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Every so often (who knows how often?!), we at Mondo Taiwan hope to ask a series of questions related to Taiwan regarding culture, language, current events, or whatever comes to mind at the moment. We will also post the results of the previous survey. This being the first survey, there are no previous results yet. (Be patient, will ya?!)
You can't avoid them!
The subject this time is motorcycles. Motorcycles are an ingrained part of Taiwanese society. I can hear the sound of a motorcycle starting up and speeding away as I type this sentence. I don't know if there are any recording studios in Taiwan (I imagine that there must be), but I'd venture a guess that keeping out the sound of motorcycles would be the most difficult thing about operating such a business.

Now, if you will, please give careful consideration to the questions and answers before you--even the ones that sound silly. Thanks in advance for your cooperation, and check back soon for another "in-your-face" survey.
You really can't avoid them ! ! !

Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer (at least versions prior to version 3.02a) does not support the form below. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer or your browser does not support forms, please copy the form below, and paste it into a regular e-mail window along with your (typed?) answers. If you are using a browser that supports this form (such as Netscape Navigator), simply complete the form below, and your answers will be e-mailed after you press the [Submit] button.

1. Have you ever been to Taiwan before?
Yes No

2. Where are you from?
Elsewhere (specify)
or type it in the box 

3. Where are you now?
Elsewhere (specify)
or type it in the box 

4. Have you ever been on a motorcycle before?
Yes No
If you answer "No" to this question, please answer the remaining questions hypothetically. (What would you do if you rode a motorcycle?)

5. Do you wear a helmet?
Only when approaching the police

6. Have you ever been in a motorcycle accident?
None that really matter
2 - 4 times
5 - 10 times
11 - 20 times
I can't count that high

7. Did you have to go to the hospital for any of those accidents?
I should've gone, but I was too embarrassed
I didn't require medical attention
I went to see a psychiatrist instead
I've never had an accident

8. When riding a motorcycle, do you stop at red lights?
Yes, always
What's a red light?

9. If a bus is bearing down on your tail and blowing its horn, what do you normally do?
Ignore it--they do that all the time
Smile and wave to the driver
Speed up and try to run the red light first
Slow down and imagine that you're taking a leisurely bicycle ride near the seashore
Quickly move out of the way

10. How old are you now?
Under 18
18 - 25
26 - 39
40 - 59
Over 60

11. How old do you expect to live to be?
Under 18
18 - 25
26 - 39
40 - 59
Over 60

12. How do you feel about Taiwan and/or motorcycles?

(Type your answer in the box below)

13. What do you want the next Mondo Taiwan survey to be about?

(Type your answer in the box below)

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