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Transistor Memories

My collection - Page 6

As you can guess, this one is a honey. The Gibralter P1405 made in 1959 in Japan. Uses a 9V battery, and has a nice little tone. Has a nice little leather case, with an earphone pouch. My buddy Bill picked it up for me at a flea market in 1997 for less than $5; the radio lists for $95 in the Lane & Lane book, probably worth more with the passing of time, and the absolute pristine condition of the radio.

The Panasonic R-1029, made in Japan before 1965, I would guess, by the civil defense indicators on the dial. Takes 2 AA batteries, but doesn't make a sound. I think my friend Bill paid about a buck for this little wonder.

Emerson 31P70 clock radio, made in Japan. Takes 4 x AA cells, and another one for the clock. No data on this one in any book. Must not have been a big seller. This baby is HEAVY. Could be used as a clock radio, or a door stop !

My friend Rich F. picked this one up a few years ago at a garage sale... the G.E. Model P1791, made in Hong Kong sometime between 65 and 70, I would guess. Not too good of a radio. Nice picture of a girl on the box, though, who I guess, liked these kind of radios. Or, was paid a hefty modeling fee by some ad agency hired by G.E. !

Invicta Model 200, made in 1965 in Taiwan. Not a very good radio. Takes a 9V battery, but doesn't play. Oh well.

More of the little GE P2790Fs. Cheap little radios. A lot of 'em still out there. Made in Hong Kong.

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