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Transistor Memories

More of my collection

*RCA Model RGM 19E, a little AM/FM pocket radio. It doesn't play. Made in Japan in 1965. The Bunis book lists it as the "Asteroid" model. Paid $2 for this little gem.

*Motorola 7X25P, made in the USA in 1959. Takes 4x AA batteries, and makes a squeal when prodded to play. I took the batteries out, and leave it alone. Paid $18 for this beauty at an antique store outside of Mt Vernon, OH.

*A nice little Bulova pocket radio that I found at an antique store in a little town near Sparta, Wisconsin in 1998. Paid $5 for it. I can't find a model number on the case that corresponds with anything in the books. Takes a 9V battery, and plays real nice. I like this little radio. Made in Japan around 1966.

*Sorry, this is a duplicate photo. To read about it, scroll back in the collection.

*Realtone Model TR-1053, 10 transistors, made in Japan in 1964. Can't remember where this one came from... I think from my buddy Bill, from a flea market somewhere for less than a buck. It plays ok.

*Picked up this baby for $1 at an antique store in Mt Vernon, OH, in 1997. It was splattered with paint, looked like hell, and had a battery holder corroded to the max. Replaced the 4 x AA cell holder, and, it will play all day and night ! Panasonic Model R-1551, made sometime around 1970, I would guess, from Taiwan. Nice quality in kind of a cheap-o radio. Nothing in the books about this one. Nuthin in the books about this one.

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