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Most have their own page with more info.

!dType - v1.0 - A simple utility to allow drag-n-drop setting of filetypes for multiple directories of files

!QuickDraw- v1.51 - Drag and drop shapes into !Draw
DOOM graphical utilities
!HTMLbar - A quick way to insert HTML tags, without obscuring big chunks of the desktop.UPDATED 08/06/20

!dName - A simple utility to search and replace (or append) on multiple filenames

!Multirunv0.6 - A sort of file playlist, allowing files from different directories/discs to be run as if they had been dragged as a selection from a filer windowNEW 20/9/02

For biochemistry-related software go here.

Other stuff

Backdrops - A collection of sprites (most of which are less than 1K) for tiling on the Pinboard.

Zeldamaps - If you're a fan of Zelda on the Gameboy you might be interested in these drawfiles of the maps for each 'dungeon' level.

DuneII - Hints, tips and strategies for the Dune II demo level that was on the Acorn User CD and is also Level 5 Atreides in the full version of the game.

Burgerworm - Yet another version of the worm/snake eats food and gets longer game. Simple, colourful and in one and two player versions.

Star Wars stuff

Luke's Quest - The Archimedes World coverdisc game 'Willy's Quest' altered to give it a Star Wars theme.

Star Wars Shanghai - A set of replacement sprites for Wynand Thompson's desktop Shanghai game (version 2.00 -- although they may work on other versions too) with a Star Wars theme.