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+Chromatic Harmonicas
  Typical Chrom
    12 Hole
    16 Hole
    10 Hole
    8 Hole
    14 Hole
  Other Harps
   Slide Harp
   Chromatic Short Harp
     Layout with OBs
   Valved Diatonic
     Layout with Valves
     How & Why Valved Diato's

+Orchestral Harmonicas
  G Bass
  E Bass
  48 Chord
  Double Bass
  Chord Harps

+Holding Chrom
  Classic Hold
  Alternative Hold
    Volume & Tone
    Wah Wah
  Playing Mic'ed

+Playing Chrom
    Tongue Block
    Groove Tongue
  Playing Draw Hole 2
  Single Notes
  Button Use
  Breath Control
    Use Your Diaphragm
    Control Your Uvula
  Corner Switches
  The Next Note
  Whats Next?

+Chrom Technique
  Bending Notes

  Learning a Song
  Reading Music

+ Education Program
   Basic Skills
   Resisting Reading
   Keep Abreast
   Positive Environment
   Steps To Be Taken
   Important Areas
   Analyze Reasons
   Final Thoughts

+Harmonica Reviews

  Harmonicas by G
  Brendan Power
  Mike Easton
  Hands-Free Chromatic

+Chrom Maintenance
Starting Notes
  Do's & Don'ts
  Why Bother ?
  Carry Cases
  Harmonica Repair
  Hohner Repairs
  Inside the Chrom
  Basic Tools
  Repair Cracked Comb
  Replace Wood Comb

  Chrom Assembly
    Hohner Wood Comb
    Hohner Plastic Comb
    CX12 Disassembly
      Mods & Cleaning
    Hering Disassembly

  Guide to Cleaning
    Food for Thought
    Daily Cleaning
    Monthly Cleaning
      Slide Assembly
      Polishing Metal
    Sanitising Chroms

  Teflon Windsavers
    In Addition

+Pat's Musings
  Solo Layout
  Tuning Approaches
  Tuning Bias
  MoLT Tunings
      Altered WT
    McKenzie Layout

+Music Theory I
  Music Theory Sites
  Chromatic Scale
  The Octave
  Music Reading
  The Staff
  Starting Out
    Week 1
    Week 2
    Week 3
    Week 4
    ASCII Harp Tab

+Music Theory II
  Changing Modes
  Introduction to Chords
    Chrom Chords
    Chord Scales
  Tonal Harmony
    Diatonic Triads
    Secondary Dominants
  Chord Progression Map
  Circle of Fifths
  Modes, Chords & Jazz
  Blues on the Chrom
  Other Scales

+Music Theory III
  Basic Theory
  Sheet Music & MIDI
  Jazz Theory
  Resources & Aids

+Chrom Layouts
  Key of C & Tenor C
  Key of D
  Key of Eb
  Key of E
  Key of F
  Key of G
  Key of A
  Key of Bb
  Key of B
  16 Holer in C
  14 Holer in C

+Chrom Scales
  C Maj, A min
  G., E min
  D Maj, B min
  A Maj, Gb min
  E Maj, Db min
  B Maj, Ab min
  F# Maj, Eb min
  F Maj, D min
  Bb Maj, G min
  Eb Maj, C min
  Ab Maj, F min
  Db Maj, Bb min

  Playing Amp'd
  Mics for Chrom
  Clean Amplification

+Studio Recording
  First Session
  Studio Setup
  The Engineer
  The Sound Guy
  Overcoming Fear
  The Advantages
  The Advantages
  Last Tips

+Creative Stuff
  Harp Vs Guitar
  Micropore Tests
  Healthy Harps
  Getting There
  The Lost Harp
  Dogs Howl @ Harps
  RE:Meanest Rig
  More Jokes
  Harmonica Hell
  A Poem "Blue Kiss"
  How to Sing the Blues
  TB Warning

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