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Upcoming Club Dates

At last, no more waiting for that schedule card to arrive in the mail. With the winters around here, half the time it arrives wet. This is the page we're really excited about and hope that you are, too. We're finally able to offer first-hand, up-to-date, even up-to-the-second, information regarding our club dates and events calendar. We've included the date, club or event, city where we're performing, and phone number of the club - just in case you need to leave a number with the babysitter. And if that's still not enough, we've even added maps to most performances. Just click on the "Need a Map?" link to view them. As far as starting times go, for clubs - 10:00 sounds good. Sometimes we're on time; sometimes we're not. Most of you, that know us, know starting on time isn't one of our strongest points. However, we try. We'll list starting times for all other miscellaneous events.

If you're still in need of more information, try the Syracuse New Times website. In certain instances it may come in handy - especially for the non club dates. Plus, it's a great place to find information about the area's music scene and local events. We've even added a separate link that will bring you directly to its club listings page. Just remember, if there's a discrepancy between dates on their site and ours, ours will be right.

Enough said! Time to reveal our true motive behind this page - in fact this whole website. The real reason we're devoted to keeping you informed, and as up-to-date on our performances as you possibly can be, is because..........We Want You to Come Out to See Us!

Wednesday, July 4 Pfhol's Beach House - Sylvan Beach
4th of July Beach Party (3:00pm - 7:00pm)
Need a Map?
Friday, July 6 Pfhol's Beach House - Sylvan Beach
Need a Map?
Friday, July 27
Saturday, July 28
Great Laker Inn - Oswego (Harborfest Weekend)
Need a Map?
Saturday, August 4 Brickhouse Tavern - Fulton (Jazzfest Weekend)
Need a Map?
Sunday, August 5 Pfhol's Beach House - Sylvan Beach
Beach Party (3:00pm - 7:00pm)
Need a Map?

Past club dates are denoted by gray text. Club dates denoted by hot pink text were added after the calendar was mailed or have been changed since the mailing. All performances are subject to change, so return to this page to stay up-to-date.


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