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Capital Punishment   Abolish the Death Penalty

      How many western industrialized nations in the world today
      kill prisoners, murder citizens, put children to death, and
                  exterminate the mentally-ill? 

This Only Happens in America...  Let's change this shameful state of affairs. 

   It's an uphill battle... but the only way to stop killing, is to stop killing.

Too many innocents have died, click here for an update on recent events!

Visit the Innocence Project

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5 Reasons To Oppose The Death Penalty

The 5 Reasons
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1 The death penalty is racist.

2 The death penalty punishes the poor.

3 The death penalty condemns the innocent to die.

4 The death penalty is not a deterent to violent crime.

5 The death penalty is "cruel and unusual punishment."


3 The death penalty condemns the innocent to die.


  • Since 1976, more than 100 people have been released from prison after being sentenced to death despite their innocence. In other words, 1 in 7 of those on death row have been freed after being fully exonerated.


  • The book, In Spite of Innocence, notes that between 1900 and 1992 there have been 416 documented cases of innocent persons who have been convicted of murder or capital rape -- a third of whom were given a death sentence. The authors discovered that in 23 of these cases, the person was executed.


  • Illinois has released as many from death row as it has executed since 1976. As a result, an Illinois Supreme Court Justice said, "Despite the courts' efforts to fashion a death penalty scheme that is just..., the system is not working. Innocent people are being sentenced to death... If this is the best our state can do, we have no business sending people to their deaths."

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