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National Institute of Metaphysical Alternatives

E.A.R.T.H. Board of Directors Chairperson-Rev. Lloyd J. Browning
President-Rev. Michelle Ram'o
Vice-President-Rev. Gary Michalski
Secretary-Rev. Lida Sadati
Treasurer-Beth Richmond
Native Peoples Spiritual Advisor and Director-Mr. Guy Red Owl

The National Institute Of Metaphysical Alternatives formerly registered as the "New Mexico Institute of Metalphysical Alternatves" known as N.M.I.M.A, is as of 10-1-2000 now registered as N.I.M.A.. nima.html
is a non-profit entity staffed by non-denominational ordained ministers and native americans, as well as those following the "red road", and by spiritual psychics. The Board of Directors has been awarded the soverign title ofE.A.R.T.H. Board. They function in conjunction with the established bylaws governing dedication to humanity and to their own individual spiritual growth. Each also specializes in spiritual/physical forms of energy work. The founders of N.M.I.M.A. are the Revs. Michelle Ram'o and Lloyd J. Browning..President and Co-founder...Michelle Ram'o whose spiritual name is Celestial is the channel for Blue Star The Pleiadian, who transmits much needed and desired information to mankind; she is a master teacher of psychic self-defense, a visionary and spiritual transformationalist.
Co-founder and Chairperson...Rev. Browning is a teacher of the apache ways; a visionary and healer; he teaches different levels of aromatherapy healings which are based upon the Edgar Cayce channelings. Rev. Lloyd also renders spiritual psychic readings.
Vice-President....Rev. Gary Michalski
Secretary....Rev. Lida Sadati also serves on the Governing Board of Associate Directors.

Treasurer....Bet h Richmond
also serves on the Governing Board of Associate Directors.
Ogala Lakota Sioux Spiritual Advisor and Director.....Mr. Guy Red Owl is a lakota ogala sioux who teaches of the animal totems; spirituality today within the native peoples' life and the teachings of the elders. Guy also teaches and conducts traditional lakota sweatlodges.
The Governing Board of Associate Directors:
Rev. Gary Michalski...His empathic abilities have always caused him to be sensitive to people who experience serious emotional problems and addictions; He has an extremely high success rate which he has attained by assisting these individuals in the "how to" recognize the true situations and thus "how to" resolve the issues. He has been attracting many people from all cultures who have begun to question various religious practices i.e. restricting rules of worship which govern orthodox religions, fear of the "unknown" etc. Rev. Gary counsels many people in various walks of life and willingly shares with them his visions. He is also an adept; a healer; a spiritual psychic and assists "seekers" on the path to their destinies. Recently, he has been sought out by many in the business world for consultation with excellent results. Rev. Gary is also an herbalist, works with aromatherapy and teaches a "new" ancient technique known as accupressure. This very gifted man is the Director of the ancient technique of accupressure for physical healing and transmutation of physical addictions.
Rev. Lida Sadati...she is a spiritual psychic born with what is referred to as "second sight." She is a clairvoyant pursuing her path of destiny by actively working within small and large groups of people and utilizing her innate precognitive abilities to help people to learn to help themselves. She too offers readings for those who desire to alter their present and future for the better. Rev Lida has been a health practioner for over 10 years, and now teaches healing techniques. All of these E.A.R.T.H. board members are available for lectures and workshops. As a combined group, they provide enormous amounts of spiritual information which any individual can utilize to enhance their practical and spiritual lives. N.I.M.A. also offers very affordable home study courses for those interested in pursuing degrees in various fields in metaphysics. Here are a few of the courses..."Spirituality 101," "Doctor Of Divinity," "Doctor Of Metaphysics," "Aromatherapy 101," as well as others. Those desiring speakers and/or degrees may contact us by e-mail or call 1-888-634-6202. N.I.M.A. is also affiliated with The Church of The Third Millennium (CTM).Peace and Blessings to you from the E.A.R.T.H.

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