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        Writing Resources!  English, Writing, Editing, and other things...

  Are you running out of time? No need to sing the blues....
  If you must finish a project, write a paper, send an important
  letter, drop someone a line, or even
write a thesis, it's easier
  than you think!  Think of this page as your 
writing assistant.
  You may need a
guide for writing research papers or you may
  need a
real live tutor! Both are freely available on this site.   
Starting to write is difficult, but  revising your writing is the
  tough part of the job.  We provide
writing tools, resources,
  and even
HTML tips & tutorials.  At some point you will need
inner writing resources.  One good way to develop these skills  
  is to use this
online writing assistant and writing lab.  Enjoy!
  As you return to this page to explore the valuable links in almost
every line...enjoy this painting of a blues singer in New York by Peter Kurinsky of
Missoula, Montana.  His agent, Miriam, will be happy to show you more of his work.

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