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By Conrad David Brillantes

Got a question? Anything in mind that bothers you because no one seems to listen? Send them in and I will try to find the answers. Your name will be kept confidential if requested, and no one will ever know.

The Montreal Tribune and its publishers are not responsible for all contents in this section. All Rights reserved. Copyright 2010 Conrad David Brillantes. All Questions are not edited...posted as they are received.


To change the "not with standing clause" takes another chunk out of our "democratic" system?

So, Paul Martin, without even his Deputy Prime Minister in the know, wishes to quash the "not with standing clause".  Who else is in on this Liberal "policy"???  To think that it is okay to register all of our guns, then suggest ban hand guns altogether and now take away the right of the elected people of our country to have the last say, leaves our Prime Minister and his party a little suspect, as to where they are going with ruling this country.  To leave the Supreme Court with the final say on the laws of our country would be fine, if they were elected, but as they are appointed by the current ruling party, to change the "not with standing clause" takes another chunk out of our "democratic" system. It is time Canadians, to stand up for our democracy and rid this Liberal party from office, and do what is best for all of us, as opposed to what is best for the Liberal party and Paul Martin. Bruce Ashton 1/14/06

Answer: It's not easy to take that veto (notwithstanding) clause out from our constitution unless it's a majority government that's elected this time. I guess it's another minority government but not sure which one. But as I mentioned previously, the Americans prefer Stephen Harper to become our next PM. Didn't you notice? All editorials endorses the Conservatives, how could that happen? Check what those heads of multinational corporations who are paying big bucks for commercial ads are saying; they already decided to go for the Conservatives. Well, sooner or later we are all going to become Americans.


Which Party Should Win The Federal 2006 Election? And Stephen Harper as Prime Minister?

If you are asked which party should win, whom are you going to pick?  Aida W. Johnson 1/06/06

What caused the sudden changed of public opinion shifting the pendulum towards Stephen Harper’s Conservatives? I suspect the US got something to do with this. Do you think the CIA’s political operatives are now in full force so Paul Martin’s government is defeated? Name withheld upon request, 1/07/06

Answer: What are you talking about (?), the CIA or its counterpart have been here even before the Second World War. They planned to invade Canada between 1935 -1936, during their dispute with England. Anyhow, it’s known that any international political leaders that support US policies will receive grace and benediction from the mighty Americans. We all should take note that voting the Conservatives to power will enhance the chances that sooner or later Canada will be disintegrating into several provinces, and merged with the United States of America. This almost happened during the time of Brian Mulroney, who invented the GST and Free Trade, the only former Canadian prime minister who retired from active politics to become a billionaire but never got caught in any corruption whatsoever due to lack of solid evidence, which we all could see but can’t prove otherwise. I wonder why despite the challenged by an author named Stevie Cameron who wrote ‘On the take” where he was the main character was not accepted. Now, going back to the US helping manipulate the polls leaning towards Stephen Harper’s election could only become true if all of us are influenced into believing that majority of us wants him to win. This Jack Layton, leader of the NDP, I just don’t understand why he sided with the rest of the jokers to bring down the Liberal government. He’s got to be a stupid moron. He’s got the better of two worlds on his hands in the previous Martin’s government. I guess it’s his wife that prompted him to decide so she can run again as MP and hope this time she’d win. It’s quite known that Caucasians married to Orientals usually follows the wishes of their wives for whatever reason but for me they are the ones that make things happens. Just like my six sisters after marrying bums they turned them into executives and millionaires. As to corruption, this cannot be wiped out; any administration will always have that problem. Now, let’s talk about Paul Martin, the man is good and honest but he didn’t have the chance to take the challenge of at least cleaning the government of corruption because the three monkeys (Harper, Duceppe and Layton) cannot wait to waste our tax dollars for another federal election. Whoever will win this time will have another minority government, and which won’t last more than the previous one. So, I call on all those immigrants like me to support Paul Martin, he’s the best so far and I will bet my bottom dollar that we are all better off with him.


Can't get employment

 It's been awhile that I am not able to get a job because the position that I was looking for (based on my training and experience) is not anymore in demand. I was offered to work outside in the U.S. but hate to leave Montreal and start all over again as I am already 66 years old. My question is what do you think should I do? I am not ready to retire; I still feel I am young and physically healthy. The government hasn't done anything but turned this province into a totally bankrupt society. Don F. McTeer 12/25/05

Answer: First, you should be happy that you are physically healthy and still have your discipline. It’s not surprising that you are not able to get employed again and I guess it’s been more than awhile which could be about 10 to 15 years. Although you didn’t mention your profession and whatever it is it really doesn’t matter, especially now that you are already within the retirement age. By this time you must be receiving your whole retirement benefits that could be about $1,200 to $1,400 a month, with this amount you could have a liveable life but that you have to learn. If you are married and your wife also gets the benefits then that’s even better. Going back to what you can do, of course there are plenty. Get yourself a computer and hook it up to the internet…don’t be silly to think that computers are hard to operate… It’s not the same as before that you’d have to understand the operating procedure or even knowing DOS, that’s history already. Remember Bill Gates? Well, he made easier for all of us to use computers without having to worry screwing up the system and spend time and a lot of money to fix any problem that may occur. Go ahead and buy one because it’s a lot cheaper now than before. Usually, Bill Gates’ Operating System found within the Windows XP’s or even the earlier version from Windows 98 to ME easily restores breakdowns. So, once you have access to the Internet you’ll be able to surf and find a lot of opportunities related to your profession. Don’t count on any of the three governmental levels for help because according to their own statistics, you are already out of their problem; in other words, you are retired.

The language law (Bill 101) is the main culprit on all our economic misery, since implementation of the law exodus of talents and businesses found their ways to Toronto and other parts of the country including the U.S. The only ones we have now are those subsidized by the government, such as the Bombardier group, whose shares are lower than Le Chateau Stores. Since this group was created billions of dollars are wasted and I don’t understand why it’s still there continuing operation. You’d probably be surprised despite the wealth Canada have we are experiencing such economic hardship. Ask our genius politicians they are the ones to be blamed. The language law contravene with a lot of things that make us poor plus our civil rights in Quebec, human rights that is…It’s not enough that this very repressive law (Bill 101) is allowed to stay. The Separatists even created an office to chase out all those businesses that doesn't employ French-speaking Canadians. This law cannot be challenged in court anymore, not even the Supreme Court could say anything because of the veto right (notwithstanding clause) that was temporarily inserted in the constitution pending Quebec’s approval, hoping that someday the Separatists gets tired and finally decides finally stay within the confederation. But, that won’t be coming for a long time because federalist as they call themselves doesn’t have the guts to end the goddamn problem because of politics. Can the language law alone save the Quebecois-French?  As I’ve said before, it’s not feasible because of economic cost. Most of the answers that I have are already posted in this section. Please scroll further down to find them.


Why Do We Allow Politicians Get Away With Promises They Cannot Accomplish?

Well, it's election time again, and before the end of next year Quebec follows for the national legislature. My question is why are we electing a group of idiots who makes our lives miserable throughout the years after Pierre Trudeau?  Simon F. Trudel 12/09/05

Answer: I think we deserve what we have. They or most of them don't have any choice but to let us hear what we expect them to say during election campaigns. Look what re-elected Mayor Gerald Tremblay just did, he said 'Honestly, I didn't know" in regard to the new tax or taxes that will be imposed by early next year. Whatever the taxes for or whoever (are) going to pay doesn't really bother me but I pity those who own properties or running a business. 


Cutting the GST would it work?

Stephen Harper's offer to cut the GST down to 5% within the next five years, would that add up for his party to win more votes for this coming Federal election? Steve C. McCall 12/02/05

Answer: No. Maybe, if he abolish the whole damn thing but that's not going to happen because the GST is already well embedded in the system. It became one of the main sources of revenue that helps the governmental machine keeps rolling. Also, if  eliminated (the GST) where will the government put all those federal employees hired to administer the collection and distribution (?),  they are all unionized and there's no way you can fire them for it will cost more to do that than cut this most dreaded tax since implemented by the Conservative government of Brian Mulroney in the early 90s. Ask the Liberals, that's why the former prime Minster Jean Chretien, was not able to fulfill his promised to cut it after winning the election in '93. But, to make the story short, the Liberals are sill going to win a minority government.


Unemployment down to 6.4%?

The recent report saying that our jobless rate drops down to 6.4%, isn’t that good for our economy? But I thought you mentioned that so many people are not employed in Montreal, or in Quebec, so, how come they are (the government) able to come to this number?  12/02/05

Answer: The percentage point is based from those who are in the employment system. It’s also taken from the Employment Insurance record that shows the number that dropped out of the system. So don’t be deceived, the number shows a small portion of our work force.


Scam, Scam and More Scams

I have been contacted by the same organization that you wrote about on 10/20/04.  I wanted to know what kind of information you have regarding them and what else you can tell me so that I can report this to my government.  I appreciate your help with this matter. I gave US$499.95 to an organization that promised that I could get a U.S. government business grant according to a group called Grant Association Services. Well this is the story, A few days ago I was called at around 8pm my time by a gentleman calling with the Grant Association Services.  He had my name and date of birth.  He verified my annual household income. Then he told me that I was going to get a minimum of 5000 free from them. I needed to give them my checking account number though and also my social security number.  When I said I wanted more information he gave me a website to look at.  I viewed the website and there was absolutely no information that said anything about the company.  I asked to speak with a manager and was given to another gentleman with a very strong (East) Indian accent. He also told me no information about the company. He gave me another number for their bosses to gather more information.  I waited ‘till the morning and called the other 800 number that was given to me.  I talked to 3 different secretaries and was told that there was no manager available.  They said after I had only called 4 times over the time span of an hour that I was bothering them.  I only wanted to know how my information was obtained and what their address was for their organization.  Later in the afternoon when I got in contact with a manager he was very hot tempered from the beginning.  I asked him an address and what they do etc.  He wouldn’t give me their address information.  He said they sold drugs to the United States and also sold Dell computers.  He said that I was red flagged in their system and that I would never be approved to be sold to. Please let me know what other information I can give you.  I want this scam dropped and prosecuted to the fullest. I have included the recorded and documented information that I have gathered on this organization.  They are called Corporate office ( Spoke with Debbie a few times, and Morgan When I called 4 times today I was hung up on me and given a run around with no answers the other two times.  When I was finally transferred to a manager (Don Wallace) he said that I was red flagged in their systems and would not be sold to ever.  I just wanted to know how my information was obtained and what their office location was.  He became extremely rude and short tempered at this point. Now the previous contact that was made the night previous was from Jim and his manager Shawn calling with Grant Association Services ( They were the ones that said they wanted my Soc. Sec number and a checking account so that they could withdraw funds for the processing fee of giving me a free $5000 grant.  They said it would take 25-30 business days.   I want these people stopped immediately and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Christopher Grasso, Microsoft Sales Consultant,, (800) 557-6637 ext. 2561 Office (585) 217-1491 cellular 11/28/05

Answer: What else can I say… you got scammed, and if this group are based in Montreal, your government ( FBI or Secret Service) will find out if they push our authorities to run after these con artists that sets their main offices right here in Montreal. The one that you mentioned on the credit card scam that was busted together with other scammers only came to reality when I forwarded your complaint to the RCMP and the FBI, but there’s always other groups that would set up shops here because they are not usually bothered by our local authorities for some unexplainable reasons. As to recovering your money, too bad, it's already gone.  For more stories and articles on scams click SCHEMES, SCAMS AND SCOUNDRELS 


50 + 1 For Quebec Independence?

What's the new Parti Québécois leader, André Boisclair saying, that they are not going to respect the clear majority law on independence if they get 50% plus one on another referendum he would call should his party wins the next provincial election? What do you think will happen? Mark C. Redford 11/21/05 


Answer: As I said before this independence thing is not going to happen. A lot of things could occur should they try to push through creating the republic of Quebec. Scroll down to read the other answers I have given before and don't forget to read our editorial on "Quebec Nation".


Moslem Quest For Justice?

What are the Muslim militants looking for? How can their anger of the West subside and what can be done to end their quest for more blood? Is history just repeating itself? Don W. Bourke 11/16/05

Answer: This all started since the U.S., England and France created Israel as a country, and it all has to do with economics. Suicide bombing or sacrificing life for justice according to the Palestinians is worth the effort to show their protest against the increasing aggression of Israel in occupying more of the disputed territories that they say belongs to them against a military might supported by the Big 3, especially after the '67 war. American foreign policy dominated by economics escalated to what the Muslim militants are doing now. How can this end? Who knows? When President George W. Bush after being coned by those Iraqi expatriates in the U.S. that Saddam Hussein was hoarding Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD), and without looking and studying further at the history of Iraq, decided to send troops to get rid of Saddam, and that proved to be a humongous mistake. Now, how can they get out? And, how many more lives, including that of American soldiers (now more than 2,200) would be wasted? That, no one can tell. More later on this very complicated subject. 


Another City Election?

The former mayor Pierre Bourque wants that the result of city election held last November 6, where you participated as a candidate for councilor should be scrapped due to computer error... do you agree with him and would you continue to run? Loida W. Ramirez 11/13//05

Answer: It really doesn't matter to me, but if it would clear the matter of finding out the real number of votes that all the candidates got or will get then I will go for that. The only thing that I am worried now is how much all the candidates will spend more if there's another one held. We will know what the court will say by the latest on Tuesday. On the other hand, I prefer that we go on with our lives and just accept what those hackers have done, anyway... nothing will change if the result comes to a different direction.


More elections to participate

Was it worth for you to run in the city election of November 6, and since you lost, how do you feel right now? Are you angry on the promised supports that never came? Kathy W. McBay 11/10/05

Answer: I thought it's worth my time running for the council seat. Campaigning as a candidate adds up to my knowledge of politics. It’s the first part of internship to become a political scientist. But, that's not why I ran . I should have stayed put as campaign manager for a better known community leader, and probably my candidate would win.. Imagine, I was directing  the campaign myself, those that were there to support me didn't have the time to concentrate, but I am not looking for excuses... The fact is... I lost. I should accept that no matter how the other candidates handled theirs. I will elaborate more on what I thought of this election. 11/12/05


Is Montreal Safe?

Is Montreal safe from any form of Islamic attacks like what happened in England and France? Jessie W. Almendariz 11/11/05

Answer: Nooooooo!!!! What’s the common denominator for those attacks both in England and France? INTEGRATION…that’s what they say… Have you been around seeing all those people parading around with over grown beard and attire showing off their identity that they are followers of the Muslim faith? If not, you must me blind… That’s what everyone would see as defiance to a system misconstrued very close to the Americans that they say do not conform with their beliefs. In Quebec alone or say Montreal, we have the language law that compels them to learn French, only to end up (most of them) in the welfare roll if they cannot put up a business for themselves. Both the provincial and city government offices are staffed exclusively with Quebecois who generally look at all the immigrants as degenerates and lazy. I have found this behavior really exists and no one seems to care. I thought when I ran for an elective position, I would have the chance to create or organize a council of elders that will be comprised of all the leaders of the different ethnic communities, and from that body we will be able to teach them all how they could be integrated to the society but again, that's almost impossible to accomplish due to the attitudes of the locals. More later...


Back to work

The city election ended with a wide majority support to the current Montreal mayor, and his team of hardworking candidates. I lost the councilor seat I was contesting ... no regrets at all.  It's politics and anything could happen, so, life goes on, and I will continue doing my editorials. Nothing lost on my side, in fact, I learned so much on on what its like to be a politician for a month. The old way of politics is gone, it's more on how to get through and win... filled with promises that could not possibly see it's daylight. 11/07/05


"The Candidate is Greek"

One of the candidates for councilor at Park Extension district  has told listeners in a Greek Radio station, "We all Greeks should stay together and vote for me because I worked so hard and I need you to make sure I get elected." The response from the Greek Community: "Really? You are not even Greek.! Does the name Tsaoussian sounds Greek?" Robert P. of Bloomfield Street. 11/02/05

Answer: I heard the story about the interview at a Greek radio in the city, including the insults directed to two other candidates, and the last was for me, which goes this way: "The other candidate is making waves". Am I really making waves? The "waves" are probably coming from most of those people in the community (Greek) that's fed up with the big mouth. According to the first win that the seating councilor got, it was 3,300 votes, the second one was down to 2,200, that's about 500 votes loss or 16 to 17%, so, what's the tendency that the number would go up, as it shows there are more people pissed off this time than last? If the last count is maintained then the game is over. So, probably, it's been sleepless nights for the incumbent since the election started a month ago. About Mayor Gerald Tremblay's candidate? I've only heard of the name not more than the number that you count out of my fingers. But as the saying goes around, you could only be so sure after all the votes are counted... So, let me wish all those competing in this election good luck...


Quebec Independence

If, let’s say, there’s another referendum on Quebec separation, and the separatists won, do you think independence will be realized?   10/29/05

Answer: Honestly? No! They should ask Uncle Sam first, never mind Canada… Our neighbors down south will never let that happen. I won’t explain further… that’s what it is…. The Americans have enough problems with Castro (Cuba), and they don’t want any anything to do with Quebec’s socialist minded people. The U.S. is practically bankrupt and they want Canada for its wealth, and as their messenger to places they can't reach... so, why would they allow Quebec to disrupt the relationship that they want to maintain or even get them (Canada) to join a union? Impossible? There's nothing impossible that the Americans can't or won’t do. They had done unbelievable things or covert operations in the past that no one on earth can’t understand, why, and how they were able to get away with them all. And, just remember they printed so much money for the past 50 years that’s now threatened by the strength of the Euro? If ever there's a rush to dump the greenbacks, they need us to help them. More later....should anyone want to give their opinions on any of the above subjects then please send them in. 


About the City Election in Montreal

A Hundred Thousand Dollars to Get In, No Guarantee

I heard it cost a city councilor candidate a hundred grand to join either of the two major municipal parties, is that true? James W. Dean 10/26/05

Answer: Someone told me it's true.. It cost that much to be selected as a candidate by either one of the parties that's according to Journal de Montreal, a French language newspaper published sometime three weeks or a month ago but I will check it out first before I confirm that. Just imagine from the posters and election flyers these two parties distributed throughout the district and around Montreal, ....really, it could cost probably more that to join. As for my expenses as a candidate, I am keeping it to the minimum.  


Writing the experience of a candidate

Why don't you chronicle your experience as a candidate for councilor since you are running for the city election? Bebe W. Roboso 10/10/05

Answer: I will consult first with my campaign advisers. I thought it might not be fair with the others who are running for the same seat. I think I should since I have so many things to say on what people tell me whenever I meet them on the streets of Park Extension. I will continue later after I am done with my work. 


Investment in Motion Pictures

I have already planned to invest in producing a movie, which I wrote, and will be directing based on my own screenplay that I thought should consult with you before I make the final move. Do you have any advice on whether I have the chance to enter the entertainment market worldwide? Mike F. Terrebone 10/02/05

Answer: If you are making the movie just because you want to fulfill a dream then go for it but if you are thinking that you will make a bundle out of it then think again. Most independent producers, probably 95% or more never saw a cent of their investments. This is a very complicated business, which requires a lot of preparations. Nobody is going to discourage you not to proceed especially those that are going to benefit from your investment. Even if the movie you are going to make is really going to be nice how do you think it'll reach distribution even here in Canada? Movie theatres are fully booked for the next five years; the major syndicated releasing companies based in the U.S. buy them all. Even the ones produced here in Canada are all managed for distribution in advance there (USA). Make connection first with these people and see what they will tell you. Nevertheless, see if you can find someone at the Film Board of Canada ask him or her for assistance. If you already made up your mind to proceed then get back to me. I will tell you what to do, and what to expect. 


Since I am a Candidate for City Councilor of Montreal I won’t be writing any editorials Until Nov. 7

 I have decided to accept my community’s nomination to run for city councillor for the district of Park Extension, which will be held on November 6, 2005. I will be out campaigning every single day hoping to reach everyone in the district to let them understand what I intend to do once elected. Here's part of what I will be doing in the council that so many say's lack of vision towards the future of the city that I have been promoting for more than two decades overseas as the best in the world.  Focus on the economic recovery of Montreal by giving tax breaks to property owners and entrepreneurs. Protect our environment & maintain our green-space. To defend the rights of those in need. Establish a council of elders from different ethnic communities. Support the creation of more neighborhood associations for a peaceful and harmonious community.  All suggestions are welcome by calling (514) 992-4261 or forward them by e-mail to  9/25/05


Have you decided to run for the municipal election?

Have you decided to run for city councilor of Montreal? If you already made up your mind what then that you intend to do once elected as councilor? Of course you realized that once you are in the council the table is turned around, and the media will be at your back all the time for I am sure you will be mouthing those that you think were responsible for making Montreal the welfare capital of Canada and with that, do you think you can last that long? Karla W. McNickols  9/18/05

Answer: I will take care of the media scrutiny later, and whether I will last long if elected? I don't know, probably not.. I understand it's pretty boring whenever there's any council meeting.  At any rate I have come to a decision (already) with the support of the community in the district (Park Extension) where I am supposed to run which is one of the most densely populated by non-francophone or shall be say Quebecois. It’s about 85% immigrants that come from all over the world, which most speak English. As what’s seen and observed by those people in the community I could have a better chance the election. So, if this continues, then on September 23, 2005, I will officially declare by candidacy for the position of councilor for the district of Park Extension. From this time on until after Election Day, I will not make any more editorials in this publication. Since the slaughters of anything that’s Anglo (Bill 101), in the mid-70s Montreal was on top of everything… one of the 10 trading cities in the world, banks were centered here, the base and buying offices for all major industries in Canada. Capital city for Film, Fashion, and even have the best two universities in North America; one was even included amongst the Ivy league of fine schools but all of these were lost to Toronto. The city had gotten rid of the best of all talents and after more than 25 years when those nationalists took over and changed history, the city became the most staffed municipality in North America, which is about three quarter the size of Toronto. The only thing it produced are scammers, and yes, there are more people now engaged in the sex industry, and our gay village has expanded to at least four. Over all assessment of our economic state (?), we are practically bankrupt. The city ended up with a flea market economy. The recently announced $64 billion investment is joke. That’s not only a pipe dream but for people who don’t understand how economics work its way I think whoever gets the chair (mayor’s) have bullshitted us for the past 25 years… And, the worst part is that no one even heard openly complained… Another thing, this creation of additional 130,000 new housing units which 40,000 are subsidized is idiocy. That will turn this city into a real ghetto society, I have plenty to say but I would have to save them at the campaign. At any rate, here are my goals: Focus on the economic recovery of Montreal by giving tax breaks to property owners and entrepreneurs. Protect our environment & maintain our green-space. Protect the rights of those in need. Establish a council of elders from different ethnic communities. Support the creation of more neighborhood associations for a peaceful and harmonious community.


Are you a candidate for councilor for the city of Montreal?

I heard that you are planning to run for councilor this coming November election? I thought you hate politics? James Noviste

Answer: I am not very sure yet. We are still looking for someone to contest the seat in the Park Extension district of Montreal, and up until now no one seems to be interested as they say, they don't want to become a member of a council that most consider as the house where most idiots congregates that do nothing but cause more economic disaster for the city. I will decide within the next two weeks. And, Just incase, I get elected, I don't think I could make any difference at all and probably won't make any dent in the system. Anyway, if I were to run, here will be my goals: Focus on the economic recovery of Montreal, Make our city streets & all public areas clean, Protect our environment & maintain our green-space, Lend assistance to those in need, Establish a council of elders from the various ethnic communities, Support the creation of a neighborhood association for a peaceful and harmonious community. 9/15/05


Are you a candidate for councilor for the city of Montreal?

I heard that you are planning to run for councilor this coming November election? I thought you hate politics? James Noviste 9/10/05

Answer: I am not very sure yet. We are still looking for someone to contest the seat in the Park Extension district of Montreal, and up until now no one seems to be interested as they say, they don't want to become a member of a council that most consider as the house where most idiots congregates that do nothing but cause more economic disaster for the city. I will decide within the next two weeks. And, Just in case, I get elected, I don't think I could make any difference at all and probably won't make any dent in the system. Let's see. More later..  


Can the use of French Language in America be saved? 

Can there be any salvation for the French language in Quebec? Nero W. Bastien 8/23/05

Answer: Remember what happened in the State of Louisiana hundred years after it was sold by France to the Americans? Those in Quebec who are die hard separatists and nationalists should have learned and studied that history before they framed the strategy of protecting French as a language of exchange from becoming obsolete in America for the next 50 years. More later  


Fronting someone for the election

I heard that you are fronting someone to run for the forthcoming citywide election this coming November, is that true? If it is, why not run yourself, you’ll have so much experience to share with any government offices, city, provincial or federal. Go for it, you’ll never know you might make the difference. Jeff Saldinova 8/17/05

Answer: I am not fronting any candidates for any incoming elections, for both city and federal. What I am trying to do now is find candidates that can provide  intelligence or smartness to work the system. I cannot imagine if I become an elected official… most probably I will (only) have a heart attack. Worse than when I was very active in the Shmata business as an international trader that deals on import, export and financing with one of the largest trading companies based in Japan that every night I have to drink to enable (me) to sleep. I got so confused dealing with those professional hustlers and con men in the business where I almost lost my mind especially after I met someone named Paul… All those I met through him were all crooks and con artists. Anyway, speaking of politics, I wonder how those idiots (there) works out things without asking "Que Pasa Amigo"? The city of Montreal is about half or could be about ¾ the size of Toronto that's being managed by only 44 elected officials compared to Montreal with 218, and nothing is done because all (of them) are talking at the same time that they could hardly understand each other. So, at the end of the day… each one of those idiots must be asking each other what happened? What have we done for today? Exactly nothing! We still have the same problem as before, and that’s about 25 or 30 years successively. Actually and in reality I am not interested at all to become a politician and the bottom line is that I am much content with what I do right now. If I wanted to become one, I could have started a long time ago to learn or practice the art of lying, corruption, hypocrisy, and live a pretentious life. More later


In-coming Governor General A Separatist?  

Governor General designate Michaëlle Jean. (file photo)

It's reported on French language media that Michaëlle Jean, and her husband a Quebecois, voted for the Separatists in the last referendum, is that true? Michelle Mcbay  8/12/05

Answer: It doesn't matter now since she was appointed Governor General... that's a lot better than a journalist in the Republic of Quebec. In the first place, a group must be just jealous of the appointment that they think should have gone to a Caucasian Quebecois. Whoever they were should go on with their lives and see what this lady could do which I am sure would be very different from the outgoing Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. Here's the news:


A sovereignist publication says Canada's next governor general was sympathetic to the cause of Quebec separation. Written by novelist René Boulanger, an article in the September issue of Le Quebecois says Michaëlle Jean has been "soaking for ages in the sovereigntist atmosphere." Her husband, filmmaker Jean-Daniel Lafond, is a "declared sovereigntist," says the article.


Speak French in Quebec, and now what?

I have taken French language course but now I am still unemployed because no jobs are available for me. Where do I go to find one? Is it because I am from India? Benandra F. Sanjay 8/10/05

Answer: I don't know how I can help you find a job but I don't think it got something to do with your nationality. Since 25 years ago all jobs or positions were only available to Quebecois and statistics would back that up. They now fill 97% and only 3% are of different nationalities. So, don't expect you'd have the chance to find any from any of the government agencies. Even those children of Bill 101 can't find work and a lots of them are already out of Quebec... most settled in Ontario and other parts of the country; the talented ones are now working south of the border. Now, the best thing for you to do is either look for companies that's owned by non-francophone or immigrants because they are the only ones that hire other nationalities. By the way, the needletrade industry is the best bet for you to find one or start a business. If you are interested let me know....I will give you some tips on which business you can start provided you send me your c.v. For those business people out there maybe you could help. Send me your comments. 


80th anniversary of the A-Bomb

Should we all blame America for first use of the A-Bomb in Japan? Demetrio F. Nunez 8/06/25

Hiroshima recalls atomic bomb  

Hiroshima commemorates the moment an atomic bomb destroyed the Japanese city, 60 years ago. In pictures: Hiroshima recalled   Memories vivid in Hiroshima park

Answer: After all what the experts have said and debated, the blame should be pinned on Japan… In the first place, they should never have started the war in the Pacific. That’s exactly what’s gets into heads of those who think they are more superior compared to others. The U.S. just tried to stop them for continuing what they were doing to those they conquered. They were actually duplicating what the Germans did to the Jews. The only difference is, they did it to everyone with no prejudice. The U.S. should have executed the late Emperor Hirohito, right then when he surrendered Japan to the allies. The brutality they had shown should have never happened if they knew they were exactly equal to everyone else in the world. For whatever they did then still being felt by those they tortured, raped, experimented, murdered by skinning them alive until they died, and all of the above. But, the U.S. dropping the A-Bomb was no excuse.


Governor General of Canada From Quebec?

Is it necessary that the next Governor General of Canada should be coming from Quebec? William Maislen

Answer:  No! I understand politics plays the bigger role of the game but a former prime minister a Quebecois himself asked before "Why do they need special attention or power in order to get self confidence?" French Canadians, especially those from Quebec are much qualified to be competitive with anyone in Canada. So, why treat them like they are retarded? It's the Quebecois leaderships that are misleading their own people making them more isolated in the rest of the country. In Quebec, English speaking and other ethnic groups are treated unfairly by the system, not to mention the effect of Bill 101, the French Language Law.  Governor General should be selected from those who really can represent Canada with regal knowledge of the office, not particularly a Quebecois. But, yesterday Prime Minister Paul Martin appointed a journalist to be our new Governor General.. Read the article. Comments anyone? 8/04/05

Prime Minister Paul Martin on Thursday will officially name journalist Michaëlle Jean as Canada's next governor general. The official announcement is expected to come at 11 a.m. ET in Ottawa. Jean will be installed as Canada's 27th governor general Oct. 1. At just 48 years old, the award-winning journalist will become one of the youngest governors general ever, the third woman in the job and the first black person to call Rideau Hall home.


Governor General of Canada From Quebec?

Is it necessary that the next Governor General of Canada should be coming from Quebec? William Maislen

Answer:  No! I understand politics plays the bigger role of the game but a former prime minister a Quebecois himself asked before "Why do they need special attention or power in order to get self confidence?" French Canadians, especially those from Quebec are much qualified to be competitive with anyone in Canada. So, why treat them like they are retarded? It's the Quebecois leaderships that are misleading their own people and make them more isolated than the rest of the country. In Quebec, English speaking and other ethnic groups are treated unfairly by the system, not to mention the effect of Bill 101, the French Language Law.  Governor General should be selected from those who really can represent Canada with regal knowledge of the office, not particularly a Quebecois. 8/03/05

Montreal have more elected officials than Toronto 


How come Montreal have so many city officials elected than the more populated Toronto? Cindy Kimson

Answer:  There's only one reason to that... it take too much to understand what the others are trying to say because they could hardly understand each other. If they run the city bilingual then probably it would be much faster to talk things over. Even then things are done here 50% less than Toronto. This coming municipal election the number of officials will climb to 218, Toronto's got 44. So, what do you really care?, no one can do much here... as per statistics we have so many people on welfare or government assistance program...But mind you, we are known to be good in talking, just talking....Like the present mayors group and that of the previous one that's running again this coming election. Do you have any suggestion on how the city should be managed and politicians do it right? 7/31/05


Can't there ever be peace between Israel and Palestine? Melissa Mastroani

Answer: As long as the dollar keeps flowing on both sides  the conflict will never end. Here's the latest unedited view from an Israeli who lives there named David Bokey, received early today. 7/27/05

"Jews are not wanted dead or alive"

It is not a peace deal it is the expulsion of Jews from their homes by a government that was elected to take care of Jews...... After the Arab states achieved the ethnic cleansing of Jews from all Arab states (We both know what I am talking about from personal experience.....), now is stage two, our prime minister, who was elected, by means of illegal acts (His son Omri is on the way of being convicted due to criminal acts concerning his fathers election..!!!!!!!.....) This plan is far from achieving the all wished peace, if on the other hand, a world wide program of consent, saying we shall divide the territory into two parts, Jewish and Arab, by transferring parts of both parties between agreed boundaries then I believe peace could be achieved. What is the logic behind the expulsion of Jews from a territory that never belonged to them (There was never ever a so called Palestinian state there was Egypt and Jordan........), and on the other hand keeping Arabs and Jews together in Israel? The Arabs do not only agree on the expulsion of living Jews, but the plan is to dig out dead people from their graves........In other words "Jews are not wanted dead or alive".......... It is tragic, but the Jewish people have outlived worst situations over the history, we shall outlive Sharon..... Hope all is well in Montreal.


Can't there ever be peace between Israel and Palestine? Melissa Mastroani

Answer: As long as the dollar keeps flowing on both sides  the conflict will never end. Here's the latest unedited view from an Israeli who lives there named David Bokey, received early today. 7/26/05


"Jews are not wanted dead or alive"

It is not a peace deal it is the expulsion of Jews from their homes by a government that was elected to take care of Jews...... After the Arab states achieved the ethnic cleansing of Jews from all Arab states ( We both know what I am talking about from personal experience.....), now is stage two , our prime minister, who was elected, by means of illegal acts ( His son Omri is on the way of being convicted due to criminal acts concerning his fathers election..!!!!!!!.....) This plan is far from achieving the all wished peace , if on the other hand , a world wide program of consent , saying we shall divide the territory into two parts , Jewish and Arab, by transferring parts of both parties between  agreed boundaries then I believe peace could be achieved. What is the logic behind the expulsion of Jews from a territory that never belonged to them (There was never ever a so called Palestinian state there was Egypt and Jordan........), and on the other hand keeping Arabs and Jews together in Israel. The Arabs do not only agree to the expulsion of living Jews , but the plan is  to dig out dead people from their graves........In other words "Jews are not wanted dead or alive".......... It is tragic, but the Jewish people have outlived worst situations over the history, we shall outlive Sharon..... Hope all is well in Montreal. 


Who brought the U.S. to the war?

What made the U.S. finally decided to go to Iraq and elsewhere? Magna Simcoe

Answer: The U.S. could have never have gone to Iraq for a regime change if there were no Iraqi lobbyists in Washington who encouraged them to invade that country. This goes with so many countries in the world that's ran by dictators and warlords. They asked for it and they got it.  7/25/05


The fall of U.S. Dollar

Do you really believe that the U.S. could possibly see their mighty dollar collapse in favor of the Euro? Senen Bagtias

Answer: Well, It's easier to say when I see the forthcoming fall of the mighty dollar due to it's overvalue against other currencies. There's much that I could explain that could hardly be understood, but  if the US doesn't think of another way to protect it ...then time will prove me right.  7/21/05


What's the difference?

Everyone knows what the Nazis did, killed a lot of Jews and others probably in the millions, but what's the difference with what the U. S. did in the past and up to this time?.. If you put the numbers together, from Japan to Indochina, they (U.S. ) killed millions of them probably double or even triple  what the Germans did during the Second World War. So, what's the difference? Don Migrante 7/15/05

Answer: The difference?  It's the intend and circumstance of situation. On Japan, they (US) dropped the A-Bomb to shorten the time and number of casualty, in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, wrong advices from tops aids like that very famous Henry Kissinger now wanted in Indochina for mass murder due to carpet bombings of the area in the 70s and in Central and South America, it's all political... But, what can we do... The Americans are not bad... it's those who have the power that made them look like idiots and sadists. And in the Mid-East, it's money that those corrupt people from that area created. They (US) are usually misunderstood by the whole world including Canada, but they are neighbors and there's nothing much we can do to make the difference.


Are the (US) CIA really doing dirty works?

I've read and heard a lot of stories what the CIA did during the past 40 years, could they all be true? Cecilia Gomez 7/06/05

Answer: What can I say? They are capable of doing anything under the sun but you have not mentioned any incident or story that I could elaborate and confirm. I will write more on this subject later..


Should we leave Karla Hamolka alone?

Now that Karla Hamolka is getting out of prison after serving her time, should we all including the media leave her alone to live her life in peace? Susan Peckward 7/04/05

Answer: I agree with you that the process was applied by the Ontario court as per agreement they signed with Hamolka... We should all follow what the system as dictated.... but the media, well, there's nothing we can do if any of them continue following her around. If you have the time to read what she did with Paul Bernardo, probably you would do the same thing as the others are doing now, making her life miserable for her participation in the killings of the those three teenage kids in the 90s. But, the bottom line is, she served her time and the system should be applied on her case. Let's all leave her alone.


Does anyone in Montreal remember Louise Mauger?

Some time ago, I visited Montreal and the Hochelaga-Maisonnueve Market Place. I truly appreciate the history of Montreal. There is a statute of Louise Mauger and a plaque explaining briefly, her history, and the history of the the statute, what it represents. I believe that I am related to  Louise Mauger.Unfortunately, the plaque is now gone.` Might you know what happened to the plaque and if it is going to be replaced? Thanks, Michael Gadoua, Novato, California. P.S. My Dad was from Upstate New York, but he retired to Florida (as does everyone else). I grew up in Northern Virginia (Manassas), but have lived in Northern California for the last twenty years. Currently, I live 20 minutes north of San Francisco, and my wife’s name is Susan. 6/30/05

Answer: I have passed your inquiry to the city mayor of Montreal, it seems no one is interested to respond. So, anyone out there knows who the lady was and where the city moved the statue? Please send the info in. Thanks


Your Million Dollar Gift

Is the Tribune really serious giving gifts to anyone patronizing any of the advertisers seen on its web site? Sequia Madrid 5/29/05

Answer:  The offer is serious but please read the instruction. Advertisers are all selected and legit. There's no strings attached, just try the offer and you'll see. 


What's in a name for the Jewish People?

I met a friend who is Jewish, and when I asked if there's any relation to a prominent Jewish physician, immediately answered "none". Do you know why even with similar names they are not related to each other? I thought they had those names from biblical times and they must all have some relation with each other, Please explain. Don E. Kessington 5/23/05

Answer: I have to be very careful answering this question. It could be construed as racist and I don't want the whole Jewish federation to run after me. From what I learned, the whole thing changed since this Austrian named Adolf Hitler, instigated and inflamed hatred of the Jews to the German's in the 30s. Changing names was one of the reasons More later and I will expect that some experts on the Jewish faith provide us with some definite reply. I don't want to make a long story out of this, just a short one for those interested to know. 


What really happened with Belinda Stronach?

What's with Belinda Stronach crossing the floor to the Liberals, is that not opportunism knowing that her future with the Conservatives  was going no where? Or, it's because she had abandoned her love life with the deputy leader of the party, Peter MacKay? Sylvia E. Sims 5/21/05

Answer: It's none of the above.


Your Million Dollar Gift

Is the Tribune really serious giving gifts to anyone patronizing any of the advertisers seen on its web site? Sequia Madrid 5/29/05

Answer:  The offer is serious but please read the instruction. Advertisers are all selected and legit. There's no strings attached, just try the offer and you'll see.


What's in a name for the Jewish People

I met a friend who is Jewish, and when I asked if there's any relation to a prominent Jewish physician, immediately answered "none". Do you know why even with similar names they are not related to each other? I thought they had those names from biblical times and they must all have some relation with each other, Please explain. Don E. Kessington 5/23/05

Answer: I have to be very careful answering this question. It could be construed as racist and I don't want the whole Jewish federation to run after me. From what I learned, the whole thing changed since this Austrian named Adolf Hitler, instigated and inflamed hatred of the Jews to the German's in the 30s. Changing names was one of the reasons More later and I will expect that some experts on the Jewish faith provide us with some definite reply. I don't want to make a long story out of this, just a short one for the those interested to know.


What really happened with Belinda Stronach?

What's with Belinda Stronach crossing the floor to the Liberals, is that not opportunism knowing that her future with the Conservatives  was going no where? Or, it's because she had abandoned her love life with the deputy leader of the party, Peter MacKay? Sylvia E. Sims 5/21/05

Answer: It's none of the above. 


Damaged Liberals? No, not anymore, did you hear?  Belinda Jumped ship!

The Sponsorship Scandal is getting bigger and a mass destruction of some kind to the Liberals, so, don’t you think that Prime Minister Paul Martin should stop dancing around and call an early election instead of waiting until the Gomery Inquiry is done? Susan E. Cockshire 5/16/05

Answer: I don’t think everyone understands what’s happening here. The scandal is not just the Liberals... it’s the participants that we all have to worry about. Good thing we are not in the Republic of Quebec yet. Look at them, those clumsy con artists never thought they will be busted and 98 per cent of them are French. 


The French Language Law (Bill 101) respect human rights?

The rights of non-francophone in Quebec are observed within the law of Quebec.  Anyone wanting to be served in English, are always given attention from all government offices in Quebec. So that's the problem?  Since French is the majority, all it's wishes should be respected.  Marie Antonette M.Milgram 5/11/05

Answer: You must be one of those that were conveniently converted to behaving exactly what the French hardliners are dreaming, to join them on their quest for independence. But will that ever happen?.. I doubt it. 


Surviving Without French

I just arrived in Canada, and decided to stay in Montreal, but the problem is, can I economically survive without learning how to speak or understand French? Mika S. Subsbrinski 5/10/05

Answer:  Yes, you could.. but depending on what you want to do.. If you want to work with any of the government offices or become part of any of the syndicated professional groups that control membership then you are in trouble but there are lots of things you can do. Montreal is not all French... there are those die hard sympathetic Anglophones that are still in business who will for sure give you a job.


Quebec Nation

Is it going to happen that if Quebec becomes independent it will generate at least 14 billion dollar surplus? Agnes W. Simpresina 5/08/05

The only people who would believe the surplus are idiots.  That idea or stupid theory must be coming from those desperate men who are married to very desperate housewives.. Again, as I was saying before, people in Quebec are more educated now than back in the 70s. Everything has changed already. Common people are able to own home computers which give them access to worldwide internet, and that's big time education by itself. Most of those that followed the Separatists found reality through the internet all the information that they had been missing during all those years that the leaders of the movement denied them to know. Bernard Landry and his boys should stop bullshitting and end the status quo that we have been put in position since the first PQ win in '76. The Stupid Law (Bill 22 and Bill 101) as it had been addressed by the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau turned Quebec into a welfare state. But, who really want to live in the Republic of Quebec? 


Liberal-NDP Coalition

The number doesn't show that this alliance could possibly work beating the non-confidence vote that will be tabled by Stephen Harper's Conservatives shaking hands with the Quebec Separatists' Bloc Quebecois, so what's the waste of time for Paul Martin doing this instead of calling an immediate election? Nelson Maroodin 4/27/05

Answer: There's a big chance the non confidence vote won't succeed. The Conservatives and Bloc Québécois would have 153 votes, but two Conservative MPs Darrel Stinson and David Chatters are very sick with cancer and may not be able to show up for the vote. Stephen Harper is not that idiot to drag the two from their hospital beds to the parliament just to bring down Paul Martin's government.  Probably he could wait for his turn in due time, if not, he will gain no sympathy from the rest of us. So, 151 for the Conservatives,  Liberals 132 + 19 NDPs = 151, that would tie the number without counting the independents.  A vote from the Speaker, Liberal Peter Milliken, will brake the tie. If that will be the scenario then the three Independents are not going to be that important anymore. Of course it's a plus that former Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish say's she will be voting to support the Liberals because she believes Canadians don't want to head to the polls any time soon. The two others doesn't matter anymore.


American Imperialism? 

Why are they (the Americans) always getting into Wars? Have we (Canadians) ever joined them in any of the wars they started? Melissa F. Mendelsohn 4/26/05

Answer: Not counting the wars in Europe, which they didn't start Canadians sent troops to the Korean War but that's all. We were never in Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos or anywhere surrounding the area, including the ones in Central or South America. If ever Canadian presence were seen in the area it could have been totally humanitarian in nature. Anyone who question their intent usually get himself miraculously disappear, or locked up. Look, just compare how arrogant those with authorities are, compare them to our customs and immigration, they greet anyone with a growl. Never mind what they say, most of them are really very insulting. While Canadians always say.. "Welcome...Is there anything we can do for you?" As to why they are always getting into war? Ask CNN and Fox TV, they have all the talents that can answer the question. I don't understands the Americans either, and that's really sad because six of my siblings are Americans..


Are there Filipino Jews?

I am a trader that travel frequently to Asia, particularly from Hong Kong, Lower China, Indonesia to Philippines. Would you know why of all places there are plenty of Jews in Manila? Mike W. Snyderman 4/24/05

Answer:  Yes, there are lots of them there and in fact there are Filipino Jews. There were no Jews before in the 7,200-island Republic of the Philippines (a US commonwealth then) before Adolf Hitler start rounding them up from the mid 30’s, to the time he became absolute ruler of Germany. In that era of the 36 to 39, no country around the world would accept the escaping Jews from Hitler. But, when three ships loaded with more than 1,000 European Jews passed by Manila, they were so surprised they were welcomed with smiling and happy Filipino faces without question and offered them sanctuary with the blessing of their president at that time. The Jews were not asked a penny bribe to stay. During their stay some intermarriage with the locals and some chose to stay. After the war, about half left for the US and the others spread to Europe and South America. Strangely enough, the State of Israel never thank those poor Filipinos for their hospitality at the time when they need human compassion, probably they are too afraid it could cost them a dime. Shame, Shame, Shame. To know more about the story, an American Jew authored the journey titled “Escape to Manila”. 


Last Dance of Paul Martin

The partnership of Stephen Harper (Conservatives) and Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Quebecois) could possibly bring down the government of Paul Martin, but if the NDP joins a a coalition with the Liberals, the call for non confidence vote won't materialize, isn't it? Donna Martial 4/23/05

Answer: The way the number shows, most probably it won't survive. In total, both have only 150 (Liberals 131, NDP 19) against the Conservatives' and the Bloc's 153. There are three independents, two of whom are sick and cannot even travel to the Parliament to vote. So, I think the Liberals should never waste time and start campaigning now.  On the other hand, Martin doesn't have to call an election, pass the government to Stephen Harper, see what he'd do as prime minister. The luckiest of them all is the present Minister of Foreign Affairs Pierre Pettigrew, I don't think he is running again, his next goal is to become president or chairman of the Organization of American States (OAS), and it's almost certain that he will be elected because Canada never held that position since the formation of the group.


The National Democratic Party instead?

Whom shall we pick now?  The Conservatives will force an election anytime now...I thought of working for the NDP, if not, just vote for them which I think  about time they get the chance to run the government.  Do you think they have the chance? Ada Symanook 4/21/05

Answer: The NDP is too radical and closely identified with labor unions, and they are untested federally speaking. Somehow, they can start as the official opposition party but that's almost impossible at this time. I think maintaining the Liberals is the best that we can do for now. After all, the man heading party is not as politically vicious as the other leaders, except for NDP's Mr. Jack Layton. Maybe, Mr. Martin should reorganize his backroom boys structure. From the very beginning whoever is running the show has been making a lot of mistakes. Well, about the Conservatives headed by Stephen Harper running the government? Just think of Brian Mulroney when he was in power, who starred in the long running show  titled " Honey I Screwed Up A Country."


Why Foreign Graduates of the U.S. Military College become dictators?

According to news reports that most foreign graduates of U.S. Military Schools becomes dictators, why? Simion Saint Andre 4/20/05

Answer: I must have read this news but that was about ten years ago. A lot of the graduates were from Central and South America, where the system is based from the republican form of government of the U.S. which is too advance for them to follow. It took the Americans more than a hundred years to get it working, which is not possible to for any country to successfully adapt.  Look what happened in the Pacific Rim countries like Indonesia and the Philippines, they are still figuring out how the system could work unlike Singapore, Malaysia, and the neighboring areas that adapted the British parliamentary system, which developed a more disciplined society that turned to become economically productive.


Paying debt too much for Japan?

Did Japan already pay too much for its stupidity committed that started World War Two in the Far East? Melene Mitshook 4/19/05

Answer: The Germans may have excuses, including being led by an Austrian, who used them to hate the Jews, but with Japan, it’s them, themselves headed by Emperor Hirohito who raped the Far East of its innocence, and they should think about that for another century if they are lucky it’s forgotten. Although lots have changed...can Japan do the same as they did before? Who knows? I think there will be more wars coming from difference parts of the globe and slaughtering of mankind is not going to end until we are gone to nothingness.


If election is called

Polls shows Stephen Harper's party ahead, much ahead of the Liberals, so the Conservatives must be in the job?  Susan Massgrove 4/18/05

Answer: That's what the polls showed before last election. Let's wait until the hot steam evaporates after the Sponsorship Scandal hearing. I am sure most would prefer Paul Martin's government. 


The Garment Biz

Will the garment business in Montreal fade away? Toni Mascarra 4/17/05

Answer: No. It will still survive despite the free quota for both textile and ready made garment entry from the Developing Countries. All the industry need now is government assistance administered by competent experienced people who knows the trade. 


Liberals, Conservatives, what's the difference? 

If there's any changed in government would that stop corruption? Symia Cortes 4/14/05

Answer: No! Are you kidding? In politics, capital is needed, most importantly, money… No one gives money away for nothing…and politicians after they are elected have to pay. No law can stop corruption and will stay with our system forever. As one Quebecois named March Hamel of Laval, Quebec say, if there's another election we should maintain Paul Martin, rather than switch to Stephen Harper's conservatives and accordingly, most of them are not happy with the Sponsorship Scandal  because the major players were Quebecois themselves, staining the reputation of the people of Quebec in the federation. Talking about Bernard Landry's Separatists Party, they are not going to earn anything from the scandal. 


Nigerian Money Transfer Scam – New Scheme

I received a business proposition from a South African company through an Oriental website based in China, called, where I am a member for the past three years. The company, who claimed to be exporting cocoa, rubber, timber and cashew nuts to North America and Europe offered that I become their representative and all I have to is receive checks that will be coming from their customers, 10% of which I could keep. Is this legit? If not, should I notify the RCMP or police in my area so they will be aware of this new scheme? I am forwarding copies of e-mail exchanges between their company and myself for you to understand what how it started. Mar Langlois 4/12/05

Answer: Why would they need you? ...they could collect payments themselves. You are dealing with scam artists. If you agree with their proposition, you will be used as one of their collection centers where your name will become part of their operation. Sooner or later, the authorities will be knocking at your door because victims of this very famous Nigerian Money Transfer scam will be submitting your name as one of those that received their checks. Read on how these con artists operate this money transfer game by clicking this link  SCHEMES, SCAMS AND SCOUNDRELS. You can furnish the authorities the e-mails that were sent to you but that’s all what you can do because there are thousands of people like you that were already contacted by this company. Next time be careful about offers even those that comes through legit business sites especially when the offer is something that sounds too good to be true, and stop dreaming becoming rich overnight, just drop the offer.


More Arming of Canada's Military

Is it necessary to modernize Canada's Military? Aida Kaspisian Gagnon  4/11/05

 Answer: Yes, but not to the extent of what the U.S. have been asking our government. What's important is we have an army ready and well equipped to protect our borders, and do peacekeeping works around the world. But, to join the US to war anyone that doesn't conform to their ideas and system of governmental policies is a misnomer and not practical to other mentalities. That's probably the primary reason why Canada hasn't shown interest for the past hundred years to be  part of the Union that hasn't hatched up to totally becoming civilized. Just look at the way those with powers talk, they think we are all idiots here. While a great majority of Americans (about 95%) are very peaceful, and kind people who could use their power to stop their leaders for being vicious to other people around the world, probably would make the difference.


Leave Iraq Alone?

Now that Iraq have their own elected government, should the U.S. Military leave? Pete Saint-Paul 4/10/05

Answer: No! It will take a while before everything is established. How long? I don't know. But, they should be there until the Iraqis are accustomed to democratic system, and it will take sometime to change that. Otherwise, it's back to dictatorship and anarchy.


Should the Conservatives take over?

With the Sponsorship Scandal, are we not better off with the Conservatives running the government instead? Mary San Agustin 4/08/05

Answer: You are kidding... why not the NDP instead? I would stay with the Liberal government of Paul Martin. He is a good man and an honest politician. There's no way Canadians would bring back the party once headed by Brian Mulroney, not for now. This scandal  is far too small compared to Mulroney's time, according to  Stevie Cameron's Book 'On The Take". Just imagine if those millions were thrown towards companies that  are in need of  financing, it could have created a lot of jobs for the thousands that are looking for work.


Thanks goodness, we are not in the Republic of Quebec yet!

How could such a scandal happened in Quebec based from Jean Brault's testimony, the former president of the advertising company that got tons of money from the Liberal Government of former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien?  Joe McMillan 4/08/05

Answer: Thanks goodness the separatists didn’t succeed forming the Republic of Quebec back in the 80s, otherwise we could be in the Third Country category by now. What happened in the scandal is only icing on the cake of corruption if we have already bolted from the present federal system of government. I think this is what you call 'exclusivity of corruption'? "Where art thou children of Bill 101"? It clearly showed that the crooks took advantage of the innocence of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien. And, in Quebec it's my observation for the past 25 years... the screwing was confined just amongst themselves. How lucky this Brian Mulroney, he outsmarted them all didn't he?


Quota On China Textile and Garment

Should Canada follow the US and EU's plans to re-impose Quota on Chinese textile and garment? Edwin Gagnon 4/07/05

Answer: I don't think so. It was lifted before and the government should find another way of finding a solution to at least protect our production, which has been dying since the early 90s.  They (government) should inquire from experienced people in the Shmata Business to help them out..


The Vatican's Cardinals

How come they are called Cardinals? Laura Singson 4/06/05

Answer: When the Roman Empire turned to become followers of the man they killed (Jesus Christ) centuries after.. they changed the title of their emperor to pope, so along with that the senators were called cardinals. The Archbishops are supposed to be leaders of a territory and their bishops are the governors. That's the time when the Romans started to lose the war against anyone, so they instead used religion as their way of facing their enemies. Academics, historians or experts will probably put me into more debate about the Catholic Church organization but I don't have the time to waste. To make sure you understand my answer, check it out with any of the (web) search engines and type Roman Empire or Roman Catholic. The good thing about the church is that... it turned itself to promoting peace instead of war unlike other established religions. That's all what I can say.


The Pope

Is it really (that) important the world should know who would be the next Pope? Serena McKenzie 4/4/05

Answer: Yes, very much so.  It’s all politics especially in the Vatican.  Don’t you know that The Pope is the most powerful man in the world that controls more than half the economy of the world? Come to think about it, the Catholic Church have almost everything that moves around. They are involved in all industries, directly or indirectly which translate to political power. Yes, until today whoever wants to be a leader have to make sure that he's seen with the leaders of the Catholic Church especially that of the Pope. The election of the new Pope probably will have to be coming from one of those that Pope Paul II appointed Cardinals during his 26 years reign. 


City gas pump price passes $1

How come gasoline is more expensive here than the U.S.? Mallou Bingrasingh 4/03/05

Answer: It’s the taxes from both federal and provincial governments that make it always higher than the Americans


More on Bill 101 – Quebec French Language Mandatory Law

Will this Bill 101 ever succeed on it's aim to change Quebec completely to make it a homogeneous French society? Allan Wolfgang Patenaude 4/01/05

Answer: Only if Quebec is situated further south next to Mexico or Central or South America, like Brazil. For the past 25 years since implementation of the Bill (101) which actually was born out of Bill 22, enacted under the Provincial Liberal government of then Premier Robert Bourassa, it didn't do much but only to suppress the English minority of the province, where they are deprived of equality on all government services including employment. Economically, It’s a disaster. Soon as the law took effect mass exodus of valuable executives and business entrepreneurs…educated and experienced, started to move to Toronto, other parts of the country, the United States and as far as the Orient. More than 50% of our talents got wiped out for good. Children of Bill 101 as Quebecois Separatist Leader Bernard Landry calls them didn’t proved to be a probable matched at all. But there’s something that proved otherwise, the English speaking gained more than those who were forced to learn French, most of whom are also all contemplating of getting out for good as there’s nothing yet at this time challenging for them to do in the province. You could read more of what I wrote just scroll down t find it. To know more about this law read Bill 101: Language Laws in Quebec



My question is much different from all those that I read from your column but my girlfriend insist that I write to you anyway. I have just finished high school and don't intend to continue college because I already got a job in construction that paid averaging higher than those with college or university diplomas, and later once I have enough savings I will build my own company that probably within the next five years. Do you think my decision matters in the future? Michael DeAngelo 3/30/05

Answer:  You got to continue school even part time... It's important that you get yourself a university diploma. Since you are in construction, you may as well take engineering courses. Depending on your capability and discipline which is not enough with a high school education, it’s going to be hard continuing to college or higher education because with the job you have that pays well there’s almost no chance for you to sacrifice and most probably you will stay in that manual work until you retire. Speaking of going to business, well, unless, you learn the savvy way of getting yourself started as a subcontractor if given opportunity from the well established construction companies then you could succeed but don’t count your blessings, it’s not going to happen. Surviving business in Quebec is almost impossible… so, if your dream is to go further in life, then get out… There’s almost nothing here that awaits you. If you intend to stay here, then listen to your girlfriend “get a diploma” no matter what it takes, just in case you are done in construction you’ll have a chance to work with the bureaucratic system of the federal, provincial, and city governments. If you are good in bullshitting people, then run for political office. If you win, your girlfriend who probably will become your wife will be very proud of you. Good luck!


Free Speech

Do we have more freedom of speech here in Canada than the U.S.? Timothy Sideburn 3/29/05

Answer: No. There are so many thing that we cannot say here than our neighbor down south. 


Lebanese Jew?

I have never heard of  any Lebanese Jew... Aren't there really Jews of Lebanese descent? Myra Billingsly 3/28/05

Answer: No, there's none because Lebanon used to be and still considered a province of Syria (by the Syrians). Jews in Lebanon are more or less called Syrian Jews. No pun intended..


Canada's Immigration On Nanny Program

Should the government re-examine our nanny immigration system or just cut it off entirely? Cynthia Mantis 3/27/05

Answer: Yes, it should be re-examined because I talked and interviewed dozens of those that had passed through this program for the past three years. You will be surprised of what I learned. The system was designed to aid the lack of Canadians or residents that are willing to work as housekeepers, nannies, or caregivers, that most would rather stay home and collect welfare checks instead of taking the jobs themselves. When the program started so as thousands of opportunists or scam artists and con men were born (at the same time), taking advantage of the susceptibility of people from the Developing Countries to sign up those who are desperately looking for better economic change. Immediately hundreds of schools especially in the Philippines mushroomed for the sole purpose of giving lessons on housekeeping and caregiving that the program requires for every candidate to take before qualifying for sponsorship. Recruiting agencies from Canada and those from the Third Countries started to look for desperate applicants that were charged exorbitant fees ranging from $3,000 to $10,000, to find sponsors who are in need of housekeepers and caregivers. Most of those who entered Canada, under the system found how easy it was to do what the employment agencies where doing. They themselves got into business competing with the agencies finding work for people back home, including finding bogus employers…copying what agencies were doing who were bribed to sign contracts to bring in the workers. Last year someone from the immigration office wondered why there are more contract workers that got in more than those actually needed the service. In major cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal you’d find lots of them illegally staying with expired contract from bogus employers. Very few out of the thousands under the program made any complaint, except for those who are looking for attention. All contract workers that got into the country have been told that Canada don’t tolerate abuse of any kind especially those working as housekeepers or caregivers. There’s no need for our government to start a commission of inquiry on the alleged abuse on those who are not content to wait for the two-year contract they signed to end. If there’s any abuse at all those contract workers could easily call the authorities, if it’s physical the police are ready to help them out, if ifs about their contracts they can go to any immigration office. There’s no consequence that could ever happen to them if they complain. Authorities here don’t deport anyone that’s being abused, period. Canadians are (well) civilized people compared to any countries around the world. If there’s any complaint out there then send them to me. My best advise to prospective immigrants go to the nearest Canadian Consulate in your area, file an application and wait… Canada needs a lot of immigrants of different professions and skills, including dummies for the next ten years… We are actually under populated. Imagine, for the past 34 years, we only added about 8 million compared to the U.S. with about 130 million. For more information about immigration policy write to Mr. Robert Gervais, Senior Advisor and Spokesman for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Quebec Region, 715 Peel Street, 3rd Floor, Montreal, Quebec, H3C 4H6, Tel (514) 283-0828, Fax (514) 283-7583


The Terri Schiavo Case

What’s your stance on the Terri Schiavo Story? Ernest Terribio 3/26/05

Answer: I just don’t understand why it came all the way to this point. That should have been settled long time ago. All what the stupid husband could have done is turn over Terri to her parents who begged the idiot to let them take care of her.  I am pro life and a pacifist.. that's why I live here. But, what can you do... everything is complicated down south. 


Continuing Civilization?

What are you saying "The Process of Continuing Civilization Goes On" ? , do you mean the U.S. hasn't evolved that much? James McKenroy 3/25/05

Answer: I don't mean anything derogatory against our neighbors down south. I am sure almost about everyone there will be upset of what I wrote, but look at both countries' history. In Canada, there's no stoppage or intervention of the process for the past almost two hundred years. Canada's system hasn't changed.. it just went on. I will explain more later. But remember the US is like a school fraternity, once accepted they all become one but the only thing different is that color still separates them amongst themselves, but they will fight together, the mentality left by the revolution of 1786, became the norm.


Immigration Control in Canada

As statistics shows immigrants within another 20 years becomes the visible majority in Canada but it also indicated that most of them comes from Asia. If this trend continues then by that time our system may change to something that we all could regret? What can the government do to make sure that immigration is balanced so our system stay untouched? Shawn Bellinski 3/24/05

Answer: Our system is not going to change. The process of continuing civilization goes on. I have answered a question like this a year ago. Check the link but I will add more on how Canada can make certain that immigration is not concentrated (coming) from the countries mentioned in your original e-mail. 


The Oil Price

Do you have any input on the skyrocketing price of oil? Dante Tan 3/23/05

Answer:  Blame free enterprise. Oil is a commodity that’s traded daily by the Americans and other Western entrepreneurs and companies centered in the US. The principle of economics kicks in the process, the law of supply and demand. China’s emerging huge production and market economy is part of the problem. 


Duty & Quota Free On Imported Textile and Apparel 

How come you haven't posted the article on this subject?

Answer: Part of the answers are found by clicking the Shmata Business section. Although the Duty had been waved it's replaced with the GST. Now on the Free Quota, well, the government just followed what it promised years ago to help Developing Countries goods enter Canada without prejudice. On how the garment industry could be saved from becoming history?, I will leave that to the industry people to figure out what can be done., they are the wise guys. The government, both federal and provincial gave up helping or assisting with billions of dollars for the past two decades, why? It is said that the trade is saturated with crooks. Will I explain this further? No.. It's just a waste of my time... we just have to live on with what we have and export the multi talented people in the industry to try their lucks in the U.S. or EU. For sure there are lots of companies there that would need their expertise. Hong Kong or China already got  about 10% of them. 3/22/05


Buying Direct Offshore, good or bad?

Answer: There's a saying in marketing that if you kill the messenger then who will deliver the message? Decades ago I used to sell and service most of the major textile, and garment importers including department stores in Canada and the U.S. I had gave them deals that no one could ever offer. Our company made tons of money due to volume of business that filed up through the years. My service made everyone happy... all processing and activities until goods are delivered to buyers were under my total control, which kept all of them pleased and content. Those that I sold to including the crooks are now doing the job I used to do, but of course they cannot possibly duplicate what I did because they will never have the trust I built with the suppliers who had allowed me to decide which of my clients gets unsecured credit lines that sometime gives them half a year to pay. I had automated my system that because of volume and less expense the price I quote was always 25% less than my nearest competitor. But what can I say, most importers including department stores are convinced by their merchandisers and buyers that its advantageous for them to go direct which actually doesn't mean 'cheaper buy'. It's because they want to travel three times a year, and enjoy the luxury of being treated special by the supplier plus collecting their own commissions. You'll be surprised to know that most of them are crooks too. But what they don't know, suppliers don't like most of them. To keep knowing more the importance of maintaining buying agents click the above link and scroll down to see the other things I wrote about this subject or click the Shmata Business section to read more about imports. 3/23/05


Duty & Quota Free On Imported Textile and Apparel 

How come you haven't posted the article on this subject?

Answer: Part of the answers are found by clicking the Shmata Business section. The rest or complete reply will be out later today or tomorrow.  I am only waiting for a TV station (part of the CTV network) to come out with a special report I was told they already started to putting together.



Have you ever heard of loans given to business entrepreneurs handed before or after federal elections? Sylvie McDougal 3/16/05

Answer: Yes, it's in the billions of dollars over four prime ministers. Accordingly, less that 10% were paid back. That shows that we have so many incompetent bureaucrats and politicians who are do not doing their jobs very well. Aside from those who took off without paying back their loans, I will explain later who else scammed the programs. 


North American Economic Union?

What's this news about the U.S. working on the formation of economic union with Mexico and Canada? Is this true and would it be viable to exist without prejudice? Mel Biancolin 3/15/05

Answer: Scroll down,  I have answered this before but that's without Mexico.


Democratic Mid-East 

President Bush's Democracy Spread In the Mid-East, is it going to work? Daniel Mikerman 3/14/05

Answer: Hardly... (eventually)...but not in his life time...I have said lot's already from previous question,  please  scroll down to find the article.



Why Developing Countries Not Developing? And, do you know why they are called Third World? Stewart Mandel 3/13/05

Answer: Because their leaders and those who are in positions won't allow to change the system. I guess they are stuck in that structure for a very long time. About  the second question;  in the 50s China was called by the U.S. the second country and the rest poor or undeveloped countries were designated Third World. I have answered these questions before, scroll down and you'll find what I had written before.



Who’s fault would it be if the U.S. currency falls? Mitchie Gatner 3/12/05

Answer: What do you think? The Americans themselves... for hiring a genius economist to lie and pleased the last three presidents. First, the greenback is overflowing all over the world held by every war lord, dictators, and banks around the world, but that’s fine until the arrival of the Euro, that could possibly replace the dollar as the world medium of exchange… the  “international currency”.  I don’t know when it will happen but the Americans should invent measures or pray for miracle that those that are hoarding the dollar stick their faith on it… keep believing “In God We Trust”. More on this subject, click the above link.



I think you are wrong when you say China is not going to maintain it's economic success, do you still stay with your theory? Santos McGuirre 3/11/05

Answer: Yes, not unless they adapt to democratic principles like the one they have in Taiwan, which I think heading that way.



Is it not about time that Canada or Quebec allow the Islamic Legal Code (Sharia Law) practice by Muslims in solving their own family problems? Muhammad Ansari 3/11/05

Answer: Are you kidding? Even if it’s allowed it won’t work…especially their control of women and children because everyone here have equal rights…including gays and lesbians. To allow the Muslims their own separate laws would encourage others to follow. We have enough laws here and I don’t think we need more problems other than our own politicians who are giving us a lot of headaches



You did not completely answer about the question I sent last week. Here's the question again. Is our neighbor down south really out of control since George W. Bush got elected? George Wingstein 3/06/05

Answer: Sorry, I will try to finish it later today. I was busy writing another article



Will Prime Minister Paul Martin survive another year without having another federal election? Martin Masscott 3/09/05

Answer: Sure, he will. I think he's learning to balance his act between the three other parties which doesn't have anything in common.


Prosecution of American Soldiers In Iraq

Should the U.S. have to prosecute any of their soldiers that had committed unnecessary killings in Iraq? David Shangral 3/08/05 

Answer: No...War is war.... There's no such thing that's called 'gentle war'.  It's their life they have to protect or else they are all blown to pieces.  If anyone wants to accuse someone of any crimes the soldiers committed then they should look for whoever sent them there. The procedure they used in Vietnam should also be applied on the Iraq war. Remember the Mi Lai Massacre? Do I have to say more?


Is our neighbor down south really out of control since George W. Bush got elected? George Wingstein 3/06/05

Answer: Oh boy! Are they really out of control! It's been so many decades ago that they were told by leaders around the world to settle the Mid-East Conflict as soon as possible. Agreements after agreements they spiced it up with the green buck, that's in the billions given in advance and annual maintenance, which until now are still flowing. So, like Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak, after Sadat was assassinated stayed enjoying the green bucks as it flows... and Israel? Well, it gets a third more and used it to kill more so as the Palestinians who received almost the same amount that made it's late leader Yasser Arafat one of the richest men in the Middle East. More later...I have just started to explain why the U.S. is in big trouble now and could be facing more in the years to come. Despite the countless opinion writers political or economics in the U.S. and Canada or around the world, it looks many will disagree with my views on the situation.


So what if Canada is not part of US Missile Defense Program?

Is there any danger if we don't support the American Missile Defense Program? Hugh Instinger 3/05/05

Answer: No. We don't have to do anything and as former Prime Minister Joe Clark was saying, the US hasn't shown (us) it's complete plan. Anyway, which country is going to attack Canada? The world knows we are not to war anyone. Again, American democracy is only good for themselves. Just look (at) what happened to those who adapted the system from the Pacific to Central and South America.


Taiwan’s Independence from China

Should China Take Taiwan Back No Matter What? Miguel Saint Maurice 304/05

 Answer: No, not for now. China's system is not as steady as Taiwan. Maybe, in 25 years when it adapts Taiwanese form of government that matched with total capitalism. Anti-secession law rattles Taiwan


 Is it time for Canada and the US copy the Euro Economic System? Jaime Sutton 3/03/05

Answer: The U.S. have been doing lots of tricks in getting Canada into agreeing to form this union but it's a lot better to maintain our position of independence. It's too much of a liability to do so. Look at the result of the Free Trade Agreement, we almost went bankrupt, thanks to our rich natural resources, oil, diamond, forestry, uranium, etc., more than enough to support our population of 32 million. Beside, we are very socialists here which the US doesn't like, and Canada is not going to change that.


Offshore Production: Is Direct Buying Good For Importers or Retail Stores?

I read your column recently regarding offshore production where you highly suggested that importers or retail stores should always use agents where they are buying there goods from, in this case the makers or manufacturers. I have done that before but I changed doing it and decided to work directly together with my merchandisers, because I found out that it’s faster, and we are able (to) directly negotiate the price we wanted to pay. We are happy the way it is now not until you really can prove we are wrong. Are you still sticking with your suggestion? Sam Feldman, importer, Toronto 3/01/05

Answer: The question that you have to ask yourself is, whether your operation is bigger now than before? If so, you are just very lucky that still have customers that buys from you. Sooner or later you’ll be out of business, just wait, it’s not far from now. But, all put together didn't you notice that a lot of those who did the same thing (have) already closed down long time ago?  You have stepped back in time when marketing was not in the book yet. I have just recently answered the same question from someone in Montreal who didn't follow my advice and look where he is now? Out of business! The stores he was dealing business (with) went directly to his manufacturers that eventually wiped him and the others out of circulation.

 Make sure you remember what I will be explaining once again on why using an agent could save importers lots of money and time, plus the ability to network with other offshore buyers from other importers and buyers not covering your market area or territory, which no one even experienced trader or school could teach you, and it’s free. Remember the agents are just agents, don’t use them as inspection people, this belongs to independent agencies like the world famous SGS based from Geneva, Switzerland, but you don’t have to confine yourself with this agency alone, there are lots of them just make sure the one you will be dealing with have an office or affiliated with someone in Canada. Make sure your relationship with your designated agent is strong and trusting. Depending on the amount of import you have the agent should get paid at least 3% of the total import, say if it’s $2 million, it should be about $60,000 annually, if you are doing more than that then you should offer the base of $60,000 plus 1 or 2% from the net cost of the goods which is the FOB value. Now, based on what you have done before, I am sure you spent more than the approximate computation that I just made. Consider the money you spent on flying back and forth with your merchandisers to the area plus hotel accommodations probably this alone would be more than the estimation I made. Okay then, ask your agent to see if there’s any possibility that he could convince the suppliers to give you some kind of credit line. Usually, credit lines are insurable with the local banks or financing companies around the area but of course again they base their approval from your previous record but since you are in the business for more than  ten years if I am not mistaken, and didn’t screw up anyone then you are in business. With this king of arrangement, you could offer your goods to your buyers cheaper and ahead from your competitions. Don’t worry about those stores that are doing direct buying, offer them your goods which is going to be cheaper than what they are getting now. Buying from you will save them all the hassles of maintaining under-qualified merchandisers, designers, etc., the suppliers can provide this service which is already included with the price of goods. The only thing that you have to is sit tight and run your operation from where you are based. So, if you think you need more information please don’t hesitate to let me know and good luck. There are more things that I have to say but I think that’s enough for someone like you who have done this business for the last ten years. By the way, negotiate you buying and open your L/Cs in Canadian dollars instead of the US, that alone will save you at least 5%, and that’s about 20 cents on landed cost.


A Tsunami Question on Japan

Was Japan showing off when without wasting time pledged half a billion dollar to Indonesia, way ahead from other countries? Therese Capillon 2/28/05

Answer: Japan did it because it's their best friend in Asia. Indonesia has been an ally of Japan for a very long time. When World War 11 broke, Japan, just walked right in without a problem… welcomed as liberators from the Whites (Dutch). Lots of Indonesians were drafted to the Imperial Army, serving with the Koreans and Taiwanese. If you go to Indonesia, you’d find a lot of Japanese residing throughout the country where they are adored and respected unlike in other areas like the Philippines where they are often kidnapped, and relationship is based on economics quite different  with Indonesia. I am sure lots of supposedly genius academics, politicians and historians may argue with me but that’s what I know.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper?

Do you think Conservative Leader Stephen Harper would someday become Canada's prime minister? Oslo Mingay 2/27/05

Answer: They way he's acting now the conservatives deserves better... They should call back Preston Manning from his retirement... or look for someone else credible...



I accompanied a Chinese business associate here in China to our (Canadian) Consulate in Shanghai to assist in securing a visitors visa for him to enter Canada, but had an unpleasant reception from one of the Canadian consuls named John Burroughs, who had shown bad attitude when dealing with his fellow citizen.  I was not trying to use any influence in obtaining the visa for my associate, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s granted or not. It's the way the consul handled the situation when I tried to talk to him. Are these people in the Foreign Service not trained on how to act politely when their own people visits our embassy or consulates overseas? From a Canadian businessman residing in Nanjing, China

Answer: You have sent me four e-mails and I tried very much to understand exactly what the consul did to you. You hardly mentioned what transpired between you and the consul but I guess you were expecting something better when the consul explained how visas are processed before they are issued. I would guess you wanted him to take your word that your friend is a legitimate businessman and would not overstay his visa or do something stupid once in Canada. And, when he didn’t take your word for it and insisted that your friend still have to wait for let’s say two weeks for the visa to be issued, you really got irritated and pissed off because you were expecting (that) it’s issued (visa) that very day based on your word and assurance. What you should have done was prepared a statement saying that you know your associate for a certain number of years, or more or less a signed letter of introduction that would have been attached to your Chinese friend’s visa application. That’s it… as you may have noticed the consulate is equipped with a bunch of Chinese assistants who would have assisted your friend without a problem. You must heard of the scam that’s been going on for so many years that people in Asia are willing to pay as much as $10,000 for a visa entry, and to what I understand some Chinese syndicates are charging as much as $30,000. And do you think you can never be suspected of doing the same scheme because you happened to be a legit Canadian businessman? No, there’s no exception not unless those guys at the consulates knows you from before. And, yes, a lot of these people in the Foreign Service have bad attitude when they are assigned overseas. They are not politicians… they are career civil service workers and the only consolation they get is when they are assigned abroad especially in developing countries where they are treated very special. Actually, most have attitude that sucks and probably need reality checks every six months. 



You have said in an interview back about 12 years ago that China is going to emerge as an economic giant which is just exactly happening now, would that come to something that the world could be regretting later on? Seymour Johnson 2/20/05 - China's Thriving New Economy

Answer: If only everyone who are interested in economics and politics especially those students and scholars they should read China's history and they will find out the country was once before (repeatedly) an economic and political power of the world...long before and after America was discovered, but somehow due to internal and foreign interventions it went back to start all over again. Now, as I said previously their present governmental system doesn't seem to equate with capitalism and in the long run (it) would suffer the same fate as history dictates. 


What's this "Notwithstanding Clause" doing in Canada's Constitution?

The "notwithstanding clause" refers to section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms set forth in Part I of the Constitution Act of 1982. It reads as follows:

"33. (1) Parliament or the legislature of a province may expressly declare in an Act of Parliament or of the legislature, as the case may be, that the Act or a provision thereof shall operate notwithstanding a provision included in section 2 or section 7 to 15 of this Charter.
(2) An Act or a provision of an Act in respect of which a declaration made under this section is in effect shall have such operation as it would have but for the provision of this Charter referred to in the declaration. (3) A declaration made under subsection (1) shall cease to have effect five years after it comes into force or on such earlier date as may be specified in the declaration. (4) Parliament or the legislature of a province may re-enact a declaration made under subsection (1).
(5) Subsection (3) applies in respect of re-enactment made under subsection (4)" The notwithstanding clause” refers to section 33 pf the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms set forth in part 1 of the Constitution Act of 1982

In a simple explanation, a legislature (from any of the provinces) may override (declare an Act notwithstanding) sections 2 and 7-15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for a period of 5 years. This essentially gives parliament, the power to override the constitution by simple majority vote. And, simply that’s not easily going to happen without political repercussion.

How come this clause "Notwithstanding" was incorporated in the Constitution of 1982? Because of Quebec's indifference on how it should be treated as distinct society within the dominion, and other blah, blah, blah... and the signing was already scheduled for the Queen to witness at that time. Imagine, every province have the right to veto anything passed through the parliament including the Rights of the English-speaking residents of Quebec, when it they were denied equal rights to service in all government offices throughout the province. The “clause” contravened with the main Charter of Rights and Freedom for all Canadians, but it seems nothing had been properly done to correct his problem. What the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau tried to do to protect the rights of minority was paid back differently by the French majority in Quebec, who made a law out of retaliation against those they accused of so many abuses they suffered in the hands of the English and later from the entrepreneurial Jewish community. I think our constitution is the only that exist where in one word the whole thing becomes objectionable but it's reality and surviving for more than two decades without further challenges from so many constitutional lawyers who bragged themselves as experts. If only I have the money I will bring lawyers from the U.S. if there's none available (from) here to argue that we have a Mickey Mouse constitution, better still, why can't we just go back to the old one made for us by the British (BNA 'the British North America Acts of 1867 - 1948"). More on this subject later...



Some political group in the Middle East suggested that the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, was another work done by the Israeli Mossad; do you think there is a grain of truth to this allegation? Sempel Pramdiva 2/19/05

Answer: If Israel is gaining more money from the U.S. in addition to the US$3 billion it gets annually then it’s possible, but logically speaking the wind doesn’t blow that way… Think of Syria first and later those guys oppose to the on-going peace talk between Israel and Palestine.


The Fog Of  War

Is US President George W. Bush really serious to consider or starting another war with  Iran, and maybe  Syria, because the 'lucky jokers'  says so?  (Lucky Jokers Club Members: VP Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld , Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz - the one who suggested to invade Iraq) ) Eddie Willcox 2/16/05

Answer: No, the US hasn't finished its very long journey when it invaded Iraq. Like what they did in Vietnam or Indochina, they didn't bother to learn (the) history of the area before they went there where millions of lives were wasted. The best thing the US should do now is use diplomacy in fixing any misunderstanding with any countries that they think are a threat to world peace. 


Here's something for the Greeks, "The Greek Way"

Sometime about ten years ago a Greek fellow asked why so many people thought that most of them are homosexuals. And, yesterday I received the same question from someone named Jimmy-Ray Papadatos 2/14/05

Answer: It's got to do with all those naked statues of men found right there in Greece, which were misunderstood and throughout the years jokes were spread around that most Greek men prefer men than women. Those naked statues made to immortalize athletes in the ancient Greece Sport competition, thus born the Olympics. You’d find a lot of these naked statues of men anywhere in Europe especially in Italy (Rome) and no one brands the Italians gays or homosexuals. This is the only simple answer to the question that’s backed up by history. And, homosexuality, is found all over the world so let's not confine this to the Greeks alone.


Surprising but Logical

It’s quite surprising that the English population of Quebec don’t give much effort in uniting to denounce or protest the equal rights of the residents to be serviced in English, why the attitude? Selvio Sandiego 2/14/05

Answer: What the English speaking resident of Quebec must be thinking is that there’s no amount of protection to stop the deletion of the French language in North America, even with the wrong attitude of protection  instituted by  the Separatist or Nationalists to kick out English (language) in Quebec, where they are the majority but not for long, as their own birthrate dwindled since the French language law was enacted. According to statistics Bernard Landry was wrong but (who) insists that the children of Bill 101 proves his party was right in suppressing the use of English in province. I think his theory had gone the other way around… actually, the French language law produced more Quebec French learning English since then.


American Justice

What’s going to happen to that Italian Mafia Boss from Montreal now wanted in Italy, and the U.S.? Danny Biscocho 2/13/05


Answer: He’s life on earth is almost done. Well, he thought this will never come, that’s what happens when someone have power… he will never think of retirement while he is ahead. The best thing  for his lawyers to do now is try to keep him here, prison life in Canada is like having a vacation in the Philippines or Italy. If he is sent to U.S., his life is finished. Remember those racketeers who scammed a lot of people in the U.S.?, they too once extradited would probably suffer the same fate. In the U.S. once you are in their system it would very hard to get out. 


More Expensive to Declare Personal Bankruptcy

I owed too much to my creditors and the only way I think is put myself into bankruptcy before anyone of them bring me to court. Is there any alternative way I could manage to fix my problem? Kaisa Caltenose 2/11/05

Answer: Putting yourself into bankruptcy means more expenses, like lawyers, courts costs, etc. You haven't explained whether you are employed or not.  Go the provincial justice department as explained below you'd find other means on how to manage your problem without spending further. If you lost your job or don't have one, look for something where you can say you are making some money, so you'd be qualified to the program which is called in French  "Service des depots volontaires" at the provincial court or any court nearest your area. Read and follow the instruction at this link Quebec Government Justice, it's very simple to understand. Once you have applied for this service you'll be given a reference number which you will use when your creditors calls. You can tell them to stop calling and not to bother you again. Good luck and try to change your habit of living beyond your means.


Arafat’s Death May Lead To Mid-East Peace?

So, can you say now that Yasser Arafat could have been poisoned, because he was considered to be the worst obstacle to peace (agreement) in the Mid-East? Josie Mirous 2/09/05

Answer: There are so many things happening around the world were the US, Israel or any other countries like France, UK, Germany, Russia, and others had been doing. They could have had clandestine operations with all of us scratching our heads asking, “how the hell that happened?” Whenever there’s ample supply of money, especially when it’s unlimited, nothing could prevent anything impossible under the sun to happen. And, speaking of the Mid-East conflict, its obviously never hidden by General Ariel Sharon, from the time they knew of Yasser Arafat, long before he became prime minister his desire to put him six feet under but he was prevented by the US. So, what may have happened is just going to be a footnote in history that generation after generation will keep guessing.


China's Prosperity

Is China's economic success not in conflict with the present communist dictatorship? Anton Magyar 2/08/05

Answer:  According to my book.. not for long.. They cannot  co exist with each other. Somehow, control is on the line here but which one would prevail? Either one will be a disaster. It never happened before, why? Corruption is always in the picture in economics which is not suppose to exist under (the) communist' philosophy 2/08/05


Doing Trade With China

I have enrolled with one of the biggest or popular business websites based in China, which gave me lots of information as to companies wanting to do business in Canada and the U.S. What I want to do is represent a more established manufacturer where I will put up a warehouse, take care of sales, and distribution for North America.  I am charging $4,000 per week for the first three months, and later by 10% commission on sales. I was told that this is only possible if I pay the Chinese website a fee so I could be certified as a reliable businessman. Do I follow the instruction of the website?  Jean Michel Gagnon 2/06/05

Answer: Whom do you think would make you their representative to North America? First of all,  paying a website to certify that you are not a con artist is something that  I don't understand. You did not specify if you have any experience in doing this job before. Have you been a salesman before, if so, what product did you handle? I think you thought those guys from Asia are idiots.  You have to learn more...keep communicating with those manufacturers, ask them what they require to appoint you as their man here.  What made you think the Chinese would let you keep their goods without putting up a cash guarantee or insurance bond to ensure that you are not going to stiff them later?  If you have the money to build or open a warehouse, and organize a sales force you might as well open an import company. The bottom line is you have to study first how trade is done, starting with inquiries to the trade facilitation office of the Federal government. Or send me your CV and I will see the other things you have to do. Don't bother attending any export-import or  international trade seminars here, none of them are qualified to teach according to my book. Better still, go to McGill or Concordia University school of business administration (marketing), they may be able to help you but I am not sure because some of their graduates came to me before to work but to my surprised they didn't even know what letters of credit means. Good luck.


Remember This? Conmen Right Here in Montreal. Check this out!

I was solicited over the telephone to purchase a visa card worth $2500 guaranteed if I would agree to pay $299.00  I was told by this company first financial that I could get my money back if I were to call and cancel.  Well I called and tried to cancel but no one ever returned my calls. I was charged the $299.00 and I never received the credit card promised me I have tried to recover the lost from my bank since I used my debit card but they said they can't refund it because I authorized it to be debited. Please I need you help.  My name is Alberta Batchelor my phone number is 619 665-4318 my email address is Thank You, Alberta Batchelor, San Diego California. P.S. whatever you can do to help me I would greatly appreciate. 10/20/04

Answer: I have forwarded your complaint to the proper authorities.  Since this is considered a U.S. federal offence, the best way to run after this group or the people that did the scam is go to your nearest FBI office in your area, register this complaint. For sure you are not the only one that got hooked with this scheme. That’s a lot better than having it reported here because I tried that already and I was given so many instructions just to file the report. If these con artists are ever charged here they will probably serve no time.  If you are aware almost all those Canadian based scammers that were accused in the U.S. territory were either extradited there or in prison right now.

February 4, 2005: Phone Scam Busted Cost Victims $45M: Police

MONTREAL, A Canada-U.S. investigation has broken up a Montreal-based telemarketing operation that police say bilked more than 100,000 victims of a total of $45 million. Investigators say the telemarketers, who were operating out of two offices in the Côte-des-Neiges area of Montreal, were making sales calls almost exclusively to senior citizens in the United States. RCMP Const. Sylvain l'Heureux says the seniors were offered low-interest loans and credit cards in return for a $250 sign-up fee. The services they paid for did not exist, he said. So far, 28 people have been arrested. If convicted in Canada, those involved in the scheme could face fines of up to $1 million each and maximum jail sentences of 10 years. Sentences in the United States are tougher, with a 15-year maximum jail term and even heavier fines.

Dear Montreal Tribune - February 5, 2005

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for investigating this outfit.  I really do appreciate the effort you took to bring this group to justice.  I was very much afraid that since they were operating out of Canada that I would not get any justice but you guys came through for me. Again Thank You Very much. Sincerely Yours, Alberta Batchelor

Note: All Canadian media groups participated in reporting the scam to the authorities. Montreal Tribune


Equal Rights in Quebec

I don’t believe what I had been hearing from the English speaking community of Quebec, especially those in Montreal, that government offices are manned only with French speaking employees? How can that happen when at least a million of them are residing in the province? Is that equality in the eyes of the French society? I thought Canada respect the rights of the minority. So, this same sex marriage thing is just another show? Who among those hot shot sitting politicians really have the guts to stand up for the rights of the English speaking people of Montreal? Ariana Amoroso, Vancouver, B.C. 2/03/05

Answer: I had been around since after mid 70s, but no one really got together amongst several English rights groups or associations that fought hard for the English speaking here. Instead these organizations where practically used as an opportunistic platform for political careers by those who pretended to fight for the cause. Up to now, even the English media have not shown (hardly) that they are concerned probably due to economic repercussion. Some of the reasons could be found within the link .


US$100,000 IF THEY DIE

Raising US soldiers death benefit to a hundred grand by President W. Bush, would this mean more volunteers would join the Iraq War? Elizabeth Melton 2/02/05

Answer: I think this would probably scare Americans to join the military thinking more of death than the mission itself. The American troops have to stay for a very long, long time as I have written in this column previously. Check out why and click the link above.


The Gay & Lesbian Marriage

Are Canadians really going for this same sex marriage? Spiro Papadatos, Santa Monica, Ca 2/01/05

Answer: I already gave my views on this, but here's what our federal minister say:

"The Supreme Court of Canada, in unanimously affirming that extending civil marriage to gays and lesbians was constitutional, said this was not only consistent with the Charter, but that it flowed from the Charter," Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler 1/31/05


The Impossible Democracy

The joy of having to elect a government is not as easy as it may seem in the Arab world, would the U.S. interference make any difference? Tina Boyles 1/31/05

Answer: Yes, but that will take time to see whether democratic system will stay... for sure more lives will be wasted. The U.S. will stay there for a very, very long time since they don’t have any choice for invading the country with false intelligence report. They already built permanent military bases there (in Iraq) which they need to monitor the area. They cannot leave even long after an Iraq government is established. Not for so many years, because all those kings, presidents and dictators surrounding the area composed of religious fanatics and dictators are now worried that they will be next to go. So, in other words they would in turn defend their own future and would not easily submit to whatever the U.S. or President George W. Bush wants to inject in the blood of the Arabs and the Muslims which is democracy. Imagine, seeing Egypt, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Sudan, and others going that way? Only Morocco and Jordan might turn into British style of democracy since both kings were western educated monarchs. More insurgencies will be seen in the region for the next 25 years, supported by those who doesn't want to go. 


The Holocaust

It's properly documented what Adolph Hitler did to the Jewish people, but how come they are still disputing the number of Jews that were killed? Steven Sitner 1/30/05

Answer: It really doesn't matter but we all know what Hitler did, and it should never happen again.  What I don't understand  is why the Germans being one of the most intelligent people on earth followed a lowly former army corporal from Austria to hate and almost exterminate all the followers of the Jewish religion in Europe.


Minority Rights in Quebec

This defense of Minority Rights in Canada doesn’t work in Quebec; the late and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, promulgated bilingualism and got the French of Quebec hired in the federal system given equal rights throughout the federation from mere 13% to number presently at abut 38%, and maybe more.. even those who are not able to understand and speak English were hired for the postal office. Why is it that the English speaking community of Montreal  are not able to get or receive service in English? They say that our rights are fully observed but when I went to numerous Quebec or Montreal government offices I cannot seem to find anyone to offer service in the language convenient for me to understand? This Bill 22 or 101, the French Language Law, how could this not be considered unconstitutional? Mary McKennon 1/28/05

Answer: The defense of minorities in Canada, was argued by Mr. Trudeau, and during his time he almost doubled the size of the government by hiring more French from Quebec, hoping that they will encourage the others to compete without complaining… He called the French Law, stupid and the rest is history. For the rest of my answer, go to the link and scroll down. Thanks



CIA:  Why the CIA making a lot of mistakes? Celia Rodriguez 1/25/05

Answer: I answered this before saying that the agency has more chiefs than Indians. They should have hired Boy Scouts instead to do the spying, and probably the Mid-East conflict could have been solved a long time ago and invasion of Iraq could have never occurred, where thousands of lives could have been spared.


Talking to Americans

To whom do you think America listen to? Pamela Lempo 1/23/05

Answer: Amongst themselves...


Safety of Rescue workers in Indonesia

Is the news report about possible Sumatran rebels attack on rescue workers accurate? Benny Innsbruck 1/17/05

Answer: This could be propaganda news perpetrated by some European intelligence network working with the Indonesian government. If there is going to be an attack it could be staged  by the Indonesian government. This mostly populated Muslim area don't have the same mentality as those from the Mid-East. or East Indian countries. Actually, it's a very hospitable country.


The best city in the world?

Indeed! But, in which way can your logo claim that your city is the best in the world? First, there are more people on welfare than those gainfully employed. Putting up a business there is so complicated with so many rules and regulations not to mention high taxation... Don't you think it's about time to change the logo? Joseph Wisig Martinez, Boston, MA 1/13/05

Answer: Sure, despite of all what happened and what's going on now, the city is still the best. I have traveled all over the world, and I still think it's the best. Plenty of reasons and I will explain why later. Or  you can read Martin Stone's essay on why he and others love Montreal. 


The Nuclear Test Theory


How come you suggested that the earthquake in Indonesia that caused the Tsunami disaster could have been the effect of a Nuclear Test done possibly by the U.S.? Esther McLelland 1/11/05

Answer: Personally, I don't think the US did any test at all but someone had called yesterday and discussed the possibility that a nuclear blast could have caused the earthquake, because it's the first time that the entire earth shook and affected its rotation ...I mentioned the possibility since everyone knows what the US could do and had done in the past (imaginable) that no one could ever believe they'd do or done.  Well, let's leave this theory to the scientists, they will tell us if it happened.  Whom do you think could do a test without being detected,  India, Pakistan, China, North Korea or Japan, or even Russia? Not this time... Uncle Sam is the only one that could do the trick. Without elaborating further... I hope the Tsunami was an outcome of a real natural disaster..


U.S. Humanity on Indonesia, Tsunami or Blast?

Would the presence of the American military although humanitarian in Indonesia not going to add more problems to the internal conflicts between the Sumatran rebels and the government? Allan Binnonou 1/10/05  

Answer: We all know that the Americans are purely doing the best that they can do to help the areas devastated by the Tsunami. I don’t think they are there to pour more oil to the fire between the rebels and the Indonesian government. The rebels had been trying to fight to separate the former Sultanate of Sumatra that was illegally incorporated by the Dutch when the Republic of Indonesia was formed, the same thing that the British did when they included North Borneo, which they were renting from the Sultanate of Sulu, to the Federation of Malaysia in 1956. But the US will never politically interfere with the problem. It’s more economics that anything else. Continuous spread of the US dollars will protect it’s sagging value against other world currencies especially the Euro and most importantly the admiration of the Malays whom most are followers of Islam that’s very distinct from the Arabs, Mid-East and other Muslims from the East Indian countries. The humanitarian work that the Americans are heading now in Indonesia and surrounding areas is much better than if it’s handled by the U.N. This world body doesn’t function as it was mandated when created in 1948. It only became a watering hole for depots, dictators, killers, corrupt, and all of the above and its existence is just a waste of money. The U.S. despite my disapproval of them in politics and their foreign policies is a lot better off leading than the UN.  On the other hand, just think for a minute, what if this Tsunami was caused by a nuclear blast experiment that got out of hand? According to scientists it shook the earth and disturbed it’s rotation that never happened before. But who did the test? This could be classified if the U.S. had something to do with this. Just consider the location, had it happened in the Pacific Ocean, probably the effect could have been more devastating. Hello, hello, hello?


Forgive all debts to Developing Countries?

Should Canada forgive debts to Third World countries? Beatrice Lenbridge 12/31/04

Answer:  Of course not. Most of these debts were incurred by private corporations guaranteed by their respective governments, and if forgiven private individuals benefits. And the cycle starts all over again. Canada should in the future give credits for Canadian made goods and services only and not in cash. 


Made in China?

Why can't the World Trade Organization stop China from pirating Western goods? Celine Panapol 12/30/04

Answer: The WTO, cannot stop that without getting "greed" out of the Free Market Economy, and that's not going to happen because it's part of the system. China had tried to control that in the 80s but due to pressure from Western business entrepreneurs and slowly changed to capitalism it took advantage of what's there to take.  


Prime Minister Paul Martin

Are you a suck up to Paul Martin, because you've criticized almost every politicians but him? 12/28/04

Answer: NO!!! And, I am don't suck up to anyone... that's why I did not become a politician, and mind you I could have been big but the most important is I sleep good a night.. Paul Martin is a nice man compared to the other seating politicians. With my experienced on international trade and relations, I see that Mr. Martin, would be able to add more prestige to Canada and most important not a suck up to Emperor George. 


Guaranteed Supplementary Income

I brought my parents here more than 10 years ago as immigrants and I wonder if both are qualified for any benefits from the federal or provincial government social assistance. My father worked for three years until he retired two years ago. 12/27/04

Answer: If both are over 65, they are qualified to receive benefits from the federal government under the Guaranteed Supplementary Income. Click the Canadian Flag seen on this website which would bring you to the office that handle this program


Theories and predictions?

You have made and given so many advices that seems to be logical, but do you think those that you have made could possibly occur? Simone MacBeth 12/24/04

Answer: You must have read most of the subjects I talked about, and disagreed on some but check it out. Which one do you think didn't happen or won't happen? If you are talking about the U.S. or Canadian economy then I am sure no matter how or what the respective governments do they are all bound to come, if not,  it already started. Now, on the American Foreign Policy, they already started to change. In the Middle East, the death of Yasser Arafat, signals a new arrangement on how it could be fixed although it will take may another twenty years to have the two peoples understand the value of peace, and the lives of people from both sides (they) are wasting. Democratization of the Arab region is completely a joke... not in this life time that will happen. Those regions were born out of control and oppression and only several future generations could change that. If you trace history back when the Ottoman Empire conquered Europe, what did they do? To change it (Europe) they took all the young boys away from their parents and educated them all to become followers of Islam and that become of what Europe is now.  Going back to the U.S. dollars... until the time when the Europeans got their heads together and even before that the plan to take over world domination of the greenback  was already in the plan (and) the Euro (currency) was eventually launched ...surprisingly it became a success just less than 10 years when it was first printed. The competition had begun and this European money (Euro) could replace U.S.'s "in God We Trust" world's medium of exchange. This in turn could would make the U.S. bankrupt... probably long after President George W. Bush retires. after all, they have been heavily indebted for a long time that's in trillions and trillions of the U.S. bucks. Who could possibly save the Americans? Who else? Of course the Mounties are coming to once again save Uncle Sam. Maybe, this time they will have to use Canadian Dollars once and for all for we have the resources to back it up.


Is this Human Smuggling Through The System?

I have a sister who is now in Germany, working as a cleaner for a janitorial company based in Munich. She is one of those university educated maid or nanny exports from one of the most corrupted countries in the world. I dream of bringing her to Canada, to have a better life. I was offered by several employment agencies that they could guarantee to bring my sister here if I pay them cash in advance $5,000, plus an additional $3,000 for someone to sign as an employer. Soon as my sister gets in, she will have to look for a real employer on her own so the  employment contract would be valid until she qualify for permanent resident status in two years time. This must be okay, because I have seen so many of those workers right here in Montreal, and I was told there are more of them in Toronto, and it's all legal. Can you help? Miss Soledad 12/18/04

Answer: Yes, that process is human smuggling. I've answered this question before. Please go the link and read what I wrote. You can do the work yourself by finding a real employer to sponsor your sister. All you have to do is go to the immigration office and ask them for the requirements or to make it faster go to the Canadian government internet site by clicking the Canadian flag seen on this site, then go to Citizenship and Immigration, there, you'll find the right office to ask and most probably you also can file your application on line.  The immigration office is now investigating all those agencies that were involved in the scam. It's not hard for them to find out who got in legit because they already have the list. I just don't know whether those workers who entered Canada as part of the scheme will be deported back. I will see if I can get an interview with the immigration office of what they will do with those illegal immigrants that were brought in fraudulently by the those employment agencies. 


On Canada's Immigration Policy Again

For the past thirty years, Canada only added 4 to 5 million immigrants compared to the U.S. which could have numbered from 40 to 50 million. How could that happen when the Canada is larger in area, and  richer on natural resources? If it followed the growth of the U.S. the population now would stand to at least 60 Million and most probably it could have become more competitive in the free market economy, but how come the country deep too much into socialism? Bobby Petterstein 12/16/04

Answer:  There's so many reasons why Canada's growth was just about  7 or 8 million for the past thirty years proportionate to that of the United States. Conservatism played the major part. Please read some of the answers I had given before by scrolling down further.


The $800 million Shmata Business Federal Assistance

You were a big time operator in the needletrade in the 80s and 90s, what do you think of this recent announcement of federal handouts to the industry, would that help? Serge Feldman 12/16/04

Answer: That will be another band aid solution to an industry that put Montreal right at the top 5 fashion capitals of the world in the 70s, which started to deteriorate over two decades due to indifference of succeeding federal and provincial government administrations against the major players in the business. I have written some articles and said on an industry publication interviews the reasons why the industry was sinking due to several measures taken against the industry by the previous governments. The nail that sealed the coffin of the industry is the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with the U.S. signed by then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (1983-93), who did not bother consulting with industry experts at the time when negotiating the deal with the U.S. and of course this industry Globalization just made China, the best and the cheapest place to outsource production. I think we just have to accept that Canada is a market source rather than production. Anyway, we still have lots of export of other Canadian products to compensate for this little loss. Meantime, the $800 Million is going back at the end to government coffers, recycled through taxes.. And, yes it's tax here, tax there that actually the main culprit on the downfall of the industry. I have written more on this subject, to read this click the above link and for what I said in the 90s, click here.


Terrorist Attack in Canada

Should Canada worry on possible attack from Osama Bin Laden's followers? Sonia Benrubio 12/15/04

Answer: Not really. Everyone need Canada as buffer zone. The Americans use us to do works on foreign relations to countries were they don't have diplomatic ties, and of course we have plenty of resources that they could use, especially oil. Those opposing them have to be gentle on us too, because they know we are not a warring country. Should they had planned to include us amongst their targets, it could have occurred a long time ago. More later..


More on same sex marriage

Why can’t Prime Minister Paul Martin table the same sex marriage question into a referendum?  Menendez Sharon 12/14/04

Answer: He’s following what the late and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau started during his time (that) the government should protect the rights of the minority. If this question (same sex marriage) is put into Canada-wide approval for sure it won’t win. 


The Quebec Liquor Board

What’s happening with the Provincial Liquor Board? I thought they had this privatized already sometime ten years ago? What are these workers striking about? Can't the government just sell the outlet stores individually so more entrepreneurs are created and they in turn hire their own workers? Cynthia Misilla 12/14/04

Answer: I thought of the same thing before. It’s more money the workers are striking about. In other words they got greedy when they saw the books are doing well.  They don’t realize what they are getting now are far higher than ordinary workers especially those working in the private sector. I agree with you, liquor stores should be left to business people.


Would it be better for the City of Montreal to contract all street clean-up to private companies? John Masela 12/13/04

Answer: Yes, and maintenance of parks should also be included. Probably it would cost less and strikes could be avoided.


What about the US Star Wars II? Is this really to protect North America for possible missile attack from either North Korea or Iran or elsewhere?  Meriam Kosnoy 12/12/04

Answer:  The attack is possible especially from North Korea, probably out of desperation. But Iran? I don't think so. Sooner or later those Iranians are going to wake up one morning and throw all those Ayatollahs out.. back to the Ayatollah Mountains which is located just before Iraq. What NORAD (North American Defense) have now is sufficient protection and not necessary to add more. The US proposal is too dangerous because, later everyone will be doing it, like Russia, China, France, England, Japan, and so many numerous capable countries. If that happens, then we are really in trouble, big time. What really what the U.S. want is to spy on anyone from above (space) and shoots targets they think hostile to America. Ahhhh! This should not be backed up by the rest of Western Countries, like the EU and of course Canada. Why can't Gung Ho George W. work on cleaning the environment instead of escalating war around the world? More later...


Can U.S. Foreign Policy Imposable or does it work?  Sonia Leblanc 12/08/04

Answer: The American system of democracy and form of government is so advanced that it took them more than hundred years to get it going and no one even realized. Probably it would take another century for them to understand what they got home is not necessarily good for their neighbors. On foreign policy, previous American administrations sacrificed a lot of lives, in the tens of thousands, and millions from foreign countries for defending democracy against communism, and totalitarian regimes but fifty years later diplomatic relations are established as if nothing happened.  China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, several countries in both South and Central America, were affected, but I wonder why Cuba, is still out.  Remember the unanswered question on why the late Pol Pot of Cambodia, had more than 2 million of his own people killed? That was never clearly answered.  But, if anyone still remembers, Cambodia then was peaceful until American Policy extended its communist clean up of Vietnam which is just next door. The so called Domino Theory was then the order of the day. And, once the U.S. Armed Forces got in, especially the CIA, they corrupted almost everyone and suddenly the U.S. dollars dominated everything. There was no return to normal Cambodian life; the country was already doomed to further destruction. So when Pol Pot, got of hold of power he eliminated all those whom he thought were gravely engrossed in corruption that would do anything for money. Well, after so many years of US Foreign Policy’s absence in the country, almost about everything got back to normal, diplomatic relations was established…the same goes to Laos, and. Vietnam, started to compete economically on the international stage. American system is only good in America. None of the countries that followed the system survived economic destruction. The Philippines, was transformed to an anarchical society, where anything or everything goes… civility is out of the question. It's a tough guy country. If anyone don't like what you say... you are dead.  The country is ran by corrupt presidents, military heads, ‘elected’ officials, to  (the) mere government clerks and starts from where you come in (airports). It's GNP is based on money remittance from university educated maids and caregivers spread all over the world. What a shame!  And, that's one example of what American Foreign Policy can do to another country. Read more on the U.S. Foreign Policy (Mid-East) by going to the link (It's Just A Question).


Lots of Money, Lots of Homeless too, but why?

You have been writing about how all levels of governments have plenty of money from different ways taxes are collected, but how come there are a so many poor people right here in Quebec? Jean-Guy Madison 12/07/04

Answer: There are lots that I can say about why, but I will let our politicians tell us what's happening with our tax dollars. There are so many reasons that I already wrote... all you have to do is go the link above and check the articles.


The Governor General of Canada

Do we need a governor general in Canada? Monolo Casparas 11/30/04

Answer: Just to waste our tax dollar? No!..for Pete's sake...If the Queen comes to perform her duties as head of state right here then that's alright, or if she abdicate and pass the job to one of her sons then probably that's okay too. But, that's not going to happen. So, what should Canada do?  Convert the office of the governor general to elected president, whose  power will be greater than what the present office is exercising now. Copy what France have now, just make it more effective but leave most of the powers to the prime minister. Definitely, let's not transform the system to that of the Americans... it's too advance and too complicated to implement, just like what you see now happening in the U.S. and most of all it's very corrupting. The present performance of the governor general is comical and idiotic and most of all very expensive. I think we should retire the present governor general so her husband could rest following her around.


Canada Welcomes Mr. Bush

So, let’s say, King George is irritated by those demos he’s facing on his visit to Canada, and again let’s say, he didn’t like Canadian policy toward his administration, can he possibly invade Canada? George Jean-Marie 11/30/04

Answer: President George W. Bush, can do a lot of things to Canada.. like banning this, banning that or worse tell us we are not welcome anymore to his territory, but one thing for sure, it’s beyond his power to include Canada within the territory of the United States;  Americans are not going to let that happen.. they will throw him out first… they are not that stupid to forget they already tried that before back more than hundred yeas ago, it didn’t work  then,  it won’t work now…If he ever thought of force, then he’s got to think of the British Commonwealth of Nations… No, that’s my answer… he can’t touch Canada. Anyway, Americans and Canadians are composed of almost the same group of people.


Welcome Mr. President!

Would you know of any specific reason why Prime Minister Paul Martin invited U.S. President George W. Bush, to come here? Esther Goodlow 11/29/04

Answer:  Actually, Bush invited himself. In diplomatic protocol before an invitation is made to a foreign head of state or government, arrangement are made through their respective offices before the actual welcome mat is offered in front of the media or announced via news releases to avoid any problem. In this case someone close to Bush administration or it could be from his own father the former president advised him that he’s got to visit Canada, because it’s the only one he's got not under the U.S. payroll, and our prime minister cannot say "no.. you are not welcome". Canada, is a very important productive neighbor, endowed with very nice, courteous, hospitable, and beautiful people in the free world and it's their only diplomatic outlet to all those who hates them. Their only ally in Europe, England’s Prime Minister Tony Blair, is facing his own problem and could lose next year’s election, all due to his active participation and support of the Iraq War. I don’t understand why Americans still think that Canadians are all idiots? This thank you visit to Nova Scotia is just a cover.. He should have done that a long time ago. The bottom line is, Canada is he only real friend the U.S. have. Note also that six of my siblings, and more than 30 close blood relatives are Americans, only six of the whole family are Canadians and my father (Japan's Prisoner of War "Death March") a former U.S. Army Captain of World War Two, is buried right there in Los Angeles. The relationship between the U.S. and Canada, are never equaled by any other two countries in the world, and this is the reason why we have to say "Welcome, Mr. President'.


Bankruptcy Protection

I am heavily in debt and collection agencies are already calling everyday threatening to put me into bankruptcy and don't understand that so many credit consultants knows of my situation who are offering to fix my problem for $6,000 fee, wipe my debts instantly and in three months I will be able to apply for credit cards without difficulty, is that true? Please help, I am not able to sleep at night anymore. Simone Francis 11/28/04

Answer: I have answered this question before, clink above link  and scroll down, if not found in the first page go to the next. Anyhow, no one can just clear your debts in an instance. Your name is automatically advertised by collection agencies within the trade and they are mostly scam artists. I presumed you are a Quebec resident?, and if so, you are very lucky because residents here are the most protected consumers in Canada, if not in the world. Go to any provincial court nearest your area, speak to one of the clerks there and mention your problem. Don't be shy or feel ashamed at all, they are very polite and professionals. They will in turn let you fill up a form for payment arrangement with your creditors. You have to list all their names, all your credits cards got to be in the list. You cannot save any of the cards, along with that you have to write the amount of money you get every month from your job and all your bank accounts are also mentioned. Remember you cannot hide anything... in short,  any savings or RSSPs or investments will affect your application. You will then have to pay a small standard fee. They in turn will take care of notifying all your creditors, make payment arrangements after deducting the amount you need to go on with your life. Let say that you are receiving $2,000.00 a month, all your expenses comes to $1,500, then all your creditors will have to settle for the balance of $500, which will be handled by that office for three years, and after that you will start a new life again. Any way, don't waste time go there now, and whenever any of your creditors or collection agencies calls...tell them to stop because you already made the application...give them the reference number provided by the office. So, now you could to sleep good... Make sure you don't overspend you resources next time. If still you didn't understand this answer, I could refer you to our credit advisor, she will be able to help for a small fee far from the $6,000 that those idiot 'consultants' are asking.


On Taxing people to death

Why are you always opposed to any new tax from all levels of governments? The system got to function, and without enough money they cannot serve the best interest of the people. Please explain why?  Cyrille Castonova 11/25/04

Answer: Are you kidding? We have been heavily taxed since the early 90s, and since then our economy had been depending on our natural resources.  Tax collection became a major industry from all levels of governments. Have you ever figured out where those tax money goes every year? Lots are wasted on unsecured loans and subsidies handed to political cronies, not to mention handouts to different Third World countries that usually end up in the hands of their corrupt politicians?  click above link to continue.

We have overcrowded government offices with so many employees and workers whom no one can fire, since they got themselves organized into powerful labor unions affiliated with those in the private sectors. Even our police forces are bounded together, so when they ask for anything the government has to give, and there’s nothing that can be done. The post office is also one of those that are overstaffed which got to be trimmed down to about a third of the present force.

Tax here, tax there, even that idiot former minister of immigration from Jean Chrétien’s cabinet imposed exorbitant fees to immigration applicants. I thought at the time the former immigration minister forgot where he came from…which I presumed Italy? I don’t understand, why do we have to make money out the immigration system?

So, what happened since then? We got so many idiots and professional hustlers from all over the world that got in. Mind you… most of them are big time liars. Just think about my neighbor who had been lying to his teeth when he told immigration the reason why he applied for asylum that his Bangladeshi government was going to kill him and his family.. Surprise, surprise, the next day after he got his landed status documentation he went home… suddenly he’s not wanted anymore. I asked why he was not afraid of going home, he said “ I just said that because I was told that it got to be political not economics reason in order to get approved.”  

Now, getting back to the taxing game, the money collected from the transport alone comes in the millions of dollars every day only to spread out to crooks doing our roads and highways. Just count this out… for registration alone it cost $255 per car, so multiply that by at least 3 million, you have something close to a billion dollars. That’s just the basic, if you include driver licenses issued and all the things that comes along with it, you could figure out the total of more than 1.5 to 2 billion bucks.

Whoever say our medicare is free, are they nuts? We are paying for this in the millions of dollars every week and you know how to count, that comes to billions of loonies.  What about those weekly payroll deductions? And, the GST? I think we should get rid of this and cut income tax to as much as 25%, And at the end we still have plenty to spare, especially now that our natural resources multiplied, making us the biggest producers of the best diamonds in the world and add our offshore oil (in Newfoundland) and the ones newly discovered in Alberta, still we are very, very rich. If put all together the government makes 75 cent out of every dollar made just right there.

What actually we need are more independent auditors to monitor all levels of government income and spending. There so many government workers and programs that we really don't need to maintain. Salaries between government workers and the private sector had widened so much that company executives or manager gets only about two thirds of our simple garbage collectors (no pun intended) are making.


To Suppress the English More

What more can the Quebec Provincial Liberal Government of Jean Charest, do to stop the use of English in business, because it grew more in the past years (more) than French?  Magdaleine Nabua 11/24/04 Quebec may unleash language police

Answer: It’s economics that made that happened…The French culture is here to stay it's safe but restrict English (more) in business, he should do nothing… What Charest, could do is make sure that all Anglophones are well represented and serviced in English in all government offices. In Quebec, especially Montreal and the suburbs, just in case no one noticed it’s bankruptcies all over. Check around, you’d see that shopping malls are mostly empty, except the ones on the West Side.


The Canadian Dollar Flying High

Yesterday the Canadian dollar passed 84cents U.S., do you think that will continue and if so, will this affect our export competition with the rest of the Western countries? Maurice Silva 11/23/04

Answer: No, there's nothing to worry. It's just that the US economy is really in bad shape. Look at the Euro, it's very strong and we are following that trend. As I mentioned in my previous article the dollar is spread out, over priced, and overprinted; should the banks around the world start using the Euros as the medium of exchange (i.e. Letters of credit, international payments) and those hoarders go for the greenback then the U.S. is really in trouble. The answer to your main question is no.. our products are very competitive... quality wise, and still cheap compared to Europe.


In Defense of the Godfather

I thought I have it all, that's saying I could memorize all the names of those important people in the Montreal mafia families, but never heard of Alfonso Gagliano. Now with the this news about him a part of the New York based crime family, how can he disprove this to protect his reputation?  Carl Weatherman 11/22/04

Answer:  Nothing, he should keep his mouth shut and say nothing else. It's just a waste of his time and money if he keeps barking around saying he's not in anyway connected with any of the crime families either here or in New York. How in the world could anyone say that he's not something that "some people think of him"? 

Only Brian Mulroney, was able to pull this one but it's not about a crime family story, it's for screwing up Canada and he got the government paid more than $2 million for damaging(?) his name.


Montreal's Park Ex District

The recent win of the Separatists (PQ) candidate in the immigrant district of Park Extension, was that because the East Indian's (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.) turned their support for the PQ Party from this time on? Milan Sunders 11/21/04

Answer: No, not at all. I talked to a lot of them and they denied they voted for the PQ, and if you look at the numbers those diehard Liberals thought the game was over and didn't bother to vote. It's actually a fluke for the PQ candidate to win. Well, let's see, the next regular provincial election will be the deciding point but never would anyone ever think that the great majority of immigrants from Asia will ever turn themselves to be part of the separatist movement.


Arafat's Death

Was Yasser Arafat poisoned or he died of a disease as claimed by an Israeli News Report? Melba Talbot 11/20/04

Answer: No one is sure yet but the French Military Medical report  was already submitted to Suha Arafat, the widow of Yasser which will clear the question whether he died of something but the source that I received was very disturbing. Did you ever hear of a chemical called thallium? That's all what I can say.


Foreign Born U.S. President

What do you think of Arnold Schawrzenegger, becoming U.S. president? Elsie Faver 11/18/04

Answer: Why not? Another man from Austria named Adolf (Adolph) went to Germany and told them he can run the country a lot better than themselves (the Germans)... and probably you already knew what happened. But to think about it? Arnold will never become U.S. president. 11/18/04


The $8.9 Billion Federal Surplus

Would you agree that the government should consider paying some of our debts and at the same time institute tax cuts now before the surplus are taken away by the unionized government workers or spent on something else? Beverly Hampton 11/18/04

Answer: Yes, the government should pay some of our debts and reduce tax, probably eliminate the GST.  I don't know if any of our elected politicians are seeing the problem... There are so man people unemployed, just check the welfare roll. Reducing tax will create business... but giving money away is not going to solve the problem... between two former prime ministers Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien, both distributed billions of dollars to new entrepreneurs, and got nothing back. More on this subject later. 


Canada Free Port For Americans Seeking Asylum?

Are Americans open to apply immigration or seek political refugee status in Canada, to avoid combat service in Iraq? Meagan Seaworth, New Haven, Connecticut 11/18/04

Answer:  There's no special immigration policy for the Americans. All applicants from around the world are treated equally, and as to political asylum for American citizens, I doubt if it will be treated differently from the rest of the applicants. The U.S. is not on the list of countries that would have preference under this category, although most Canadians would favor granting refugee status the Canadian government doesn't agree. I think the best way I would suggest is for Americans to use the free trade agreement or come and look for someone to marry. The regular channel is clogged with thousands of pending applications that may take at least two years to process. If there's really a demand to come to marry Canadians in order to stay, they may send them to me, and I will gladly post them in this section.


Do  we really have to modernize our Armed Forces? Jess Salinger 11/13/04

Answer: Yes. With a Warring Country next to us, we should do peacekeeping after them. Hello, Hello, Hello Mr. Bush?


Is Canada under the control of the Jews? Barbara James 11/12/02

Answer: First, the answer is no.... It's not what most people thought whether they (Jews) control not only Canada, but the U.S. as well.  People who consider themselves part of the Jewish heritage or religion are very competitive in almost all trades and professions not only in North America but around the world, and they are tightly knitted together in different ways compared to other groups or nationalities. I was once misunderstood by one of their communities when I was researching the life and times of those responsible that made Montreal, until the late 70s one of the top trading cities in the world, where most I found were Jews, but some of them misconstrued my work as digging dirt on the community which of course was not true. A bank VP of Irish descent closed our account for some technicalities that caused our paper to close down. But there was no conspiracy or Jewish retaliation on whatever I wrote; it's just that the bank VP was sucking up to his Jewish clients, pretending he was sympathizing with them. There's so much that I could write about this wrong theory of Jewish control... but again, come to think about it... economic power is the best tool to political power, isn't it?


Air Canada

Celine Dion Singing for Air Canada, would that fly? Bertha MacGerney 11/08/04

Answer: Even without Celine, Air Canada has been picking up a lot of speed even before Celine's commercial. For instance those going to Asia and Mexico to South America from Europe,  would rather go through Canadian airports than the U.S. due to strict inspection and some humiliation.. But just don’t be surprised with the money Celine earns from the ad could make husband Rene Angelil, president of the airline by next year.


Investing in Asia

I am going to Manila to register a corporation with one of the locals there as a partner whom I have already checked and confirmed to be a legit businessman that happens to be strongly connected with the government, whatever that means. I understand you already wrote an article for what someone should do before doing business in this area but I cannot find it anymore in your column. Now… my question is,  what should I really do to make myself covered? Make it fast because I am traveling within a month. Stephen McTerrence 11/05/04

Answer:  Yes, I wrote some advices on how someone do business in Asia, but you looked at the wrong section. Try the Shmata Business section. You didn't mention the kind of business you'd do there and what's the participation of your local partner will be... anyhow, you don't have to put up a company or corporation there.. Find a contractor or contractors that could provide you of what you need... if you are after product production then it's easy for you to find companies that are already in the business... that are affiliated with a Hong Kong based operation. Do all your buying through letters of credit, no red clauses (advances from L/C) or down payment on your orders. Once you are there, try avoiding friendly relations with any government officials, leave that to your local suppliers. There are more things that you have to learn, depending on the size of your operation, you should get 3 to 5 day orientation which would cost your company about $2,000, but it's worth it rather than see your investment wasted and possibly even end you up in jail, right there.


What happens if there is no clear winner in the U.S. presidential race?

Answer: Yes, this could happen. The U.S. Congress will break the tie not the Electoral College despite the fact that it's mandated  in the constitution. Presidential election is based on winner's take all, each States Electoral Representatives have to follow what the state certified of who the winner is. In this election, since the Republican Party have the majority on both houses of congress, George W. Bush will surely voted back to office.


Who's Hurting America? Gene Michael 10/28/04

Answer: Just themselves...What more can I say... Nine-Eleven could have never occurred if their government only followed intelligence reports about Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda operation. Imagine, if.... that's if.... they only had fixed the problem of the Mid-East  as soon as it begun.... there could have never born the problem Americans are facing now. 


Should I Change My U.S. Dollars to Euros?

I have visited your site regularly focusing on this particular section (It's Just A Question) which I found in one of the major search engines sometime six months ago.  Our family lives in Shanghai, but maintain residence in Hong Kong due to business which I am managing... We have separate banking accounts in Yuans, Hong Kong Dollars, U.S. Dollars and the Euros.... in one of the articles you wrote, you mentioned that the U.S. dollars is not going to maintain its strength in the years to come, so, would it be wise for me to transfer our U.S. dollar account to Euros? Michael Lee, Hong Kong, China 1023/04

Answer:  Yes, you should do that while there's not plenty of people around the world rushing yet to change their greenbucks to euros. The Euros have been picking up steam, already used  by the multinational corporations on international payments, like letters of credit, funding, etc, etc. and those corrupt Third World country government officials hoarding U.S. dollars are slowly converting to Euros. The U.S. economy is bad due to the war they are having now and it's not like before "whenever there's war there's business" but the world is constructed differently now than 50 years ago. As I said, it's faith that the U.S. Dollars is backing on. I hope their super economist Alan Greenspan, U.S. Federal Reserve chief wakes up now and study the matter... start saying something understandable. I have more to say, later...


China Buying Noranda Mines is that not going to be a problem to our economy? Cecile Guidote 10/22/04

Answer: There's nothing to worry. They need a lot of raw materials for their booming economy that started from "questionable schemes".. The more they buy anything here the better. Sooner they will find out that our taxation will put them into bankruptcy. By estimation governments in all levels would take about 75 cents out of every dollar they make or produce. It's like being the janitor of your own building which is practically owned by the government.


 What Sheila Copps is Saying

As the former Deputy Prime Minster is saying, Paul Martin tried to scrap the Health Act, could that really be true? Denise Jonquire 10/22/04

Answer: It’s just not easy to scrap an on going system without having incalculable  repercussion. The Health Care System is already much deep rooted in the Canadian Way of life and whoever say he’ll scrap it, is (just) not in his right mind. Miss Copps could have heard something else..


Conmen Right Here in Montreal. Check this out!

I was solicited over the telephone to purchase a visa card worth $2500 guaranteed if I would agree to pay $299.00  I was told by this company first financial that I could get my money back if I were to call and cancel.  Well I called and tried to cancel but no one ever returned my calls. I was charged the $299.00 and I never received the credit card promised me I have tried to recover the lost from my bank since I used my debit card but they said they can't refund it because I authorized it to be debited. Please I need you help.  My name is Alberta Batchelor my phone number is 619 665-4318 my email address is The name of the company is first financial/ Parnelli Inc. located at 8255 Mountain sights Rm 500 Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4P 285 or 2B5. Thank You, Alberta Batchelor, San Diego California. P.S. whatever you can do to help me I would greatly appreciate. These are all the phone numbers that I have available for this company 800 405-0445, First Financial 877 243-2370  The ID  number is 3114193. 10/20/04

Answer: I have forwarded your complaint to the proper authorities.  Since this is considered a U.S. federal offence, the best way to run after this group or the people that did the scam is go to your nearest FBI office in your area, register this complaint. For sure you are not the only one that got hooked to this scheme. That’s a lot better than having it reported here because I tried that already and I was given so many instructions just to file the report. If these con artists are ever charged here they will probably serve no time.  If you are aware almost all those Canadian based scammers that were accused in the U.S. territory were either extradited there or in prison right now.


Question:  Will there ever be East Indian or Black, or Oriental Prime Minister of Canada? Edward See 10/19/04

Answer: Not for now... not even in this decade.. not yet... yes, you some of them around but the most they could get is only ministerial job... that's all.  Eventually, but the number is not there yet for the next twenty years. 10/19/


Quebec Independence? Again, of course

The Parti Quebecois are very busy preparing for the next provincial election and this time if they win they will push for another nerve wracking referendum and they will go further, to almost declare independence. Do you think they could win the next election? Ben Holiday 10/17/04

Answer: I don't think they would but Premier Jean Charest, must appoint a new media relation man who must know how to handle the media better than what he's got now. Or, if the PQ wins then all those who are not in favor of an Independent Quebec should start lining up now to register to officially form the Republic of Montreal. Since I support the Idea, I suggest that we separate the Island from the rest of Canada and the troublesome province of Quebec. I think the partition should start at the center or median lane of St. Lawrence Boulevard, the west will become the republic. And, along with that, we should bring in Nelson Mandela, to serve as our temporary president... Kidding? No.. I could be serious...But, the republic's only problem is, what about the Indians? No, not the East Indians or the Pakistanis or Bangladeshis, I mean, our native people.  They are not going to let us do it... it's their land in the first place... So, I think I just have to rest my case...The PQ leaderships should look (on) to this problem also before they do anything...The Indians could misunderstand us again and might turn this place into another Iraq. I think what we are all forgetting here is we live in a place far from what's happening now around the world even that of the good U.S.A. We have a complete peaceful life, free from a lot of things and have a very rich socialist government, etc., etc, etc.


Federal Workers Strike

It's the high cost of living that these federal workers are complaining about, that's why they are on strike asking for more pay. Why can't the government just give it to them, anyway, there's so much money that's wasted on things like the sponsorship program and others? Shiella Macailuck 10/13/04

Answer: Yes, it's high cost of living, but that's their fault. They should cut down on their monthly expenses and think what's happening with workers in the private sector... they are getting 50%  less than average federal workers are making. But, they are not going to care for that. It's the "Me" system that exist.  Most executives from private corporations are making less than senior clerks in the federal government. This is also true with the provincial and city unionized workers. What the government should do is cut 10%  tax deduction on income, that's more than enough for what the strikers are asking.


Chinese Consultant In China

Question: I  was reading your very interesting article today and would like to ask you why you do not recommend a Chinese Consultant for China ? Kent Reid, David S Reid Canada Inc

Answer: Click the above link, I've answered this question before. Also, I have included your e-mail address with your question and don't be surprised if you receive lots of e-mails from China soliciting business from your company. Thanks


On The World Currency Exchange

Who establishes the rate of exchange for all currencies? James Quickly 10/07/04

Answer:  Only countries that are in the free market economy are participating in this exchange that’s usually always based on whoever is in the controlling position. The U.S. Dollar dominates and it is used as a based on what goes up and what goes down. The Euro is steady on its rise and may take over this position, but that will take sometime as the U.S. Dollar had been flooding the world for almost 50 years of American domination of the world market. Almost all countries around the world had been hoarding the U.S. currency, especially corrupt politicians and dictators and according to estimates they run to trillions in number. If ever they go for the Euro, the dollar will lose it’s buying power and most certainly bankrupt the world, but that’s not going to happen yet in 20 years time.


I paid an employment agency US$6,000 to get me a job as caregiver under the Foreign Worker Contract program of the government, but once landing in Montreal, the agency told me the sponsor who signed the employment contract  will be releasing me to another employer whom they have still to find and meantime, I have to look for a part time job to keep me busy for a while. Am I not in danger of getting caught and later deported if Canada Immigration discover this? 10/04/04

Answer: Once Immigration Canada finds out that you were brought in by the agency under false pretence or fraudulently, you could be deported. This is another form of human smuggling that Immigration Canada and the RCMP should be looking at. On the other hand, make sure you follow up with your agency to get you hired as soon as possible so your status is upgraded before it's discovered. But, don't worry Canada don't deport people as fast as they could, especially with cases like yours. I will have more answers later, pending inquiry on this scam operation of those travel, employment and service consultant agencies, especially those based in Canada.


How come elected politicians doesn't  think that the more they tax us, unionized government workers will demand more pay, which now gapping from 200 to 300% of what ordinary workers are making? Marc Simion 10/02/04

Answer: I don't understand either. We have been taxed too much since the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau did a trick when he pulled down the minority government of Joe Clark in the 70s due to proposed gasoline tax of 10 cents per gallon  which will boost the price to 36 from 26 cents, but once taking over, sure, he  maintained 26 cents as promised but switched the measurement to liters instead of per gallon. All tax tricks started from there. But, you don't have to worry, if you are not dreaming of becoming really rich then stay on and later go on welfare, the government is so rich collecting billions of dollars every month enough to probably maintain us all watching TV and sometimes vacationing six months a year down south, and probably try  to stay there permanently if you want to become competitive and rich. No one becomes wealthy here, only Brian Mulroney, the former Conservative Prime Minister.


Do you think Paul Martin's minority government will last for at least four years?

Answer: The way I see it, he'd stay for more than two years, probably more... because Martin would be running a good government and there's not enough reason for the oppositions to agree on anything together that could bring it down for another election or for any two of the three political parties to form a government. But, who could guess, the three wise guys might not give him (Paul Martin) that opportunity, and the Liberals knows that.


Are we all wired now, where the government can access to our personal records? Angelo Domino 9/30/04

Answer: Yes, all our records had been linked to a central data from all offices or bureaus regulated by the government, including all our banking records initiated since 1995, as they say "You can run but you can't hide." So, if you have any money earned illegally don't put it in your bank account, stash it somewhere safe and when crossing the border to the States, don't lie too, because Canada also shares all our criminal or court records with them (Americans). In other words "Big Brother" has been instituted on us already.


Should Canada build up or spend whatever it cost to modernize our armed forces as the U.S. have been asking for the past five years? Chelsea McGibon 9/28/04

Answer: I think Canada, should build up not necessarily upgrading it’s fire power, but should add up the number of its troops, and use them for more peacekeeping activities around the world. 


Why are we losing the Expos? Martin Suede 9/28/04

Answer: Simply saying, we can not afford this luxury anymore. As I said before we are bankrupt here. Only the government is rich. This is one example of what those French language laws (Bill 22 and 101) did to our economy.


Is it true that an Iraqi-born woman naturalized Canadian citizen, was freed by her terrorist guard in exchanged for an offer to come to Canada?

Answer:  According to family account of the woman’s kidnapping, while her father was negotiating for a US$2.5 million, 150 houses to build, and withdrawal of the company where she works in Iraq, she was able to convince her terrorist guard to escape with her, and in exchange she will help him immigrate to Canada. With that promise the guard took the offer seriously and together they took off until they reached a U.S. army detachment where she was brought to Jordan, and the guard was taken prisoner. I don’t know whether the terrorist guard was given asylum by the Canadian authorities to settle in Canada, but it’s a good feeling that anyone would give up everything just to be able to come here, and live a good life.


Was the Provincial Liberal By-Election loss at Laurier-Dorion District an angry protest against Jean Charest’s administration? Jessie Natsopoulos 9/23/04

Answer: No, the simple reason that they lost the district was Liberal voters at Park Extension thought they’d win and 50% didn’t bother voting, if they did Liberal candidate Voula Neofotistos, could have won by a big margin. So, as Premier Jean Charest, was saying, it’s just a by-election. Now, the problem is, the district won’t have any representation with the provincial government, and 25 year-old PQ MNA Elsie Lefebvre, can’t do much or anything as she will sit in the National Assembly as one of those back benchers learning the ropes of becoming a full time politician.


Why did you say that Canada is much civilized than the U.S.?

Answer: Yes, I said that before and you'd find the answer by clicking the above link. My main reason is in Canada, there was a continuity of civilization only interrupted by a short civil unrest in the 18th century while south of the border, they had years of revolution and followed later by a civil war. And of course they had more people there to control and in Canada, nothing much added during that time. We have instituted more equality here so many years before the blacks and other nationalities living there, and let's not forget that the U.S. is a warring country.


What did the later Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, mean when he said French Language (law)  Bill 101, was a stupid act? Cynthia Goodgrow 9/17/04

Answer: One doesn't need protection to compete in a society of a free willing country, like Canada. Bilingualism is an asset that makes the country politically and economically progressive. And, look what happened? Bill 101, stagnated our economy and population growth since implementation. Please scroll down to read more answers which I wrote before. Thanks


You once wrote that Canada will become part of the U.S. in the future, is that feasible? Jerome McKaskill 9/13/04

Answer:  I had written a lot of opinions about this phenomenon but not the way you had it understood. There's a big difference between the two countries that probably most people don't know. The only thing that makes them identical is, the language that (the) majority speaks which is English, and some other things such as the same kind of people  who came to settle from different parts of the world for economic and political reasons. Canada, as I said, cannot be part of the U.S., instead both countries follow the concept that's now being used and implemented by the European Union with common currency.  But, that's all about it. We still have our sovereignty to keep. Our economic and political system should continue but not shared with the U.S. The Americans out number Canada in population, that's 10 times more than us. So, politically and economically speaking it's not viable at all for there's so much that make the two countries distinct from each other. 


Letter from an Illegal Immigrant

I am at present illegally overstaying my visit in Canada for about two years already. I did not apply to extend my visa because someone told me that I am better off classified under the Illegal Immigrant Status, to qualify when the rumored upcoming “amnesty” is issued or declared regardless of any reason why I want to stay and decided not to go back to my country. My question is, do you know when this “Amnesty” will be announced and how come a hospital had asked me to pay for the medical treatment I had when I got sick about six months ago? I thought health care is free in Canada? Lastly, would I have a better chance moving to Quebec, as I am now in Toronto, to get my status changed because that province I was told have a very moderate immigration system if I show them that I am willing to learn French? Cynthia Sebayas (This is not my real name) 9/12/04

Answer:  I also heard this “Amnesty” story since two years ago, but coming from my government sources nothing had been planned since the rumor came about. My guess after interviewing some overstaying visitors, this “amnesty” started from those immigration consultants who are giving false hope to people with a problem like yours. These are criminals who should be stopped and jailed. You didn’t tell me which country you came from. If you can really trust me, call my office…I will keep the conversation strictly confidential. On the other hand, come to Quebec, in Montreal the immigration office of the province will entertain your inquiry without arresting you at once due to your status. They are very kind people here and very professional who what to do after the interview. Or you can visit the Canadian immigration center, both offices probably will help you apply for landed status based on whatever they think could be possibly used legally under the law, and there’s this human “compassion thing” that the federal immigration minister have. Good luck. Your other question about our “free health care,” is not right, the program is paid way in advance by all those who works, deducted separately from their pay checks weekly and since you never worked and contributed to the program then you have to pay for medical treatment. If get sick again and haven't changed your status yet, me be back again... We have a group of doctors here that are giving their services free and for medicine?, no problem, there are also some pharmacists that are helping.


Republic of Quebec & Republic of Montreal?

Stress is what people in Quebec have been suffering since the Separatist movement was put into motion; should those who are resisting from the very beginning have to give up now and support this more than hundred years struggle? Maureen Stepenalogna 9/12/04

Answer:  Yes.... that's only if the Western part of Quebec starting from the main street (St. Lawrence Boulevard) of Montreal to Hull is separated, which probably we would call Province of Montreal or If it decides to go independent it would become The Republic of Montreal. But the only problem is...what do we have here to start with? How do we support all those who are on welfare or Federal government supplement program? Most of foreign investments and big corporate head offices are gone, so how are we going to make it? It's already a disaster since the late '70s, and what do you think will happen if this phenomenon went all the way? If I have to use the words of  (the great) Rene Levesque, the first Parti Quebecois premier had said at the Mitch Lake Accord "incalculable consequences." (No pun intended).


Does the U.S. realize that as the most indebted nation in the world, it’s like having a credit card with unlimited line of credit and it’s only paying interest based on what it dictates...their green bucks could fall anytime now? Sylvie McGovern 9/10/04

Answer:  Would the green bucks really fall? Why not? Remember the Euro Dollar? That’s what will replace “In God We Trust” U.S. currency I am sure worlds’ top economists are already figuring out what to do to prevent the Euro to take over. But, I don’t think this can be prevented. It’s just a matter of time for those holding or hoarding U.S. currency, abandons their faith of the almighty dollar. Faith that’s what it is, just like “in the dollar we trust” and the Euro is just right there when it comes. If you observed, the Euro is now widely used to cover overseas purchases by most companies in Europe. Imagine if that happens? The mighty dollar could turn into like the Japanese Yen after World War II, or it could be worse. The U.S. had been printing and circulating the dollar for more than 50 years all over the world, enriching a lot of Asian, South American corrupt government officials and dictators who until now are still keeping the currency in Switzerland or somewhere in one of the those island republics in the Caribbean. Read more of what I wrote before by clicking the link above.


 In one of your answers.. you wrote, if doing business in China, hire a consultant that's not Chinese, why?

Answer: Chinese are very proud people, like the Japanese, they won't translate anything that they think could embarrass their own. Scroll down to read more reasons I wrote previously.


Why is it that politicians cannot fulfill whatever promises they say will do once elected? Jane Meadow 8/06/04

Answer: Our system won't allow them. Once they get into the mix they become just members of the Parliament, arguing on anything


Toronto advertises that it’s the envy of all Canadian cities, it that true? Jess McTickle 9/5/04

Answer: That’s not true at all. I have talked to lot of people across the country and most didn’t even bother (to) answer the question. They all say “So what if Toronto is the biggest city in Canada?” I don’t think any city is trying to compete in anyway. Even Montrealers are saying “We passed all what they have now for we are contented with less than we had before, like the thousands of people who hated the French law popularly known as Bill 22 and 101,  head offices of  banks and large corporations, even the motion picture and recording industries. We just want to be left alone. If they glorified and crowned themselves as the best city in Canada, then good for them, I thought I have forgotten Napoleon, already. He did crown himself emperor, didn’t he? What we have here in Montreal and Quebec is the ever-increasing number of idiots running our system with wise guys mentality. Scroll down to read more of what wrote before.


Question: Who prints our money?

Answer:  The Bank of Canada is he one in charge of appointing or commissioning a company such as the Quebecor Group to print our currency based on supply and demand. In other words our money is the production of all our works done on a yearly basis (GNP) it goes through commercial banks. Please check my previous answer by scrolling down.


I have just watched Mel Gibson's exquisite filming of The Passion of The Christ on video and I learned how the Romans brutality tortured Jesus Christ to his death and most especially making the Jews responsible for his persecution. I thought this movie should have never been released for it only could renew the hatred of Christians against them (Jews)? What do you think? James Ortenstein 8/31/04

Answer: You are right. Imagine if Mel Gibson was already making movies before the time that  Adolph Hitler became the butcher of Europe? It could have produced more tragedies to the Jews. This story should have never been brought up again although we should remember how history proved that leaders, religious, political or economics are the ones responsible for what might happen in the future. Look at the Romans after all what they did made Jesus Christ their God, and the Jews paid so much in millions of lives. Yes, indeed, Jesus Christ,  is the greatest man ever lived on earth.


You must have heard of the by-election this September (2004) would the Liberals lose the riding district of Laurier-Dorion to either candidates of Parti Quebecois Elsie Lefebvre or ADQ Enrique Colindres? 8/30/04


PQ Candidate Elsie Lefebvre, Montreal City Councilor Mary Deros for Park Extension and ADQ Candidate Enrique Colindres. Liberal Candidate Voula Neofotistos (right)

Answer: Hardly. The district had been held by the Liberals for more than 20 years and according to majority that I interviewed they are not yet to change colors. Although most electors of the Park Extension district says they had been neglected by the previous Liberal MNA they are staying with Jean Charest's government. But, could this change before the election?  Well, nothing is impossible, the Liberals should show their banners around so this heavily Anglophone and immigrant populated district stays with them.


 Do you think it's time for the Separatists Party to replace their leader Bernard Landry?

Answer: Do I really care?  I like Landry... as I followed his political life..he's been a down to earth ordinary and approachable man unlike former premier Jacques Parizeau, who blamed the immigrants for his losing the last referendum...  Mr. Landry should give way to a new leader, much younger one, one step up from his generation who could make the majority feel better if they win the next election, and maybe at that time they will give more equality on government services to the English speaking population of Quebec.


Will the problem between the Israelis and Palestinians ever be solved?

Answer: Not in our life time. It's politics that's keeping it alive for more than forty years. Not even the U.S. can control its destiny.. for economics is the cause not territory anymore.


 Iraq’s Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr agreeing to disband his militia is that an acceptance that it's better to join than resist the future government of Iraq? Ahmad Shiahidula 8/19/04

Answer: He only agreed because U.S. troops are about to finish him and his followers. Sadr simply thought he is the only one that should replace Saddam Hussein, and he is getting supports from the Ayatollahs of Iran. _______________________________________

Allowing stores in Quebec to stay open up to 9 at night, is that good? Maria Marakis 8/18/04

Answer: Yes. I am sure this was initiated by the government in all levels for it will bring in more tax money and at the same time create jobs. Did I say before that we are getting more bankrupt? Look at Montreal alone...most of the shopping malls are not busy and even some are empty. I thought we have so many geniuses on economics, they must have graduated from the old Soviet School of Business Administration and Con Artist.... most of them got elected who have been running the system for the last 25 years. We should all let the government take care of everything... let's start lining up for the welfare office, since majority are already receiving the benefits and build more public housing.


What's Pierre Pettigrew doing now after the election? Danielle Leblanc, Hong Kong

Answer:  Didn't you hear? He won in the last federal election by a very slim margin. The Bloc Quebecois thought they got the riding at first count but when the East Indian and other Anglo speaking votes were counted Pierre's rejoice the narrow difference that got him to maintain his seat. Before the  Parliament opens this fall  Prime Minister Paul Martin named him Foreign Affairs Minister, a position that shows his importance in the minority government of Martin. Yesterday the Honorable Pierre Pettigrew went to visit the celebration of Pakistan's Independence at his constituency's East Indian Park in the North end of the City, where he delivered a speech thanking the community of Pakistan residents for the support given him last election. Pierre Pettigrew's day at the Park on the Pakistani Independence celebration. (Complete pictorial coverage of the Honorable Pierre Pettigrew's visit at the celebration of Pakistan's Independence are provided on request (Photos by Mr. Conrad 8/14/04)


Why can't Canadian retail stores like the Bay and affiliates compete with American companies? Deanna Campbell, Senior Merchandiser, Toronto

Answer: Very simple. American company executives are paid a lot higher than Canadians, about four times...thus, making them more productive and resourceful. As to buying power, Canadian merchandising and buying offices are just too lazy or too prima donnas to work with other  sourcing companies. Hudson Bay should stay Canadian owned but what the heck, let the Americans take it over. If I accepted the offer of working with Hudson Bay back in '93, it could have been different because I could have taught them how to get goods cheaper without compromising quality... due to my knowledge through experience of production and marketing, plus the association that I maintained around the world especially in Asia, after I got out from a group of trading companies based in Japan, but I didn't take the offer because of low pay and the people that were involved then in the administration. At the same time I also wrote to then president of Eaton's that their days were numbered due to the same problem that Hudson Bay is facing now. Those that learned from my system are still doing fine up to these days.


I am not trying to sound prejudice but those Pakistani immigrants stinks our surrounding so much that I thought I should move away. They all parade in their costumes as if they  have extended Pakistan here with all those turbans, face covers and whatever you call skirts wearing men.. how could this happen and explain why a lot of them are on welfare? Elsie 8/10/04

Answer: You've got to be an idiot and very prejudice yourself. Wake up's the 21st century and North America is not anymore between white and the prejudice. All those people that you thought are Pakistanis could have been from India or Bangladesh or Sri Lanka (Ceylon).  It's the system that brought us all together and the differences made us more educated and earned respect on tolerance from all the nations around the world.  They are not all on welfare, that's not supported by statistics. Our system offer those approved refugees some financial assistance so they could easily integrate to society. Those that you see around running in their pajama looking attire would someday melt with the rest of us. Just give them some time to adjust.


Why are we bringing  a lot of weird people here and put them on welfare. Who's the wise guy that devised this system? Jean McNagin 8/09/04

Answer: What weird people are you talking about? Check  out the overpaid bureaucrats that implement the system... lots of them are more bizarre than the immigrants you mentioned.  More... later.


Why did the French gifted the U.S. the Statue of Liberty? Manuel Pinsky  8/4/04

Answer: It's a symbol of independence and to remind the Americans not to forget that without France, there could have never been a U.S.A., because if you read your history right, they helped them won their revolution against England, in retaliation of kicking them (France) out of Quebec.. 


Do you think if President George W. Bush dump Dick Cheney as his running mate he would have the chance of re-election? Danny Benwrite 7/30/04

Answer: Too bad I like the Bush family, especially his father who did something good for my father and all his fellow war veterans, but no matter what it may take, George W. should replace him with one of their top guns, like Senator John McCain; he would be a good replacement but I hope it's not too late. Dick Cheney is bad news...all the way to the invasion of Iraq.


11 September 2001 attack in New York

The report called on people "to remember how we all felt on 9/11"

Question: Do you think the United States is safer now than after nine eleven, and if not, who is really to blame or caused this to happen? Angela McArthur 7/22/04

Answer: No, they cannot be safer now and that will stay that way for a very long time. The inquiry commission just came out and concluded that if there's anyone to blame it's the system and bad attitude, they call it institutional mistake. Well, let me explain that a bit further later including those fanatics who executed the attacks and their leaders.


How long do you think the minority government of Prime Minister Paul Martin would last? Caesar McClintok 7/21/04

Answer: It will most probably last for at least four years, or it's full term...why? Well, the simple answer here is the Bloc Quebecois is going to prevent the Liberals to have a short life in power, they won't let that happen. Just a fraction of their votes will stop any attempt by both the Conservatives and NDPs for a non confidence vote. The Blocs cannot get it better than the number of elected MPs they got last election since it was formed. If they help put down Martin's government, they could lose their strength in numbers at the parliament. Canadian political writers and pundits are making a big mistake in predicting that Martin's government could only last at the most two years, and they are in for a big surprise.


On refugee claimants

What do you think the government should do with refugee applicants who are already here in Canada? It's getting so expensive maintaining them while they are here and why can't we just we send them back  from where they came from... after all, most of them are liars? Jim Hnatisyn 7/18/04

Answer: We let them in, so, let them stay, after making sure that none of them are criminals. Our population growth can't be supported by our birthrate. As to most of them lies? Who are we to say that? Aren't we made liars and cheaters by our politicians already? Maybe, these immigrants could teach us something we don't know. Of course, they have to lie;  they will have to say anything that would make them stay in the country...Look, check the Canadian parliament where the most visible and brightest  MPs were refugees and even our governor general, her family were refugees.  For sure.. these refugees now will become our assets tomorrow.


If you were to produce goods offshore or outsource overseas which part of Asia would you go without being afraid of being pirated? J.D.V. Vancouver 7/16/04

Answer:  I will still choose China, but I will make sure that I have someone (not Chinese) constantly watching production so the manufacturer won't have the chance to make more than what I ordered. They are used to make excess production supposedly for local consumption but most of the time appears in the black market (as knock offs)... here or in the U.S. This system was copied from what Taiwan and South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan did before they became rich. China, is still the cheapest place compared to other relaying areas. Other parts of Asia, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and others...manufacturers are usually honest but their political system is too corrupt ...without that I would personally stay out of China, I am too afraid when they 'smile' without a kidding. I will further explain my answer if you would contact me again. 


How come the Anglophone community in Quebec are not getting the equality they are supposed to have  under the Canadian constitution on bilingualism?

Answer: Very simple. All Anglophone whiz kids and leading advocates are not putting their heads together. The best person that can really answer this question is former (English) Alliance president, and newspaper columnist William Johnson. 7/06/04


Why is it that Quebec Francophone limiting the rights of the Anglophone minority?

Answer: If only the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is alive, he is the best to answer that question. I think the right understanding of history is somewhere missing and the plan of instituting protection of  French culture and language were mixed up with self political promotion of the few.  Scroll down to read most of what I  wrote before. 7/05/04


Is it true that Prime Minster Paul Martin is going to appoint the former Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney as the next Governor General of Canada? 7/02/04

Answer: I don't think so and hope not. He must be out of his mind if he do that.


Are the Conservatives going to win this coming federal election?

Vote Anyone But The Conservatives: Ralph Nader

"Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have plans for crippling the commonwealth and security of the Canadian standard of living, known worldwide as just about the finest among sizable nations." Ralph Nader, U.S. Presidential candidate and consumer advocate says in his  letter telling Canadians not to "overreact" to the federal Liberal sponsorship scandal and vote for any party but the Tories. ·  Ralph Nader's letter    6/25/04


Are the Conservatives going to win this coming federal election?

Answer: Polls changed from last week now 6 per cent ahead of the Conservatives and climbing....Paul Martin’s Liberals are heading for a win.  For now, it shows a minority government but before the votes on the 28th that could improve to a majority. 6/22/04


They say that prostitution is all over Montreal, but I think TMR (Town of Mt. Royal) is the exception.  I was told that prostitutes are now in Park Extension, is that true? 6/19/04

Answer:  Yes, it's all over and no exception. At park Extension, I haven't seen anyone yet but if it's true that they are visible then they must be all ugly.


I don't understand, Pierre Trudeau legislated Canada as a bilingual country, French and English, so that the French minority would have equality and yet in Quebec it's only French? How could that happen? 5/17/04

Answer: I answered that already scroll down.

More Public housing every year means we are getting poorer every year! If that the year 2010, 85 per cent of us will be all living in public housing. Just do your math and maybe it could be worse, thanks to silencing the English speaking minority. 6/17/04


Did the Late president Ronal W. Reagan single-handedly win the cold war?

Answer: Not really. The timing was good at that moment due to Mikhail Gorbachev’s goal to transform the Soviet Union into an open society and thereby able to compete economically with the rest of the world especially that of the United States. It’s pure luck and there’s no notion that the Russians were afraid of any physical war with the West. Cuba may follow later as our friend Fidel Castro is getting old and may decide anytime to do the same. China did already, it's somewhat just across the line to democracy but for now it's under one party dictatorship which is not going to stay long since it's getting rich every second of the day from the time they started adapting capitalism. At the last count they already have 200,000 million millionaires 6/12/04


Are you serious writing that Montreal or Quebec is bankrupt, what's your theory?

Answer: What theory is there for the government or those in the civil service or organized labor, the private sector or the academics should understand, it's simple economics. Yearly demand for more low cost housing is the first indication that everyone should notice that we are getting poorer every year. There are more people now that cannot find work, less companies are organized every year and those who were fired who are 45 years or older are not employable anymore, so, what else do you think should the people would believe? Have you gone to Three Rivers? That city is empty, or you have seen St. Jean or Sherbrooke or Drummondville? Every place you see around would remind you of the great depression and who do you think are to be blamed? Ask the revenue people and that thing they called Bill 101, and that very famous Bill 22 of the late premier Robert Bourassa, which was called a stupid law by then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. I think in order to get things back to normal again, those who can do it should go back to school again and study economics. It's all illusions where we are right now... the money you see around come from the taxes we pay which is about 90 cents to every dollar we earn. 10/10/04


Has the government done any homework on the real number of people out of work ?

Answer: Both Federal and Provincial governments statistics are based on the number of people that applied for unemployment benefit and those that got employed again. Reality is not monitored by the geniuses in the system. They don't have the stats of those who applied and stayed on welfare permanently and the number of businesses that went under. There are  lots of important things that you failed to do. In Montreal alone just walk in to any shopping mall and you'd see that so many stores closed and  people are just not buying anything. And this is the only city where you will find shopping malls empty. It's a sad story but our politicians and bureaucrats are just after what they can grab and run once they are done. What more can I say? But, who really cares? We have those who are  left working, especially the organized labor unions to take care of our welfare system. 


Is it really necessary to build more subsidized housing in Montreal? Someone must be making a lot of money out of this situation? Another scandal maybe? 

Answer: Seems like it but I doubt it. We will continue monitoring this housing projects around Montreal.  All the numbers will lead us whether there are something going on and not some kind of deals like the now famous sponsorship scandal. 5/06/04


Is it really necessary to build more subsidized housing in Montreal?

Answer: For now there's no other way to accommodate the growing number of poor people due to lack of work and immigrants who had been placed by the government on the welfare roll.  Subsidized housing should be dispersed around the city since there are lots of space still available and not concentrate them in areas that's already known as one of the most congested districts in the island if not in Canada, such in the case of Park Extension that had become a dumping ground for welfare recipients. Study and research on the  upcoming construction on Anvers-Durocher site for example were not properly consulted with the residents of the community which they claimed they did but only to the owners and residents next to the project. I was told that the community headed by Miss Pat Roumeliotis, the ad hoc leader of  a neighborhood association PENN (Park Extension North) have been gathering signatures in the thousands for a petition calling to halt the construction due to reasons that I already wrote earlier. I will write more about this problem later on why Montreal or the Province of Quebec has come to this phenomenon. 6/05/04


Why are major political parties outbidding themselves with promises they know they can't keep?

Answer: Beats the hell out of me. But I suggest let's stay with the devil we already know, as Joe Clark previously said. Paul Martin should be given the benefit of the doubt. He is a god man after all. 6/04/04


Is More Public Housing Means Better Economy?

Answer: Obviously not. Every five years Quebec’s productivity sags to about 15%. More people are becoming unemployed thus demand for affordable housing are needed for those who ends up in the welfare roll or those who cannot afford regular rent on existing private housing. Whenever there’s additional public housing means that the city is getting poorer. But, who really cares?  The government is playing with those who are gainfully employed especially couples who are both working; selling them the idea of self gratification if they own a house or condominium and most of the media, are playing along with the con conniving with real estate companies. But what happens when for example you own the house or apartment you are renting? Your housing expense is multiplied four times depending on the location, that’s counting the cost of provincial real estate tax, municipal service tax, school board tax, etc., etc. So, let’s say you are renting an apartment for $800 a month; if you own that you’d have to pay about (average) $2,000 a month or more, but let’s stay with this amount, which will include all the taxes plus insurance and condominium maintenance (fee). This is not to count the down payment you put in. Okay, let’s take for granted that you took advantage of the no down payment scheme of the federal government. The difference from what you are paying monthly would be about $1,200 times that by 12, that will be $14,000 a year, and if you have that sitting in the bank with the interest in ten years that will total to not less than $144,000, make that $158,400 (rounding it with interest). If you own that apartment, the priced you paid for the same would probably only accumulate an appreciation of about ten percent. If you have paid $150,000, the appreciated value could only be about $15,000, if you are lucky. Now you have a $165,000 apartment, but you still have to go on paying the mortgage for the next 15 years or so, but if you decide to sell you’d find the truth. Usually resale of houses and condominium are less than the purchase price.  So, go figure, with the savings right in your hand that you got from ten years, you’d be able to buy a very nice property in cash in a nearby municipality where the municipal service and real estate taxes are usually lower. This calculation is very conservative, if you were to sit down with an accountant, you will be surprised to find out how stupid the system is.  6/03/04


Do you agree with the Francophones especially with the hard line separatists that their language and culture should be preserved?

Answer: I got no problem with that. Since they are the majority in Quebec, as per democratic process it should be protected even if the language is on it's way to becoming obsolete, but what should go is the attitude (whatever that means). 6/02/04


Why are residents of Park Extension North protesting the construction of a housing project in the area between Liege West and D'Anvers Streets?

Here’s an answer I received from one of the original founders of the (PEYO) Park Extension Youth Organization

BRINGING POTENTIAL PROBLEMS TO PARK EX.: Park Extension is already one of the most congested areas in Canada, and surveys before the project was finalized were not properly done on traffic circulation, schooling, drug-dealing problems on low-cost housing. Park Extension has a big problem with car vandalism and drug dealing now, especially in the Liege West area. A new Indian Temple Extension that’s being built on Durocher Street, near Jarry will extend a parking and circulation problem as many nonresidents will be coming to the area especially on Friday nights. Minimum of 150 new children will be added once the housing project is occupied. Problems of child pedestrian safety in heavy car circulation on Querbes Avenue, could result to a disaster waiting to happen. A child was recently killed in a "hit & run" accident on Ball Avenue which got very little publicity. The Police are still looking for the driver. So, why build low cost housing on an area that's already over populated, especially on a very narrow strip of property which could be used as green space instead? 6/01/04


Thousands already died in Iraq since the U.S. Invasion; when do you think this will end?

Answer: It won't for the next ten or maybe twenty years? The Americans should understand their history alone, since the revolution,  it took them more than hundred years towards civilization and this achievement cannot be done in a few years surrounding the area where civilization stagnated  for thousands of years. There were so many alternative ways of kicking out Saddam Hussein, from power... cheaper and thousands of lives could have been saved. 5/21/04


Do you think if the Conservatives have Mr. Preston Manning heading the party would it work better than anyone else like Stephen Harper?

Answer: You bet! He should not have been wasted by the former Alliance Party. 


Is this conflict in the Mid-East not going to end?

Answer: Not in this life time. I think losing lives little by little is not much considered by both instead of giving a chance to live peacefully. But soon as they are done  with each other the world will be embroiled in a global war, merely precipitated from this great misunderstanding of the 20th century. If only the allies had stopped Hitler at the beginning long before the holocaust.


The leaked election platform of Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party for tax cut of about $15 billion, composed of 25% income tax reduction, $4 billion cut on business tax, etc., is that what we are all expecting to stimulate Canada’s slumping economy?

Answer:  Yes, but that’s only another politician’s promise. That’s believable if only Brian Mulroney, is not behind Mr. Harper's quest to become prime minister. There’s no doubt that Mr. Paul Martin’s agenda already includes this measure upon winning the next election.


What's this Abused of Iraqi prisoners happening?

Answer: Abused of Iraqi prisoners as reported by a U.S. army general, but all the pictures I saw were positioned for the camera. They could have been  taken for souvenirs or whatever but those prisoners shown in photos were willing participants, that's how I have analyzed them. The photographer or people who took the pictures should be brought in also for investigation. It's either those American soldiers were idiots or they were coned by the prisoners or  they were asked by CIA operatives assigned there at that time to pose for the camera. I don't think Americans are this vicious especially those in the military. 5/06/04


Question for  Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay click here 


Is it true that Israeli Intelligence were brought in to Iraq by the Americans to interrogate Arab prisoners?

Answer: If the story is confirmed then it's stupid for George W. Bush to allow that. 5/05/04


Our company is presently out sourcing our overseas production of garments from the Far East, but I heard we can do the same in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, without having the problem of getting our original designs passed to any of our competition as we are now experiencing in China?

Answer: Wherever you go there’s always the possibility that overseas manufacturers would offer your designs to others if there are something new or amazing about them to enhance their sales with other buyers. China for now is the best place compared to other countries surrounding the area, because textile mills are situated there. No matter what you do, there’s always someone somewhere that would duplicate your design. The countries you mentioned have problems meeting required standards on exports, without elaborating further, I suggest that you talk to your suppliers (in China), tell them exactly about your problem and I am sure they will apologize but that’s not a guarantee that they won’t do it anymore. On the other hand, think positively if your designs are copied and it sells well, you’d become very famous and payoff follows. Look at Isaac Mizrahi, a New York based designer who originally designed the Capri pants for women, now you’d see them around the world and he is not complaining, 99% of those in the market are knockoffs. Lastly, have you ever heard excuses like, the rain, the sun, typhoon, it’s the nature of the goods, etc? Well, you’d encounter them all from the areas you mentioned above. But, it you really insist going to India, I could prepare a list of those who are reliable producers, except for Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the list is too old already. 5/02/04


Whatever Rev. Gray says, he's toast?

Do you think Preacher Darryl Gray, have the chance to clear his name on the accusation that he is  wife beater thereby losing his chance to getting elected president of the Anglophone lobby group  Alliance Quebec?

Answer: Someone or even a group with the help of some big media organization has conspired screwing up  his chance of becoming the first non white president of Alliance Quebec. For sure there will be no charge that could be brought against him since his wife denied police report for an incident last January 2,  which surprisingly got  leaked to the media. 4/28/04


I will be traveling to Asia, particularly to Hong Kong and China as a merchandiser and buyer. This will be my first trip and I want to know if you can help me do my homework before I leave. The company where I work had been importing goods for a number of years with some manufacturers based in Hong Kong, with production facilities in Southern China, including Shanghai. My question is this:  I was told that I could explore other suppliers who can provide more competitive prices and better quality, and now how could I make contact with them?  

Answer:  If you are about to leave now and didn’t have time to wait for a week or two, this is what you have to do. First, I will get someone from Hong Kong to assist when you get there. You’ll need about three days with this contact to visit those factories right there in Hong Kong. They are experts and very reliable agents that I have known during the past twenty years when I was actively doing international trade. They will see you at your hotel the day of your arrival. Make sure you tell them what you are looking for and the price range your goods are sold in Canada or U.S. If your price range is medium low, they will probably get suppliers in Southern China, where prices from textile to made up garment is about 50% cheaper than in Hong Kong or surrounding areas. You will be paying these traders at least three percentage of the FOB cost on all the goods you will be booking or buying. Remember try not to do direct business with the makers, let these agents do the negotiations for you. The price they get is a lot cheaper than if you buy direct. Plus, there are so many things that they could take care aside from just buying;  production samplings, shipping, quality control and others until you get the goods right at your warehouse and that's a lot of money and time to save.


Why did Former Prime Minister Joe Clark say's he will support Paul Martin rather than Conservative Leader Stephen Harper on the next federal election?

Answer: Due to Harper's open alliance with Brian Mulroney, what else? 


Now, do you think if the election is called this spring the Conservatives of Stephen Harper could take over the government from Paul Martin?

Answer: Not a chance... Even with this sponsorship scandal which was actually more heavy during Brian Mulroney's time is not going to affect the election of the Liberals to power.  Stephen Harper's handlers should understand that majority of the Canadian voters hasn't forgotten Mulroney yet. They hate him and those whoever politically works with him are not going to get what they wish. Sure, it's not easy to forget the free trade and the GST. 4/25/04


Would you agree with Gen. Ariel Sharon to kill Yasser Arafat?

Answer: No. Sharon might think that killing Arafat would make it easier to end Israel’s problem with the Palestinian, but he is wrong. The US has been against this idea of eliminating this man whom he hated since he joined the military because it could only prolong settlement of the Mid-East conflict. Arafat is an Icon of hate against the West which already spread all over the world. Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda was born out of this conflict not of the Afghan war.  So, "Killing" Arafat is not a good idea. 4/24/04


What can you say about Maher Arar, the Syrian-born Canadian citizen, who was deported by the U.S. to Syria, tortured while in prison for almost a year suing Canada, U.S., and Syria for $400 Million for his ordeal?

Answer: I think he should sue that Canadian spy agent personally who provided the information, the U.S. and Syria, but spare us (Canadians) who will be paying more taxes if he wins. Well, after all, Arar’s family will end up millionaires many times over, and his wife might even get elected to the parliament. 4/23/04


If Senator John Kerry of the Democrats wins, would that change the U.S. Position on Iraq?

Answer: No. The Americans are already there, they have to finish what was started. What he (Kerry) should do is work hard on the settlement of the Mid-East Conflict. This war between the Israelis and Palestinians is the root of almost everything that the world is facing now.  It killed a lot of lives all over the world. Are we all to suffer for this misunderstanding of two peoples who can't listen to each other? This has been going on since 1948, the mess that the U.S., England and France created. The killings, the bombings and the promise of 72, 74, 75 virgins or whatever has to stop. 4/17/04


Can Quebec Premier Jean Charest implement "re-engineering" the system of government?

Answer: Very hard. He's against organized labor and they are all together to protect themselves. Only a fraction about 3% is not of French descent in the system. But what Charest could do is go direct to the rest of the population who elected his government for the change he promised. Actually, we have so many people working in the government not only in Quebec but the federal system too. We have more government workers here than the State of California with 30 million plus people compared to ours which is about 6.5 million. Jean Charest should organize a committee first to study on how he can downsize the number of workers or employees by creating or encouraging the build up of small and medium size business entrepreneurs which could absorb those workers he wanted out. But, how can his government do that? Well, that's what the committee will work on. If I give everything he needed, he's mistaken.... Maybe, he can go fly a kite and think what he would do after losing the next election to the Separatists. 4/16/04


Why were you knocked off from the Internet world for more about two weeks?

Andswer: We were unfortunately bounced off line on April 3, 2004, which lasted 12 days until yesterday at 5 P.M. EST, by our former website forwarding company who would only put us back on line if we permit them to become our domain registrar at the same time. We have considered the offer blackmail and decided to stay with our registrars (Network Solutions) to become our web forwarders instead. It took some time for the network to find the very complicated problem to bring us back online but they did the job. As of yesterday there were at least a million inquiries received by the major engines about for our site. Thanks heavens we are back. And, to you all who inquired about us… thanks so much. We will improve our editorials and cater to what most of our viewers are  asking us to write and investigate. We are also getting back to hard copy printing this coming summer if we have found qualified people to run the publication. 4/15/04


That fire-bombing of a Jewish school in Montreal, do you think that's done by some Bin Laden's allies?

Answer: No, and I don't think so. This hate thing against people of the Jewish faith had been going on since time I remembered moving here more than twenty years ago for different reasons. But, at that time more or less the only reason is envy and stupidity and it calmed down for a long time. This constant coverage of the conflict in the Middle East, showing on TV and most of the time Live on CNN, shooting of Palestinian civilians precipitated those jokers to again resume their works. None of this hate thing against the Jews were even publicly shown by Canadians or immigrants that belongs to the Islam religion. True, a lot of them shows their hatred of the Jews but they are well settled here with their families and  lots of them are getting benefits from both federal and provincial government, so go figure… why would they jeopardize that? We will find out the truth after the police are done with the investigation. 4/15/04


Why immigration applicants have to pay to get in?

Answer: I answered this question before but to make it short, this was started by Quebec back some ten years ago. The federal government under Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien through his Italian descent minister saw it's very profitable that he copied the idea. Since then and probably statistic would show that we didn't get the right people who would become assets to our economy. It's just very stupid and a non brainer to impose such fees because it's too high for those Third Country people to afford the cost. I thought for a while that Canada is competing with the human smugglers in making money out of those people who are looking for some water to drink and land to live (in) without fear which we have to offer. As I said before, Canada should bring those who haven’t realized their dreams. As we did in the 30s 40s, 50s 60s and 70s, that produced successful businessmen and women, great artists and politicians. And what do we get now? Welfare people, con artists, criminals, liars, etc., etc. We don't need those who already had their dreams come true. We should bring (in) assets not liabilities...not anyone that can just pay their way in. 4/05/04


Was  the Liberal Government of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien full of crooks?

Answer: No! Not at all... Corruption has been embedded within the system back twenty five years ago or so. Politicians cannot do it by themselves without the assistance or encouragement of those who are already working in the government. Jean Chretien himself is an honest man...Alfonso Gagliano? Ask his friends in St. Leonard, I don't know him. He should be honest too. Actually, the best person to ask this question is the former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, he would probably agree with me. 4/01/04


What's your comment on the new Quebec Budget?

Answer: Not much. Freebies are just band aid solution. They (government) should create a think-thank body free of partisan politics to study a long term solution, starting with lowering tax, "not collect and give them away". They should encourage more people to engage in business providing them with some tax exemptions. Politicians should start thinking on how they want to see this country in the next ten or twenty years. If not,  it's going to be more screwed up than where we are now. 3/31/04


Do you know how the U.S. got into the officially undeclared war in Vietnam?

Answer: After the humiliating defeat of the French in the battle of  Dien Bien Phu - 1953-54, the Americans were suckered by France to go to Vietnam to stop the Domino Effect of Communism which was supposedly spreading in Asia. The result was more humiliating than the French. Millions of soldiers and civilians from America, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and other nations that participated died and the only winner is an American named Henry Kissenger, he got the  Nobel Prize. Check these two sites what this Nobel Prize winner did:  The Trial of Henry Kissenger and Kissenger Wanter As War Criminal 3/30/04


Why is it that my Dear Mr. Mayor & company letter has not been answered? Is it because they just don't want it known by the public? This could be another disclosure of corruption like the Sponsorship Scandal, right here in the city.

Answer:  Well, I tried asking questions too, but no one seems to know what's really going on. Mary Deros, the queen of Park Extension hasn't dropped any word yet. I will let everyone read your letter (Click letters) 3/29/04


 I don't understand why would Canada deport a British citizen mother who's got an eight-month old born Canadian but grant her two other children born in Zimbabwe refugee status?

Answer: It's a little bit complicated, but our immigration brains are screwed up.. They can just simply make the mother landed immigrant since she is an English citizen. What a waste of time and money. It's making us all look stupid and idiots. Did anyone ask what ever happened to those ship loads of people from India and China that landed here sometime in the last five years? This is a big country we need millions more to work in order to pay taxes and maintain "corruption" flowing. Just in Montreal it was reported that about 61% are already receiving social assistance... we are running out of tax paying people to support the system...3/28/04


"Who Will Defend Saddam Hussein?"

French lawyer 'to defend Saddam' (BBC)

Answer: A French lawyer who made his reputation defending some of the world's most notorious figures says he will take on Saddam Hussein as his latest client. In his long career, Jacques Verges defended Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, Carlos the Jackal and former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic.

Verges says the request came in a letter from Saddam Hussein's nephew, Ali Barzan al-Takriti.  He says he will also defend former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz.  He will be supported by a dozen other French lawyers to mount a defense case. 3/27/04


Does Canada have to continue sending money to Third World countries?

Answer: Yes, but concentration should be toward West and Central Africa. We are done in Asia or the Pacific Region. Education doesn't mean anything there.. Their political leaders are saturated with corruption and human rights violation...I think there's no salvation needed. Maybe, they should watch Mel Gibson's Passion of Christ Movie. 3/26,/04


The Conservative Party has a very strong team it appears that they are ready to take over from the Liberals by next election, do you think they would win?

Answer: I like the leader, he looks and sound very sincere not much of a con artist and a liar, but again, Paul Martin should stay to continue cleaning the mess that Jean Chretien left behind. He is a good man and I am sure he’s honest of what he said he will do if given the mandate as prime minister by next election.    3/25/04


Why do you have to repeatedly call for abolition of the GST?

Answer: I know its hard for the government to remove the GST (Goods and Services Tax), since it's already embedded in the system but this tax is really not necessary for we are already paying too much. 3/24/05


Did the U.S. approve the murder of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin?

Answer: I don't think so. What I am sure, they didn't object when Prime Minister Ariel Sharon say's Yassin is marked for death. Look at Yasser Arafat and his spokesman, they are in the list on whom Israel should not kill. It’s inferno in that side of the world. Israel has the big gun and there's nothing that the Palestinian can do. Instead they should talk cooperation and stop fighting this warring "democratic government" who will never stop killing until you kiss them on the lips. The more they are resisted the more they have strength. And, on the part of the Arabs, they've never been together. They even kill each other.  So, killing to killing is not going to solve anything. This conflict will only be resolved when all of them are already dead and burning. Once again, Jerusalem will be in peace.    3/23/04


Killing an Islam religious leader treated almost a prophet, as what  Prime Minister Ariel Sharon just did, is that not provoking the Muslim world into targeting not only Israel but also putting those people of the Jewish faith in danger too?

Answer: This is something so dangerous to answer because I may unknowingly contribute to anything that might happen and regret after. But I just don't understand why they have to eliminate Sheikh Ahmed Yassin? This act could escalate to something unimaginable and involve us, and those around the world. I guess, our government should immediately put extra precaution on all Jewish establishments or groups. We just don't know what the believers would do. That was an error of judgment. 3/22/04


Canada joined a growing list of nations Monday denouncing Israel's targeted killing of Hamas founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin. "We have condemned the death of Sheik Yassin because in our view this is a matter that is contrary to international legal obligations on behalf of the state of Israel," Foreign Minister Bill Graham said in the House of Commons. Graham said the killing of Yassin will serve to contribute to instability in the area and make peace more difficult to achieve. 3/22/04


Do you think Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper, can bring any elected MPs from Quebec?

Answer: I don't know. Maybe, a couple or at the most five. Everytime, Stephen blurts the name of Brian Mulroney, not yet forgotten for bringing that GST into the system, the more his  chance becomes harder. He's got to be a Quebec resident to understand what we think here. Maybe, if he sends Belinda more often here, that could change... a little.  She could take in probably ten. Did you just hear? The Quebecois say's "BOF". In English it's "Big Deal or So What?"  3/22/'04


So, there you are Stephen Harper wins the Conservative leadership, can he possibly beat Paul martin's Liberals?

Answer: Not in this coming election... not unless, he say's he will get rid of Brian Mulroney's GST and actually do it if he wins. 3/21/04


I watched and listened to Stephen Harper's speech at the leadership convention last night, it all sound so good to me. Do you think if he become prime minister he would be able to implement all those promises?

Answer:  My eyes were glued on that broadcast yesterday and listened carefully to his litany of changes if elected and eventually become prime minister.  I like Stephen Harper, I think he will be a good prime minister, but what he said (he would do) is almost impossible to happen. The system is screwed up by high  taxation and will take at least a decade to change. 3/20/04


The U.S. say China with stable economy in return will buy more American goods instead of just stealing them?

Answer: In theory,  yes... but it's not going to happen. The tradition is not just going to change for a long long time. The bottom line is that more Western based companies are going to lose their control of the world market. Look at Taiwan, South Korea and the others like Japan, the U.S. import more goods now than before. American economists should go back to their drawing boards and study this theory once again.  3/19/04


How come we have so many teenage prostitutes and they seem to add more every year?

Answer: It's economics, no jobs for them... 3/18/04



Answer: This could hardly happen here. We are always the peace makers not the anything that these guys are mad about and they don't hate us at all. I think these so called terrorists have connections of some kind with either friends or relatives and those are the ones telling or begging them not to touch us at all. There could be more I can say, but I don't want any of the US administration agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, and the others) to call me at all.  I should stop right here and say nothing anymore. 3/18/04


I am from overseas, have an approved immigrant visa and very soon I will be coming over with my wife and two children seven and nine years old. I heard about Montreal to be one of the best cities in North America, but what are the chances of getting a job as an accountant or should I invest in business, like putting up a grocery store?

Answer: Forget accounting job, we have lots of accountants already who don’t know how to count... that's only if you are talking about "certified accountant", but, clerical accounting position is not hard to find, especially if you speak French. If I presumed you only speak English, then your chance is down to 25%. You will have a lot of problems once you are here. Your children have to enroll in French school, and that's hard for them considering their ages. If you engage in the grocery business, again you are going to be in trouble with the language police. So, what's the best thing that you have to do? Go to Toronto, or Vancouver, or any of the Maritime provinces (they are very nice people speaking of tolerance and hospitality) that's where you won't encounter the problems I mentioned. Surviving in Quebec for English-speaking immigrants is not easy. We make things here more complicated that no one understands, how? Ask the geniuses we have here starting with the top mandarins of the government. By the way, most of those money (investors) immigrants that came they are now back where they came from, of course bringing along "Canadian passports" with them. 3/17/04


What's (really) the state of our economy?

Answer: We are, that's to say the population is bankrupt. We are all totally dependent on both federal and provincial governments. Pawnshop business is booming, that's how bad it is. (But) English newspapers and magazines around Canada, especially the ones we have in Montreal, say’s steadily that the economy is good; there’s a housing boom and more people are getting employment.  I think those guys graduated from Conrad Black school of economics. 3/16/04


Prime Minister Paul Martin must know something about this scandal that went on at the time of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, didn't he?

Answer: The budget he knew, but the scandal? No! The man is not an idiot not to say anything if he knew there was something wrong on how the millions were disbursed. After all, he was aiming to be prime minister, go figure. 4/15/04


Is there any way to stop Osama Bin Laden and  his angry al-Qaeda followers?

Answer: For now, there's nothing that can be done to stop them. It will take time but they will be stopped. Even if the U.S. and their allies captured or killed Bin Laden, terrorist acts won't end, but one thing that they could do is let the Moslems do the hunting, they are the only ones that know where he is hiding and how the followers are identified. It’s making their lives miserable too. This is like the war in Vietnam...the U.S. never knew who their enemies were, and they lost. 3/14/04


Is there racism in Quebec?

Answer: Yes, according to an article penned by Anne-Marie Lafortune, a very talented 20 year old Francophone 2nd year McGill University student, who speaks three languages, a musician (plays piano and guitar), a member of Canada Refugee Committee, and a world  traveler. 

Welcome to Canada! Whites Only. The Changing Face of Racism.


What do you think the government should do to fix the overloaded system you are talking about in your previous article?

Answer: They should get their acts together first and look at the damage done during the past 25 years or so on heavy taxation. They cannot do anything! See that government re-engineering scheme that Quebec Premier Jean Charest, was talking about before the election? It's gone, put aside, because he thought there's nothing much to it and he could easily fix the system without encountering problems with the organized work force and the general population. Wise guys they thought they were. The late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, started the trend from giving the French Canadians equality in federal representation to implementing taxes, starting with gasoline excise tax. Look what it did with that equality program... now the English speaking people in Quebec are being discriminated by the separatists. They even legislated laws depriving them of their rights to be serviced  or do their business in English. Shame on those who became or are bilingual or learned French that abandoned us, they should know better. I like Trudeau, he's the only politician I respect, but he was misunderstood by those who came after him from both political parties. 3/12/04



Why Car Repair Shops Terrifies Me Whenever I Bring in My Car For A Check up, As If I Am Entering Baghdad?

Answer: Who do you think doesn't feel the same as you? Deterioration of trust has gone bananas since after Pierre Trudeau's time. We are heavily taxed and people have been lying too much to earn a buck. Almost every one of us have been robbed blindly, by auto repair shops, and there's nothing we can do about it because we just don't know if the parts they changed or repaired is not really working? Why would the government waste time checking the scammers when every dime that's made more than 50% goes to tax, from GST to income tax?  The best thing that you should do is pray, and may be, try to find a friend who is a mechanic. There was a survey and an investigative report released last year and featured on TV that found that only three out of ten shops are trustworthy.  I think the other way protecting yourself from these thieves is to pay them with credit cards,  but make sure you get back all the parts they supposedly changed or repaired and later call the issuing bank to cancel the charge. I am sure they will do that for you, after all, they are supposed to protect you, right? Better still, sell your car, take a cab, or the bus or metro. Probably, we are all better off that way.... Yes, away from all those animals. Tomorrow I will write my own experienced with repair shops including car dealerships, Sears, and Canadian Tires. 3/08/04

“Immigration to Canada”

Your site has become our source of information about Canada, good work! I am single professional, working as accountant somewhere in the Far East. I am so intrigued of coming to Canada, especially Montreal, which you have publicized as the best city in the world. I have visited several immigration consultants in our city, one offered the most realistic and cheapest way of getting there. For about US$5,500, my visa will be ready and I will be there within a year. I was asked to save another  $3,000.00, which will pay for my airfare and the first month of my stay while I look for a job. I was told that Canada's immigration is once again open for anyone with profession, and if I leave with a visitor’s visa, I could have it easily changed to permanent resident status. Is this true? I just want to be sure. I am getting it right?

Answer: The amount that consultant there is asking is actually cheap compared to the Chinese Coyotes, who charge US$30,000 per person to bring anyone to Canada or the U.S. But it's considered human smuggling here. The name of that consultant that you mentioned was already submitted to proper authorities and very soon he will be picked up for questioning by your national police. I just don't understand why do you have to pay someone to do the paper works when actually.. there's nothing to it. 

Con artists takes advantage of lazy people like you.  Here's what you have to do. The next time you log-on to the internet go to our site (yes, this one), click that Canadian Flag you see at the top right corner. Since English is the language you understand, click that, then type immigration in the search box. This will lead you to the page where you will see to which category you belong to come as permanent resident, not visitor. If you come as visitor, sorry, you cannot change your status while you are in the country. You have to get out first and apply from where you came from.  You'll need a total of 67 points... check that point system. And, if I understand, you are entitled to more than 70 points already. You probably can even print application forms from the site and if you can do that, so much the better. Or go to the Canadian Embassy or consulate nearest your area and ask them to give you the forms.  Don't worry...they will provide you those without paying anything. Fill up the forms and submit along with the required fee, I think it's about $550, but it's in the pamphlet that comes along with the application. That's all, and,  wait until they call ... probably.  within the next 90 days. If you passed or accepted, you will have to pay for medical examination or other things needed to travel. So, do you really need a scamming immigration consultant? I heard they already sent a lot of visitors here telling them that they can easily become landed immigrants since they already got in. They are all hiding now because their stay already expired, and staying here illegally. Sooner or later they will be caught and deported, that's a sad story. So, avoid becoming a victim of con artists.

By the way, I was shocked to learn that our government is charging fees for anyone to get in. Whoever thought of this “pay as you come in" must be an idiot. It’s like getting into a whorehouse and  pay a bouncer (Canada) to get in. He must have worked in a place like this before… 

There are so many good people out there that cannot afford to pay this immigration fee … those people should be given a chance to come in because they are the ones with dreams. Those with the money are not coming with the same purpose. They come to screw us. Just like those money  immigrants who came 10 or 15 years ago. They didn’t come with the money. They left it all in Hong Kong or Taiwan or Singapore....What they brought here were bank guarantees… our own banks financed everything, and with the money they made...they left,  back where they came from.....with Canadian passports!....for Pete\'s sake!  … I hope the government of Prime Minister Paul Martin would look into scrapping this immigration fees or better known as "head tax."  This is against human rights. I thought we are signatory to this (Human  Rights)?

So far we brought in a lot of con artists, and  very reluctant welfare people. One Indian national that I know of say's "humanity has gown down" so much since he arrived in the early 90s.  I answered, don't blame the people, it's the system that the government brought in that changed them.. TAX, TAX, TAX ..Starting from Brian Mulroney and his boys.. and now, the scandals of  Jean Chretien, and the Pontius Pilate's acts of the late Robert Bourassa and those of the Parti Quebecois, who drove the talents out of the province and tried to shove the French into our throats. They even formed the "Language Police", what a bunch of jokers.



Who should leave?

Copps, Valeri stage final fight for nomination
One of the Liberal party's most fiercely fought nomination battles will be decided

Who should give way and who should go somewhere else in order to  maintain Hamilton's (Ontario) East-Stoney Creek Riding?

Answer: The Liberals should know Sheila Copps is the best to represent the riding. She is the only one from their party that has proven integrity. They could possibly lose it to the NDP with Sheila as the candidate. So, attention to those who will be voting (in Hamilton) Sheila is the finest parliamentarian a district could ever have. 3/06/04


I have been a subscriber of cable TV for so a very long time, do you think it's wise for me to switch to any of those satellite dish companies? They claim the picture would come out a lot better than what I have now.

Answer: No. Your cable provider can offer the same, they also have digital transmission at the same price or cheaper. Why switch when it's going to cost more for the same service?  Those executives from different companies must have graduated (sometime) in Moscow when USSR was still around. I guess marketing was not one of the subjects they took. If I were their boss, I will kick them all out, or retrain them on how business competition works. All those who have marketing talents moved to the U.S. already, and they are doing great. Look at those retail and service stores or companies, the ones that are doing well are those owned by the Americans.. Maybe, you might ask if I know what I am talking about...well, check my profile. I was in marketing for more than 15 years, and I did very well. I sold goods to people who even before I could open my mouth told me they were not interested but gave me orders worth millions of U.S. dollars.  3/05/04


What’s Myriam Bedard, complaining about when she worked  with the advertising companies that scammed the government?

Answer: I think you are getting it wrong. The Media hyped those new reports about Myriam Bedard, receiving a car for her retirement in sports… (receiving) that gift got nothing to do with her questioning those ad agency bills for which she was fired. Those media people following her should leave her alone before they make her crazy. Re- Federal sponsorship scandal. Click her picture to read the story.    3/04/04


Which insurance company should I call for my car?

Answer: Call automobile or car insurance brokers. You can find them in the Yellow Pages. They can lead you to whoever can offer the best coverage with the cheapest price possible. Try not to call insurance companies directly. 3/04/04


Too Many People On welfare!

We have so many people on welfare, why can't the government put them to work or just give them something to do, like cleaning streets and picking up garbage or anything that could make them productive again, especially those educated and skilled immigrants? What a waste! 

Answer: This is not an easy one to answer but I have to give something that the government hasn't told you. Before the Quebec provincial election, Jean Charest say's out of 544,229 receiving welfare assistance, he'll cut 25,500, which his administration cannot possibly do. It will take years to even take out 10% because there's no alternative way of cutting it down. All those suckers hanging around him pretending to be geniuses are dreaming when they gave that advice. The system was created to help those who are really poor but no one thought of what would happen in the next ten or twenty years. Those refugees should have never been added to the system because very few will ever have the chance of getting out for whatever reason.

The number won’t go down. Instead, its going to climb up… more will be added, with those that have found themselves unemployable because there is no place for them to go. There are so many attempts and several programs directly or indirectly created to curb poverty but none worked at all.

We can blame almost about everyone like, all organized union workers, from the garbage collectors, to police forces, civil service, and the bureaucrats, the banks and finance companies, for taking advantage of all circumstances, real estate companies and the media for lying and enticement to buy homes and condominiums which could bring anyone into bankruptcy and ends up in the system. But, actually, the simple way of finding solution although very revolutionary is to cut taxes (overall), yes, including the much hated GST of Brian Mulroney, and encourage entrepreneurship with government assistance… handled by a special government division that would monitor distribution of funds, not the banks, not this time. Just imagine if in five years tens of thousands of people got into business, think of what it can do if each could only create two jobs, plus themselves. Politicians just got so lazy to use their brains, and find it too hard to face reality that the system is already overloaded. 3/02/04


Is it true that there are more gay men in Montreal than women?

Answer: No..!!! Where did you get this news? Yes, we have plenty of them here concentrated in three different places in the city. They are not a bother to the rest of us. As to our women, well, there are plenty of them out numbering men, but mind you, they are the best looking girls in the world representing almost all nationalities from all over the world. If you come to visit the city, you'll find that yourself.  We are very nice people here, especially in Quebec City, judged as most hospitable city in the world by a  known international travel magazine. 2/29/04


Are We Crooks in Quebec?

Question: How come high profile government corruptions comes mostly from Quebec? Are they really crooks there?

Answer: Oops! I am not the right person qualified to answer. I never was a politician or worked for the government or any of its crown corporations and most of all "not a sucker". But,  I will forward this question to former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, only if I can find his e-mail address. 2/28/04


Passion of the Christ

Question: One prominent Jewish leader said that Mel Gibson’s picture is an insult blaming the Jews for the death of Jesus Christ. Would that mean Gibson is in trouble getting a job in the movie business again?

Answer: There were two kinds of people in Jerusalem at that time when Jesus Christ, was killed during the week of the Jewish Passover, either one or both could be responsible. But, saying that Gibson is in danger of being boycotted in the industry could not be true and could even happen. He’s a multi millionaire hundred times over and as long as he could keep that position and a money-maker there will be no conspiracy to put him out of business. It's just a movie and expression of what Gibson thought happened... If anyone remember these three major religions was started by one biblical man named Abraham or Ibrahim, and I don't understand why the followers at this time are still trying to blame, humiliate or worse kill each other despite the advancement of civilization. 2/28/04


It looks like all those political candidates that you have endorsed are losers, so what do you say about that?

Answer:  Yes, you got that right... I might as well quit doing that. On the leadership of the Conservative Party, I didn't know that Stephen Harper, didn't know much about the Indians. Probably, I should have looked at Belinda, after all she is a very good looking woman.


Who do you think should lead the Conservative Party?

Answer: Stephen Harper should do it. Belinda Stronach, is too green and identified with Brian Mulroney, and we are still terrified of him.


Any comment on same sex marriage?

Answer:  Yes, to civil contract. If they want to bind themselves together them sign a contract but marriage was never thought for the same sex... If we go this path it's down to destruction of the fundamental institution of civilization. I am more afraid of homosexual men enticing straight guys into their sickening behavior who are very vulnerable (easily) into turning  homo themselves.  Women are very different; the hardcore will stay probably permanently, the others most likely be will  be going back to normal again. 2/25/03


Now that the federal government, through the CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation) is offering no down payment to buy a home should I take advantage of this?

Answer: Why bother, this is another gimmick for you to pay more taxes. Why buy when you can rent? I mentioned this before, you can rent a very nice place for a quarter of what you will be paying once you own a condominium or a house, check it out. Just imagine if you can save the rest of that payment responsibility, you can buy a castle in five or ten years, and you can keep your family together without divorce or separation or maybe getting later  into the welfare roll. In this world it's the quality of life that's (more) important than satisfying yourself of "owning a home".  The government and financing companies or real estate developers are just trying to turn liability to asset. Accountants should  know that, ask them! If your income is just about $30,000 a year, your mortgage, real estate, municipal, school board taxes, insurance, etc., should not be more than $7,500 (annually), or  add another $3,000, but mind you heating cost is normally (high )at about $3,600. If you are classified poor, then apply for socialized housing. We are in a socialized country, aren't we? So, let the government work for us then.


List of Crooks in the Shmata Business?

Do you have a list of questionable businessmen or companies operating in the garment business? Please send a copy and I will pay whatever the cost you'd charge. We are a textile mill and garment manufacturers based in the Orient, and we got cheated by a number of them already.

Answer: No, I don't have a list.. Even if  I am keeping one I cannot send it to you for any amount... I just can't do that.  If you don't want to get stung again by those shady dealers, then hire someone to properly represent you, it doesn't cost much. That's what happens when dealing directly without the messenger...


It's about Conrad Black, A Lord in England, the Ex-Canadian

How come the media or everyone in business seems to be looking excitingly toward the downfall of Conrad Black?

Answer: He did something that not a lot of people could ever accomplish in a life time, and of course his arrogance towards those who new and worked with him, especially writers, business and political pundits. 2/21/04


I thought our economy is much better than the U.S., how come our dollar is sliding down again?

Answer: I wrote the reason about this previously, but ask what's the Bank of Canada doing in buying and selling currencies? Who accounts for this operation? I don't know. But, they should leave this to commercial banks. 2/19/04


I am a manufacturer from Asia wanting to know how to proceed selling my goods (to Canada) directly to the stores, especially companies like Wal-Mart, Sears, The Bay, Zellers or specialty boutiques ?

Answer: The best thing you can do is get yourself a local  paid agent, who's  got experience selling to those you mentioned above. He will tell you what to do.  You have to tell more about your company... whether you merchandise your own goods, or work as private label contractor... it depends on what you do... get back to me if you want further information. 2/19/04


Don't you think  its about time CFCF TV change things around? 

Answer: Change what? Sorry, I don't give comments on these guys.  2/19/04


Is Global TV Anchor Kevin Newman, unfair and excessive in reporting damaging allegation against Prime Minister Paul Martin, on the SPONSORSHIP CONTROVERSY?

Answer: I don't think so. It's politics and news, what more can I say. 


How come the media is so hot on Paul Martin, they just have to get this guy out of politics? Is Brian Mulroney involved orchestrating the campaign?

Answer: Very suspicious huh? But, who could blame the former prime minister Brian Mulroney, if he is behind the drive? No one. Remember his party got killed in the end because of corruption according to a book penned by writer Ms Stevie Cameron, and it's just reasonable to believe he's got something to do with it, he's one of the top businessmen in Canada, and that's power. I never thought about it at first but this will show up later. 


Are Canadians really mad at Prime Minister Paul Martin, for saying he didn't know much of the SPONSORSHIP SCANDAL, and would this affect his chance to win the election?

Answer: I interviewed hundreds during the weekend, more than 85% says he may have heard about the scheme but can't do anything, since he was booted out of the cabinet when questions surfaced in the parliament. Yes, the Liberal will win this election. They are just petrified thinking that the boys of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, could be back and make us miserable again even when I told them that he's (Mulroney) got no part of the new Conservative Party anymore.  


Do you think Paul Martin is serious about investigating those involved with that godfather from Anjou, and will the Liberals win another majority government come next election?

Answer: Yes. He just said "Watch Me". He's a good man and honest, and should be maintained as prime minister.


Is Prime Minister Paul Martin, in anyway responsible for this Alfonso Gagliano Affair?

Answer: No! There’s nothing he can do at that time the Sponsorship Fiasco transpired, that’s under former Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s responsibility. Martin, got his own problem, and he cannot mix up with Chretien-Gagliano’s agenda. Look at what happened to Sheilla Copps, when she reminded Chretien’s promise on scrapping the GST; she was left alone, and in the process she resigned to save her integrity but her district elected her again. Martin should not waste Sheila, she is an asset to the Liberals. As for this coming federal election, Martin still would win without a problem. Voter's hasn't forgotten Brian Mulroney yet, and all those connected with this former prime minister won't have any chance of getting back to controlling the parliament again for a very long time. 2/11/04


Why most immigrants don't integrate in Quebec Society?

Answer: It may sound shocking but most immigrants, stay away from the French speaking people whom they regard are very insulting at most of the time. Here's some quotes I have gathered during the weekend.

 "They always think that we are all on welfare," one Pakistani says of both the English and the French. "But, if you check the record, immigrants are far less relying on government assistance compared to those who called themselves locals." 

A Chinese man who arrived five years ago, say's "I cannot learn French the way they are teaching it... I don't understand how they (government) are doing it. When I was studying English, they let me know what I was talking about, but this French class don't. The teachers don't even speak English at all, so how can they expect me to learn? Those people are dreaming." 

An East Indian descent woman said, "Those people when they look at me as if I came from outer space. They always say that since I am living in Quebec, I have to speak French, and, maybe I won't argue with that, but, they don't have to force French into my throat.

"I am very confused, I thought Canada is a bilingual country," said an East European who came in two years ago.

"The question is survivability economically speaking, that I can do... No need to speak something very hard for me to learn in my age...I am 52 years old. French is not an easy language... I understand the basic... but since I am doing international export everyone that works for me speaks English... So, I just have to leave it at that. But mixing with them is not going to happen, they are always opposing anything like they are always on the left and the rest are on the right."  2/08/04

"The native people never blended becoming Quebecois, how can they expect me to integrate? There must be something the government is missing having me counted as one when their ways is so much different from mine."  I am from West Africa

"What society are they talking about? It's alright, I might as well remain an ethnic as they brand me. Thanks to multi cultural programs sponsored by both the federal and provincial governments" I came here from Haiti. 2/09/04

"I am from Argentina and had been here for more than half my life, it don't bother me integrating to what you call 'Quebec Society'. Look at the cities and municipalities they turned completely French, such as Three Rivers, Sherbrooke, etc., they are now bankrupt and survives on welfare assistance. If Montreal was maintained the capital of the province Quebec City, will just be a tourist attraction. On Separation; they might as well forget it...most French people are not keen about it. " 2/10/04


Why Americans always make jokes about the French?

Answer: They can't turn to anyone else, that's why. They forgot without them they could have never won the revolution against England, and there's no U.S.A. The whole  continent which could have remained under one country named Canada, and the French still runs Louisiana and all the western territories. By the way, some Canadians like sport announcer Don Cherry, are making jokes too of the French in Quebec, and it's not funny. 2/07/04


So, who's sorry now that precipitated the Iraq War?

Answer:  Did I say the war was already hatched even before 9/11,  just after George .W. Bush, got elected through the interference of the U.S. Supreme Court? Too bad for Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden got him mixed up with his crusade against U.S. foreign policy. 2/06/04


Vermont's Ex-Governor Dr. Howard Dean, is fading away from the U.S. Democratic presidential nomination, so, do you think he should still continue?

Answer: It's still a long way, but whoever wins the nomination should consider making him a running mate as vice president. He's a good man and an asset to Americans.


Who's Pat Robertson? I saw him on CNN, saying that god told him that George W. Bush, is going to be re-elected.

Answer: He’s a TV evangelist and president of the Christian Broadcasting Network and,  he's a nut case... Americans are scaring each other, and if you happened to be around the fanatics you'll swear you won't be back anymore for another visit, but they are not so stupid to believe him (Robertson) or anyone saying they talked to (a) god. Even the Pope got into this club of nuts already.  He also dreamed that he talked to his god who asked him to stay on as pope.  Oh boy! I thought we are advancing.. instead, we are doing some steps backward. By the way, they are not alone, there are  lots of them also coming from the followers of Islam.. The war that's going  now is all about god...some idiots calls it jihad... that guy who's being tried in The Hague for genocide killed hundreds of thousands of Muslim followers, Israel is also killing a lot of Palestinians and they both originated from Abraham or Ibrahim. See, how nuts people are? Good thing we are in Canada, we have a better and quality of  life, exercise of any religion is tolerated with respect. So it's been more than hundred years that we are not killing each other, and probably it will stay that way forever... We are very lucky people, we are loved not hated. 

Here's what Pat Robertson actually said: 

"I think George Bush is going to win in a walk. I really believe I'm hearing from the Lord it's going to be like a blowout election in 2004. It's shaping up that way. The Lord has just blessed him (Bush). I mean, he could make terrible mistakes and comes out of it. It doesn't make any difference what he does, good or bad, God picks him up because he's a man of prayer and God's blessing him."


Are we really in danger of terrorists attack in Canada?

Answer: It's a long shot... If they were to make any attack that could have happened a long time ago, but, they are not going to do that. 2/02/04


What’s happening with the U.S. intelligence agencies, how come they make lots of mistakes?

Answer:  The simply reason is that most of them are prima donnas. Majority of the agents have masters or doctoral degrees,  very few indians, majority are chiefs. They probably would be more productive if agents have mere high school diplomas. 2/01/04

CIA under fire for Iraq failure (BBC)


Do you think there's any truth to CBC's  (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 5th State investigative report on Bush-Bin Laden Family connection before Nine-Eleven? It's a very scary report, if true, then the American people should push for further investigation.

Answer: I am staying out from this allegation but to find out what's in this story, check the broadcast, click Conspiracy.

Conspiracy Theories: The Bush-Bin Laden Connection Fact or Fiction?

Broadcast on the fifth estate Wednesday, October 29 2003 on CBC-TV at 9PM
In a special investigation the fifth estate's Bob McKeown
finds that even the most outlandish conspiracy theory may have its basis in a legitimate question. In the course of separating fact from fiction, Bob delves into the labyrinthine and surprising ties between the Bushes and the Bin Ladens. What he finds out may startle you as much as any conspiracy theory. 1/29/04


Suppose Al Gore, did become U.S. president, do you think nine-eleven could have happened?

Answer: If, that’s only if… but, a little changed in history could have come differently in the history book. The Nine-Eleven attack although planned meticulously since 1994-95 ( accordingly),  could have been averted but that's only based on  my speculation. But, definitely warring Iraq won't be in the calendar. 1/28/04


Do you still believe Dr. Howard Dean, can win the Democratic Presidential Nomination?

Answer: The fight is not done yet... If he loses the primary in New Hampshire, there's still a big chance he will make it in the convention. But, whoever wins, like Senator John Kerry, will bounce out George W. Bush, of the presidency. 1/25/04


What can you say about the recent survey on the unpopularity of Premier Jean Charest?

Answer: Thanks goodness he didn't become our prime minister.  Actually, I am not really interested in discussing Quebec politics since the late Robert Bourassa, worked on that famous Bill 22 that led to Parti Quebecois’ Bill 101, depriving English speaking people in the province of their rights to be serviced in English and forced to speak French.. If you remember Charest, is a Brian Mulroney schooled politician who did what he thought was good for himself not necessarily for all of us. He ended up bankrupting almost everything that he handled including ending the existence of the Progressive Conservative Party.  He (Charest) is not going to feel anything for now, but he’s going to be history second after the late premier  Maurice Duplessis (1890-l959) come next election. This is not to say that the Parti Quebecois are coming back yet. There will be a new political party  that will emerge before 2006. 1/24/04


If there's housing boom in Montreal, how come banks are lowering interest rate?

Answer: I don't know. If demand is high interest rate should go up.. right? Not, really. It seems (the) supply and demand theory of economics doesn't apply here. It's an advertisement concocted together by the government, real estate companies and the media. More people buying houses means more money for the province, city, and everyone else in the business. Before being convinced buying please check your budget because you might be in for a night mare but to satisfy your immigrant dream of owning a property then go ahead. 1/21/04


Do you still believe President George W. Bush, could not get re-elected?

Answer: I said it will take a miracle for him to win. That Iraq war and the U.S. economy is going to get worse... For goodness sake, a lot of Americans are dieing and the dollar is at its lowest value. Howard Dean, is the best bet to replace him. 1/20/04


Should Canada ban the hijab or Muslim headscarves in schools?

Answer: In schools there should be some kind of a dress code minus the headgear, it's cheaper 1/18/04


Is free trade with the rest of America help eradicate poverty?

Answer: No. Not for the immediate future, but free trade in the long run help cut it down by 25 % in the first five years of implementation.  It could start the formation of a united states or republics of Central and South America, just like the European Union. It will improve governmental responsibility leading to cutting corruption to its minimum, thus paving the way to economic stability in 20 years time.  1/13/04


How can I get a job? I have education and experience but non of the hundreds of applications I sent out were answered.

Answer: There must be something wrong with what you are doing. Relax, and think of what else is still missing. Go networking with groups that's in your trade. 1/13/04


Why is Fidel Castro of Cuba still around?

Answer: First, if you are talking about health, he is in good physical shape despite his age... I am sure he will continue to live for at least 10 years. If you mean his government, well, look at the state of his people's life generally speaking, without the U.S. economic blockage, it could be prosperous. They have universal on anything, from health to education. Cuba have more than 99% literacy rate the highest amongst countries in the Western Hemisphere. This newly implemented control (use) of the internet is just something he is now studying... if not, worldwide access could be dangerous to his system that could bring Cuba back to the time of Fulgencio Batista, the last Cuban dictator of a very corrupt society, and American exploitation of the island republic.  It's the 21st Century, the U.S. should not wait for Castro to die or replaced, they just have to accept defeat, and let Cuba participate freely in the world of economics. Click Fulgencio Batista to know who he was. 1/11/04 


Are you serious endorsing Belinda Stronach, Magna's president and chief executive officer for  the leadership of the new Conservative Party?

Answer: No... it's just a joke... I was supposed to write her profile... but after reading a few info on her I decided to dropped it.. This woman makes Kim Campbell, a virgin. 1/09/04


What do you think of President George W. Bush' giving illegal immigrants lawful resident status?

Why Mexicans are skeptical (BBC)

Answer:  What's you see and hear may not be the reason why this amnesty was planned, but for all good measures, no one loses in this scheme. The aliens, as they call them there in the U.S., can now stop running as they will have the chance of eventually becoming American citizens. On the government side, money...from income tax but, this strategy is toward documenting all those they thought are connected to terrorist groups. Politically, this won't win him more votes, it could even backfire. .. another stupid advise from Dick and Donald, probably. 1/8/04


Bullets from the sky

Are those people in the Arab and other Third World countries have no idea when they indiscriminately fire bullets up to the sky could be fatal when they come down? 

Answer: It's a habit inherited from their history of celebration of any kind.. never minding the gravity it could cause, which we can be translated to stupidity. 1/07/04


Would the U.S. fingerprinting of visitors help stop terrorism?

Answer: No, just slow it down. But, it would only make their enemies smarter or wiser. Definitely, it's not going to stop. The Nine Eleven attack on the mainland (in New York City) probably was the beginning of the infiltration, and according to their own intelligence report terrorist sleepers are already spread all over the United States.. You've got to remember all of these terror acts were precipitated by the conflict in the Middle East,  used by men like Osama Bin Laden, and other leaders of the Islamic communities as their main inspiration for their cause which they called Jihad.  How can they (Americans) possibly start ending this hatred of them? That’s not going to be easy. But, for the future of the next generation, they would have to check their superior attitude especially of those government officials and subordinates, the corrupt system in handling foreign policies and arrogant treatment of other people around the world. They even treat Canada, as a territory. An example of this is that Arab Canadian whom they arrested on a stop-over flight from Tunisia, instead of sending him back here, he was deported to Syria, where he was tortured for almost a year. That's very scary, if that happens to you, you would swear not to set foot south of the border anymore. Again, I will have to make sure that I am not misquoted here. As I said in my previous articles a great majority of them (Americans) are respectable and honorable (people). 1/06/04


The Wedding Tradition

My daughter is getting married by next year. This will be her first but with her previous boyfriend they had a child together. The question is what is the tradition on who will take care of the wedding expense? Would I leave that to both of them who are now past 30 years old, gainfully employed or I should shoulder the cost plus gifting them or the man something like a house or whatever?

Answer: What are you talking about tradition? They are both over 30 years old!  If they can afford to spend money for the wedding then it’s up to both of them, not yours nor of the groom’s parent. That tradition you are talking about goes back decades ago. This is the 21st century sine then women have so much graduated to so many equal rights. Europe, India, China, and other Christian nations, Jewish included, the woman’s relative usually take care of the problem in contrast.. those from the Muslim countries, and the Philippines practice that the man’s relative have to pay the bill, plus the extras. Don’t force yourself, if you have something to give then give, but if you have nothing… forget it… you are not the one (that’s) getting married. 1/06/04


Refugees in Canada: Fact & Fiction

If you come to Canada, refugee or not, and stay beyond the limit of your visa (tourist, student, and others), you should apply for change of status. If  your claim is rejected, you are already considered to be in Canada illegally and may be deported. The federal government overhauled the law on immigration and refugees in 2002. To quote a document from the Halifax Refugee Clinic, "...there is still some procedural confusion as to how the process (works) in various situations." Confused? You're not alone. As you travel through these following sites, experts on all sides of the process will help to clarify the issues. 1/05/04

Citizenship and Immigration Canada   Immigration and Refugee Board      United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) on the Geneva Convention       Canadian Council for Refugees


On The Terror Threat

Why is it that the U.S. is doing a lot of preventions mostly errors?

Answer: I said enough, and if I say more.. those guys from the CIA could be asked to pick me up for interrogation as a terror suspect.  By the way, haven't you heard?, the election is coming, may need to stage some news to win.  Al Salam Aley Koum 1/03/04


Where to find a wife

My son is 30 years old, good looking, have a good job, middle class and all probably a good catch, but not married. What's the matter with him?

Answer: I don't know, the ladies now are mostly complicated...I have no answer... 1/03/04


Why are you saying that George W. Bush, is not going to get re-elected?

Answer: I said that if things doesn't change, for sure he won't win.. All the factors against his administration are going to come out within the next six months. It's going to be hard work. First, he's got to get  rid of Dick Cheney  and all those who used to belong to his father's group during his time.  Just think of the economy, the fast sliding dollar against the euro and what about those who became casualty of the Iraq War? For now, Doctor Howard Dean is the best bet from the Democrats. 1/01/04

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