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General Information on Fey

Fey was born on a July 21st in Mexico City, but raised in Spain. She is by all means a singer that radiates a positive energy in each and every one of her songs. This may be the reason why she has conquered the hearts of millions of fans everywhere. Unlike other artists, Fey didn't participate in any children music contests. She got a chance to meet Antonio Berumen, who is known as the creator of musical concepts such as Magneto, Mercurio, Kairo, and others.

With the help of Tony she was first accepted by Sony music. After several months she got together the team to produce her first album in Spain, Italy and France, directed by Jose R. Flores. After the production was completed, she began to look for the clothes and image she would use. This part was not to difficult, as she always knew what she wanted to be, a fresh, simple and positive girl. For an image of her look at this time Click here.

Fey On May 21st, 1995, she presented herself to the public for the first time with with her first album titles as Fey. She had a look similar to any other girl of her age. "I have the same wishes and anxiety to friends of any other girl", she commented during her first presentation. "I like to go to parties, listen to music, to be happy or sad for sitiuations that happens to everyone and over all, to find that special someone that everyone dreams to be with to be happy", she added. No one thought that from that moment, she would start a musical phenomenon soon to be called "Feymania".

"Media Naranja", was the first single that debutted her as a solo artist. After a few weeks this song was heard on the radio, it was already a chart topper in Mexico. Every single that came was a success. Everyone danced and singed the songs "Gatos en el balcon", "Me enamoro de ti", "La noche se mueve" and of course, "Media naranja". Everyone got the Feymania.

Tierna la Noche Her second album "Tierna la Noche" from Sony Music, was released on Octuber of 1996. Her first single "Azúcar Amargo", was number one on top lists of all latin american countries for months, and made it on Top 40 of Billboard magazine. A similar success was then followed with "Muévelo", "Te Pertenezco" and "Subidón", and over a million copies were sold in Mexico, the United States, Central and South America and Spain.

Fey began her '97 tour of "Tierna la Noche" on February of 1997, where she performed over 130 concerts in nearly in all over the continent from the US, to South America. By now, she is not willing to do a soap opera, however she does say she would like to make a movie that teaches the general public about father and son relationship, on how the two of them can be friends and how to build the mutual trust that such relationship should have. Even though she will not apear in Beverlly Hill 90210, she did accept doing a movie or a musical comedy.

At the early 1998, FEY recorded the track "Tamborada" for the offical album of the World Cup Soccer Championship of France '98, representing the young people of Latin America. By October of 1998, Fey was back on track with her third album El Color de los Sueños, produced again by José Ramón Flores, recorded in Bolonia, Italy and Miami, USA. It contains fourteen tracks dedicated to kids and teenagers everywhere.

Fey's 1999-2000 tour began this March of 1999. She plans to visit Central and South America, the United States, Spain, France, Japan, Australia and others. Her album comes on four different covers and each of them has a meaning:

All four coversBlue: Whe she sings, she feels that the earth and sky come together to form a great circle of energy that vibrates around her, and connects her to the world's soul.

Red: Nothing is more important than balance.

Yellow: Is not healthy to our soul to label and judge others. Let us not harm ourselves.

Green: Happiness, peace, to search for a path, and life.

On November 23th and 24th of 1998, Fey recorderded the video of "Ni tú ni nadie" from her latest album. It was produced Miami, Florida in places such as Key Biscayne, ther Great Southern Studios and Ocean Drive Boulevard. The concept of the video is about the four different album covers previously described. It was directed by Alejandro González and produced by Elba Bravo. The video from Fey's second single "Diselo con flores" was released on March of 1999. And it appeared on popular music video shows in latin america, the United States and Europe. It was produced in the Miami Broadcast Center in Florida, with the direction of Sergio Toporek and Tomomi Kamata.

March 21st 2000 was Fey's 5th proffesional birthday, with 20 singles of 3 albums, platinum and gold albums and a lot of awards in México and all over the world. Here is a list of all the awards she got from the "Eres" latin magazine awards since 1995:

  - Best female singer - Fey
  - Best look - Fey
  - Best dance song - Media naranja
  - Best video - Gatos en el balcón
  - Special award to the "buena onda"- Fey
  - Special award to the best dancer - Fey
  - Best female singer - Fey
  - Best album - Tierna la noche
  - Best song - Azúcar amargo
  - Best dance song - Azúcar amargo
  - Best video - Azúcar amargo
  - Best look - Fey
  - Best show - Fey tour 96
  - Best female singer - Fey
  - Best song - Subidón
  - Best dance song - Bajo el arcoiris
  - Best video - Subidón
  - Best look - Fey
  - Best show - Tierna la noche
  - Best female singer - Fey
  - Best song - Ni tú ni nadie
  - Best dance song - Ni tú ni nadie
  - Best video - Ni tú ni nadie
  - Best show - Tierna la noche

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