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Musical Moments

Got Music?
We Do!

Musical Moments is a professional, versitile trio which has much experience playing formal and informal performances in the Tucson, Arizona area. Musical Moments consists of the talented lead violin player Heather, the violist Tiffany and the 'cello player Mona. We also feature many different special performers ranging from double violinists to classical singers. Just let us know what you want for your occasion. We're here to make whatever idea you have work.

What Musical Moments can do for you:

  • Make your special moment musical
  • Give spice to any formal or informal event
  • We can bring both classical and modern music to any event!
    Other cool and useful stuff:

    How many musician jokes are there? One, all the rest are true!
    Musical Moments Repertoire
    Awards and Performances
    Banners and Cool Stuff
    Would you like to see the Musical Moments contract? Or do you need a copy of the Musical Moments contract?
    Some words to contemplate
    An entire website devoted to the 'Cello!!
    Classical Music
    Expand your horizons with new books!!

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