Classical* Chromatic Harmonica Tuning
The Common Sense Alternative to Solo Tuning.

* AKA I maj7 / ii min7


Classical Tuning

AKA I maj7 / ii min7, is a modified Solo tuning, offering more chords, double stops, and easier phrasing. The 4th hole notes of each octave of the solo tuning are flipped so you have the same breath pattern across the entire instrument, while breaking up the "double note octave blocks".
Example: Classical Cmaj7 / Dmin7 tuning. The first blow C note of each "double C" block are switched to a draw note, and the B is switched to a blow note, likewise with slide in, Blow C# and Draw C trade places. There is no longer any change of breath patterns on the fourth hole of each octave, IE. Holes 4, 8 and 12, on a 12 hole chromatic. In addition you get useful chords such as Cmaj7, Dbmaj7, Em, Fm, Dm7, Ebm7, F and F# triad.
Being so close to solo tuning, so its easy to relearn for any chromatic harmonica player. Excellent for classical music & historic fine tunings.

The placement of choice notes, sometimes referred to as enharmonics, on chromatic harmonicas have a big impact on phrasing in any given key. It makes more sense to position such choice notes on either opposite breaths, eg. blow and draw, and/or opposite slide positions, eg. slide in and slide out.

It's interesting that most of the arguments given by long standing chromatic players for Solo tuning, actually give even more reason to switch to Classical tuning. The only two times I would recommend Solo tuning over Classical tuning are for: people who play chromatic in traditional Chicago Blues style in "3rd position"; and those who always play in key of C in Vaudeville style with lots of vamping.
Of course the one down side shared by all altered tunings, is Classical tuned chromatics can't be bought through your local music shop.

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Classical tuning, Cmaj7 / Dmin7 layout

Hole           10 11 12
Blow, Slide In   Db Ab Db Ab Db Ab
Blow, Slide Out 
Draw, Slide Out 
Draw, Slide In   Eb Gb Bb Db Eb Gb Bb Db Eb Gb Bb Db


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