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Brennan Mulwray


Brennan is currently a member of Mutant X.


Prior to joining Mutant X, Brennan had no close ties, and was known mainly for his criminal activities and ties, which appear to have begun early in his childhood. Brennan's first contact with Mutant X occured during his attempts to save fellow New Mutant Emma deLauro from the Genetics Security Agency (GSA). Although Emma escaped, Brennan was captured, and forced to aid Genomex. He was eventually rescued by Mutant X, and recruited.
Brennan has a tough, street-wise personality, and is very adept at fighting. He is an expert at many forms of martial arts, and a dangerous enemy. He has no known close ties or family, is prone to womanizing, and has a blatant disregard for most authority figures. Adam appears to be an exception to this last trait, however, Brennan seems to view him as a friend rather than an authority figure.

Mutant Classification - Elemental Electrical

Strengths - Brennan's charisma often helps him talk his way out of tough situations.

Weaknesses - Brennan has a tendancy to reject authority, which sometimes gets him into trouble.

1. Was responsible for the theft of $10 million in treasury certificates from Hickman & Wrightson Securities Agency.
2. Relationships: Brennan had a short relationship with New Mutant Ashley Elliot, as well as with New Mutant Lorna Templeton (which was the result of her New Mutant ability).

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