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Templar Sisters in The SCA

Yes, Templar Nuns are Period. As you see above. Though information is very scarce on them. They were most common in the early years and appeared in the west during the later ones. I will not say this is a 100% period Charter on the holding of Templar Nuns but will suffice for those in the SCA.

The Templars had consorores who assumed the habit of the order and lived under its rule; they undertook menial and hospitaller functionsbut were also counterparts of the frères prêtres or priest brothers, a quite distinct class from the knights. Their convents headed are each by a commendatrix(in Spanish: commendadora) or prioress. (Studia Monastica 1987 (vol. 29).)

So we may assume consorores, our dear templar sisters may follow the same rules as we replacing the rules of contact with women with men. Haute-Sorores are either women Knights or daughters of Knights who have earned their status. consorores are as common brothers , serjents and such with a Baili or priory ruled by a commendatrix.

Head Cloth of White or Black that hangs over shoulders in front and back. Unlined but with simple plain red trim.

Cloak of White or black lined in red trim, with round coller buttoned with two buttons (One over the other. The cross should be more forwards than on a males cloak. Hoodless. May be lined in black.

Dress, White,Black (or Blue). Long dress with tight sleeves. Untrimmed.

Belt, the same cord as with brothers worn above the hip and hanging to mid shin. A pouch may hang from your cord.

Only Haute-Sorores or Dame knights of the SCA may wear white
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