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The Tryx Photo Gallery

Over the years, and with many thanks to you, Tryx has had the opportunity to play some pretty terrific jobs. We count ourselves lucky to have such a supportive and loyal following - many of you who we've come to call close friends. You've given us enough memories to last a lifetime and hope we've done the same for you.

In the following volumes, we've compiled some of our favorite photos from both the past and present. All photos are available, free of charge, in both low and high resolution form. Simply e-mail us your request, along with the volume and photo number(s), and we'll send them back to you as an e-mail attachment. If there are any photos out there, floating around, that you'd like to contribute to this site - we'd love to have them. Click here to view mailing instructions, and details regarding resolution and size. Enjoy the gallery!


Volume 1

Caryn, Danny, Scott, Mick, Kevin (Tryx)

Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6


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