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Descendants of Nelson STARNER

Nelson STARNER was married to Lillian WALSH
Their son was James DeForest STARNER

James DeForest STARNER was married to Adeline L. WILCOX.

James DeForest was born in 1882 in Auburn, NY.

After the death of James DeForest Adeline married Hugh Henry Brady

James DeForest and Adeline lived in Buffalo, New York and had 4 sons

(1) Lester Alvin b 6 May 1907 and married Violet O. Moringstar Threader
(2) James Nelson Joseph b 14 Aug 1908 and married Grace V Elliott
(3) Elmer Allen Vincent b 15 May 1910, who married Olive V Haun
(4) Arthur Joseph b 27 Sep 1911

James lived in El Cerrito, CA in 1957 and we would love to have more information about him.

Arthur Joseph married (1) Clara Belle Mosher (2) Edna Ellen Bruening

Arthur Joseph died 17 September 1949. No children resulted from his marriage to Clara and one son was born of his union with Edna.

Elmer and Olive had two sons.---William (We think) and John who was born in 1944. John married Karen ??? and had Shelley, Deanna, Donald, Richard and Donna.

(Latest Developement---On November 17, 1999 we heard from Deanna and her Mom and Dad....John and Karen....we are SO glad to find you, cousins.)

Lester and Violet had 2 sons.---Ronald b 1941 and d 1984 and Donald.--- Ronald married Nancy and they had a son Donald 1966 and an adopted daughter, Donna 'Schiebel'.

James, who lived in CA died before 1969.

Arthur and Edna had John Arthur.

John was married to (1)Letha HOLT and to that union were born:
John Jr.

John married (2) Shirley HOBBS and to that union were born:

John married (3) Patricia RHETT/FRAZER and no children were born of this union.

John married (4) Delleen HITCHMAN and no children were born of this union.

We have very little information about this family as John's Father died when he was just young. If you know of anything about any of these folks, please let us know.

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