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Weekly Schedule


The coffeehouse will be closed aug 19 & 26 and Sept. 3. 2010 reopening Sept. 10.

Note Squawk Coffeehouse has an open mike EVERY Thursday night 9-midnight...no signup necessary
Note the coffeehouse will be closed aug 19 & 26 and sept. 3.

Schedule for 2007

January 4     closed for the New Year!!
January 11    co-featuring Dancer Genevieve, with Portia Brockway & Clara Needlands in Yogic Mudras
January 18    Thor's Rhapsody! features and Audrey Ryan opens
January 25   co-featuring singer-songwriters Jared Salvatore, and Elana Read

February 1    3-song night
February 8    Mardi Gras broo-ha
Feburary 15   Love Sonnets & Ballads, and Masked Moondance with Lee Kidd & Hassan on Twin Guitars
Feburary 22   Gospel Jamboree, with Shirley Lewis, Regal Queen of Blues, & Friends, and Special Guest David Maxwell

March 1    The Church of the Flying Dreams
March 8    3-song Night & Poetry Jam
March 15    Triple Poet Night with Ibbetson Street Press
March 22   Sweet & Lo, with Lo Galluccio and Josh Klein
March 29   co-featuring Fluttr Effect Trio & The Scissorsmen

April 5    The Return of Dagmar 2
April 12   co-featuring singer-songwriters Jay Hammond and Alexis Gach, with Matt Quarterman opening
April 19   SQUAWK! Extravaganza with Special Guest Laura Younger from UK, and FluttrEffect Trio
April 26   Squawk Extravaganza, with Surprise Guests!

May 3    cofeaturing singer-songwriters Alexis Babini and Julian Peterson
May 10   Squawk Extravaganza!
May 17   Miss Tess and Hassan El-Tayyab
May 24   Bryce Dance and author Elizabeth Cunningham
May 31   Squawk Extravaganza with Surprise gGuests!

June 7    co-featuring Cameron Lister and Nalband
June 14   co-featuring Brendan Hogan and Jared Salvatore
June 21   Summer Solstice Salutations!
June 28   Walter Sickert & The ARmy of BRoken TOys
Oct. 25 Fluttr Effect Trio & the Steamy Bohemians

Note: SQUAWK Coffeehouse is open EVERY Thursday night, from 9:00 pm - 12 midnight. Doors open at 9:00 pm with the Open Mike for the first hour, and then we go to the co-features, and back to the Open until closing,
and visit us on MySpace:   SQUAWK Coffeehouse

Schedule for 2006

January 5    Happy New Year, see you next week!
January 12   Triple Poet feature: G.Emil Reuter from Bucks County (PA), Emil Jacob, & Ryan Travis
January 19   Singer-Songwriter Poet Al Crane & Poet Stanford Forrester of bottle rockets press
January 26   The Return of Jaded Mandolin

February 2    CD Release for Love Your Enemy with Pete Cassani, & Special Guest Lee Kidd on blues harps
February 9    Triple Poet Feature: Deb Priestly, Eero Ruuttila, and Steve Edington
February 16   Love Poems & Sonnets
Feburary 23   Book Party for Poet Doug Holder & Ibbetson Street Press Poets

March 2    Squawk Squad features
March 9    Jerry Jones & Micky Ryder
March 16   Skip Jones Trio
March 23   Poet Mary Snyder reads from Poems, Sonnets, & Other Sensibilities
March 30   Kelley Donovan & Dancers

April 6    Alexandra Fuller Quartet
April 13   Spring Julibee in April is Poetry! Month
April 20   Vaudeville Revue with Matt Somalis, a.k.a. Uncle Shoe
April 27    Spoken Word Artist Nina Cole from Portland, ME features

May 4    Dancer Alison Hunter & Beatbox Brian
May 11   Tuesday Magazine Poets and Writers
May 18   Premiere Performance featuring Aysu, Musician-Songwriter on Keyboard
May 25   Double Poet feature with Diana Saenz and Beatriz Alba del Rio

June 1     Bryce Dance in Reflection of Self
June 8    Ramblin' Mountain Man, Montana Jones on Slide Guitar
June 15   Katie Turner: Sings, Dances, & Struts her bran' new DVD
June 22   Summer Solstice Blues featuring Shirley Lewis, Regal Queen of the Blues
June 29   Andre & Liv Improv

July 6    Rhapsody Redux in Red, White & Blue
July 13   Wishbone Willy & Wanda Zee
July 20   Scissorsmen Solo with Ted Drozdowski
July 27   Dave Collins on acoustic bass & CC Stryder on snare drum

August 3    Poet Pamela Picata features with Herbie on sax
August 10   Tribute to Artist John Jagel
August 17   Lee Kidd on blues guitar with Albequerque Ben on keys
August 24   CLOSED for end of summer
August 31   CLOSED until September 7, see you next week!

September 7    The Squawk Squawd Returns
September 14   Jackie Sue sings The Blues
September 21   3-song Night
September 28   Sweet & Sour Sauce Revue

October 5    Poet Marcia Cummins
October 12   3-song Night
October 19   Tuesday Magazine meets Squawk Magazine
October 26    Halloween Bash with two renditions of Poe's The Raven, with Bruce Pingree and Billy Barnum

November 2    Heather Bryce Dance presents Approaching Center
November 9     Marsia Shuron Harris, solo
November 16   Poet co-feature with Charles Coe & Stanford M. Forrester of bottle rockets press
November 23   closed for Thanksgiving!
November 30   co-feature with Singer-Songwriter Al Crane; and Storyteller Norah Dooley with Bassist Bill McGowan

December 7    Spitzer Space Telescope and Hassan El-Tayyab
December 14   Dagmar 2
December 21   Winter Solstice celebration with Two Fiddles: Dudley & Jacquelyn Laufman
December 28   closed for the holidays! See you in 2007!!

Schedule for 2005

January 6    New Years Mummers!
January 13   The Squawk Squad Poets
January 20   Ibbetson Street Poets: Doug Holder, Deb Priestly, Jennifer Matthews
January 27   Scissorsmen with Ted Drozdowski & Friends; Charlene & The September Babies open

February 3     The Squawk Squad Musicians
February 10   Triple Angels: Richard Cambridge, Lee Kidd, & Brother Blue
February 17   Mardi Gras Roots
February 24    Folk Frenzy

March 3    Peggy Smith & Lennie Hollis
March 10   Spring Sing Out!
March 17   Poet Tom O'Leary & Songstress Nancy Hewitt
March 24   Three Song Night
March 31   Triple Poet Feature: Mick Cusimano; Debbie Priestly; & Jacques Fleury, 'The Haitian Firefly'

April 7    Miss Adventure
April 14   Poet Chun Yu from San Francisco
April 21   Diana Saena features and Lo Galluccio opens
April 28   Double Feature with Ross Keegan and David Francis from New York

May 5    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, with Poets Charles Coe and Beatriz Alba del Rio
May 12   Singer-Songwriter, Andrea Zarkauskas
May 19   Sing Out, It's Spring!
May 26   80th Birthday Bash for Billy Barnum with Thelonius Griffin & Adam Oh! and the debut of Baby Oh!

June 2    TBA
June 9    
Johara & The Bellisima Dance Troupe
June 16   TBA
June 23   Penny & The Nickel & Dime Trio
June 30   Nancy Hewitt opens with appearance by Tracy Hammond

July 7    Lawrence Lanahan from Baltimore opens
July 14   TBA
July 21   4th annual Blues Bash with Peter Ward, Shirley Lewis, Ted Drozdowski, Peter Parcek & more!
July 28   TBA

August 4     Three Song Night
August 11   Poet Ed Carvalho
August 18   closed for the summer!
August 25   see you in September!

September 1    closed for Labor Day weekend.
September 8    The Squawk Squad!
September 15   TBA
September 22   Poet Thomas Raincrow features
September 29   Belle & Bille Bishop String Duet

October 6    Ibbetson Press Poets: Ann Carhart, Robert K. Johnson, Philip E. Burnam
October 13   C.D. Collins & Rockabetty
October 20   Cris & Th'Mums, Musical Trio
October 27   Special Halloween Celebration with Jaded Mandolin and Billy Barnum recites Poe's The Raven

November 3    3 Song Night
November 10   The PigJoe Jamboree
November 17   Blues Night with Lee Kidd (stay tuned for details)
November 24   closed for Thanksgiving

December 1    Special Blues Night - TBA
December 8   Willy Snaps & Suzie B. Good
December 15   Solstice Celebration
December 22   CLOSED for the Holidays, have a good one!
December 29   Happy New Year, closed until January 12

Schedule for 2004

January 1    closed for the holiday, Happy New Years!
January 8    The Squawk Squad
January 15   featuring The Cape Cod Poets and Poet Tom O'Leary opens
January 22   Charlene di Calogero
January 29   Andrea Zarkauskas

February 5    Poet from Weirs Beach
R.U. Outavit features,and Theo the Bassist opens
February 12   Be My Valentine Love Poetry
February 19   TBA
February 26   Special Birthday Bash for Shirley Lewis in Gospel Jubilee with Steve Heck (keys) and Richard Malcolm (drums)

March 4    Singer-songwriter Licia Sky with Poet Ryk McIntyre
March 11   Dance of the Beloved with Poet Larry Carradini reading Rumi, and Interpretive Dancer Meg Smith; Mark Hemenway opens
March 18   Scientist Jon Beckwith presents slideshow: Sexual Sculptures in Medieval French Churches
March 25   Spoken Word Artist Tamam Kahn from San Francicso opens

April 1    Biker Poets with The Peddlar
April 8    Harmonics of Eastertide
April 15   Adam Oh! features, and Miss-Adventure opens
April 22   Singer-songwriters: Allison Scola from New York City features, and Nancy Hewitt opens
April 29   Poet Marc Goldfinger book-signing

May 6     Sounds of Spring Series
May 13    Betty Rush & The Astro-Rhythmics
May 20   Johara and The Gazelles BellyDance Troupe
May 27    Reading & Book-signing for Ed Sanders: America, a History in Verse, Volume 3 (1962-1970)
June 3    Ethan Mackler & The Blob
June 10   Fiddlin' Jack & Rubie Rose
June 17    Storyteller Brother Blue
June 24    Special Guest Speaker Howard Zinn, and Vocalist Celia Slattery opens (to be rescheduled)

July 1    closed for the 4th of July weekend!
July 8    Janet & Michael Maines
July 15   3rd annual Mai Cramer Memorial Blues Bash, with special guests Peter Ward, Michael "Mudcat" Ward, David Maxwell, Shirley Lewis, & More...
July 22   George Robert Hewes opens
July 29   Let's Party with the DNC!

August 5    Billy Baxter Blues Jam
August 12   Nanette & Jimmy Jones
August 19   The Squawk Squad
August 26   closed until ** September 9 **

September 2    closed
Septebmer 9    The Squawk Squad
September 16   Blues Jam Night
September 23   TBA
September 30   Singer-songwriter Nancy Hewitt features with Book Party for Storyteller Molly Salans

October 7    Squawk Magazine Poets return from Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Festival
October 14   Ibbetson Press Poets: Marc Goldfiner & Lo Galluccio
October 21   Singer-songwriters: Al Crane & Rafael Medina
October 28    Poet-Mime Billy Barnum performs Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven

November 4    From Her to Timbucktoo String Quartet
November 11    Marsia Shuron Harris & Mother Turtle Band
November 18   Singer-songwriter Dennis Pearne features, and Injade opens with Adrienne & David
November 25   closed for Thanksgiving!

December 2    Benefit Concert with Shirley Lewis in Christmas Gospel & Soul Review, proceeds to Women's Lunch Place, Boston
December 9     TBA
December 16   Solstice Celebration with Two Fiddles by Dudley & Jacqueline Laufman
December 23   closed for the holidays!
December 30    closed until January 6th!

Schedule for 2003

January 2    Happy Holidays!
January 9    The Squawk Squad
January 16   Mary Moab & The Wranglers
January 23   D.A. Boucher: Moving to California
January 30   Artist John Jagel with Drummer Jamey Smythe and dancer Vida Everett

February 6    Two Poets: Charles Coe and Peter Desmond
February 13   Visions of Valentines and Poetic Orgy, with Prizes for the Best Love Poem
February 20   A Night of Gospel Music with Shirley Lewis & Friends, in Honor of Black History Month
February 27   Mardi Gras Blues Bash with Brian Templeton & Friends

March 6     Johara & The Bellisima BellyDance Troupe
March 13   The Return of RoosterTales from Paris by Mick Cusimano
March 20   Diana Saenz with her Original Designer Vahv Doll Collection, & C.D. Collins with Rockabetty, her hillbilly band
March 27   Andrea Zarkaukas

April 3    TBA
April 10   Kemp Harris features his new CD, Sometimes in Bad Weather
April 17   The Charms
April 24   Cisco Blue & The Jelly Boppers

May 1    Peace and War Poetry
May 8    TBA
May 15   Book Party for Ahhhh! A Tribute to Brother Blue and Ruth Edmonds Hill
May 22   Paul Rishel and Annie Raines
May 29   Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe opens

June 5    CD 'early-release' party for David Maxwell & Friends
June 12   The Devil Gods -- Acoustic Set
June 19   3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration with poetry & music
June 26   TBA

July 3    Fireworks Fiesta
July 10   Poetess Diana Saenz features and singer-songwriter Jill Gross opens
July 17   2nd annual Mai Cramer Birthday Blues Celebration with Peter Ward, Mudcat Ward, David Maxwell & Maximum Blues, Shirley Lewis & Grayson Hugh, and Lee Kidd & The Squawk-and-Scroll Bluesband
July 24   Big Emmie & The Blue Fish
July 31   TBA

August 7    TBA
August 14   Actor David Nord as Vincent VanGogh and Adam Oh! opens
August 21   closed for the summer
August 28   closed for the summer, See you in September!

September 4    The Squawk Squad
September 11   Charlotte Temple reads from her latest novel
September 18   Isabel and Rusty Jenkins
September 25   3-Song Night

October 2    John Sinclair & his Band, special Birthday Celebration for the legendary poet & '60s activist
October 9    Jenny Jencks & The Orville Sisters
October 16   Contemporary Viewpoints, a visual-spoken word portrait
October 23   Allison Scola, singer-songwriter from New York City features, & Licia Sky, singer-songwriter opens
October 30   Billy Barnum performs Poe's The Raven
November 6     Rebecca Owens and her Harmonica Honeybees
November 13   Spoken Word: Essayist Barbara Beckwith, and Poets Beatriz Alba del Rio & Mary Collins
November 20   Book Party for Ahhhh! A Tribute to Brother Blue and Ruth Edmonds Hill
November 27   closed for Thanksgiving

December 4    Jenny Lee & Tommy Mack
December 11   TBA
December 18   Solstice Celebration with Two Fiddles from The Canterbury Orchestra, with Dudley & Jacqueline Laufman
December 25   closed for the holiday

Schedule for 2002

January 3    The Palindrome Pitches
January 10   Mr. Mike Mann & Betsy
January 17   Charlene's Birthday Jam
January 24   The Squawk Squad Parties with The Doors

February 7    Sandy Fields
February 14   Love and Violins
February 21   The Devil Gods -- Acoustic Set
February 28   Airborne Comedians

March 7    John Jagel, Visual Artist
March 14   In the Ides of the Beholder
March 21   Spring Sing Out!
March 28   Justin George

April 4    David Maxwell, Bluesman back from Israel: "No MidEast A-chord Blues"
April 11   Luke Warm Water, Oglala Poet opens
April 18   Andrea Zarkauskas
April 25   Jamey Smythe & The Midnight Drummers and Dancers, and Miss Fortune opens

May 2    May Day Sing Out!
May 9    Spoken Word Extravaganza
May 16   Licia Sky features, and Indigo Moor opens
May 23   Kelley Donovan & Dancers
May 30    TBA

June 6    Hershel Silverman opens
June 13   Syd 'Sonic' Smart opens
June 20   Johara and The Gazelles Belly Dance Troupe
June 27   Blues Jam

July 4     closed for the holiday, Happy Fourth of July!
July 11    Mark Brine, and Chun Yu opens
July 18    David Maxwell (keyboard) and Shirley Lewis (vocals): MidSummer Blues Bash,
          A Tribute to Mai Cramer & Blues After Hours
July 25    TBA

August 1    The Prevailing Winds
August 8    The Boogie Babies
August 15   The Cape Cod Poets with Jose Gouveia and J. Barrett Wolf
August 22   closed -- see you on September 12th
August 29    closed -- see you on September 12th

September 5    closed -- see you next week!
September 12   The Squawk Squad
September 19   3-Song Senses
September 26    Birthday Celebration for Lee Kidd

October 3     Mary Beth McCloskey
October 10   Post-Kerouac Celebration Jam
October 17    John Sinclair & The New England Blues Scholars
October 24    Book Party for Jon Beckwith, Making Genes: Making Waves, A Social Activist in Science, with Licia Sky
October 31    Halloween Bash, and Billy Barnum performs Poe's "The Raven"

November 7    Jamey Smythe & The Midnight Drummers and Dancers
November 14   Charlene Di Calogero & Band in CD Sneak Preview "Of Armor & Old Lies," Odyssey Songs
November 21   Jasmine Jaspers
November 28   closed for Thanksgiving

December 5     Special Surprise Guest!
December 12    The Lucky Lindy Review
December 19    Solstice Celebration with Two Fiddles from The Canterbury Orchestra, with Dudley & Jacqueline Laufman
December 26    Closed for the Holidays, See you on January 9, 2003!

Schedule for 2001

January 4    closed for the Holidays
January 11   The Squawk Squad
January 18   Cape Cod Poets Theatre from Hyannis
January 25   Chris Elliott and Charlene

February 1   The Devil Gods -- Acoustic Set with Su Millerz
February 8   Licia Sky with Kristen Thomson
February 15  Dan Foley
February 22  Jan Luby with Andrea Zarkauskas

March 1    Max Schwartz, Beat Poet, with Richard Cambridge
March 8    Vanessa Trien with Mark Brine
March 15   Three-Song Features
March 22   Spring Solstice Celebration
March 29   Jamey Smythe & The Midnight Drummers

April 5    Alex Foolenovsky
April 12   The Zone Poets and Mary McGuire
April 19   The Four Elements
April 26   Kate Mannyng, celestial harpist

May 3    Royal Jelly Dance Troupe with visual artist Amy Liv Laing
May 10   Richard Cambridge with Lee Kidd
May 17   Mary McGuire
May 24   BEEP! Speaks Out and Billy Barnum's 76th Birthday Party

June 7     Dennis Pearne & Woodwork
June 14   Thema Bryant with Gary Hicks
June 21   Susannah Parsons McCoy
June 28   Chun Yu

July 5    The Firth of Forth
July 12   The Poet Exchange from Portsmouth, N.H.
July 19   Marsia Shuron Harris with The Collective
July 26   Benefit for Out of the Blue Gallery

August 2     Beep The Clown Steps Up to Bat
August 9    3 song night
August 16    Closed
August 23    Closed
August 30    Closed

Sept. 6    The Squawk Squad
Sept. 13   Three-Song Features
Sept. 20   Birthday Bash, Double Feature with Mick Cusimano and Lee Kidd
Sept. 27   Kate Mannyng with Kristen Thomson

October 4    Quicksilver Slim with Susan Bennett
October 11   John Sinclair and The Boston Blues Scholars
October 18   Quantas Quartet
October 25    Andrea Zarkauskas and Billy Barnum performs The Raven

November 1    Debra Crosby with Charlene
November 8     The Squawk Squad
November 15   Three Song Medley
November 22   closed for Thanksgiving
November 29   Chun Yu

Note Squawk Coffeehouse has an open mike EVERY Thursday night 9-midnight

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