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More of my collection

*Philco Model T-68BK-G, made in Japan in 1963. Takes a 9V battery, but can't be persuaded to utter a peep.

*Admiral YK311, am and fm, made in Japan around 1966 ? Who knows about this one. Plays OK, and has inscribed on the back, "Kettering 268-32-3731", so I guess some guy in the Army marked this as his property a long time ago.... then, someone scratched out Kettering's information with a nail, and inscribed "Bill Baldwin." A real popular radio in its time, I guess.

*I was pretty excited when I found this at a garage sale in Toledo, OH, in 1996, and paid $3 for it. It doesn't work. Made in Japan, takes a 9V battery, and is not listed in any book that I have. Kind of a trashy radio.

*Now here is a sweet little radio.... the Sylvania TR-120-BG, made in Japan sometime around 1967. No data on it in the books. Got it at a junk store in Toledo, OH, in 1995 for about $5. A real nice little radio.... I like this one so much, I just put a 9-V battery back into it, and tuned it to the local oldies station while writing up this little blurb.

*Airline Model 62-1467.... no info on this one. Made in Japan, with no civil defense markings, I would say between 66 and 70. Plays nice, takes 4 x C cells.

*Sorry about that... the Macy's radio got in twice... scroll back to read the limited info on this one.

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