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J.D.'s Clocks & CountDowns Page

**** Please NOTE:
Javascript clocks, will not work in WebTV e-mail.

Most Simple Webpage Javascript Clock:

Audioscope Sig Clock

Official Government Time

Naval Observatory Audio Clock

CountDowns For Sigs
X-Mas Sig/E-Mail/Page Countdowns

CannonBall's CountDown By Escati

JazzyJ's Table Clocks Like Above

Time Left In 2008

These two clocks use the WebTV clock codes, which can be altered for your choice of display. Click on either of these two clocks, for info.

RiverDrift's MSNTV Clock Maker

  [Military/12-Hour] Switchable Clock

(24 Hour)
Military Time.
(12 Hour)
Civilian Time.

Only  days until the
4th of July, 2009

Easy Code For The Above Countdown - Just Change To Suit, And Use This Script Anywhere Within A Web-Page.

If you find a clock you want, but can't see its code, then go ahead and use my
URL Grabber and HTML Retriever
to be able to view and C/C/P the HTML code.

WebTV Classic & WebTV Plus Clock Info

Blue Fox Clocks Page

Jimmy's Clock Codes Page

Zoo's WebTV Clock Maker Tool #1

Zoo's New Site Address (2-2002)

WebTV Clock Maker Tool

J.D.'s  On/Off Javascript Clock

J.D.'s  Y2K Status Bar Countdown Clock

Clocks, Counters, Countdowns, WHOA!

Analog Clock

Analog Clock Faces

Clock Codes by WhipLash

Lycos Countdowns

Some Clock Codes by Cannonball #1
Some Clock Codes by Cannonball #2

WarpSpeed's Clock Page

Zoda's  Clock Info

WebTV Status Bar Clock code by Packrat

Ralph's  Clocks by Packrat

Clocks by Packrat

Wayne Beardsley's  Javascript Clock

Hardlove's  House of Clocks

Death Clock by Raymond Camden

J.D.'s  Calendar Links

Embed Status Bar Clock

J.D.'s  Embed Status Bar Clock with code

Clocks Plus - Previously from Inergy

Clocks by WarpSpeed

Y2K Countdown 'Type' Clock Code

Y2K Status Bar Countdown Clock Code

Reference Time

Time Check

JavaScript Clocks, Counters, Calendars

JS Clocks By Robert Wedge

Modem Speed Clock and Code

Naval Observatory Audio Clock

Naval Observatory Clocks

Master Naval Observatory Clocks

MST Naval Observatory Clock

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