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More of my collection

*Zenith Royal 50, made in 1962, in the good ol USA. Takes 2 AA cells, but doesn't play, thought makes a bit of a squawk when turned on. Paid about $15 for this one at an antique store in Bowling Green, OH, in 1996.

*The Admiral Y8701-R, made in Hong Kong in the 1960 time frame. Takes a 9-V battery, and fires right up. Doesn't sound too good, though. Has FM too. I think it was owned by a painter, cuz the front is splattered with some kind of enamel.

*A real beater, made by Motorola in Taiwan, probably when they figured they were getting out of the business; a real nasty little radio. I think my buddy Bill got this one for free.

*Thre Realtone again.... sorry, but this one got in twice... read back for the full poop on this one.

*Motorola XP68BE, made in 1965, in the USA, I would guess, by the size of the components inside. The speaker is a Motorola product, and the tuning capacitor is BIG. Paid about $20 for this at an antique store in Lacrosse, WI, in 1998. Plays well, takes 4 x D-cells.

*This photo doesn't do this one justice, but, oh well. Westinghouse Model HP622P6, made in the USA around 1958. Takes 6 D-cells, and is a good performer when you put it under the transmitter of your local AM radio station... probably a transistor has pooped out somewhere in the circuit. Paid $25 for this one in 1995 at an antique store in South Carolina.

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