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More of my collection

*Whoa, this one looks like it was brought up from the Titanic.... an RCA Model IT4E (I think, the info is missing inside), made in 1961. Takes 4 C-cells, and still plays OK. I would say this little gem was made in the USA.

*Zenith Royal 16, billfold-style (it folds up like a wallet), takes a 9V battery. The Bunis book lists it, but doesn't say when it was made... with no CD marks, I would place it around 1966. Plays nice. Paid $5 for it at a flea market in 1997.

*GE Model P2760C... a real neat little radio, given to me by my old neighbor, Heinz B. in Ohio. You can see all of the components of this radio right thru the transparent plastic; the speaker is right on the top. It takes a 9V battery, and is a little screamer. Can't find any data on this in the books... would put it around 1968 or so, made in Japan. I wouldn't take anything for this one. It's a pretty cool little radio. NEWS BULLETIN.... I've been recently informed by Sarah, of Sarah's Transistor Radios (neat web site) that the components in the radio are all BOGUS, and mounted under the plastic for display purposes ONLY. I wondered what engineer could have figured out a design like that !!!!

*Panasonic Model R-1013, made in Taiwan. Not much more to say about this one. Made in the 70s, not much value. Doesn't play.

*Bulova Model 672, made in Japan around 1962. Takes a wierd 5.2-V battery.... if I can ever figure out how to jump in the right voltage, I'm sure it'll fire right up. This one was given to me by a guy I used to work with, Charlie in Rochester, NY. He had it in a drawer for the past 25 years.

*G.E. Model P1818B, made in Japan in 1965. Kind of a beater; my friend Al, an antique dealer in Oklahoma, brought it to me, along with a box of others. Al says that transistor radios don't attract much attention in Oklahoma, so, maybe you should go there if you're starting a collection !!

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