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Latest Updates
(New Classic Or Plus Only)

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Get Update:   2.6.1    2.7    2.8.2

Special Info On 2.8.2 Update

2.9.1 Update    2.9.1 Beta-Update
(16421 minor version)      (16416 minor version)   

2.9.1 Update
(16420 minor version no longer available)


(use the 'Jenny Code' from the
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Call MSNTV (1-800-469-3288)
For Updates/Info And Help

Info On 2.8.1 Update
2.7 UpDate (Alternate #1)
2.7 UpDate (Alternate #2)

Latest Updates
(Old Original Classic Only)

2.5.9mpeg    2.5.9print
(Each version comes with
Instant Messenger and Chat)
Info on 2.5.9mpeg    Info on 2.5.9print

2.5.5  2.5.5IM  2.5.5MPEG  2.5.7NP  2.5.8  2.5.9

Info On 2.5.5 UpDate
Info On 2.5.8 Update
Info On 2.5.9 Update

Revisit WebTV/MSNTV Upgrades #1
Revisit WebTV/MSNTV Upgrades #2
TyHart's UpDate Page
Another Retro Table

MSNTV (Updates/Retrogrades)
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What Each Update Offers You
Other Upgrades/Updates Info

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Codes For Your Word List #1
Codes For Your Word List #2
Other Ampersand Codes Info #1
Other Ampersand Codes Info #2
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HTML To Ampersand Converter

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