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More of my collection

*Sorry, got this one in twice... scroll back to read about it.

*A real old Philco T65-124, made in 1959. Doesn't have a country of origin on it, but, from the way it's arranged internally, I would say the USA.... also, the inside is stamped, "Damaged Merchandise, For Employee Purchase Only"... takes 2 D-cells, and plays OK if you have patience in tuning it on to a local station. Found in an antique co-op, on I-75, near Lima, Ohio. I think I shelled out $18 for it.

*Emerson 869, made in the USA in 1957. I have two of these... I paid $15 for one, and $25 for the other... I saw one in an antique store in Boston about 5 years ago for $85. The other one is beige & brown, and they both have a swiveling antenna/carrying handle. These radios took two big funky 9-V batteries, and play just fine when jumped to 2 small, regular 9-V batteries.

*Picked up this monster at a garage sale in Fairport, NY, for $5 about 2 years ago.... it takes 4 D-cells and plays great. Sylvania Model RB-77T. This thing originally had a motor in it that would actually zoom off and seek and find the next strongest station on the air. Has an AC power cord in the back, too. A real gem for $5. Had it on the back porch all last summer to listen to. Nice radio. No reference data available; I would say it was made in the early 70's, and it says it was made in Japan.

*A big Philco 12-transistor radio, which my daughter has appropriated to listen to the Smashed Pumpkins (or something like that). Found it in an antique store in Webster, NY a year ago, and gave $15 for it. No model number inside, and no reference data on this one.

*Found this one in Webster, NY, the same day as I found the Philco. What a sweet little, rich sounding pocket radio.... a Zenith Model R26Y, takes a 9V battery. Paid $5 for it, and it's missing its rear battery compartment cover. No reference data on this one anywhere... it's a nice little radio, though.

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