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Prior Helmut Heinrich Scheiner von Meers Handbook on

Greetings to thee, So you wish to be a Templar Aye? Well goode child of God may I, Prior Helmut be your guide. First in the SCA or MSR, or whatever reenactment group you belong to you should understand that to wear the white habit of a Templar is a Honor to be earned.Many Templar reenactors assume the right to wear our habit because they are true midievalists with a interest in the Order and do not know of our InterKingdom Order/Household or are far from a chapterhouse. That said, I also understand it is difficult to find a Templar house in which to join. So if you wish to do this you can do as I have done. First study, learn all you can on the Order...Study the Rule,as it is the most important part. Then Contact the Commandery of Antioch (See my Links), they dear brother are the center of Templar reenactment. I also Suggest you out of respect to the Order take on the role of a Serjent-Brother while you assemble your kit(Reenactment equipment)and play the role to the hilt for 6 months to a year. See If you can truely meet the challenge of this Warrior-Monk persona. Remember your a pious man,disciplined and severe. Foul language,lewd actions and undignified behaviour is not for a Templar. Of course remember it's all for play, but it's not a's living history,Educational display for both the public and your fellow reenactor. Don't offend anyone, but don't degrade the character of your display. A fine line at times, but trust shall have as much fun with the heathen as they have with you. Within "Modern Medievalism" we are not Knights that would infringe upon the earned ranks the "Knights" have earned. But we are again no less, for we are fighting Monks, The very fist of God, and subject only to the pope (Understand the period mentality, hey it's all in fun). We earn our ranks not in just skill of arms but in the art of Medievalism. By being as period as we can be, in Manner,mood,Dress and speech. Arts & Science is our true passion. By our very pressence we lift up the SCA, for to much non medieval,neo/fantasy/pagan/sci-fi elements have drawn away the realism and detracted from "The Dream". What we are about

We are like a household or a guild, in that we have a joint purpose in the Reenactment of the Templar Order. We are a Fighting Group but we see ourselves as a Arts & Science group First... We try our best to be as period as we can in our "Templar Persona"....I say it that way as we encourage the creation of a Extra persona....a very period one to be your Templar one. We do this as the Templar lived harsh lives and we are not cut of the same cloth as them and need to relax at times. We act by the "Rule" and don't boast or swear, we act humble and use the best of our acting ability to Speak and use the Manners that would fit a Templar.

Can you be a Member of Other Households? Yes of course you can in your non Templar Persona, Though in Templar Persona we fight as one....Holding no regional ties or Loyalties......not even to the Crown as we have a higher purpose.

Remember this is all in fun and in period style.

What does a Templar Do in the SCA?

Well we act as Role models to our fellow Scadians in that we put up a real Medieval feel to our fellow Reenactors. There is many so called "Medievalists" that have nothing to do with Medievalism but Fantasy and Other types confusing the Social appearance of our Group.

As we "Travel into the Past" with our fellow "Pilgrims" we do as the Templar did....Protect the Pilgrims I'm saying protect the Period feel for everyone.

We are not about freemasonry or Religion but about Historical Reenactment.

Now for the fun stuff..We are all over the US and abroad do the planning of the non point battle at Pennsic (The Crusader battle)We are even thinking of a Mass Templar Camp.

We have the honor of being part of a Multi Kingdom group and have others to eat and camp with all over. And we are unlike any other........ We are Templar.

A few Notes
      We don't call ourselves Knights
      We do have Our own belts to tell who's a brother
 when out of Persona as well.
      We keep a Period Hierarchy and Ranking System.
      We have fun!!
So enough of my surly opinions lets get to your kit.
What a Templar should Have
The CoAnts kit page is a great source to always keep checking as it is filled with tons of pictures and information. It's is of most use to the reenactor that is involved with public events, while I write this in a easy to read form of the Items that may be of use to the Medievalist who wants to have everything his persona might have. I have simply copied these down in a broken down way from the "Rule".
1.The Three Knives are a Dagger, a bread knife and a pocket knife (a Small utility knife)
Two shirts
Two pairs of breeches with two pairs of hose
A Small belt to be tied over the shirt
They should have a jerkin with tails back and front
A covering fur jacket
Two White mantles (one with fur and one without)
2.Each Should have a cope (your cloak)
A tunic
A Leather belt to put arround your waist
Three pieces of bed Linen ,A bag in which to put straw(your mattress),a sheet and a light blanket
A Rug to cover both his mail when he rides out and his bed, it can be white,black or striped
Two small bags (one to put your nightshirt and the other to put your Surcoat and arming jacket)
A mesh bag of leather or wire to put your hauberk
3.A cloth for eating (a napkin)
A other cloth to wash your head (A flannel?)
And either a rug for sifting his barley or a blanket to cover his horse
A cauldron for cooking
A bowl for measuring barly
A axe and grinder with permission
Three Saddle bags (one for the brother with two for his squires)
Two cups for drinking and two flasks
A strap, and one girdle with a buckle and one without
A bowl made of horn with a Spoon
One cloth cap and one felt hat
A tent with a tent peg
4.A serjent brothers mantle should be black and his above kit does not Include the Horses Equipment,The tent and the cauldron
5. Other things to add to ones kit can include a garnache, boots a Deer or Goatskin,perhaps Glass Goblets (see rule 608),
The Garnache is a heavy cloak often used when at camp
Sources The Hierarchical Statutes 1.(138) 2.(139) 3.(140) 4.(141) 5.(142)
Your Sword shoud be a period one and worry not about period armour (Chainmail) but if you are serious choose a padded suit of cloth armour as its inexpensive and Period.

Go to acting religious, page 2

Templar Nuns? Yup their period sis, page 3

The Orders Struture, Arms ,Tactics and daily routine.
Dress code for men at arms and Serjents
Misc.links,webrings online texts and other stuff Templar reenactment in Montana and Artemisia

Comming Soon

Creation of a suit of Armour you can fight in.

History of the Templars.

Scadians toolbox, how to/where to get period Items.

And much....MUCH More!!!!

This page is Copywrited to Brother Helmut .

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