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Coast to Coast Music
A Company by Musicians, for Musicians. Harmonicas, Harmonica Microphones, Amps and Accessories,

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Music Corner Ltd. UK.
Site includes free resources, forums & a database for parents & teachers & so much more.


Harmonica Store
Stock Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki & Weltmeister.

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Vintage Harmonica Editions
Releasing selected vintage harmonica editions,
Seydel diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.

Isabella Krapf

Cumberland Custom Cases
Customised leather cases for your custom harmonicas.

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Clyde's Harmonica Holder
Fit 3 or 6 diato harps into one holder

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Harmonicas Direct
UK's Premier Harmonica Retailer.

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Harmonicas & Stuff
Provides a unique new shopping experience.

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Fat Bottom Mics
Home of the Controlled Reluctance harp mics. Where the Pro's shop.


Magasin Virtuel Harmonica
Virtual French Harmonica Shop.

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Blue Tongue
Harmonica Shop

Australian Online shop.

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MATTH. Hohner AG

Hohner, Germany
Hohner, USA

Founded in 1857 by Matthias Hohner.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas
Diatonic Harmonica Manufacturers.
"A man and his instrument dedicated to excellence"

Lee Oskar Distributors

Tombo Chromatic Harmonicas
Japanese Manufacterer of Harmonicas & Lee Oskars.

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Suzuki Music
Japanese Musical Instrument Manufacturers

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Seydel, Mouth Organs Since 1847
German Harmonica Manufacturer.


Hering Harmonicas USA Co.
Brazilian Harmonica Manufacturers.

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