Why I don’t like Japan: China

“I have read about the Nanjing genocide in the newspaper. I haven't thought that much about it, but because of what I have read about that massacre I do not like Japan.” Han, 21, student in China

“Japan has not faced up to its history. Chinese people don't have a good feeling for Japan. There are many reasons - but I don't like Japan because I feel that Japanese people look down on other Asian people. I have never been willing to buy anything Japanese. Japanese technology is good, but I will not buy it.”   Zhao, 35, taxi driver in China

“I don’t understand the Japanese. I don’t know why they don’t just admit what they did. I don’t boycott their products because their products are good. If they used their economic might against China then I would boycott, but they don't do that.” Sun, 35, working for UK firm in China  4/18/05


Betting On Who’d Be Next Pope? Older for shorter reign

The bookies claim no inside knowledge; they say they are simply responding to the bets being placed by punters. A lot of money is now being placed on older cardinals, in line with a theory that says that after a lengthy papacy, the Church would like a Pope who does not live too long.  4/17/05


Shame, Shame, Shame

Seal Hunt Report Was Bogus  

"The author's (Barbara Stewart) failure to accurately report the status of the hunt and her fabrication of details at the scene are clear violations of the Globe's journalistic standards. Because the freelancer was not reporting from the scene, Globe editors should have demanded attribution for any details she provided about the hunt itself." The Boston Globe, Boston, Mass, company owned by the New York Times Co. (CP File Photo) 4/16/05



And, we are not in the Republic of Quebec yet!.

Jacques Corriveau

He won’t remember or he cannot remember? Sick or real con? But, he was a lucky man with connection.


"Forgive me commissioner,. Sometimes it's easier to remember things that happened a long time ago more than recent events." Jacques Corriveau, former president of Pluri-Design, tesifies at the Gomery commission, Thursday. (CP photo) 4/15/05


“Early election won’t spell Conservative Government. Fat Chance…The shadow of Brian Mulroney still shrouds the party.” Miguel Lewis

"Obviously if Stephen Harper and the Bloc Québécois are going to come together to force an election, then there's going to be an election."  The recent revelations from the inquiry into the federal  Sponsorship Scandal have hurt me and our party, but Canadians need to hear the conclusions reached by Justice John Gomery, the inquiry's commissioner, before an election is called.”  Prime Minister Paul Martin, said on Wednesday, after a Liberal caucus meeting.  4/14/05  The Anglo that blew the whistle


More on the Sponsorship Scandal


"The Sponsorship Scandal  has it's vulnerability for abuse and should not be construed that it only occurred due to a corrupt Liberal Party administration. Changing party is not the solution. Let's get Paul Martin continue. He didn't do the crime so let's not get him do the time." Charles McM 4/13/05  The Anglo that blew the whistle


More on the Sponsorship Scandal

He created the Inquiry, didn't he?


"I was offended as any other Canadian for the allegations. Even if that testimony is contested, I was personally offended by what I heard. That is not the way that politics is done in Quebec. It is not the way that politics should be done in Canada and it is certainly not the way I believe politics should be done. I understand calling the inquiry would have political consequences but it's the right thing to do." Prime Minister Paul Martin    The Anglo that blew the whistle


He could try is luck but not enough to bring down government

"The question is, does the government still have the confidence of the population? In Quebec, it's very clear it's not the case, so we'll see if it is the case in the rest of Canada."  Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Québécois leader, a political party promoting separation of Quebec from Canada.

“Our party would not help the Liberals vote down motion. We're not going to let the separatists control the timing of the next election."  Jason Kenney, Conservative MP..   The Anglo that blew the whistle


The Media on the Scandal, Paul Martin and the Opposition Parties

“The media may have got carried away and become a victim of its own hype. You've got to wonder whether journalists' imagination were going a little crazy as they imagined colour photos of Paul Martin handing over big bags with dollar signs on them to Groupaction. While there's definitely a lot of meat there and new things we didn't know before, the testimony generally supports what we've heard already. The opposition parties did not get the one piece of evidence they were looking for. If they thought there was a smoking gun linking the current prime minister, they were probably disappointed."  Kady O'Malley, a journalist for the Ottawa parliamentary newspaper The Hill Times, Ottawa, Canada 4/10/05  The Anglo that blew the whistle


More on the Sponsorship Scandal

“It’s just how it works”

"Getting close to the party in power was a necessity to win contracts in sponsorship and advertising. It's just the way the world works.” Alain Renaud, former political contact man for an advertising company involved in the Sponsorship Scandal   The Anglo that blew the whistle 4/09/05


More on the Sponsorship Scandal

"It's as sleazy as we feared. Canadians just have to wake up and, at the next opportunity, remove this pack of gold-diggers from office."  Alex McKinnon, Ottawa

"The Liberals have trounced on democracy and shouldn't be allowed to get away with it or hide the issue under murky waters. Let's vote again."  Sue Wurtz, Ottawa

"Call a new election. Time for these Liberals to pay." Blake Johnston of Toronto.

"Taxpayers are being ripped off by this Liberal government at every turn. Absolutely disgusting!" A. Dunville, of St. Lazare, Quebec

"It really does not matter how much money was squandered on the sponsorship scandal. The Canadian people will accept whatever rationalization the Liberals offer up for this criminal behaviour. Why would the people accept this behaviour? They always have in the past."     Kevin Mulcair, Ottawa

"Of the small percentage of Canadian citizens who take the trouble to vote, a sufficiently large part will still vote Liberal. We are so inured to Liberal corruption and so morally bankrupt ourselves that we are unable to discern integrity in any guise." Norman Willoughby, Saanichton, B.C. 4/08/09



US soldier in Colombia

The US says its military is helping Colombia combat drug smuggling

A group of US soldiers arrested for alleged cocaine smuggling cannot be allowed to stand trial in Colombia, Washington's envoy to Bogota has said. Colombian senators have been calling for the men, who were based in the country, to be extradited from the US. But US ambassador William Wood said the soldiers are immune from prosecution. More than 200 Colombian citizens have been extradited to the US to face trial for drug trafficking, under a bilateral deal between the two countries. Colombian politicians have asked the government to push for the US to hand over the men, arguing that the extradition agreement works both ways. BBC 4/07/05



The average home computer user is bamboozled by technology jargon which is used to warn people about the most serious security threats online. Many are often left vulnerable because they have no idea what they are supposed to be protecting themselves against, a survey for AOL UK has found. Confusing "geek speak" used by experts and media included "phishing", "rogue dialler", "Trojan" and "spyware". Eighty-four percent did not know that phishing describes faked e-mail scams. The most common phishing scam is one used to con people into handing over bank account details online. BBC


Virus: Malicious program designed to damage data; usually spread via infected e-mail attachments

Trojan: Malicious software disguised as harmless program

Firewall: Software to protect computers against hackers

Keylogging: Software/hardware to track keystrokes on a computer to gather passwords, credit card numbers

Pharming: When fraudsters redirect net users from legitimate to fake sites

Phishing: Fraudulent e-mails and pop-ups to fool you into revealing personal information for criminal gain

Rogue dialler: Software that installs itself on computers and changes settings to dial a premium rate number instead of usual dial-up account

Spam: Unsolicited e-mails, often offering products or services in which you have no interest

Spyware: Small programs that secretly monitor sites visited, potentially violating privacy and slowing computers 4/06/05



Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda has written her autobiography

US film star and activist Jane Fonda has spoken of her regret over a visit she made to a North Vietnamese gun site during the Vietnam War in 1972. Fonda said the incident - which earned her the nickname "Hanoi Jane" - was a "betrayal" of the US military. But she said she did not regret going to the country being photographed with American prisoners-of-war (PoWs). Fonda made the comments in an interview with CBS television show 60 Minutes, which aired  in the US last Sunday. BBC 4/05/05



Today, annual average income: Ghanaians $300, Malaysians earn over $3,000

Ghanians: "Oh, this country! Nothing works in Ghana! Why are our politicians so useless? Why are we so poor?" Hey! don't do yourselves down! You've got peace and democracy. You're miles better off than most other Africans. What's more, this country is full of really friendly people! Come off it, you can't eat democracy or friendly people! Anyway, why should we compare ourselves with other African failures? We want to compare ourselves with the best! We won independence in the same year as Malaysia, in 1957! How come we're not as rich as them?" 4/04/05


The list of things you cannot talk about in China

"We can't talk about police or military corruption. And of course we can't say anything about workers or farmer demonstrations. All that's taboo.”  Cai Chongguo, a Chinese dissident, as per dispatch from Reporters Sans Frontières, China Bureau 4/03/05



Report from the nine member Commission on Intelligence Capabilities and Weapons of Mass Destruction

"They got wrong the critical judgments with respect to nuclear weapons, with respect to biological weapons and with respect to chemical weapons."  Former Democratic Senator Chuck Robb of Virginia

"They had very little evidence collected. What little evidence they had they pushed into assumptions based on the past behavior of Saddam Hussein." Judge Laurence Silberman 4/02/05


What a Wacko Man from Quebec can say on Radio

Canada radio Tell Sikhs "You're Gang Of Bozos"

Sikh women

Psychiatrist Pierre Mailloux said immigrants should abandon cultural traditions

“The Sikhs are a ‘gang of bozos’. Immigrants to Canada should abandon their traditions. You cultural communities come from a wacko country. You live a wacko culture. Don't bring it with you. That's the message to convey." Psychiatrist Pierre Mailloux, host of the Doc Mailloux phone-in show on Montreal's CKAC-AM station. Note: A Canadian radio station has been censured for broadcasting "abusive" remarks about the Sikh community broadcast in December 2003. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) was responding to a listener who complained it was "racism of the first order".  The station has been ordered to make a full apology.  BBC 3/31/05


Scammers steal at least $2.5 billion yearly from seniors

"Whatever figures we report and we think we're dealing with, it's the tip of the iceberg because people are ashamed and embarrassed to report it. This is a huge problem." Judy Cutler, spokeswoman, Canadian Association of Retired Persons 3/30/05



People march in the main Square in front of the government building in Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia, 25 March 2005.

Protesters wore yellow scarves and chanted slogans

"Let's congratulate our Kyrgyz brothers for their revolutionary spirit. Let's free Mongolia of corruption. We will gather more people and we will hold more street demonstrations."  J. Batzandan, a 30-year-old lawyer and university lecturer., Ulan Bator, Mongolia 3/29/05


Syria should not be blamed?

The assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on 14 February

"The Lebanese investigation process suffers from serious flaws and has neither the capacity nor the commitment to reach a satisfactory and credible conclusion. It is unsatisfactory.  To find the truth it would be necessary to entrust the investigation to an international independent commission."  UN report 3/28/05

If Syrian’s gets out totally from Lebanon it will burst again. It's money or force that could only put them together. Their young democratic system is too fragile to once again become anarchical and a gung ho country where every village leader is a kingpin. Tara Baldwin 3/28/05


It's A Simple Question of Law And Stupidity: Terry’s Days In this World Ticks

"Terri passed where physically she would be able to recover. It appears that time has finally run out." David Gibbs, lead lawyer for the Schindlers, Terri’s parent (St. Petersburg Times 3/27/05)  


Taking Advantage of the Nannies

Just scrap this nanny program

On the recent complaints about the Live-in Caregiver Program prompted the Philippines Congress to launch its own investigation.

"Deep inside they don't want to be in their employers' home because they feel jailed, or in prison, because they just want to get out after their eight hours of work. But because of the mandatory live in [requirement] they can't. So for me, it's a violation of [their] human rights. They need to have mobility. They want to live where they want to live. I'm still jobless, so I'm wondering what is happening to my children, because I was the only one who supports them." Lettie Capinpin, Filipino caregiver

"Whether the [Live-in Care Program] would stay as it is, or with minor or major considerations, or overhaul it or eliminate the program all together, we haven't come to a final analysis yet."  Canadian Immigration Minister Joe Volpe



"There are at least some people in peacekeeping who perceive it as almost a form of camping. You can forget how wounded and traumatized the people you're working with are. You can make assumptions that you're entering into a normal consensual relationship if you're a civilian staff member and often those assumptions may be misguided. There is a need to try to ensure that the fathers, who can be identified, perhaps through blood or DNA testing, bear some financial responsibility for their actions."  Prince Zeid Al-Hussein of Jordan, Ambassador to UN, former UN Peacekeeper


Bobby Fisher Goes 'home' to Iceland

Bobby Fischer waves at New Tokyo International Airport in Narita. (AP Photo/Katsumi Kasahara)

"This was not an arrest. It was a kidnapping cooked up by U.S. President George W. Bush and Japanese President Junichiro] Koizumi. They are war criminals and should be hung. Japan have a gangster government and the U.S. is Jew-controlled country." Bobby Fisher, shouted to reporters as he left the Japanese detention cener on his way to Iceland. 3/24.05


It’s time to disband the NAFTA – It just doesn’t work

"Both Paul Martin and Vicente Fox are in the dog house with the Bush administration. Chris Sands, Center for Strategic and International Studies. 3/23/05


Legal issues spook China investors

Steve Chu

Steve Chu, Taiwanese lawyer say’s doing business in China can be risky

"No one knows how many laws there are in China that central and regional governments often pass bills that completely contradict one another. A municipal or local congress is supposed to inform the central government within five days of passing a law. But there's no penalty for not doing so and many choose not to." Taiwanese lawyer Steve Chu 3/23/05


“Paul Wolfowitz, one of the main brains behind the Iraq war have been nominated by US President George W. Bush to head the World Bank. Can he miraculously save the greenbacks from falling?” Marc MacKnight


Here’s what you can do with the U.N.

“Get them out from N.Y. or U.S. territory so they (Americans) won’t have any control of who’s getting in who’s getting out. Canada should offer to donate the 67’s World Exposition Site to build their headquarters. The site is an Island big enough to have it’s own airstrip for planes to land. And, give all jurisdictions of the island to UN Security, including issuance of visas… the bottom line, Montreal will be great again, economically speaking.” Pete Samran 3/21/05



“The Moslems are killing each other, and that's what Christians used to do when church people were in control. So what’s new?" Ansari Kilapawan 3/20/05


 Romancing The Stone

This Did Not Happen At The Conservative Convention In Montreal Between March 17th and 19th

Conservative Deputy Leader Peter McKay

Conservative deputy leader Peter MacKay was enraged when some delegates moved to overturn a founding principle that gave ridings an equal voice at conventions.  (CP file photo)

A reporter covering the convention shouted at Conservative Deputy Leader Peter McKay, and here are the exchanges of the Q & A.

Reporter:  Mr. McKay, is there any problem between you and Mr. Harper?

McKay: Not really, but everything is just fine between me and Stephen.

Reporter: Okay Mr. McKay, but is it true that you are Romancing a Stone?”

McKay:   What? Romancing what?

Reporter: You got a stone in your hands, Mr. Mckay?

Still Mackay, didn’t understand what the reporter was asking, and thought it’s a very important question, so he looked towards where the reported was standing from.

McKay: Sir! (pointed his right finger to the reporter)  what do you mean 'stone'?

Reporter:  Sir, remember? It’s a real blonde stone?

McKay, look embarrassed:  “Oh! That stone?  I guess I am… so, what’s it to you, sir?”

Reporter:  “Well”, it’s a good stone sir.” (cdb)

And, here’s the stone

Belinda Stronach, MP 


"My question is that if they are not guilty, then who did it?" Sadhu Samra, VP of Punjabi Guru Nanak Gurdwara 3/18/05

Changing Times

Olha, 19, student

Given what is going on in Russia, I am far from adoring Putin as a politician and as a person. Russia has always been putting pressure on Ukraine as hard as it could. But I think things have changed, and Yushchenko will not allow anyone to pressurise Ukraine. 3/17/05



"This is a law to strengthen and promote cross-Strait relations, for peaceful reunification, not targeted at the people of Taiwan, nor is it a law of war. But, the state shall employ non-peaceful means and other necessary measures to protect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity." Wen Jiabao, Chinese Prime Minister 3/16/05     Full text of law 


Da Vinci Code Is A Lie

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Archbishop of Genoa

Cardinal Bertone will host a seminar to rebut the book's claims

"Shameful and unfounded lies. The book is everywhere. There is a very real risk that many people who read it will believe that the fables it contains are true. Its story about the Church suppressing the "truth" that Jesus had a child with Mary Magdalene is not true. It astonishes and worries me that so many people believe these lies."  Vatican Spokesman Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Archbishop of Genoa 3/15/05


Hello Taiwan!  You’re Toast.

"There is only one China in the world. Both the mainland and Taiwan belong to one China." China’s Anti-secession,, article 2 of the law.  3/14/05 Taiwan blasts China “Provocation’



 Pope John Paul II speaks from Gemelli Hospital on 13/03/05

Until now, the Pope has only waved to pilgrims

Pope John Paul II is to leave hospital on Sunday evening, more than two weeks after undergoing throat surgery. The announcement came as he spoke directly to pilgrims for the first time since his operation on 24 February. The 84-year-old pontiff had undergone an emergency tracheotomy after suffering breathing difficulties. The Vatican said earlier this week that the Pope would be discharged from hospital in time for Easter week. BBC 3/13/05



Osama, the son of Laden still hides around Afghan & Pakistan are

“Osama bin Laden is apostate, Muslims should denounce him. The terrorist acts of Osama bin Laden and his organization al-Qaeda ... are totally banned and must be roundly condemned as part of Islam. What I want is that they say so publicly. Inasmuch as Osama bin Laden and his organization defend terrorism as legal and try to base it on the Qur'an (Koran) ... they are committing the crime of 'istihlal' (making up one's own laws) and thus become apostates that should not be considered Muslims or treated as such." Mansur Escudero, Secretary General, Islamic Commission of Spain, which represents about 70 per cent of the approximately 300 mosques in the country. 3/12/05


Germany’s neo-Nazi rock group leader gets 3 years on hate crime against non-white

What they say of blacks in Germany

"They have a choice between a noose around their necks or a bullet in their bellies."  Michael Regener, leader of Germany’s Landser Band 3/11/05



"We are going to continue to act responsibly. We don't want to force confidence measures, crises, every week." Jay Hill, MP, the Tory House leader

Note:  The Liberals hold 133 of the 308 seats in the Commons, with the Conservatives holding 99, the Bloc 54 and the NDP 19. There are two Independents and one vacant seat. 



“Canada's low age of consent – 14 – is a magnet for internet lurers. The age of consent is 17 in Texas. No wonder they come to Canada. We have set the Canadian children up to be targets for predators, sexual predators. Our law has given permission."  Dolita Smith, president of the Toronto-based Canadians Addressing Sexual Exploitation 3/09/05

“At 14 years old, you can consent to sexual activity, but without your parents' permission you can't consent to go with an adult like that." police Staff Sgt. Monique Ackland, Ottawa Police



"The whole region is shaking up. It is a dangerous game but it is very exciting and the biggest losers will be the regimes."  Rosemary Hollis head of the Middle East programme at the Royal Institute for International Affairs in London. 3/08/05


“Well, you got it wrong Mr. Cellucci"

Paul Cellucci (File Photo)

“Washington had been led to believe Canada was ready to take part.” Outgoing U.S. Ambassador Paul Celucci, commenting on Canada’s participation in the US led Star Wars II Missile Defense Program 3/07/05


The Rapists Will Kill Me.

Mukhtar Mai

Mukhtar Mai's is one of many such cases on rape in Pakistan

"There's a lot of danger now for me, even though I have policemen protecting me. But I am going to go back to my village I have to go back there. The decision that's been taken by the court saddens me. God willing, I am going to appeal in the Supreme Court, for which I need you people as well." Mukhtar Mai, victim of gang rape in Pakistan, told a news conference in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, after an appeal court overturned the five rapists conviction late this week. 3/06/05



Donald Rumsfeld strongly disputes the claims

"There have been multiple investigations into the various aspects of detainee abuse. None have concluded there was a policy of abuse."  The Pentagon 3/05/05


She did the time but still contest the crime. Martha's Day Out

"My heart is filled with joy at the prospect of the warm embraces of my family, friends and colleagues. Certainly, there is no place like home." Martha Stewart, said in a statement after released from prison 3/04/05


Quebec Premier Jean Charest's Popularity

"I think it the attitude that the premier have been showing since he was elected that made him too unpopular in the Quebec" Vince McKnight 3/03/095


One less potential beneficiary of old age pension and guaranteed supplementary income.

Ernst Zundel left Canada on Tuesday morning. (CP file photo -2003)

“In Canada, just don’t fight the Jews, if you don’t have enough clout. Otherwise, you’ll end up like Ernst Zundel, finally ousted from Canada, back to where he came from, accused of denying the Holocaust and had written a book titled The Hitler We Love and Why.” Freedom of expression doesn’t exempt those who don’t believe Hitler’s drive to annihilate the Jews on the face of the earth but could say anything about Jesus or Mohammed.” Mike W. Bonafita 3/02/05


The Mid-East And Iraq Peace Accord:  The only solution?

For years Syria survived. Nobody in Washington much liked it, but successive US presidents felt they needed to keep open the channels to Damascus.

Bashar Assad

How much real power does President Bashar Assad wield?

"Sooner or later (the Americans) will realise that we are the key to the solution. We are essential for the peace process, for Iraq. Look perhaps one day the Americans will come and knock on our door."  President Bashar Assad, said in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

“This regime has shown that throughout the last five years, at times of crisis, it always falls on hard-line positions. The lack of vision in this regime, and the inability to carry out a clear process of reform always ends up creating crisis.” Haitham al-Malih, Syrian dissident

We have a really bad regime here, really stupid. They can't see what's going on in the rest of the world.” Amman Abdulhamid, the most vocal of the Syrian dissidents 3/01/05


Oscar Twice A Winner “Million Dollar Baby”

Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank won her first Oscar for Boys Don't Cry in 2000

"I'm just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream. I never thought this would ever happen." 2/28/05


"The challenges are still great.”

Peter Benenson died last Friday evening

"Only when the last prisoner of conscience has been freed, when the last torture chamber has been closed, when the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a reality for the world's people, will our work be done." Peter Benenson, founder of Amnesty International 2/27/05



Ljube Boskovski

Ljube Boskovski is remembered as a hardline nationalist interior minister of Macedonia

“This idiot orchestrated and carried out the murder of seven economic immigrants, six Pakistanis, and one Indian in a "stage" encounter in order to prove to the US that Macedonia was participating in the international war on terrorism.” cdb 2/26/05


Canada won't join missile defense plan, period

"Let me be clear: we respect the right of the United States to defend itself and its people. Canada will continue to work with the U.S. for the common defence of North America, but our efforts won't be concentrated on missile defence. Canada remains steadfast in its support of Norad." Prime Minister Paul Martin 2/25/05


The Budget For All

Stephen Harper gives his reaction to the federal budget.

"There's nothing in this budget that would justify an election at this time. I'm a lot happier than I thought I'd be. The major priorities in this budget are Conservative priorities."  Stephen Harper, MP Conservative Party Leader 2/24/05


Partners But Not All The Way


“Canada already 'part of' missile defense. I believe that we've given in large measure what the Americans want, which is the ability to use NORAD and their intercept information in order to be able to target weaponry. The question is, how much more can we give?"  Frank McKenna, in-coming Canadian Ambassador to U.S.

Note: Canada agreed last August to allow NORAD, the joint Canada-U.S. air defense command, to share information it gathers with the people running the U.S. missile defense program. 2/23/05


"What happens when a killer and conman dominate a country, the after effect is endless." jrb 2/22/05

ON THIS DAY IN1986: Filipino coup leaders tell Marcos to go



"As the money slowly filtered through the country's complex local government structure, some disappear into the pockets of officials who connived with contractors." Third Country Government Official 2/21/05


UN refugee chief resigns over sex scandal

Ruud Lubbers denies the allegations. (AP Photo)

"To be frank, and despite all my loyalty, insult has now been added to injury and therefore I resign as high commissioner." Ruud Lubbers, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 2/20/05


The NHL Story

“Who really cares if those idiots gets back to business, I am not going back to watch them again anywhere except on TV, if ever they decided to play again. Carol W. Langley, 2/19/05


Don’t Adapt Same Sex Marriage Because”

"We will be classed as traitors in God's eyes, and we will live the darkest day in all of Canada's history. Two men living together is not right: we are totally against that," Paul Hofer, an elder at the Arm River Hutterite Colony in Saskatchewan

These women belong to the Hutterian Brethren Church of Canada, which sent the letter to Paul Martin.

"There's only going to be one judge over that one ... and that's our dear Lord up in heaven. The Bible forbids same-sex relationships. It's a terrible sin. If all the people on the earth would turn that way, the people in the world would die out."  Joseph Wollman, Hillcrest Hutterite Colony near Saskatoon

Note: Hutterian Brethren Church of Canada, which represents about 50,000 Hutterites in British Columbia and the Prairies, urged Paul Martin not to adopt the proposed legislation. Same-sex bill change requires notwithstanding clause: Cotler 2/18/05


The Same Sex Marriage Without invoking the Notwithstanding Clause of the Constitution

"Put simply, we must always remember that separate but equal is not equal. The country could revert to the traditional definition of marriage without invoking the notwithstanding clause. They are insincere, they are disingenuous and they are wrong."  Prime Minister Paul Martin says at the Parliament yesterday 2/17/05


'Forming an alliance against attack’

"We are ready to help Syria on all grounds to confront threats." Iranian Vice-President Mohammad Reza Aref said after meeting Syrian PM Naji al-Otari. 2/16/05


'Forming an alliance against attack’

"We are ready to help Syria on all grounds to confront threats." Iranian Vice-President Mohammad Reza Aref said after meeting Syrian PM Naji al-Otari



Chris Rock

Rock hosted the MTV Video Music Awards last year

“It’s a fashion show, only homosexuals watched it on TV.”  Comedian Chris Rock, New Oscar MC 2/15/05



"Our ancestors stood up against early European conquerors and because they stood up...we were labeled savages and cannibals up to today." Carib Chief Charles Williams, from Dominica,  stated in a letter to Disney Studios 2/14/05 DISNEY’S SEQUEL TO PIRATES SHOWS CANNIBALISM


To Jewish Extremists

"Wake up before it is too late" to avoid "the horrible spectacle of the murder of another prime minister." Dalia Rabin, Daughter of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, wrote in an Israeli newspaper recently. 2/13/05 Israeli ministers threatened by Jewish extremists  


They Need Us

"The separatists still don't realize we could only be their solution to preserving something which is bound to end in the next maybe two generations. They need the cooperation of the English speaking Quebec residents for their dreams to come true without suppressing their equal rights to live in the language they conveniently exist. The wrong attitude should change. Jeff Mancuso 2/12/05


Prince Charles and Camilla

"Who really cares if these two middle age people get married or not? After the marriage maybe the Queen abdicates and make Camilla the Queen of Canada, so we can get rid of our very expensive governor general." Jim Minota 2/11/05


The Parliamentary Vote On Same Sex Marriage

"They're phoning, they're sending e-mails and they're faxing. It doesn't concern me, because I'm just going to listen, certainly just listen, to people in Canada and hopefully just listen to people in my riding. I tell them it won't make a difference in my vote." Liberal MP Beth Phinney.

"The United States, including the American government, I think is quite concerned at the drift that this country has taken in what I view as the wrong direction, and what millions of Canadians view as the wrong direction." Liberal MP Pat O'Brien.

"The Americans seem to feel everybody should look at life the way they do. More guns, no same-sex marriage, all that sort of thing. Our group just can't compete with a campaign funded by American dollars. "  Alex Munter, Canadians for Equal Marriage 2/10/05


We Agree to Disagree

"We agreed with [Mahmoud Abbas] that any truce that should take place must be according to the result of an inter-Palestinian dialogue. The resistance is not committed to what has been agreed at the summit... since the Palestinian conditions were not achieved. We consider that there is no truce and there is no deal to stop the resistance."  Osama Hamdan, Hamas representative, Lebanon 2/09/05


The Agreement is On Again but no mention of “ceasefire!”

"We agreed the Palestinians would stop all acts of violence against Israelis everywhere, and in parallel, Israel would cease its military activity against the Palestinians everywhere." Israel Prime Minister General Ariel Sharon.

"We have agreed on halting all violent actions against Palestinians and Israelis wherever they are." Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Click Picture to read BBC report) 2/08/05



"After 40 years in politics I've seen everything, and you know what, 11 times we were elected in St-Maurice. Every time they said we were going to be defeated. What is said, every time you have to take some, you have to leave some. So I'm not worried at all."  Aline Chretien, Former Prime Minister’s wife 2/07/05


To Think For A Moment

Quebec Premier Jean Charest, should think for a moment, "should I go down like what happened to my former master? Most people in Quebec think very low of me, for what I have been doing after the election.  Should I listen to advisers to tell me what I am missing? If I were to retire now, it  won't be like my former mentor who became one of the wealthiest men in Canada, that I cannot do."  Jean Francois McMichael 2/06/05


Back to Sponsorship Scandal – Canadian Style

"If this were a drug deal, it would be called money-laundering." Justice John Gomery

"You're not wrong. I felt it was a benefit for the bank to get an extra $125,000 in advertising without having to pay (its own money). I did not do this in bad faith. We were kind of a transmission belt." Jean Carle, former aide to then prime minister Jean Chrétien, later appointed Bank VP(BDC)


It's Time To Set Them Free

"In this new century, millions of people in the world's poorest countries remain imprisoned, enslaved and in chains. They are trapped in the prison of poverty. It is time to set them free. "Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural," said the Nobel Peace Prize winner, who is 87. "It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.'' Nelson Mandela, spent 27 years in jail for fighting his country's systemized discrimination against blacks. 2/04/05


Hoping Israel & Palestine Will Live in Peace

George W Bush

"The goal of two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace, is within reach, and America will help them achieve that goal." President George W. Bush, said in his State of the Nation speech last night at the US Congress Joint Session 2/03/05


Of Course, They Are Staying!

Iraqi President Ghazi Yawer

Ghazi Yawer

“It is complete nonsense to ask coalition troops to leave Iraq in the midst of this chaos and this vacuum of power".  Iraqi Interim President Ghazi Yawer 2/02/05



"I told her my whole situation and she assured me that if I helped out in her election campaign she would get me immigration in Canada. All I have to do is supply "15 or 16" pizza to volunteers for her campaign office.” Harjit Singh, overstaying illegal immigrant now in jail for unrelated criminal case. Singh was referring to promise made by former Federal Immigration Minister Judy Sgro, during the last federal election. 2/01/05



"It's given, let it live until it last." cdb 1/31/05


The Bad News in American Broadcasting

Bill O'Reilly posing on the roof of the Fox building in New York City, Oct. 13, 2003. (AP File Photo)

"Vicious attack on Fox News by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, totally out of any kind of bounds.  How low will they go? We'll show you the tape and you won't believe it! The Fifth Estate's website says the documentary examines the "war of words that's pitting conservative against liberal. It's loud, it's raucous, but does it have anything to do with the truth?" the site asks about the new kind of hard-hitting political debate on U.S. television. The Canadian government gives them a billion dollars to put this sort of stuff on the air, and the Canadian government is really at fault here, isn't it?" Bill O'Reilly, Fox News Commentator 1/30/05


What Cops Can Do In The States, Cannot Be Done Here

David Laing     Texas Ranger Highway Patrol Badge

"In a very thick American accent from the southern states, he advised me it was a British Columbia road check. And he asked me for my driver's license and my vehicle registration. I'm being pulled over and given directions by an American who won't identify himself. And I was concerned about it. As a policeman myself I know that under Canadian law, police officers don't have the right to perform that kind of search." David Laing, A Vancouver Police Officer, who was stopped by a Joint Patrol at the border by US' Texas state trooper and Canadian Police (RCMP) 1/29/05


Bad Company Could Be Bad To Your Health

And Basically, it's now all about money....So, sue the US not Canada for sending you instead back to Syria" cdb

Maher Arar (File photo)

“It basically confirms my suspicions and my lawyer's suspicions about the involvement of Canadian officials in all of this." Maher Arar

"Mr. Arar's name was placed on a terrorist lookout list based on information received from Canada. The decision to remove Mr. Arar ... was made by U.S. government officials based on our own assessment of the security threat. He was detained at JFK Airport in New York in September 2002. U.S. authorities then deported him to his native Syria instead of back to Canada. " "It is my responsibility to ensure that the collective security is not called into question or undermined by any process."  Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Anne McLellan. 1/28/05


 "Another world is possible."

A global economy that is seen as putting profits ahead of people.

A workman cleans a World Social Forum sign in Porto Alegre, Brazil

The World Social Forum is five years old in 2005

"We live in a world that's submitted to the interests of capital. Everything functions to make money - without thinking about people, unemployment and poverty. At Davos (Switzerland), politicians and bankers do lots of good business. But they do nothing for the poor of the world."   Chico Whitaker, a founder member of the WSF.

Unite People on Earth

"I would like to say to all the people on the Earth: Unite and do not permit this evil that was committed. This should never be repeated, ever." Maj. Anatoly Shapiro, Unit commander to free the Holocaust survivors at Auschwitz 1/27/05



“Pope John Paul II is the Brezhnev of the Vatican" and an "impotent old man." (Walking Sadomasochism) Poland's former communist-era government spokesman Jerzy Urban listens to the verdict at a court in Warsaw 1/26/05



Gam rebels in Aceh, June 2004

Gam rebels are fighting for Acehnese independence

“When the Republic of Indonesia was formed in 1949, the Kingdom of Aceh should not have been included in the package, since, unlike the rest of the territory, it was never formally under Dutch colonial rule.  The Acehnese people were not consulted about the decision to become part of Indonesia, and are therefore fighting for a return of its province's sovereignty. That’s the same thing when the British included a territory leased from the Sultan of Sulu, now known as Sabah (formerly North Borneo), to the Federation of Malaysia which was formed in 1956. ” GAM 1/24/05 


Jan. 24 is the worst day of the year, with bad weather, debt, fading Christmas memories, failed resolutions and a lack of motivation combining to depress people. 1/23/05


What's With The Mayonnaise?

"They just love mayonnaise, these people. Mayonnaise and Taco chips. They also like caffeine pills. The coyotes, the people smugglers, give 'em these to speed them up. Trouble is, it kills 'em. Dehydrates 'em real fast!" Garrett Neubauer, ex-marine turned border patrol agent, stationed in Arizona 1/22/05


In memory of Zhao Ziyang (Opposed Tiananmen Square Massacre)

"I'm proud to have been the first Westerner here. I hope that other foreigners do something symbolic to show the underground democracy movement here [that] there is support for them outside of China. I think it's important for these people to know that."  Canadian Conservative MP Jason Kenney 1/21/05


The Speech

"The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world." President George W. Bush 1/20/05



Have US presidents acquired the powers of a monarch?

George W Bush

Bush is not the only president author criticized

The US president is now as powerful as a monarch, according to a new book by an American professor published to coincide with the start of George W Bush's second term. Even powerful mid-century presidents such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt recognised checks on their authority, says Stephen Graubard, who is old enough to have attended Roosevelt's last inauguration in 1945. But since Ronald Reagan, the powers of a president and his "courtiers" have become increasingly untrammelled, Professor Graubard told BBC News. "He is not totally unchecked but his power is immense," he says of recent presidents, several of whose closest advisers - including Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, McGeorge Bundy and Zbigniew Brzezinski - he has known personally. BBC


The Pizza Man in the life of former immigration minister Judy Sgro

All Politicians Would Say The Same

"She said, as long as you [Singh] bring in the volunteers and do the volunteer work we'll see how much we can do for you to solve your immigration problems." Harminder Singh Brar, friend of jailed illegal immigrant Harjit Singh


"Exotic dancing" is one the 140 potential careers taught in California school

“You could earn a good living as strippers earning $250,000 or more a year by stripping and exotic dancing, that’s depending on your bust size.” William Fried, California Management consultant, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Ca. 1/15/05


Clarification: I didn't say to kill them all - Alberta Premier Ralph Klein

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein wants some older cattle killed and sold as hamburger.  

"Cull" to kill only some of the 1.76 million animals born before Canada's 1997. It's perfectly good meat, as long as you don't use spines and ganglia and brains and eyeballs, those specified-risk materials that are outlawed. I'll leave it entirely up to the industry as to how they would go about culling older cows and bulls.” 1/14/05



How can you expect them to change when they are kept being corrupted by the west? 1/9/05

Bribes were falsely entered in the books as "consultancy fees"

The US agrochemical giant Monsanto has agreed to pay a $1.5m (£799,000) fine for bribing an Indonesian official. Monsanto admitted one of its employees paid the senior official two years ago in a bid to avoid environmental impact studies being conducted on its cotton. In addition to the penalty, Monsanto also agreed to three years' close monitoring of its business practices by the American authorities. It said it accepted full responsibility for what it called improper activities. A former senior manager at Monsanto directed an Indonesian consulting firm to give a $50,000 bribe to a high-level official in Indonesia's environment ministry in 2002. BBC


Praying for the Living

"It's the living we have to pray for. They need to be strong enough emotionally and physically to stand up to their losses. I will say a few words of sympathy for the victims while all we have is the human spirit to sustain us." Abdul Rashid of the Ottawa Muslim community on the Tsunami Victims 1/08/05


What can the court do with this woman? Maybe, send her to Zimbabwe?

 Dar Heatherington

“She is high maintenance and ill-tempered and became enraged and foul-mouthed when confronted about breaking the rules. “ Testified in Court last Friday by Parole officer of convicted former municipal politician Dar Heatherington of Lethbridge, Alberta


They too should join the U.S. military (The Bushes children)

"If the U.S. president really believe that the "coalition of the Idiots' as described by MP Carolyn Parish,  should go on, he should make sure his and his siblings children should join the military, and ship to Iraq as their first assignment." Scott McFord 11/18/04



Nova Scotia man halfway through buy-nothing pledge

Almost six months into a year-long pledge to live without spending any money, a man in Nova Scotia says he's busily crafting Christmas gifts for friends and family. On his birthday in July, Matt Watkins decided to spend the year without using any money. He calls it his "buy nothing year" – a quiet protest against poverty and the waste of resources. "If I want to make these changes in society around me, then it's got to begin with me," said the 25-year-old. So, a year out of art college, Watkins closed his bank account, paid off his bills and gave away his pocket change. 12/17/04



"The worst thing that man could waste is life. Those with power seems to waste those that follows them." Charles McKeenang 12/15/04


Attention: Canadian Gays “Have you heard of Meningitis?”

Vancouver's gay community is being advised by health authorities to stop kissing on the lips because of a deadly meningococcal C outbreak. It has already killed three gay men since October and left four others seriously ill. Meningitis is inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. It causes fever, headaches and in severe cases paralysis or death.

"The gay community is like a family group, so gay people hang out together, and because meningitis spreads through saliva – kissing, sharing cigarettes – people who hang out together will be at risk to transmit this bacteria to one another." Dr. Joss De Wett, Vancouver, B.C. 12/14/04



"The people of Canada must have a say. The time has come that we will restore democracy across Canada." Gwen Landolt with Real Women of Canada

I believed the majority of Canadians don't want same-sex marriage and that Liberal elites and their appointees are driving policy. This is a small elite of people and Canadians do not have to accept that." Richard Bastien, Catholic Civil Rights League member.

I am saddened and shocked by the decision, despite the court opinion that churches opposed to gay marriage won't have to perform the ceremonies. If the definition of marriage is redefined to two persons, what is to stop a father and a son, or two brothers from marrying?  Pastor Doug Young of St. John's, Nfld.,



"The changes to the salmon's gene structure are mino  It's kinda like tuning up a car," he said. "The only thing that we've done is taken a car that gets maybe 20 kilometres or 10 kilometres to the litre and now it gets 40 kilometres to the litre." Elliot Entis of Aqua Bounty, company that produce the freak salmons

"If those fish were to escape and reproductively or ecologically interact with wild populations, then there could be some severe detrimental effects to those wild populations. We want to uphold the precautionary principle, which is: When in doubt, show us proof that it's not harmful. The consumers do not have the burden of proof here. The industry does. consumers will never accept genetically modified salmon." Nadege Adam of the Council of Canadians. 12/08/04



"Russia would not interfere with Ukraine’s political crisis. One can play the role of a mediator but one must not meddle and apply pressure." Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters during a state visit to Turkey, yesterday. 12/07/04



We will send election observers but we cannot for love of peace on earth send fighting troops to Iraq, and that’s actually what I was trying to tell your President George W. Bush.  12/06/04


What Al-Qeeeedaaa said on the U.S. past presidential election

"You have to choose between one of two methods to deal with Muslims: either on mutual respect and exchange of interests, or to deal with them as if they are spoils of war. This is your problem and you have to choose yourself. You have to realize that we are a nation of patience and endurance. We will stand firm to fight you with God's help until doomsday." Ayman al-Zawahri, Bin Laden's second in command (11/30/04)


In Vancouver, Restaurants are not allowed to cook Smelly Food

"How are we going to measure this smell, the odor? Which nose is going to tell me which smell is good or bad?" Ali Bakhtiari, restaurant owner, West Vancovuer 11/24/04


Strippergate huh? It's Stephen Harper's Delight!

Immigration Minister Judy Sgro (CP Photo - file)

"So, what's wrong with giving a good-looking Romanian woman another two years to strip?" 11/23/04


Once again, hear this, "I am not one of the Wise-guys"!

Alfonso Gagliano

"I wasn't ever a member of any family, neither the Bonanno family or any other family. What really bothers me is that everybody can believe the word of a gangster after all these things that he's been accused of doing. Alfonso Gagliano, former Liberal Cabinet Minister 11/22/04


It's A Matter Of What You Do With Them, Makes You Part Of The Family.

“I Will Sue Anyone That Say’s I Am A Wise-Guy”

Alfonso Gagliano

Caption: The Daily News report cited secret FBI documents the newspaper had obtained, claiming Gagliano was identified in the papers as a "made" member of the Bonanno crime family. Frank Lino, a former Mafia capo-turned-informer, identified Gagliano as a longtime soldier in the organization, the New York report said. Gagliano says he "never met those people, so [the allegations are] totally false." "That's false," he said. "I was never a member of the Bonanno family, or any other family, as a matter of fact. I will prove ... that the story is not true." 11/19/04


In Canada, it’s called Theft

"Well I don't know in Montana what they call it when they take something from you ... but around here it's theft." B.C. Forest Minister Mike Dejong, referring to Montana Senator Max Baucus, plans to introduce a bill that will allow U.S. lumber companies to keep an estimated $3.6 billion in duties paid on Canadian imports which the international trade regulators have repeatedly ruled against it. 11/13/04


Are we still on this case?

Is this hate propaganda or this is what an idiot can say?

David Ahenakew

The Holocaust: “Hitler was justified when he "fried" six million Jews to clean up the world." David Ahenakew, former aboriginal leader, Saskatchewan

And he said he's sorry, so why is the government pursuing this case? Read the story


Settle Differences Without War, Yes---Indeed!

“My dad was against anything to do with the war. So I said, 'I know, I'll shut him up and enlist.  I was shot… it was just a flesh wound, nothing wrong with me. And now I agree with my father’s pacifist ideas… that the world should settle its differences without war.'"  Clare Laking, 105, is the last surviving Canadian veteran, Canadian Veterans Hospital Toronto 11/11/


George W. Bush’s Canadian Uncle Speaks Not About His son Ben's  Next Four Years

"It's time to wipe the slate clean and start anew. It's important as the president, as the biggest kid on the block, to initiate that process with Canada, with France, with Germany, and so on around the world. What can we do to be of assistance to the United States and the United Nations? There are probably dozens of ways for that to take place." Brian Mulroney, Former Canadian prime minister (1983-93) speaking in Halifax 11/09/04


Monitor what?

Chuck Guité (CP file photo)

"We issued a sponsorship for X dollars. There was a contract in place, I got an invoice ... I signed the invoice, it was paid."  11/09/04


Wait A Minute, My Husband is Not Dead Yet!

“They are trying to bury Yasser Arafat while he is still alive.” Suha Arafat, told Arabic TV station al-Jazeera by phone  11/08/04


Bush is a war-like man

Carolyn Parrish

“Bush is a "war-like" man, and his re-election demonstrates that Americans are out of step with the rest of the world for voting him back into office.”  Carolyn Parrish, Liberal MP 11/05/04


Hello Mr. President? Congratulations! We are still not sending troops to Iraq

Paul Martin talks on the phone with US president George Bush, to congratulate him following his election win. (CP Photo)

P.S. The Star War 2 Project... well, you can put that thing in the burner (for awhile) since I am still balancing my act with the three pit bulls barking at me everyday in our parliament.  You have a majority government there that I don't have and probably 'will have another election by next summer. So, until then... but make sure you don't escalate the war other than Iraq.. (Susan Malachon 11/04/04)



George W. Bush Is Re-Elected - Four More Yers

Democratic Senator John Kerry has called President George W. Bush to concede the U.S. election. White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card had earlier declared that Bush had won re-election Wednesday, claiming it was highly unlikely that challenges to the swing state of Ohio could still put Democrat John Kerry in the Oval Office.Card said Ohio's secretary of state told the Bush camp that he has won the crucial state of Ohio, giving him 274 electoral college votes, four over the 270 needed. The results haven't been confirmed. Bush has a 140,000 vote lead in Ohio, which is "statistically insurmountable" by Kerry even after the provisional ballots are counted, said Card. "We are convinced that President Bush has won re-election...with a margin of more than 3.5 million popular votes," said Card. 11/03/04

 Need 270 Electoral Votes to Win  Check results as they come in  


U.S. Foreign Policy

"American Foreign Country Relation Policy should be scrutinized by the next administration, for sure it's done some good but made a lot of mistakes. Look what it did around the world for the past 50 years... civilize process were interrupted in both Central and South disrupted growth in Asia, killed millions of people and unknowingly established corruptions and stupidities amongst those they teach democracy based on what they think was good. The blind support on the State of Israel due to politics and economics which  precipitated agitation of the Arab people  that escalated to Muslim Asia. Osama Bin Laden's movement was born of this foreign policy and should at this time the U.S. reconsider it's stance on power control of the world? " Mark Stanstead 11/02/04



MONTREAL - A man convicted of slitting two men's throats while robbing a Harvey's restaurant in Montreal eight years ago has killed himself, prison officials say. Tran Sy Tuan, who shocked the city when he killed two former co-workers in the fast-food restaurant, was found hanged in his cell Friday, officials at the Port-Cartier prison said. Tran was transferred last summer to the maximum-security penitentiary 700 kilometers northeast of Montreal, after he tried to escape from another prison.


Avril Lavigne, speaks of fake and pathetic referring to lip-synching Boo-boo of Ashlee Simpson on  Saturday Night Live 

"You know what? There are a lot of people out there today, who have become stars or famous musicians -- I wouldn't really define them as a star -- with a record only because they have connections and only because they have money and for the wrong reasons. And it sucks. Actually, I know for a fact there are some young female artists who don't even sing on their own records and who don't sing live. And that is pathetic. I got signed because of my voice. That's what [then-Arista head Antonio] 'L.A.' Reid signed me on. He said, 'Wow, you are only 15 and you can really sing. I'm going to sign you.' And I've never lip-synced once. I sang the theme song but did my own version for the movie. I had never done anything like that before so I said that would be kind of cool. You know, a good experience. I just did a rockier version -- a me version of it." Avril Lavigne, 20 ( 10/31/04


Don’t Scare Yourselves To Death

This Is Just Another propaganda, Americans Should Not Panic

"No, my fellow countrymen, you are guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty. You are as guilty as Bush and Cheney. You're as guilty as Rumsfeld and Ashcroft and Powell. After decades of American tyranny and oppression, now it's your turn to die. Allah willing, the streets of America will run red with blood, matching drop for drop the blood of America's victims. Allah willing, the magnitude and ferocity of what is coming your way will make you forget all about Sept. 11." Intelligence officials suspect several American citizens are involved with al-Qaeda.” Azzam the American, al-Qaeda member 10/29/04 Read the story


350 Tons of Explosive Question? Here’s The Answer: Hogwash  

350 tonnes of explosives looted in Iraq, UN says

“We have the explosives that’s missing from a munitions depot near Baghdad. We will use them against foreign troops threatening Iraqi cities.  We got the missing explosives by coordinating with officers and soldiers ‘of the American intelligence’."  Al-Islam's Army Brigades, Al-Karar Brigade. 10/28/04


Tunisia’s Democracy is A Joke! They'll Vote on Monday, against no one..

Ben Ali wants to be president for life but he is no Saddam Hussein, not yet..

"This is a one-party state with a facade of democracy. And if we take part in the elections we will be legitimizing this false process." Democratic Progressive Party leader Najib Chebbi. 10/24/04


Nauru: Once World’s Highest Per Capita Income Now Bankrupt

The world's smallest independent country, the South Pacific republic of Nauru, goes to the polls on Saturday. President Ludwig Scotty declared a state of emergency three weeks ago when a minister refused to leave office. The tiny country of 13,000 people once enjoyed one of the world's highest per-capita incomes. But years of alleged corruption and mismanagement have seen Nauru slide into bankruptcy, and come to depend on aid from Australia. Nauru's sad decline reads like a Hollywood movie: the island's glory days were built on phosphate mining, and made its people some of the richest in the world. BBC  


And, they say they are not preaching their Moslem followers the art of killing the Jews?

"Then what will happen? Listen to the good news after that. The prophet ... says that the stone and the tree will say, 'Oh Muslim, oh slave of Allah, that verily behind me is a Jew. Then come and kill him'." Sheik Younus Kathrada In his lecture in a Vancouver Mosque 10/22/04


Mr. Prime Minister, who made the call?

Sponsorship Scandal: Half a mill to former hockey star Serge Savard

"I'll tell you why I think the prime minister doesn't want to answer about who made these calls. I think the prime minister made these calls him self. He’s  (Martin) using the inquiry as a cover for answering his own questions. He should be accountable for his own behavior in the House of Commons."  Stephen Harper, MP - Opposition Leader 10/19/04 at the Parliament yesterday. 10/20/04 Related story: Sponsorship manager an alcoholic, inquiry hears


The Mid-East Conflict

A Simple Solution Could Become Too Complicated To Understand 10/18/04


"Here Comes Quebec Independence Again… or  Maybe, Just A New Quebec National Anthem Is Needed." Jean Guy Martin 10/17/04

Bernard Landry at a party meeting in 2003 (CP photo

“We should commit ourselves to holding a referendum on Quebec separation the next time the party wins an election. It would be in our platform for the first time. It will be written, and it's better to have transparency and frankness than anything else. Quebec would send official observers to forums like the United Nations and the World Trade Organization and Quebec athletes should appear at international competitions under the Quebec flag.” Bernard Landry, Quebec PQ Provincial Opposition Leader

"Will we table a proposed budget for a sovereign Quebec? Will it be concrete? What are we proposing? We should focus more on the economics and tax implications of independence. Landry's plan concentrates on identity issues such as the promise of a new national anthem.” PQ Opposition Finance critic Francoise Legault


For Such A (Very) Wealthy Country!

The "HungerCount" Report - 65,000 more people used food banks than last year.

"The picture is frightening for Canada. For such a wealthy country ... we have never seen numbers like this before. Food banks were already struggling to meet the demand, add to that a population the size of a small city and you've got a major problem   Charles Seiden, executive director, Canadian Association of Food Banks (CFAB). About 777,869 people use food banks every month, that's up 8.5 per cent from 2003.  13.3 per cent of users are people with jobs, up from 12.9 per cent from the previous year.  2.72 million meals are served in one month; compared to 2.29 million back in 2003.


US Congress Passed Bill To Monitor World-Wide Eye On Anti-Jews

US Diplomats Say Not Necessary

“US Bill is unnecessary, the government already have an impressive record in tracking anti-Semitism and have proved it is not a priority. Anti-Semitism is already covered in their general reports on human rights and religious freedoms. Our feeling was that the issue of anti-Semitism is something that has been important to us, that we have been active on and is adequately covered by our efforts and by all the other reporting that we do."  State Department spokesman Richard Boucher BBC 10/13/04



"Check it out, just knowing that Canada have been doing well, making lots of money on natural resources, adding the best and  more expensive diamonds...and now, having found out that it got  the largest deposit of oil in the world…  organized union workers of the federal government wants a share of the harvest…. Putting aside what their counterparts in the private sector are making. Economic imbalance is not in the picture and maybe, all what we have to do is let them (all those government workers), from municipal, provincial to federal just work for us… no more private sector, just grocery and departments stores to serve a daily needs. And all we should do is watch them serve us. Don't have to worry the system will take care of our of our welfare." Tom McBite 10/12/04


On the Afghan Vote, No Need To Nullify

“The candidates' demand to nullify the election is unjustified and would not do service to the people of Afghanistan who came out yesterday, at great personal risk, to vote."  Ambassador Robert Barry, (OSCE) Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe  10/10/04


"We have produced the most genius of mankind, and why up to now the Mid-East Conflict is not solved? Gerry McBride 10/08/04



Halliburton Years

"If CBC’s Fifth State investigative report on U.S. VP Dick Cheney is right, he could be in jail after the election and even if not, still probably he’ll resign, just like Richard Nixon's VP Spiro Agnew in the late 60s. Kelly Ouerback 10/07/04



"Fellow Citizen: The extremely jubilant crowds in Baghdad appeared to vindicate President George Bush's belief that the military action in Iraq was the right move. But many questions still remain over the lack of hard evidence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. With these tough times before us, let us know. If you support President Bush, dial this 900 premium rate number. Your vote will be sent to the Bush and Kerry campaigns. This call will cost $1.99, a little price to pay for a better democracy.” 10/06/04


No Early Election On Sight

“Nothing to worry of early Federal Election. The opposition parties actually hates each other’s guts and any of the three won’t support the other. A complete four year term is on the menu, not unless Prime Minister Paul Martin calls it himself, and that’s a big possibility especially when the polls says he’s got approval from majority of the Canadians.” Tom Burlough 10/05/04


If not for Dick Cheney

"Our family would vote for George W. Bush, giving him another fours years but since Dick Cheney is still with him in the ticket, we will go for John Kerry."  Joe Gimlack, Virginia Beach 10/04/04


Back To The $100 million Sponsorship Scandal.

The audits do show that the three Quebec firms that received most of the sponsorship contracts donated (just) nearly one-third of the $1.5 million.

"They conclude that all donations received by the Liberal party and the Liberal Party of Canada in Quebec were properly recorded, accounted for and receipted. They don't identify any inappropriate transactions."  Michael Eizenga, Liberal Party national president

"The way this appears on the surface, this is kickbacks by the advertising agencies to the Liberal Party of Canada." Conservative MP John Williams   10/02/04




James Bond Is Bowing Out

Sir Sean Connery

Sir Sean said the prospect of his book was "scary but exhilarating"

"It's rather scary, but utterly exhilarating, and I'm looking forward to it. Having always vowed never to write my autobiography, here I am standing on the runway awaiting my journey into a new space."  Sean Connery (BBC) 9/30/04


Cannot Apologize For Getting Rid of Saddam

“The view we took at the time and we take it now is that the war was justified legally because he (Saddam Hussein) remained in breach of UN resolutions. I can apologize for the information that we gave that has turned out subsequently to be wrong - although I maintain very strongly it was given in good faith and shared by other people. : But the trouble is I cannot apologize for getting rid of Saddam Hussein or the basis that we went to war was wrong."  British Prime Minister Tony Blair in his speech at the British Labor Party Conference yesterday. 9/29/04


Nothing could stop the Fanatic Muslim War of Revenge

"The War of Hatred started with Israel’s conflict with Palestine, 58 years ago, and this is what the U.S. and the rest of the Western World should  fix first before going anywhere else for it’s the breeding ground of hate against the world. The U.S. is not the center of the world anymore, politically and economically speaking. If nothing is done to get the Jews, and the Moslems kiss and make up, this could be the coffin that Americans never thought coming." Carlos Mendoza 9/27/04


The Sound of Music Dame Can’t Sing No more

Dame Julie Andrews

Dame Julie Andrews "sung-spoke" in Princess Diaries 2

"I'm not really going to be singing again, I don't think, sadly. I don't think I'll be around by then. There's all kinds of talk, but if you think about it I have a piece of chord missing and so can you imagine putting into a vocal chord exactly vibrates correctly, what is smooth. “ British Dame Julie Andrews  9/25/04


Independence will become an old idea

“Unless the party moves beyond strict ideology, sovereignty will become an old idea. Young sovereigntists are cynical about the PQ's plans, and want the party to spell out the implications of a "yes" vote in a sovereignty referendum.” PQ members Alexandre Bourdeau, Stéphan Tremblay and Jonathan Valois 9/24/04


On the Welfare Cut

Hey Sam, say that again please! Politicians should stop living in a dream world.

"We are not only taking this decision because we have some financial difficulties. We are taking this decision because [Quebec] enterprise has [manpower] needs. "That's why we are only talking about people ... who are able to work. I think this is a step that we want, a message that we want to give to him, and his parents."  Quebec Employment Minister, and partly to encourage 20,000 young people to get a job. 9/23/04


The Sudan Factor

“The UN should have acted sooner in threatening sanctions against Sudan. People are sick, they are homeless and they are dying. We should have intervened last June when Canada called for it. We should be intervening now. Intervention should depend on the human tragedy that is occurring, not on some legal definition. The international community needs to act, regardless of what the inquiry finds." Prime Minister Paul Martin 9/21/04


Shamelessly Disregarding The Rule Of Law

"Today the rule of law is at risk around the world. Again and again we see laws shamelessly disregarded. I urged political leaders to sign treaties protecting civilians, warning that those who ignore the rule of law risk the interests of their people. They must "rigorously" uphold international law to protect civilians from genocide and crimes against humanity.  Or, history will judge us very harshly."  U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan 9/21/04


British Reply on Two US and one British hostage Time Line

"Our response has not got to be to weaken. Our response has got to be to stand firm. Whatever the differences over the Iraq conflict, there is a clear right and wrong on these issues, and that is to be with the democrats and against the terrorists." British Prime Minister Tony Blair 9/19/04


But Americans will vote for George W. Bush anyway, that’s what the polls say?

"The March To Freedom” 

"In Iraq there's on going acts of violence. This country's headed towards democracy; there's a strong prime minister in place; they have a national council, and national elections are scheduled for January."  U.S. President George W. Bush, said in his speech in Minnesota 9/17/04


Financing Medicare

"Blah, blah, blah,  but, we are not begging them to pay for our health care.. The government already have the money collected from al of us in advance from our weekly pay checks. All they have to do is use all collections on medical health deductions purely for the purpose, don't mix it up with the others." Celine Diionysios 9/14/04


‘Will Hunt Them Anywhere”

“As for carrying out preventive strikes against terrorist bases, we will take all measures to liquidate terrorist bases in any region of the world. It does not mean that we are planning nuclear strikes. The forms and methods will depend on the circumstances."   Col.-Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky, chief of the Russian General Staff 9/08/04


Is this really true? The Economy Grown Faster or More taxes had been collected?

 “The federal government and the provinces will have more money than expected because the economy has been growing faster than forecast.” Prime Minister Paul Martin, said yesterday at the Liberal Cabinet meeting in Kelowna,  B.C. 9/08/04


On Dick Cheney’s Speech at the GOP Convention

“Cheney also did not delve into geo-strategic questions such as where the next front in this war might be: Pakistan? Iran? Cheney indulged in some arguably unnecessary biographical filigree: Does it make the voters more confident in Cheney’s leadership to know that his grandfather “for many years ... worked as a cook on the Union Pacific Railroad?” Tom Curry, National affairs writer. MSNBC Sept. 1, 2004


It’s Time to Kick Out Bernard Landry

 “You Really Think You Could Do Better?”

Outgoing Premier Bernard Landry congratulates Pauline Marois. 

"The time has come for a race. We haven't had one for nearly 20 years. And if there is one, I will be a candidate. I like to think I have what it takes." Pauline Marois, former finance, health and education minister under the Quebec Separatists administration. 8/27/04


"Keep my mouth shut? That's not what 28,000 people in my riding elected me to do.”

"Coalition of the idiots"

Carolyn Parrish, Canadian MP

“I don’t believe Canada should participate in U.S. President George W. Bush's missile-defence program. We are not joining a coalition of the idiots," she said. We are joining a coalition of the wise. I have incredible respect for the prime minister, but my comments stand.  I gave it a lot of thought, but I won't be withdrawing." Carolyn Parrish. MP 8/26/04


'Replace Bush'

"But this time I feel it's kind of urgent that we replace [President] Bush. Let's just get [Democratic candidate John] Kerry in office and keep working on the political system in the years to come." Kimberley Blaeser, university professor,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 8/24/04


"Dear Visiting American Family, sorry that one of us stole your family van"

"No doubt we have the best city in the world, but can you let the Americans and overseas visitors know that we also have thieves that have nothing to do but steal? This could be the result that we are getting poorer due to the geniuses of our politicians, bureaucrats and organized labors that collecting more taxes is the best way to run the city, the province and Canada as a whole (to cover higher salary, benefits and other personal expenses, etc)?  I don't think there's no way of gaining back the economic glory that once we had, the sign of constructing more public housing is the best proof that we are really getting poorer."  James Berube 8/11/04


What Lewinsky and the others can't do in Canada

"Never Mind Bill Clinton as a Breast Man. Monica Lewinsky and the others doesn't bother me, Clinton is still my favorite U.S. president. " Magnus Steinback 8/06/04



Mr Khodorkovsky

Mikhail Khodorkovsky says there is no evidence

"I have been accused of theft of shares of the Apatit [fertiliser] company and UIF research institute, but I shall prove that attempts to put on me the blame for mistakes made during the arrangement of privatization are absurd. In essence, I have been accused of putting money from one of my pockets to another, which is illogical, as both these enterprises factually belong to me. They are accusing me of not paying taxes but I will prove this absurd."  Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky 7/16/04


Not 'yet' easy for fashion models in Pakistan (BBC)

Model Amina Shafat will not cat walk or wear sleeveless clothes

“I set limits... because I know [my family] wouldn't like seeing me half-naked on a magazine cover.” Pakistani model Amina Shafat

"Modeling is still associated with women of loose character and no matter what limits you try to impose on yourself, you inevitably end up being slotted in the same category." Pakistani photographer Faisal Farooqui (BBC) 7/15/04


The Gate Keepers

The arrogance of the U.S. starts at the gate. They should have known this a long time ago. They strip searched a former Indian defense minister upon arrival in a U.S. airport and deny it later? Give me a break! Sarah MacDaniella 7/14/04


Cuba Libre

"The U.S. should give up economic sanction on Cuba." Ben Bengalista 7/05/04


Let Refugees stay

"What the heck, let all those that are already here stay even most lies. They all came to have a new beginning in life. Canada needs more people to work and get taxed in order to maintain it's socialist's system." Martin Steinberger 6/28/04 


Final Vote Should Matter

"We should vote for the party that could check the federal system syntax and that could only be done through Paul Martin's government."  Johnny Chan Ming 6/27/04


Ten Votes and counting for Mr. Paul Martin

"I have gathered 10 votes for the Liberals and by Monday I will have more so as those I have asked to get as much for I can't imagine going back to the time of Brian Mulroney's regime that changed us for what we are now. We must not forget... as they say, choosing the devil that we already know." Don Midgetstein 6/26/04 


“U.S. Supreme Court put somebody in power"

When a ruling it made in December 2000 settled the dispute over whether Bush had defeated Al Gore.”

“In a way that occurred before but is rare in the United States ... somebody came to power as a result of the illegitimate acts of a legitimate institution that had the right to put somebody in power. The reason I emphasize that is because that is exactly what happened when Mussolini was put in by the king of Italy. The King of Italy had the right to put Mussolini in, though he had not won an election, and make him prime minister. That is what happened when Hindenburg put Hitler in. I am not suggesting for a moment that Bush is Hitler. I want to be clear on that, but it is a situation which is extremely unusual. That’s got nothing to do with the politics of it. It’s got to do with the structural reassertion of democracy.” U.S. Federal Judge Guido Calabresi, 71, of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, in his speech to lawyers attending Saturday’s (June 19, 2004) convention of the American Constitution Society in Washington. The New York Sun 6/21/04

The Apology:  “My remarks were extemporaneous and, in hindsight, reasonably could be and indeed have been — understood to do something which I did not intend, that is, take a partisan position,” Calabresi wrote in a letter of apology to U.S. Federal Appeals Court Chief Judge John Walker.


“Italy’s Prime Minister’s Wife is not mute”

Silvio Berlusconi and his wife Veronica Lario

Veronica Lario & Silvio Berlusconi

"I had to do it (Veronica's Tendency, my biography) people were starting to think I was mute". Veronica Lario, former glamorous blond actress and second wife of business tycoon Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy (Click picture to read story) 6/23/04


The Health Care Meeting

"That is how I believe that a nation achieves its great national objectives. Not decision-making behind closed doors, away from the people. I believe that the health-care issue and the issues of reducing wait times is simply too important that these meetings be conducted behind closed doors." Prime Minister Paul Martin 6/22/04


It’s scary to be a star in India  

“After six years and 17 films in the business, I am getting a taste of what being a film star in India is all about. It's a high that is higher than cloud nine. It is the toughest job in the world, it's crazy and at times it is also scary.  Fans come in various shapes and sizes and people will do anything to come close to their favourite star. Temples are built in our names. Fan letters flood our mailboxes and the love is unconditional.  Sometimes the love and the adulation can make you feel so humble and close to God.” Bollywood star PREITY ZINTA (BBC) 6/19/04


If he insists just listen!

"The reason I keep insisting that there was a relationship between Iraq and Saddam and al-Qaeda is because there was a relationship between Iraq and al-Qaeda. This administration never said that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated between Saddam and al-Qaeda. We did say there were numerous contacts between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda. For example, Iraqi intelligence officers met with bin Laden, the head of al-Qaeda, in the Sudan. There's numerous contacts between the two." U.S. President George W. Bush.


With Paul Martin We Have Better Chance of Checking The Eroding System

"I don't think it's time to dump the Liberals and get the Conservatives back to power. Let's not forget who made us changed...that everyone now owed $180 thousands plus each to run the system for numerous tax laws and agreements during the past 20 years. It's not easy to undue the mistakes made by the Conservatives and that of the government of Jean Chretien, who ignored his promises once elected. Paul Martin is the best of the two front runners on this June 28th election who will get things done right this time.." Maybeline Munford 6/17/04


Ouch! We each owe 180,421 dollars? Wait until after the election!

According to the Fraser Institute a conservative think tank based in Vancouver, B.C., each Canadian owed $180,421 toward federal, provincial and municipal liabilities which as of last year totals to about $2.7 TRILLION, even when Canada’s debt was down a fraction due to some payments made during the past years of Liberal administration. The three branches of the government have accumulated $789 billion in direct debt and more than $2.7 trillion in total liabilities. 6/12/04


At the end of the day

"What's next to what we are getting from our genius politicians? Guess, what else? Promises! Jean Chretien, when we listened to him he said he was getting rid of Brian Mulroney's GST and forget about the Free Trade Agreement with the U.S., but what did we get? Both were fully implemented and even enhanced. So, what now? I will get out of town on June 28, and pretend as if nothing is happening." Jack Laithen 6/12/04



“No more $975  Head Tax for immigrants if we are elected.". NDP Leader Jack Layton


In company of the Keystone Kops

Carolyn Parrish

"The campaign has been a comedy of errors. It was like the Keystone Kops running around.  I just wish in retrospect we would have waited a little bit longer, because I have some very fine colleagues in very shaky ridings that won't be coming back."  Parrish. Mississauga Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish 6/9/04


Staying where we are.

"Whatever it Conservative or Old PC, still Brian Mulroney runs over it, the man who changed us to becoming what we are now...and the bottom line is we are bankrupt.. the Social welfare roll  had risen to more than  double  since then ...that's why Brian and his boys got thrown out. The only  good news out of the old PC is, Brian and his boys are very, very rich. I will stay with the Liberals, just too scared to see them (the Conservatives) once more in power.." Jessie Owenstein 6/09/04


The Demolition Derby On The Gaza Strip

“Palestinians say clearing the border amounts to ethnic cleansing. (BBC)

Palestinian girls near bulldozed houses in Rafah

Several thousand Palestinians were made homeless last month

"If there are houses used by the terrorists to conduct terror operations to dig tunnels or shoot anti-tank missiles on my armored personnel carriers - it means that I need to demolish some of the houses. Clearing border is an act of self defense.” Israeli army commander in charge of Gaza, Colonel Pinhas Zuaretz 6/07/04


$100 billion worth of promises - Really?

"I think voters should take all of this with a grain of salt and say 'do I want to go in this direction, that direction or the other direction,' but not to expect that these promises are going to be kept by any party. Don't take them too seriously, because the politicians aren't going to keep them. Bernie Wolf, York University economics professor 6/05/04


Are we being treated like idiots by politicians or it’s just we don’t care?

“All major political parties are getting nuts promising more than what the government could collect from taxes. Does this mean we are up to another tax hike should anyone wins the race?” Mira Cyrbank 6/04/04


Let The Green Party Join Debate

Jim Harris

"I challenge them to say, I will not participate in the debate unless the Greens are included because I am a democrat and I believe in democracy," Green party leader Jim Harris 6/03/04


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