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Altered tuned harmonicas are available from Seydel

Other resources for altered tunings

Altered Tunings of Note

There are many altered tunings that are in use by a number of players:

One thing to realise about new tunings is that it doesn't have to be a monumental task to learn them if approached from the angle of "its a matter of just learning a few new scales". With Diminished there are only a mere three scales to learn.
Once you have them down theres not much difference in the fundementals of the instrument itself, considering what can be gained it maybe worth you spending some time investigating and learning.
The more tools & skills you have available the more options you have and the more likely it will allow you to be a musician who plays music and just happens to use a harmonica, than being a harmonica player working to make their instrument play music.

I have written a short page on Intervalic Theory which explains digital music notation neccessary to understand some of the layouts in the above pages, which makes the entire process much easier to understand.

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