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Jane Furth, president

Judith Davidoff, vice president

Laura Chmielewski, treasurer

James Brown

Rita Kaplan

Virginia Kaycoff

Harriet Muller-Egan

Lisa Terry

Edward Truettner


Also check our What's a viola da gamba? page for more links to composers and players

Viola da Gamba Society of America
This nationwide organization is a clearinghouse for information about the viol. The VdGS-A sponsors a very large viol rental program (with a long waiting list); information is available on the site. You'll also find many viol- and early music-related links, a calendar of events, a bulletin board for member notices, and an instrument exchange.
This calendar of Greater New York early music events is one of the most current and thorough available. And it's a pleasure to peruse! The site also has links to local and other performers

Early Music FAQ
Extensive and well-researched, this Frequently Asked Questions site answers more questions than most of us know to ask. An invaluable service that's a spin off from the newsgroup. 

Von Huene Workshop (Early Music Shop of New England)
Boulder Early Music Shop
Two excellent sources for all your early music playing needs, from strings to music to instruments. The knowledgeable staff (they're musicians themselves) can help you find what you're looking for. Prompt, reliable mail service.

William Monical and Son, Inc
Experts in both violas da gamba and the violin family, this Staten Island firm is often called upon to maintain the Metropolitan Museum's and Smithsonian Institute's instruments. Repair and maintenance are first rate and a good selection of instruments is usually available for sale. Monical and Son also provides strings, cases, portable chairs, and other supplies.

Edward Maday
A well-respected maker/repairer of violins, cellos, and double basses, this Long Island luthier is gaining a name as a maker of viols and vielles.

Charlie Ogle
This ex-Greater New Yorker (now an Oregonian) makes meticulous copies of historic instruments, pictures of which can be seen on his website. He also offers viol rentals, student instruments by other makers, strings, and...viola jokes.

Mannes College of Music
The only New  York City music school with a Department of Historical Performance, which is part of their Extension Division. Among the offerings are viol consorts, baroque ensembles, a collegium musicum, and early notation classes, in addition to viol lessons and instruction in basic musicianship. Current viol faculty includes Martha McGaughey.

PIPE list
Information on hundreds of early music performing groups.