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Hello, and Welcome to your magazine!
Poetry, Paintings, Stories, Art, Letters, Photographs, Reviews, Essays, Articles, and more...

       The Artwork on this page is by Peter Kurinsky...a native of Missoula, Montana....


Cover from last  issue....

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More of Peter's work...

This was painted from life, a blues club in New York City...


Oil painting:  Peter's view of Crowds
on New York streets in the 1960's...


Here is more of Peter's work...

This one was painted much more 1997 in Missoula, Montana....where Peter now writes and paints... 

We will be adding to this page...
Please contact us and submit your work to:
The Wordsmith Collection.. Box 22 Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034-0003

If you would would like to participate in the magazine,
let us know...   We need:
calendar, copy, & professional services directory editors  We may  have openings in marketing, distribution, design, and proofreading...   
 Managing Editor: The Wordsmith Collection



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There is a correlation between the creative and the screwball.  So we must suffer the screwball gladly.
 -Kingman Brewster


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