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Peace in the Middle East

Solutions, common ground, and common sense. Fear and violence can give way to Faith, Peace, Justice, and Security.

Middle East Peace Links and Resources   

Middle East Peace:  The Options and Obstacles

The Road to Peace     Shalom Aleichem     Jewish Peace Fellowship
The History of the Middle East     Center for Middle East Peace
Peacewatch     AIPAC     Washington Post Perspective on Middle East Peace
Discussion Forum on Middle East Peace     Exploring Peace in the Middle East
Salam Review     Mideast Web Gateway     Impediments to Peace
The United States and Peace in the Middle East (USGovt)
Churches for Middle East Peace     Palestinian National Authority
A Muppet Middle East Peace    Foundation for Middle East Peace
Women working for Peace in the Middle East newswire
Middle East Newsline     Jewish Resources     The Public Peace Process
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