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Transistor Memories

More of my collection

* A Chelsea 8-TRC; takes a 9V battery. Not a very high quality radio, from the looks of it. Can't find it in the reference books.

* A nice little Mellow Tone radio, but with no model number.... I would presume it was made in the early 60s. My friend Bill picked this one up for about a dollar at a flea market. It plays, weakly.

* Found this one in an antique store in North Carolina in April 00, paid about $7 for it. Not a real classic, but a sweet little radio that I thought I would clean up and add to the collection. From the looks of it, AM/FM, integrated circuits, etc., I would say it was made in the 80s.

* The Admiral YD109GP, made in 1965. Pretty rough shape, takes 4 AA batteries, plays OK. From the looks of it, it hasn't had a very good life up to now. My buddy Bill picked this up at a flea market for a buck.

* Sorry, got this one in twice... the Chelsea described at the top of the page. We'll get this one off in the next week or so.

* Found this little nugget at a "second hand store" in Alix, Alberta (you wanna talk "remote," let's talk about Alix, Alberta !!). Standard Model SRQ108, plays pretty good, not much on shortwave, though. Paid about $15 for this one.

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