them.
  • Novice classes, free of charge, in conjunction with our other activities, for  those who have never before played a viol.
  • Playing sessions for all members, including "Hausmusiks," our free, informal consort playing sessions hosted by a different member each month, and "Soirées des Violes," opportunities for solo and consort performance in an informal, supportive environment.
  • Visits to the Metropolitan Museum during which members may examine that institution's collection of historical instruments and talk with curators.


Annual dues for the VdGS/GNY are  as follows:
  • $15 single
  • $10 full-time student
  • $25 household

Contact one of our board members to find out more about joining.