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Transistor Memories

More of my collection

*Viscount MOdel 616, made around 1964 in Hong Kong. Takes a 9V battery, and plays, barely. Not a great radio, but kind of pretty with the turquoise plastic.

*Republic Model RP-80, made in Hong Kong around 1963-64. Not too sweet. This brand is not listed in any of my reference books. The radio looks like it belonged to some guy who worked on a Texas oil derrick, the case is so smudged up. Doesn't play too well, takes a 9-V battery.

*The photo didn't turn out too well here, but, this is a mint condition Panasonic RF-619, am/fm, made in Japan around 69 - 70, I would say by the appearance and quality. Takes a 9V battery. Found mint, in the box, with the little owners manual, at an antique store in Bowling Green, OH, in 1996.

*GE Model P808H, made in the USA around 1961. A real nice little radio. Has a huge battery clip, for a huge 9V battery.... works just fine when jumped to a little modern 9V battery. Paid $10 for this one in Wisconsin in 1998. It's pretty mint.

*The GE P1807A, made around 1965-66, no CD markings on its single band, AM dial. GE made a pretty extensive series out of this model... I owned one that was AM/SW in the mid-60's, which got me turned on to listening to shortwave radio. My boyhood next-door neighbor in Youngstown, OH, Roy Fauer, had an AM/FM model of the radio that looked practically the same. I recall another version that was AM/FM/SW. Don't see too many of these around. Found this one, with the AC adapter, at an antique store in Mt Vernon, OH, in 1997, for $15.

*Can't find any data on this one.... is in rough shape, but really plays well. Paid a buck for it at a garage sale in 1999. A Panasonic, made sometime in the 70s.

*Sorry, but this one got in twice.... scroll way back to read about it again, if you want to. An old GE, from the mid 60s.

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