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Transistor Memories

My collection - Page 4

This is a trashy radio; my buddy Bill H. got it for me at a flea market for less than a buck. It doesn't play, and the glue on the dial let loose a long time ago, so it just kind of sits there in the tuning dial hole. Made by Realtone, Model 1248, in Hong Kong, sometime between 1966 and 1970, I would guess. It is a beater. Takes a 9-V battery.

The General Electric P916D, takes 2 x AA cells, plays OK, made in Japan in 1963. I think I paid $10 for it at an antique store in Michigan about 5 years ago.

This is a "Saxony by Trans-Aire". Says it was made in the USA, and takes a 9V battery. My buddy Bill H. picked it up for a song at a flea market (in case you haven't guessed, Bill makes a living buying and selling at flea markets and antique shows... he picks these things up when he can find them for less than a buck.) Marty and Sue Bunis say that this was made in 1963.

The venerable Channel Master Model 6515, made in Japan in 1960 by our friends at Sanyo Electric. Plays good. Takes 4 x C-cells. The model says that it is "Super Fringe", but doesn't pull in distant stations. It sounds good, though, when tuned to a local station. There are still plenty of these around, and you can find 'em for about $20, which is what I think I paid for this about 5 years ago at an antique store in Michigan. Very similar to the "Nanola" radio, which you will see later in the collection.

This radio is a beater. Model 655 Electro Brand, made in Hong Kong probably between 65 and 70. A real beater. Doesn't make a sound when hooked up to a 9V battery. Probably just as well.

The General Electric Model T1171A, takes one AA battery. I have never been able to coax this little gem into giving me a song. Given to me by Wendy R. from Detroit several years ago. Made in 1966. According to the Bunis', it was sold with a clock and recharging unit, which might be why I can't get it to do anything. But I like it anyhow.

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