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More of my collection

*A real pretty little radio, whose picture doesn't do it justice. An Emerson Model 856 (?) hybrid radio, with a few tubes in it. This thing has slots for two separate battery combinations... one slot takes one of the old 72-V batteries, that looks like a 9-V battery that went out of control. Though the value of this is listed for around $150, I think my friend Al had less than a buck in it. Since I don't do "tubers", I would be willing to send this along to anyone interested in it, at a fair price. Kind of wierd, but pretty set. I'll send the proceeds of a sale to my buddy Al.... he'll be thrilled, and, bring me more stuff.

*Here's another view of the Emerson... it's in mint-shape, and even has a leather case, with an earphone pouch. Though, the leather case has broken.

*Westinghouse H841P6, takes 2 AA cells, and plays real nice. Made in 1963. Has a nice little leather case. I can't remember where this little nugget came from.

*Here's a big bruiser, a Panasonic RF1115.... I bought it new at Best Products in Wichita Falls, Texas, in 1978, 'cause I wanted to listen to the cops on the UHF band. Paid about $85 for it. It just plays and plays and plays. am-fm-psb-uhf, has a little loop antenna to plug into the top, to get uhf frequencies.

*Arvin Model 60-R47 made in 1960, takes 4xAA cells. Plays well. I saw this in a display case at an antique co-op in Michigan several years ago, and shelled out $35 for it. Nice little radio.... a big investment for me.

*Motorola XP32FE, takes a 9V battery, plays good. Made in Taiwan, I would say around 1968. No reference data on this little puppy. It is a well-made little unit, though.

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