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Transistor Memories

My collection - Page 5

The cream colored version of this is the Model P-1758, the black one is similar. There must be a zillion of these little GE radios still around. With the box, earphone and little manual, they command about $5. Not worth too much. They are semi-beaters. I think I have about 8 of them. The black one is a P2790F. They all work.

A whole nest of beaters. I just thought I would show you a picture of the little group. None of them play, and their workmanship was shoddy. Who knows where they came from.

Ahhhhh, this is a nice little radio. The Trancel TR-80, made in 1962. Plays OK. Has a neat little flip-stand that comes out of the back, so you can stand it up for playing. Takes a 9-V battery. Neat little radio, with a pretty design. I think my friend Bill H. paid about $5 for this one, a real extravagance. Found at a flea market in 1996.

This is the one that started the collection, the Realtone TR8611, made in Ryukyu (which is an island of Japan, I think)in 1963. I picked this little honey up at a flea market in Charlotte, NC, for $5, including the leather case. It takes a 9-V battery, but hasn't made a sound since acquisition. This radio's value is listed at $95 in the Lane & Lane book. It really has a neat design, and has a little flip-stand that comes out from the back. Nice little radio. Too bad it doesn't work. Became part of the collection in April 1995.

The Channel Master Model 6502, made in Hong Kong in 1964. Uses a 9V battery, and has a tinny sound. I think I paid $18 for it at an antique store in Mt. Vernon, OH, in 1997.

Truetone DC3418C.... made for JC Penney in Japan in 1964. This takes a 9V battery.... when I put one in, and fired it up, the little radio actually started SMOKING. I like the design of it, though. I think I paid $5 for it at an antique store in South Carolina in 1995.

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