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Transistor Memories

More of my collection

*Philco Model T75-124, found in Webster, NY, in 1998. Bought it for $8, it never has worked. Made in 1959, with a rotted, split-up leather case.

*Wilco Model 640.... no data on this puppy. I think it was probably made around 1960... this one doesn't play.

*Arvin Model 65R58 made in 1965.... plays OK, takes 6 x D-cells. Picked it up at an antique store in LaCrosse, Wisconsin in 1998 for $15. Leather case is kind of "crunchy."

*Westinghouse RPA5111A..... made in Taiwan, a beater. We won't waste a lot of time talking about this one.

*This is a "Dream Six" set.... no data anywhere. If anyone has any info on this, give me a shout at Takes 2 AA batteries. Looks like something from the late 50's.

*Channel Master 6503.... made in 1960....nice little pocket radio, takes a 9V battery, and still plays its little heart out. My buddy Bill found this one for about a buck at a flea market in 1998.

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