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We know very little regarding this family. Please, if you see anything you recognize----E-MAIL US!!
Thank You.

Edna Ellen BRUENING was born 16 Jul 1903 in St. Louis, Missouri to John W BRUENING who also had been born in St. Louis and Mary Elizabeth EADES who had been born in Illinois. They lived at 2100 Caroline. The family removed to California in 1908. Details beyond this are quite sketchy.

Edna seems to have been married young to someone with the surname GREENHOUSE as when she married at the age of 19, this is the name she used.

Edna married Hugh Allen FROST who was a native of Elkhart, Indiana on 18 April 1922. The ceremony took place in Orange County, California. This union was blessed by the birth of three sons-- Robert, Richard and Theodore. Mr. FROST passed away 19 Feb 1937 in the Veterans Administration Facility in Los Angeles County.

Edna then married Arthur STARNER and to this union was born one son, John. Arthur passed away in 1949 in Tulare County, California.

Edna married Thomas Edwin BUFORD of Porterville, California on 19 March 1958. No children were born to this union.

Edna is buried in Porterville, California.

Other documents which might help in identifying this family are:

The will of Mary Elizabeth EADES (CODY) which states that she was born 20 Dec 1872 near Merritt, Scott County, Illinois.

A letter to Mary Elizabeth EADES dated 10 April 1923 from the Clerk of County Court, Winchester, Scott County, Illinois regarding an estate but no mention is made of what estate. The letter does suggest that Mary Elizabeth "take this matter up direct with (her) uncle George BERRY."

Marriage certificate of John W. BRUENING and Mary Elizabeth EADES dated 3 Jan 1901

Death Certificate of Hugh FROST stating that his father is William FROST and his mother is Mary. That he was born 12 Nov 1887

Honorable Discharge of Hugh A. Frost from the United States Army (medical division) PFC #2004519 19 Sep 1919. He was 5'5 1/2" tall, brown hair, fair complexion, blue eyes. He was entitled to travel pay to Gary, Indiana and was inducted 28 Mar 1918

A letter to Edna dated St. Louis, Mo 18 Dec 1929 which says:

Dear Edna,
Just a few lines to let you know we are all well and hope you are the same. We are having a lot of snow in St. Louis had a white Thanksgiving & was zero weather are having a blizzard & snow storms today unusual for this time of the year. JUNIOR is getting big and acts very much so, he goes to Sunday school is going to say a little piece for Christmas program in church they also will have a large Xmas tree. EDWIN was to see us last spring when he was on the way east he was telling us what a cute home you have & a darling baby am so glad you are doing so nicely he was working on a private yacht last summer he was in Texas last week & is on his way to Florida for the winter.

There is very little work in St. Louis the same as last year I do hope we will have plenty of it this spring as it makes it very hard for us.

How is your boy I guess he is getting big & will enjoy Christmas.

Will have to close with Best Regards to you all from us all

I remain as ever
your Aunt (appears to be) Vina

Edna's Drivers License and Social Security Card
Edna's Birth Certificate
If anything in this is familiar please, please let us know.

Thank You