China Communist No More

"China has turned into a one party capitalist dictatorial regime with the hope that within the next 50 years democratic principle is implemented. By then Taiwan will be back as a province and part of it's system." Marco Van Lee 5/30/04


A matter of Bilingualism

In 1969 the government of Pierre Trudeau introduced the Official Languages Act, which stated that both French and English were to be official languages in Canada.

"If anybody has to ask is there a difference of opinion as to the kind of Canada that we want and the kind of Canada Mr. Harper wants, I think that this is an indication of what that's all about," "I support official bilingualism. I support it unequivocally. I support minority language rights and I support them unequivocally." Prime Minister Martin said in Victoria. 5/27/05


Voting Time Again!

"For whatever it is I will vote Paul Martin's Liberals,  will have to follow what Joe Clark suggested, go for the devil that you already know. And, I amen to that. A lot of Canadians respect Mr. Clark, too far from that of Mr. Stephen Harper's backer Brian Mulroney." Manny De Monteros 5/25/04


Election Promise

"Nice try that Stephen Harper supposedly leaked agenda of cutting tax to billions of dollars which for any normal learned Canadian knows cannot be done. They just added  school tax in Montreal Mr. Harper! As the Right Honorable Joe Clark said choosing the devil they know, compared to Harper.." Johnson Ver 5/18/04


May 19 should be Gasoline Day? Don’t gas up if you want price to come down!

What’s going to happen when everyone of us from both the U.S. and Canada stop gassing up for just a day? Oil companies could lose $4.6 billion and that’s a fact. So, let’s not wait for the government to do anything just don’t buy gasoline tomorrow. A group of concerned citizens from both sides of the border say’s "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH". Mari Karliotisopoulos  5/18/05


Big Mistake!

"Spread of democratic principle especially in countries where civilization has stagnated due to greed for power political or economics has to be reconsidered.  The U.S. should re-examine it's foreign policy giving emphasis to the conflict in the Mid-East, which proliferated hatred in the process." Charles McKeenang 5/12/04


"It's Gina Lollobrigida, idiot!"  

Gina Lollobrigida

Gina Lollobrigida is regarded as an icon of Italian womanhood

Canadian Human Resources Minister Joe Volpe shouted in the parliament during session after Opposition MP Jason Kenney, mispronounced Italian Actress name (Gina Lollo-bree-gee-da) but replied back to say “sorry for offending the ageing sex-kitten community".  5/08/04



"It's a stain on our country's honor and our country's reputation. I told him (King Abdullah of Jordan) I was sorry for the humiliation suffered by the Iraqi prisoners and the humiliation suffered by their families. I told him I was equally sorry that people who've been seeing those pictures didn't understand the true nature and heart of America. I assured him that Americans like me didn't appreciate what we saw, that it made us sick to our stomachs." President George W. Bush 5/07/04


Air Canada's Robert Milton

"Air Canada should have fired big boss Robert Milton long time ago. He's got that Brian's touch of anything that gets into his hands turns to nothing." Robert Compri 5/06/04


The Hourglass figure fertility link

Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield was famed for her hourglass figure

“In Western societies, the cultural icon of Barbie as a symbol of female beauty seems to have some biological grounding.” Dr Grazyna Jasienska, Harvard University 4/05/04


Brian Mulroney’s Record

“In the last year of Mr. Mulroney's stewardship, the public-sector deficit to finance his "sacred trust" was running at twice the amount per capita that Canadians were spending on groceries. Canada's governments fell into disastrous levels of international debt. That colossal mismanagement drove the Canadian economy over Niagara Falls with speedboat acceleration, into the depression of the early and mid-1990s. It caused untold human miseries -- such as the loss of one in four manufacturing jobs in the Toronto area -- and forfeited much of the future of the current generation to excessive levels of taxation.  And as for free trade, during the 1990s, real personal disposable income per capita in the United States rose 17 per cent, while in Ontario it fell sharply and by 2000 was still 3 per cent below the levels of late 1989. It remained below that peak in 2003, even without adjusting for the Mulroney-imposed GST.”  Garyy Stamm, Globe And Mail (Toronto), re-publishing anti-Mulroney letter. 5/04/04


Israel should release and send back this Canadian home

Jamal Akkal

“Jamal Akkal accused of being a member of Hamas, confessed under torture to carry out attacks on Jews in Canada, should be released immediately. It’s nonsense to believe that Jews are in danger in Canada from anyone.” Jessie Owenstein 5/03/05


Good Luck Mr. Harper, Brian Mulroney is on your side!

"The Liberals can keep telling themselves that the sponsorship scandal and all of the corruption is going to go away – it isn't. We need to win seats in every part of the country. We need 155 seats nationally [to win a majority], and obviously some of those are going to have to come from Quebec."  Stephen Harper, Federal Conservative


The Tax Game

"Taxing Lottery Winnings is dumb suggestion. We are up to our throats paying too much already. Politicians should work on how to reconstruct the system. We are so much overloaded with taxes to paying too many government workers and money given away. I think I should prepare now joining the rest collecting welfare ." Max Soberon, 4/30/04


What did I say? Say it again Pierre!

Pierre Pettigrew

Last Tuesday: "I'm saying that the Canada Health Act does not preclude delivery of services by private elements as long as there is a single public payer." And yesterday he said "Left the impression that I favour increased private delivery within the public health system. That was in no way my intent, nor is it the intent of the government of Canada.  The federal government does not want to encourage private delivery, even within the terms of the Canada Health Act." Pierre Pettigrew , Federal Minister of Health 4/28/04


Ad Agency Executive says Sponsorship Scandal has 'embarrassed' his industry

John Hayter

"Our industry has been embarrassed by this, our industry has met on several occasions and said, 'What are we going to do?'"  John Hayter, president, and CEO of Vickers and Benson, as he testified at the parliamentary hearings into the sponsorship program yesterday. 4/28/04


Canada is a military Freeloader

"Most people in the national security business in Washington think Canada is getting a free ride in terms of its military contribution.  Canada ought to consider scrapping its army, navy or air force – or even its armed forces altogether. " Richard Clarke, former anti-terrorism adviser to presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush 4/27/04


'Devil we know'

I think what's clear today is that Brian Mulroney has been playing a quite active role in the construction of this new party and the takeover of the Progressive Conservative party."  4/26/04

"In those choices, I would be extremely worried about Mr. Harper. I personally would prefer to go with the devil we know. I am that concerned with the imprint of Stephen Harper, not only what he stood for in the past, but the way he has led this party. Harper and the new party will not get away with the "masquerade" that it is the Progressive Conservative party of the past. The old PC party offered Canadians a "broad, national alternative. I've seen nothing in the Stephen Harper-led party that on issues of human rights, issues like the environment, issues like bilingualism, issues like the nature of the country, this is anything like the governments (Brian) Mulroney or I led." Former Prime Minister and Progressive Conservative leader The Right Honorable Joe Clark 4/26/04

This Country Didn't Evolve? But, which one?

“Mom, for any amount of money, this is not a country that I would like to come again. You cannot imagine this place nothing has evolved. You could smell it and see it from the time you arrived at the airport.” Mark Salvage, Fashion Merchandiser traveling to source goods in Asia 4/26/04


Greater than life in death

Ariel Sharon’s decision of killing Yasser Arafat if implemented will come to reality the dream he (Arafat) had when he failed to crush Israel into oblivion, the very conflict that had become inspiration of Muslims’ hatred of the Jews not only in the State of Israel but all over the world. Making a martyr out of Arafat could be construed a comparison to the holocaust and it is not right to those who were persecuted and gassed by Adolph Hitler. So, I would say to Ariel Sharon, forget Arafat, he’s old, let him fade away just don’t let him enjoy the 75 virgins awaiting him somewhere. Killing him will only haunt the next generation of Israelis and the followers of Judaism. Just don’t give in to his (Arafat’s) wish becoming greater than life in death. Charles McKeenang 4/25/04


World 'failing poverty pledges' (BBC)

The 'Fundamental imbalance’

“Rich countries need to show leadership by living up to the promises they made two years ago at a conference on financing for development.  The numbers are roughly these: $900bn on defence; $300bn to $350bn on agriculture and $50bn to $60bn on aid, of which about half gets there in cash. That is the fundamental imbalance.  So we can make all the noise we want, but unless we deal with the fundamentals we'll be playing at the fringes."  James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank 4/23/04


The Investigation On Food For Oil UN Iraq Program: Up to US$10 billion was skimmed off, with Saddam grabbing most of it.

Paul Volcker

"Obviously I am doing this in the thought that a full fair investigation, as conclusive as we can make it, is in the long-term interest of the UN ... You can't sit on this and let it fester, you've got to get it investigated and whatever it shows, if it shows something bad in the UN, clean it up." Paul Volker, former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve. 4/22/04


It just wasn't on for me not to come clean about my own level of embarrassment

Kevin Spacey

"Do I look brutally mugged?" 

“Now I'm bleeding relatively profusely, I'm extremely upset and I feel like the biggest fool that has ever lived.  I fell for a con and I was incredibly embarrassed by it, so I went to the police and said I'd been mugged.  But there's a difference between assault and theft, and it just wasn't on for me not to come clean about my own level of embarrassment and being humble at the fact that I got taken by the oldest con going.  I just want to apologize to the police, and any readers and anyone who picks up this story thinking it is actually true." Kevin Spacey,  In London, Actor 4/19/04


Only Need A Few

“I once read that If you die and have five real friends mourning for you, it means you have live a good life... I am not after hundreds of friends I just need a few real people. “  RICHE BATIANCILA, Pharmacy Professor, Lawyer, Cebu, Philippines 4/17/04


Yasser Arafat Is Toast? And Sharon On the Way Out Due to Corruption Charge?  

Ariel Sharon

“Arafat and the leader of Lebanese militant group Hezbollah should not feel immune. Anyone who kills a Jew or harms an Israeli citizen, or sends people to kill Jews, is a marked man.  Arafat has no insurance policy... everyone already knows that Arafat is an obstacle to any progress. Last year Israel's security cabinet decided in principle to "remove" Mr. Arafat."  Israeli Prime Minister Airel Sharon, in an interview with Israel's Maariv newspaper . 4/02/04



Radovan Karadzic

Karadzic has been on the run since the end of the Bosnian Serbs war of 1992-95. Wanted for genocide on ethnic cleansing of thousands of the former Yugoslavian Muslim community. 4/01/04



"Anytime something like this happens it taints everybody. Everybody gets tainted with the same brush, especially with the drug squads. There's a lot of good work that goes on, it's probably just disheartening for the drug investigators," Sgt. Todd Moore of Peel Regional Police, after Police Officer Martin Goold, 59, was arrested for drug stealing and trafficking. 3/31/04


Martin 'paralyzing' Liberals?

Jean Chretien

"Paul Martin is paralyzing the Liberal party and its chances of re-election by sapping public trust in it. In life and politics, I am someone who believes in solving problems, in accentuating the positive, in defending institutions… that have been developed by the wise people who preceded us, especially defending them against armchair critics who would only notice faults." Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, in an scheduled speech today in London at the Commonwealth Foundation meeting referring to Prime Minister Paul Martin’s determination to have a full airing of wrongdoing connected to the sponsorship program. 3/30/04


The Welfare Plan

“Quebec Headline: Welfare Cheats Fined $68,000, for collecting welfare benefits illegally for ten years…More to come.  The Welfare Office plan is to cut about 25,500 out of  544,227 individuals and families registered recipients to save about $6,000, per beneficiary a year. All cheaters will be kept in jail to cost about $30,000 annually per person to maintain. Have we got a good system huh?“ Jean-Guy San Miguel   3/29/04


This is the reason why Israel can’t leave the Occupied Territories?

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

General Ariel Sharon

"When the land belongs to you physically your strength comes from the land. That is when you have power." Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, writes in his autobiography, “Warrior"  3/28/04


‘The One-Tonne Challenge' 

The Kyoto Protocol Protecting the environment

"Canadians have shown time and again that they are prepared to play a leadership role in protecting the environment." Federal Environment Minister David Anderson

How? Take public transit more often.  Idle vehicles less.  Use programmable thermostats.  Seal windows with caulking and weather-stripping.  Compost organic kitchen waste. Figure represents about 20 per cent of the greenhouse gases generated by each Canadian through day-to-day activity. 3/27/04


Car Race Driver Need No Pay to Wear the Maple Leaf

"I've never been asked to promote Canada by any government or agency. There was never any talk of money. The whole thing is ludicrous. I'm a Canadian. I have a Canadian passport." Jacques Villeneuve 3/26/04


"I was told this was top secret." Myriam Bedard

Racing star Jacques Villeneuve was paid $12 million to wear the Canada logo, and that drug dealing was taking place at a Quebec ad agency handling sponsorship cash. Also claimed that her husband, Nima Mazhari, was the person who persuaded former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to keep Canada out of the U.S.-led war against Iraq? 3/25/04  

More on the Federal Sponsorship Scandal

"The executive director came back from those meetings with instructions from the minister that we were to follow blindly. On some occasions I questioned the directions and I was told not to ask questions and just to pay the invoices or prepare the requisitions."  HuguetteTremblay, chief of special projects at the ministry's communications co-ordination services branch. 3/25/04


"How do you want it said instead of 'God Bless America',  'Osama Bless America'? Mary Einstein 3/24/04


“The door is open for you to strike all places, all the time and using all means.”  

Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi (AP photo)

Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi, new Hamas leader addressing crowds in Gaza that had gathered to mourn Sheikh Ahmed Yassin’s assassination.


Bush attacked on terrorism record (BBC)

George W Bush

Aides have rejected the criticism of President Bush  

“I find it outrageous that the president is running for re-election on the grounds that he's done such great things about terrorism - He ignored it. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, said there aren't any good targets in Afghanistan, and there are lots of good targets in Iraq. I said: 'Well, there are lots of good targets in lots of places, but Iraq had nothing to do with it.” Former White House security expert Richard Clarke 3/22/04



"It's in these pictures anyone could think"


Stephen Harper applauded by Tony Clement and Belinda Stronach (CP photo)

Belinda Stronack : Stephen, I will always be by your side. We are two good looking people, and Paul Martin, can't beat that! Tony Clement?, well, let's see later if we really need him after all what he said about you and me?

Tony Clement: Sorry, for all the things I said about you and Belinda, just don't forget me. I am bilingual, and I know how the French think. 3/21/04

Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen wave to supporters after winning the leadership race (CP photo)

Laureen Harper: I don't trust that Belinda, Okay? Think of us Stephen... I am already losing sleep at night beside she could ruin your chance to beat Paul Martin, and become prime minister. 3/21/04


The Conservative Leadership

Tony Clement  Stephen Harper Belinda Stronach (CP photos)


" Who can speak to all regions in Canada… in both official languages – and who understands the unique nature of each."  Tony Clement

"Unlike Paul Martin, I will stand on my record. Unlike Paul Martin, I stand behind my party. Unlike Paul Martin, I will hold his government accountable.” Stephen Harper

"We are deciding between a leader who can win in every part of this country and stop 11 more years of Liberal government, I will speak from my heart." Belinda Stronach 3/20/04


But, Who Shot the Sheriff?


Mr. Chairman, I don’t know anything what happened. I was just the minister not the worker.


Alphonso Gagliano insisted Friday that he had fulfilled his duties as a minister by ordering an audit of the federal sponsorship program.   3/19/04

John Williams - "You have an obligation, sir, to accept the responsibility." Shawn Murphy - "You can't have it both ways. The more innocent you are, the more incompetent you appear. 3/19/04

You are asking me to incriminate myself, and therefore I won't do that." Alfonso Gagliano

In his second day of testimony before the House of Commons' public accounts committee, the former public works minister clashed repeatedly with the committee chair on the definition of ministerial responsibility. "You have an obligation, sir, to accept the responsibility," Conservative MP John Williams told Gagliano. "I think you're just failing absolutely and completely." "You are asking me to incriminate myself, and therefore I won't do that," Gagliano replied.   3/19/04

Former Public Works minister Alfonso Gagliano said Thursday that he's been the innocent victim of the scandal in which $100 million was misdirected in a federal sponsorship program. 3/19/04



Paul Martin

“No longer will the culture in Ottawa be one of entitlement. We are going to condemn to history the politics and practice of waste and mismanagement. Nothing is more important than integrity. Integrity of the individual… integrity of government. That's why I am going to change the way Ottawa works. This is not a slogan it's a reality. We are going to change the way Ottawa works. And we're going to do it –- come hell or high water.”  Prime Minister Paul Martin 3/17/04


Bush scolds Spaniards, says terrorism 'will never shake' U.S.


George Bush speaks to reporters yesterday. (AP photo)

"They've killed in Spain; they've killed in the United States; they've killed in Turkey; they've killed in Saudi Arabia; they kill wherever they can and it's essential the free world remain strong and resolute and determined." President George W. Bush   3/17/04


Changing  the system on hiring chief executive officers for Crown corporations.

Reg Alcock

"The problem is that making change in something as large and complicated as government is like changing tires on a moving car.” Federal Treasury Board President Reg Alcock 3/16/04


Bring A Closure To Investigation Of  Iran’s  Nuclear Program

“If there's no smoking gun, if there's no 800-pound gorilla ... I see no reason why we should not be able to have at least most of it wrapped up by the end of the year” Mohamed ElBaradei, UN IAEA chief inspector 3/15/04



"We declare our responsibility for what happened in Madrid exactly 2½ years after the attacks on New York and Washington. It is a response to your collaboration with the criminals (U.S. President George W.) Bush and his allies."  Message on tape from al-Qaeda's military spokesman in Europe 3/13/05



Yearly expenses of the Governor General's office rose to $41 million

"This is 2004, not 1804. Do we still need a titular head of state? If there ever was an argument for having a nation-wide debate about the role and mandate of the Governor General, this tips the scale."  NDP MP Pat Martin 3/12/04


Josh Tanembaum was dying. His wife, Becky, was maintaining a candlelight vigil by his side. She held his fragile hand, tears running down her face. Her praying roused him from his slumber.  He looked up, and his pale lips began to move slightly. 
"Becky, my darling," he whispered. "Hush, my love," she said. "Rest, don't talk." He was insistent. "Becky," he said in his tired voice, "I have something that I must confess." "There isn't anything to confess," replied the weeping Becky, "everything's alright, go to sleep." "No, no, I must die in peace, Becky. I... I slept with your sister, your best friend, her best friend, and your mother!" "I know," whispered Becky, " now rest and let the poison work."

Submitted by businessman Algerian born Canadian Rene L’Evary, based in Shanghai, China 3/12/04



"If Sheila Copps runs as an Independent, that, of course, opens up the door for all kinds of possibilities in the election in that riding. We may see it in other places where Liberals have been forced out by the Paul Martin forces. I have a feeling it could shake things up quite dramatically." Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton 4/09/09



"It is completely false and misleading [to claim] that we have bought this province. I think Quebecers are smarter than that, and I think they deserve more respect than that.”  Belinda Stronach, Conservative Party leadership candidate. 3/08/04


In Celebration of Ghana’s Independence (1957)

Dr Kwame Nkrumah

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was independent Ghana's first leader

"My government fully realizes both the advantages and the responsibilities involved in the achievement of independence. It intends to make full use of these advantages to increase the prosperity of the country."  Dr . Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president


" I'm branded like a criminal"

Alfonso Gagliano

"I feel like [I'm] in that old cowboy movie where you're accused, charged and hanged without a jury and a judge. The internal auditor and my deputy [minister] said clearly to me, 'No, there is no indication of any wrongdoing or fraud. It's a management problem.'" Alfonso Gagliano, former Canadian public works minister 3/05/04


There you are… here’s the truth! Anything else?

Abdurahman Khadr (file photo)

"Until now, everybody says we are an al-Qaeda-connected family but when I say this, just by me saying it, I just admitted we are an al-Qaeda family. We had connections to al-Qaeda. I was sent to Afghanistan by my father to become an al-Qaeda, was raised to become a suicide bomber, was raised to become a bad person."  Abdurahman Khadr, Canadian Released by U.S. from Guantanamo Bay 3/04/04


Pope poems top one million copies (BBC)

Pope John Paul II

The Pope wrote the poems at his summer residence outside Rome 3/03/04

If you want to find the source
You have to go up, against the current
Tear through, seek, don't give up.
You know it must be somewhere here.
Where are you, source?
Where are you, source?

Pope John Paul II


1985 Air India bombings on suspect Ajaib Singh Bagri (Air India)

"This was not a small thing. 329 people have been killed in that bombing and this guy, he admits to me that we did this. How can a Sikh or a religious guy kill so many innocent people?" An FBI informer told the Air India trial Monday . 3/02/04


This Girl Is Good!

Charlize Theron with Adrien Brody

Charlize Theron received her award - and a kiss - from Adrien Brody, last year's Oscar Best Actor (The Pianist)

"To my mother, you have sacrificed so much for me to be able to live here and make my dreams come true. Hey South Africa! I will be home next week to bring my award." Charlize Theron, Oscar Best Actress (Monster) 3/01/04

The Only Political Tone at the Oscar Night

 "40 years ago this country went down a rabbit hole in Vietnam and millions died - I fear we're going down a rabbit hole once again."  Errol Morris, producer of Oscar award winning best documentary feature ‘The Fog of War’  3/01/04

The U.S. Is What?

“The U.S. is not only the most powerful country in the world but also the most distrusted country in the world". Who said this? Read the Final Episode of the Empire Built On Sand. 3/01/04


What the New Democratic Party a former Toronto city Councilor Jack Layton has to say to Liberals and Conservative Party Leaders

"Paul Martin:  Make no mistake about it, there is a positive and increasingly popular alternative in town called the NDP and we're coming, ready or not. We stand poised on the edge of some historic gains," he told the crowd of several hundred people.  We're feeling very optimistic and we're moving in the right direction. On the last survey the numbers vary, depending on which poll you look at. Stephen Harper:  Congratulations for managing to anger both a Caribbean nation and First Nations in just two days.” 2/29/04


“What An Idiot Executive Sucker Could Say”

Who is Jean Pelletier?

What he said of Olympian Miss Myriam Bedard before she was fired from Via Rail

"I don't want to be mean, but this is a poor woman in a pitiful state, a woman with no husband that I know of. She's feeling the pressure of being a single mother with financial responsibilities. Basically, I find it pitiful." Chicoutimi (Quebec) born Jean Pelletier, suspended Chairman of Via Rail

"If he really said that, that is just completely unacceptable. I would expect he would want to withdraw the comments and I expect he would want to apologize."  Prime Minister Paul Martin

Here comes a lightning apology to save his job: "I regret making those comments and want to apologize sincerely to Ms. Bedard for any embarrassment or hurt I may have caused her."  2/27/04



 "I think the actions of the president are, in my opinion, the most vile and hateful words ever spoken by a sitting president, I am stunned and I'm horrified. I find this proposed amendment very, very, very, very shocking. And, immoral. And, you know, if civil disobedience is the way to go about change, then I think a lot of people will be going to San Francisco. And I hope they put more people on the steps to marry as many people as show up. And I hope everyone shows up."  Rosie O’Donnell, American actor & former TV Talk Show Hostess


"It's Time For Jean-Bertrand Aristide To Go"

Hello World! We Are Already Tired of Living This Way

Not enough soldiers to spare for Haiti: Ottawa
Defence minister David Pratt said he has no plans to send a significant number of troops to Haiti where rebel forces have taken over much of the Caribbean country.

“President Jean-Bertrand Aristide should be blamed for the instability in the country. Aristide bore a heavy responsibility for the chaos, everybody can see that this is the time to open a new chapter in the history of Haiti. I am calling for an immediate international civilian force to restore public order in Haiti and provide support for the international community. “ France Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin 2/26/04


"The Ignorance That's Haiti"

"What can a country do when just about 10% of its people are educated, not enough to change a system. A bird's life is more important than the people, how can we just stand around watching them butcher each other? There must be something we can do. Hello, hello, hello? " Herman Manning 2/25/04


A Heavy Baggage on George W. Bush’s Re-Election?

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney


'I have been horribly defamed'
Conrad Black

"I have been horribly defamed and in fact characterized and stigmatized as an embezzler. I am trying to retrieve my reputation as an honest man." Conrad Black, said in his testimony to a U.S. court. 2/22/04




"This country has more problems and injustices than it deserves, democracy gap. I need to challenge this two-party duopoly. There's too much power and wealth in too few hands.  They have taken over Washington.  Washington is now corporate occupied territory. There is now a for-sale sign on most agencies and departments. ... Money is flowing in like never before. It means that corporations are saying no to the necessities of the American people. ... Basically, it's question of both parties flunking." Ralph Nader, U.S. Independent presidential Candidate 2004 Election. 2/22/04


How’s Your System?

Normally, people are good; it’s the system that allows them to function the way it’s done in their own habitat. John San Carlos 2/21/04


Conan O'Brien’s apology to French Canadians with French translation is sick. We might as well drop NBC from our TV screens, and that's some million viewers.”  Daniel Mc Knowley, 2/18/04


"I Would Resign, If"

Paul Martin

“If there's evidence I knew about fraud in a federal sponsorship program and anybody who is found to have known that people are kiting cheques, that people are falsifying invoices – me or anybody else – should resign. "  Prime Minister Paul Martin


"What's wrong with Mel Gibson's Movie? The bible says who killed Jesus, so, what's the problem? Ben Seinfield 2/13/04

The Passion of the Christ

The film tells the story of the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus Christ


The Legacy of Jean Chretien

Analyze this!

Alfonso Gagliano

"Well, now we know at least...the former prime minister has left a real and unforgettable legacy, the godfather of all scandals Alfonso Gagliano. Italian and French doesn't mix that good, someone always got something hidden...what works in combination is Joshua and Gagliano, that for sure will work. Jean Chretien, should have scrapped the GST as he promised before his election, that could have been his legacy....being a responsible politician. But, it's too, he is just one of those considered liars." Mario Estrada 2/11/04


The Godfather of  Anjou's Fall From Grace

"Firing Alfonso Gagliano, as ambassador is not enough he should be put in jail as the center of this 'scandalous' sponsorship program" Martin Goodstein 2/10/04


On Col. Mohammar Qaddafi; Libyan President

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

"My fear is if he is allowed to remain in power, if he is allowed to garner even more resources from the West - financial as well as technological - he could pose a considerably more serious threat to all of us down the line." Former US assistant defense secretary Frank Gaffney

“The big question is whether the US invasion of Iraq pushed Colonel Gaddafi into this new relationship with the West.” Peter Biles,BBC World Affairs correspondent


On George W. Bush's Re-Election

Dick Cheney

"When all the votes are counted, it will be more than the number Al Gore had over him on popular votes, not just 500,000, but in the millions, even in Florida, he won't win. Still, there's time for him to kick out those bad advisers headed by Dick Cheney, and his men to possibly win this November 2004 election But, who wants him back?"  Benjamin Kowatch 2/09/04


Taiwan sex workers demand rights (BBC)

"I've found that I can use my body to send messages, because you have to have a hook to get people's attention. We had a very attentive crowd here who was willing to listen to what we had to say about women's rights and able to enjoy our visual representation of how we use our women's rights."  Say’s a Taipei City Prostitute Protester on Taiwan government’s crack down on sex workers. 2/07/04


It’s Not $137,000, It’s $161 million

"As soon as I really began to focus on that number I went back to the government and said, 'Look you have to come with the right number.' It was only when I became the prime minister that I had the levers to say I want you to get the full numbers out." Prime Minister Paul Martin 2/05/04


So what about our English rights? There are at least a million of us here in Quebec.

"I respect and believe that our policy-making must also reflect Quebec's unique history, culture, institutions and language." Belinda Stronach, Conservative Party leadership candidate tells hundreds of party supporters in Montreal. 2/01/04


Ottawa admits to $160 M error in deals with PM's companies

"There is a lot of smoke. There's a lot of unanswered questions, The big question is whether he benefited financially from any decisions he took at the cabinet table." Conservative MP James Rajotte, speaking of Prime Minister Paul Martin's shipping companies received federal contracts, grants and contributions worth $161 million over the past 11 years – a figure more than a thousand times higher than the government's original estimate. 1/28/04


The Miracle of re-electing a President

President George W Bush

"The Iraq War, The Deficit, & Dick Cheney (a liability with coyote's smile)?  Americans are not idiots to have Mr. Bush, continue for the next four years. Any Democratic presidential candidate could beat him easy. A president is only good if surrounded by good people. George doesn't have that." George Mckoy 1/28/04


American Empire...American Empire...American Empire

“America has no empire to extend or utopia to establish. We wish for others only what we wish for ourselves - safety from violence, the rewards of liberty, and the hope for a better life."  President George W. Bush, in his graduation speech at the US Military academy at West Point in June 2002. 1/27/04


"The events of the 1990s, in the former Yugoslavia and in Rwanda, are especially shameful. The international community clearly had the capacity to prevent these events but it lacked the will."  Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General 1/26/04  


Bill Gate's Attack on Spam

“Spam will soon be a thing of the past” Bill Gates, Microsoft's chief 1/25/04

Bill Gates speaking in Davos

How Microsoft aims to make spammers pay (BBC)


Blair 'must admit WMD defeat'

Robin Cook

Robin Cook resigned in protest at the prospect of war in Iraq

"It is becoming really rather undignified for the prime minister to continue to insist that he was right all along when everybody can now see he was wrong, when even the head of the Iraq Survey Group has said he was wrong.  It is very important that Tony Blair does concede that there were mistakes made, maybe in all good faith, probably he believed them genuinely, but there were mistakes.” Former British foreign secretary Robin Cook 1/24/04


The new Conservative Party of Canada

"No, no, no, we are all together. We're a family… Our family was split. Now our family isn't split anymore."  Longest-sitting former Tory MP, Elsie Wayne of Saint John, say’s of the merged PC and Alliance . 1/22/04


What Art?

"I think the phenomenon [of anti-Semitism] is so serious that it would have been forbidden not to have acted on the spot." Israel Prime Minister Ariel  Sharon, praising his ambassador Zvi Mazel  to Sweden after he vandalised an art exhibit featuring a Palestinian suicide bomber yesterday 1/17/04.


 Outch! That Hurts.

Bush 'plotted Iraq war from start' (BBC)

President Bush in the Oval Office

The administration has brushed aside Paul O'Neill's comments

A top official sacked from the US Government has accused President Bush of planning for an invasion of Iraq within days of coming to office. Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said Mr. Bush was looking for an excuse to oust Saddam Hussein. As a member of the president's National Security team he said he never saw any evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Mr. O'Neill also portrayed the president as unwilling to engage in debate - a charge rejected by Bush officials. "From the very beginning, there was a conviction Saddam Hussein was a bad person and he needed to go," the former treasury secretary said in an interview broadcast by CBS News on Sunday.

“Not since Julius Caesar have I seen such a blatant stab in the back - et tu, Mr O'Neill?” Mark Foley, Republican Representative


Editor-in-hiding -Aceh journalist's 'impossible task' (BBC)

Maarif, newspaper editor

“They put a pistol on the table in front of me and said  if you keep messing about like you have been, there's a bullet in here for you.” Maarif, Editor-In-Hiding,  Aceh, Indonesia (most Indonesians don't have second names, like Sukarno, Suharto, etc.) 1/09/04


In response to France banning of Veil or headscarves in schools

Grand Sheikh Mohammed Sayed Tantawi

Sheikh Tantawi's comments have provoked a strong reaction in Egypt (BBC)

“If a Muslim woman is in a non-Muslim country, like France, for example, whose officials want to adopt laws opposed to the veil, it is their right.” Grand Sheikh Mohammed Sayed Tantawi of Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt. 1/02/03


Fingerprinting US citizens, why not?  (BBC)

"I consider the act absolutely brutal, threatening human rights, violating human dignity, xenophobic and worthy of the worst horrors committed by the Nazis." Federal Judge Julier Sebastiao da Silva, a Brazilian judge reacting to US plans to do the same to Brazilians entering the United States. 12/31/03


Israel's Golan settlement plan under fire (BBC)

"They will keep doing what they are not suppose to do, and won't stop until they make us all wanting to kill each other just to steal lands that's not theirs. Amen.. Someone must be saying, I told you so. It looks like Shmata Business to me." Martin Goshend 12/31/03  


King Perves

Perves Musharraf is now a king (Perves the First) with absolute power..… Well… at least until 2007

Musharraf's new powers become law (BBC)

President Pervez Musharraf has signed into effect changes to the constitution that enhance his powers.

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf

The president has promised to step down as military head

The move paves the way for the national parliament and Pakistan's four provincial assemblies to hold a vote of confidence in his presidency. Prime Minister Zafarullah Jamali says he is confident that President Musharraf will win the vote. The  amendments follow a deal with Pakistan's main Islamist parties which had been critics of the president.   12/31/03


"Don't waste Sheila Copps!"

She's got integrity, didn't she?

Sheila Copps

"Prime Minister Paul Martin's boys are the ones that want Sheila out... what a terrible way of wasting a veteran parliamentarian who's got so much talent the Liberals could learn and use. " Sinclair Robins 12/30/03


"One Island One City, Sure! Make the city bilingual and all the rest toward the west. " James Itkom 12/29/03


Downing the Dollar, a heavy impact on the U.S. economy.. added to Iraq War, will down George W. Bush, for re-election for sure. The Democrats should stop yowling at each and work toward backing up their best bet, for now it looks Howard Dean, will become the U.S. president in 2005. An advance congratulations to Doctor Dean, only a miracle could change his victory. (cdb) 12/29/03

Dollar slips further against euro (BBC)

The US dollar has fallen to a fresh record low against the euro.

Dollar bills

In Far East trading on Monday morning, the euro rose to $1.2483, above the previous all-time high of $1.2470 it had reached eight days earlier. The euro then fell back slightly to around $1.2477 in early trading in Europe, but the dollar remains weak. It was also down against the yen, at 106.94, as security worries and concern that the US current account deficit kept the pressure on the currency.  


We are for sure doomed if we don't use our brains to survive.

"It seems we are all dying faster than before, due to natural disasters, diseases <aids, sars, etc.> and (the) uncivilized manner we settle human disputes around the world, especially amongst leaders. Politics play along with destiny of everyone depending on what the U.S. make think the next day. What a pity." Charles McKeenang 12/27/03


On the Palestine Occupied Territories: Refusing To Carry Out Missions

“We will no longer corrupt the stamp of humanity in us through carrying out the missions of an occupation army ... In the past, we fought for a justified cause [but today] we have reached the boundary of oppressing another people."  Sayeret Matkal, The Group Refusing the mission 12/22/03

 “The group should "face judgment. These soldiers should be stripped of their uniform and face judgment for their disobedience and rebellion, regardless of the unit in which they serve, whether they be pilots, cooks or mechanics.” Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Zeev Boim, 12/22/03


Get rid of Arafat say’s George W. Bush? Philippine Tabloid Paper printed for tomorrow's news from AFP(l'Agence France-Presse) dispatch 

No, Bush,  Won't Dare!

“We must get rid of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.”? US President George W. Bush allegedly had told an Israeli journalist from Yediot Aharonot daily in Israel yesterday when asked about Arafat.


Philippine leader 'restores' death penalty (BBC)  

Philippines President Gloria Arroyo

"Death Penalty could result to wiping out all the politicians, including the president and middleclass population, and, start anew? What a pity. Or, ....I am missing something here?  Jerry Reed…12/21/03


Let Saddam Hussein Live

Whatever Saddam did, it's not worth to kill him, after all,  he got help from those principals who supplied him arms, ammunitions, and chemicals to kill from the Western Countries, headed by our southern neighbor. Killing Saddam is not going to eliminate terrorism. Make him an example of civility the world still has to learn. Magna Contreras 12/17/03


We Don't Have to Suck Up

Leave the Americans suck up all economic gains in Iraq. For those who are not with Bush & Cheney, the money hungry vice-president with a coyote’s smile,  should make money somewhere else. Barbara Simpson-Smith 12/16/03


Too Late To Negotiate

"I am Saddam Hussein, I am the president of Iraq and I want to negotiate."  12/13/03


On The Capture of Saddam Hussein

"This is very good news for the people of Iraq. It removes the shadow that has been hanging over them for too long of the nightmare of a return to the Saddam regime. Only a "tiny minority" of Iraqis wanted their former president to return to power.  For most, they will never forget " the remains of 400,000 human beings already found in mass graves," after the regime was toppled.  "It's time to unify and reconcile."  British Prime Minister Tony Blair

"It is a great day for humankind. The horrible shadow of this bloody dictator is going to vanish."  Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio

“Saddam caused horrible suffering." German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder , telegrammed his greetings of congratulations to U.S. President George

“The capture would help stabilize the country and lead to its sovereignty. "It's a major event that should strongly contribute to democracy and to stability in Iraq and allow the Iraqis to master their destiny." French President Jacques Chirac,   France, opposed to the U.S. invasion of Iraq... 12/14/03


Canadian Passport Must Be respected

Paul Martin

"My views have not changed one iota that what happened in the case of Mr. Arar was unacceptable, Canadian passports must be respected."  In-Coming Prime Minister Paul Martin 12/06/03


American Security Is More Important Than Others?

Paul Cellucci (file)

“The U.S. government will continue to deport Canadian citizens to third countries if they pose a risk to American national security. The president has no more solemn obligation than to protect the safety of the people of the United States. And, if that means acting unilaterally, so be it.” Paul Celluci, U.S. Ambassador to Canada. 

Say What?

"It contravenes international law and should, and can play, no part in any effort to increase security," said Neve. "If anything, (he) is fostering greater insecurity in the world."  Alex Neve, secretary general of Amnesty Canada


Donald Rumsfeld

“It is no great surprise that those who have been defeated and removed will be looking to come back... but they will not have that opportunity “ Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Defence Secretary 12/04/03


A Big Fight on Quebec Premier Jean Charest's Labor policies

"Mr. Charest's looking definitely for a fight, and he will get it." Unidentified member of Quebec Labor Union 11/29/03


"The Biggest Mistake”  

Does Prime Minister Sharon have a peace plan?

"The biggest mistake of Mr. Sharon was to announce that as long as terrorism continues he will not negotiate with the Palestinians.  In the last three years there was not one meeting on a permanent solution with the Palestinians. As a result of this decision (Sharon) is giving the last terrorist on the Palestinian side the veto power on our negotiations with them and our future." Former cabinet minister Yossi Beilin, one of the architects of the initiative. 11/29/03  


What's A Promise? So, What Else Is New!


Brian Mulroney                           Jean Chretien                                    Jean Charest


"How could we believe politicians, when at least 85% of what they say "they will do"  are gone the moment they are elected? It was very clear then when the out going prime minister Jean Chretien campaigning he promised on record that he will get rid of the GST, which he didn't, and lately here's another joker, less than six month to his term as Quebec premier Jean Charest, said then...he will allow demerging of the Mega City of Montreal, which the Separatists government created, and now the word "But" comes around. Phewwwww!!  They all look con artists to me. They better ask Sheila Copps, what integrity means. She is one of the very few worthy of promises.. She resigned (didn't she) when Chretien failed to scrap the GST?"  Margarita Soledado 11/29/03


"I feel angry, I feel distressed, I feel helpless"

World leaders 'neglecting Aids'

"I'm not winning the war because I don't think the leaders of the world are engaged enough. It does indicate a certain incredible callousness that one would not have expected in the 21st century. It was unjust that Aids was manageable in the  rich world but a death sentence for people elsewhere. The developed world in particular the United States and the European Union had failed to provide the resources needed to pay for anti-retroviral drugs, set up prevention and testing programs, and train doctors and nurses. I feel angry, I feel distressed, I feel helpless... to live in a world where we have the means, we have the resources, to be able to help all these patients - what is lacking is the political will."  Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General when asked if the UN is winning the war against AIDS. 11/28/03


Why Is This Joker In The Parliament?

Critics of merger pounce on anti-gay remarks
Former Conservative leader Joe Clark says a Canadian Alliance MP's comments about the need to make homosexuality illegal prove that the Tories should not merge with the party. 

Answer: Don't ask me. Click above link to read what former Prime Minster Joe Clark said, also write to  Stephen Harper and his Alliance Party Members of the Parliament. Go ahead if it's addressed to the Parliament, not need to affix stamps. 11/27/03


Canadian officials 'lying': Khadr lawyer
A lawyer for a Canadian terror suspect released weeks ago from a U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba says officials in Ottawa are "lying through their teeth" and keeping him in the dark about information regarding his client. 

"We have made it very clear to Mr. Abdulrahman Khadr that he would be welcome back to Canada and that the full level of consular services will be made available to him and, in fact, are being offered to him." In-coming Prime Minister Paul Martin 11/26/03


They Won't Succeed

They will not succeed. If Saddam [Hussein] taught the Iraqis nothing else, it was how to endure the depredations of thugs.” Paul Bremer, US Iraq Administrator 11/25/03


More pay means more tax.

"Are the organized labor union nuts not thinking that whenever they asked for salary raise and benefits we have to pay more tax?" Joseph McGovern 11/21/03



George Bush (AP photo)

"Who will say that Iraq was better off when Saddam Hussein was strutting and killing or that the world was safer when he held power?" American President George W. Bush asking the Britons on his visit to U.K. 11/20/03


Abdul Raziq

Abdul Raziq was arrested while he was preaching in Afghanistan

"I have no complaints against the Americans or the Afghans and I don't seek any compensation from anyone. I leave it to Allah to reward me." Abdul Raziq, one of 11 Pakistanis released recently from the Camp Delta prison at  Guantanamo Bay on the coast of Cuba. Note: The US is holding more than 600 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, most of whom were detained during the Afghanistan conflict which followed the 11 September 2001 attacks on America. 11/19/03


The Montreal Transit Strike On It's Second Day

"The government don't have any choice but to give in to transit workers demand for pay raise in order not to prolong the strike. It should have been up to us residents of Montreal that should decide whether those bastards deserved a raise who are already making more than 100% of what ordinary workers are making. I think a referendum is necessary for any pay raise asked by any unionized labor that serves the public. With that, politicians could wash off their hands on anything like this that could happen in the future. How could unionized workers get our sympathy? They have been jerking us so much for the last twenty years." Joseph Beaulieu 11/18/03


The Bush-Hussein War

Lance Corporal Keys

Lance Corporal Keys was among those killed

 “They didn't die for a noble cause, they died for Bush's political reasons, they were just sacrificial lambs. I don't know how the man (Bush) has the nerve to show his face in his country after costing the lives of 53 British servicemen," Reg Keys 11/16/03. To read story click above picture.


Got To Go Now! Leave The Occupied Territories and Talk Peace From there.

Look Who's Talking? 

"[Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon has spoken often about the need for painful compromises, and there are no painful compromises except evacuation of settlements. Israel should withdraw from the Gaza Strip and dismantle Jewish settlements, or face "disaster". " Yaakov Peri, Shin Bet chief from 1988 to 1995, told the Yediot Ahronoth daily.  11/16/03

“Israeli measures have generated anger among Palestinians.” Israeli Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon


The U.S. Constitution

"The framers of the American Constitution were very clear that God and country don't mix. They were revolutionaries from where the head of the empire was also the head of the church and together will always produce conflicts. We won't be surprised that in the very near future all that pertains to God won't be seen on any U.S. government official documents, such as the one printed in the U.S. dollars 'In God We Trust'." Max Solievenstein 11/14/03


Irritating the Organized Union

"Who told Quebec Premier Jean Charest, he can play  the Union? The system has been in placed for decades, and it shows they are the ones in-charged. Look, all government employees on all three levels are tied-up together, and they even have an umbrella group that make sure, they are not disturbed by politicians, thus giving them control of the whole system. Fat Chance, Mr. Charest. Don't fight them, just put all non members on welfare, let the union work harder to support them all." George McCall 11/12/03


The Good Saints

The Real good saints are those who used to be bad, very bad...Tim O'Connor 11/12/03



"What democracy is President George W. Bush talking about? Didn't he know what happened to one Canadian they Deported to Syria? Remember this? If the Americans want us to jump into their wagon to fight terrorism, they should respect our individual rights, and probably we could live happily ever after." Charles McKeenang...11/07/03


He Didn't Know... sure, He Didn't know

Pierre Bourque - Photo by Mr. Conrad

“At the moment, the Anglophone community is in power in Montreal. They run the city. They don't want to give much to downtown. They're still suspicious of Montreal. They'll have to get over it," Pierre Bourque, former mayor of Montreal.


"Want More Pay? Then Ask Us.. The 75% of Taxpayers"

"It should NOT be in the hands of the politicians to give or not to give any salary raises to government unionized labor unions (with no exceptions). It should be according to us, 75% private and non-organized workers that should decide by referendum. The union should check the gap between their pay and us... it's more than 150%. What the government could do is give everyone10% deduction on income tax. Or else they will have to pay more, if we all go on welfare. Jimmy De Soupas 11/03/03


Here we go again....(repeat editorial, revised version)


"When talking of building a Quebec Nation, the subjects of language control, cultural freedom, and economic disaster always arise. But we seem to consistently ignore a large and powerful minority population in the discussion process. 

Our native Canadians (First Nation, Inuits and Mètis) claim almost all of Quebec's land as theirs and they can produce signed treaties to back up their claims. The trick of amalgamating the island of Montreal into one mega city in order to win a referendum might work, if Montreal does indeed control the crucial one percent needed to record a Yes vote.

Politicians can redraw borders but Quebec cannot separate from Canada because the two are intermarried historically, culturally and spiritually. Canada is Quebec and Quebec is Canada. The current vision of a sovereign Quebec is flawed because it ignores a huge percentage of its own people. But, if the separatists have the full cooperation of the native population, of the allophones and anglophones, francophones and the global community, they will have created a great nation, within the embrace of an even greater nation, that's called Canada." cdb 11/01/03


"The Economics of George W. Bush… Could follow the flow if the green bucks stays low straightening export,  boosting U.S. production line. Very wise move but would that be enough to win re-election? No, but the trend will continue with whoever the Democrats picks for the job, repeating the impact of the the Ronald Reagan's reaganomics. I will bet that this friends of the Canadians Howard Dean, will either be the next president or at the least a VP. Symour Jane Louis 10/31/03


Quebec Premier Jean Charest Versus Organized Labor?

"What's Jean Charest thinking...picking fights with the Labor Union? He won't win, not unless he tries some of the tricks the Separatists used against the English people of Quebec. That probably is more applicable in this case. Charest is not a business man and a real operator, he should consult with the "Wise Guys", not the killers, the experienced business dealers right here in Montreal... lots of them waiting... no strings attached.. believe me... James McCane 10/30/03


Jean Chretien's Liberal Party Cabinet's Team Song of the Year 

"I AM SORRY, REALLY SORRY." This album is now available in CDs produced and copied in China.


Jane Stewart (file picture)

Minister of Human Resources Development Jane Stewart is the latest cabinet minister to admit to vacationing at the Irving-owned salmon lodge in New Brunswick, CBC News has learned.


Whatever they do, don't count for now

"No matter what the Federal Liberal do, mistake or not,..still, they will run the country for another five years and probably more. Canadians still cannot forget the era of Brian Mulroney, and his boys. PC leader's father was one of them, remember?." Johnson Smith 10/29/03


What's This?

"Une île une ville française," "F--k Canada," "FLQ Libre," "Québec libre," "Fusion Montreal" and "Canadians Go Home" 

We are Far, Far North of America, not Central or South! And, this is happening in Montreal? 10/28/03


I Wish Our Moslem Friends around the world a solemn observance of the Ramadan

"Ramadan begins today for all followers of Islam. They will have to be good boys and girls for the next 30 days. So, during this period Israel has nothing to worry about suicide bombings. The hard part of the Ramadan is fasting, meaning they won’t eat from dawn to dusk. They will only have very light meals before retiring at night. There will be lots of prayers aside from the five times prescribed in their holy book.." Joe Almarani 10/27/03  


Are the Iraqis really Crazy to Blow this Premiere Hotel In Baghdad?


"Opportunity to rebuild Iraq and democracy at our expense is a blessing. All Third Countries are dreaming for this! Can someone really wake up these people? Plus, will the out going prime minister of Malaysia (Mahathir Mohamad) shut up for adding more  confusion between the Jews and the Arabs? If he wanted to be noticed then go to Saudi Arabia and spill his guts there but he will be disappointed nobody (there) are interested of his tribe." Karim Singular 10/27/03


'Biggest lie of George W. Bush?

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad at the Apec summit in Bangkok

Mahathir Mohamad accused the West of being biased against Muslims

“If you can tell a lie about the existence of weapons of mass destruction and go to war because of it I'm not surprised if he is prepared to lie about what he said to me.“ Outgoing Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad 10/26/03



Critics - There are lots of them

"These are a bunch of people who did not succeed on what they want to become but failed, they became critics, some are good and most are really bad. Have a nice weekend." cdb 10/24/03


On The Republic of Quebec

No! You Can't Have Your Wish To Separate By Simple Majority. Or Else the Army are coming! A writer said that.

"At the least Jean Chretien, a French Canadian say's one per cent more is not enough. It got to be a "great majority" to win, translating that to 75%. Imagine coming that from an Anglo Speaking prime minister? The French are not going to settle." Meg Shanon 10/23/03



"Most or more than 75% of Americans are not interested on global superiority, it's the administrators of the system that expands it's world power for economic reason." Jason Backward 10/22/03


Speaking to God, is not a problem, it's the conversation with Him, that makes us Locos (crazies)

"When you hear someone say, 'I had a conversation with God', start running away. This person becomes very dangerous, that's including the Pope (John Paul II). Speaking of the Pope, it's about time to take a rest." Mary Chrysom 10/20/03


The merger of the Alliance and the Tories

Darryl Stinson, B.C. MP

"Well, I still have some concerns that aren't answered to my satisfaction and maybe they will be before the vote is to take place." BC MP Darryl Stinson, the only MP to vote against the merger deal. 10/20/03


"Malaysia's Speech is Dangerously escalating the misunderstanding between Muslims and the Jews."(cdb)

Malaysia's Mahathir Mohamad speech today at the gathering of  the OIC 57 nations (Jewish Conspiracy Oct/16/03) is an absolute invitation for more hate crimes and terrorism against Jews Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Simon Wiesenthal Centre Global debate: Islam and the West (OIC:Organization of Islamic Countries) 10/17/03


This is ugly, dangerous and wrong

"There is, in too many places, a feeling of rising hostility between Islam and the West. This is ugly, dangerous and wrong."  UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in  his statement to the conference of Islamic Countries in Asia to warn of the growing gulf between Islam and the West. 10/16/03


The Iraq Thing

“We are giving money to Iraq ($45 Million)? Is it not better that we use it for ourselves? We are poor, the government is rich. We are not working for any government and not part of the labor union. Our group is composed of more than 50% of the population that elects any politician to win an election with their promises that they up grade our quality of life. Look at your history, Iraq never respect anyone else but a killer like their former dictator Saddam Hussein.”  Mennie Secoyas 10/15.03


Israel's left wing has set out to prove Ariel Sharon wrong

 Mid-East's 'virtual' peace deal?

"It’s Sharon’s way of doing business… Kill, kill,, kill until they all die! This is not a war of reasons, but for personal satisfaction and greed. The Israeli people should one day wake up and tell their politicians to stop anything that could prolong the conflict. How could the Islam world not use Osama the son of Laden, a hero?  Lengthening this conflict will never see the daylight of peace in the region, not in this century. And, Maybe there will be none, someone else is going to blow this earth to kingdom come. Will someone come forward like Nelson Mandela, who walked of out prison after 28 years, and without killing his oppressors,,, turned the system around and even became president. No, the Israeli government or leaders are not going to come out with a solution without stuffing their wallets more… as they say, it’s just the money, stupid!" James Ginderen 10/13/03


Tricks to preserve a language and forbid the other doesn't work

"The Agony of prolonging life of a language destined to become obsolete in a continent where the American English dominates the economics had cost Quebec 30 years of growth. The children of this greatest purging of the language of exchange now knows, those involved had tried to make them isolated from the truth. They could have used wits and brains to get it done right. If they did, much of us have joined them as one in the Republic of Quebec. What a Waste." cdb 10/08/03


Why Would Paul Martin Change?

"I have taken pictures of Paul Martin every July 1 Parade in Montreal, and along talked to him a bit, but there's no way his character would change once becoming prime minister. He is an ingrown nice guy, I'll bet my last dollar he's going to be good." cdb 10/07/03 


But, Would It Stop The Suicide Bombings?

"Israel Acting As a Big Power, Warring With Neighbor Won’t Solve Palestinian Suicide Bombings, instead they could expect more. Sooner or later no one will live in Israel  anymore, maybe history is just repeating itself?" Jessie Orange 10/07/03


You Can Be Seen In China. No more Banning of The Tribune

"Congratulations, what an event ! Now you can be seen in China. I will inform all my friends here." Rene LEVARY, Shanghai 10/06/03


But, Where’s The Enemy? Only Amongst Themselves?

“I will dedicate my whole life for jihad. I will kill enemies of Islam.” University of Jihad student Minhaj Uddin


In A Palestinian Girl's Dream

"I once had a nightmare that the Israeli soldiers came to school and sentenced everyone to death - the next day I didn't want to come to school," Samr Bargouti, a bright-eyed 13-year-old Palestinian girl living in Ramallah 10/01/03


If I Have A Million Dollars

"Maybe, a million dollars won't buy you all what you want, but if I have a million dollars, I will give it to the campaign fund of Sheila Copps to continue running for the leadership of the Liberal party. She's going to be a very good Prime minister, no strings attached." Justin Makayesh 9/30/03


The Philippines in the UN Security Council?


"By the way, have you heard the news?, the Philippines applying to become a member of the UN Security Council? How can that be when they never have their own civility since the late Dictator Ferdinand Marcos turned the country into a Banana Republic, where life is cheap. It's a place where warlords and the best corruptors in the world rules. Jeseph Estrada, who got kicked out before his term as president expire sits in jail, Marcos family are still (too) powerful both in the private sector and government.  So, it's a joke to let them be part of the prestigious council. The US must be putting them up for this." George Dimapulos, 9/28/03


If You Catch Him

"We're here to support you, "If you catch him, just give me four seconds with Saddam Hussein. Children are being taken care of, starting being inoculated, starting being looked after. Wherever these guys go they get thumbs up. They no longer have to contend with the terrorist leader." Bruce Willis, U.S. actor in Iraq performing for the G.I.s 9/27/03

Actor Willis' $1 Million Bounty For Saddam



"The U.S. cannot stop now for what it started. But, building Iraq at the expense of the taxpayers is obscene. The Iraqis whom they hope will change the Arab world is a myth. How can that happen? It's been more than thousand of years they have been governed by warlords and for less than a year they will just change? That's what we call 'Fat Chance'. The best the Americans can do is continue with the council  they already created. Rush them to write a constitution with help from the so called (genius) American political scientists, and hold an election. When that's done.. get out, but please let them pay for whatever King George II spent. It's as simple as that. " Mary Tyler Charbone 9/27/03


Colin Powell

Colin Powell

“Iraq insurgents would attack an un-elected government. They've got six months - it will be a difficult deadline to meet but we've got to get them going.” Colin Powell



"The government should back step for a moment, check, check, check.... there must be something loose with the system... When people came to stay, it's because they wanted changed in their life political or economics. Multiculturalism is nice, but they don't have to change the look. Let it stay that way.  We are not going to like it when one day we see our police and military forces all wearing skull caps, the turban, or the Hijab for women, or the burqua. Didn't anyone tell them that this Hijab or burqua is a symbol of  submission to men?.. meaning.. for worst they could be traded. But, in some isolated cases, it deemed sometime to happen, for some of them just need to show off or they just  want their 15 minutes of fame." Jasmin Irabian 9/24/03


What About Sheila?

"I would encourage Sheila Copps to stay in as candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party. She's going to be a good Prime Minister." Jean Guy Restin 9/21/03


Salary Is The News

"The Montreal Gazette paying their reporters from $21.65 to $34.31 per hour? That the news isn't it? By the way, what ever happened to that lady writer who wrote about the treatment of imported maids?" Jean Sebastian Rene 9/19/03 (ed: no comment)


Poor Economic State

"Premier Jean Charest, should proceed implementing his plan to improve Quebec's poor economic state, rather than talk about what the previous separatist government had done. Life should go on as the world turns around." Cynthia McNamara 9/16/03


Over Loaded System

"Quebec Premier Jean Charest, should look into all the governmental systems that's not working properly, maybe shake it a little bit before implementing his program. Most are now overloaded." James Singson-Martin 9/14/03


No Chance For G.W.?

"It's almost a miracle for U.S. President George W. Bush to win re-election. I will bet the former NATO Chief will be a sure winner if joins the Democrats. Meantime, the medical doctor from Vermont is ahead." Lina Cavarote, 9/13/03


Peace deal? Not not a problem. Try this one, Yes, The King of Thailand, The most respected Man in Asia

"No American can negotiate a peace deal with anyone without the green buck, but they could request the assistance of someone in the Orient that has successfully  maintained a stable relationship with all countries around the world, beginning from his descendants They just really mastered diplomacy never equaled by any nation at any given time. More about this man and his his kingdom.  cdb 9/10/03


"We are turning dangerously into a welfare population. The wise people committee put up by the government should look into how the economy could run without so much control and become competitive." Jess Bigstein 9/09/03


"Paul Martin turning over his business to his sons... so, what's the difference? Practically, nothing!" Joanne Woodwinstein


"Air Canada should be saved but how? Fire the CEO" 


Overloaded system

"Once and for all, the government should check out some important government programs that have to be updated."


Jean Charest to get economic advice from Brian? Sure!!! Remember this?

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